Intercepted Signs in the Horoscope and Their Impact upon the Physical Well-Being of the Individual

NOTE: I researched the material for this article in the 1960s – one of my first research projects as a student of astrology. I later typed it for my classes and for “The NetWorker” in the early 1980s.

In my 50 years of research and experience, I have found that an intercepted sign (and, of course, any intercepted planet) can provide a strong clue to possible health problems, especially when the energies of that sign are not apparent. Any frustration or thwarted energy on a psychological level is likely to be manifest physiologically.

During my early years in astrology, I recommended the usage of the biochemic cell salt for an intercepted sign rather than that of the rising or sun sign. Years later, my recommendation was vindicated. A friend, with Capricorn rising and Aquarius intercepted in the First House, was advised to use the biochemic cell salt Nat. Mur., which is simple salt. She related that all her blood tests reflected low blood sodium, a rarity considering the amount of salt that Americans use in their diets.

For example, in my own chart, I have 27 degrees Taurus on the 10th cusp with Gemini and three Gemini planets intercepted in the 10th House. Professionally, my natural inclination was to follow the direction of Taurus. In college, I majored in economics and finances. I had a natural flair for passing economics exams but not much more. My Gemini talents were initially unrecognized. As a result, during my first semester in college, while a business major, I developed the Gemini health problem of sinus allergies. As my schooling continued, the allergies worsened. When I left college to pursue astrology (which I had studied as a hobby since high school), I had not yet resolved the conflict between what I thought I should do and what I wanted to do. The allergies continued. However, when I became a full-time professional astrologer in 1969, the allergies began to improve. My entire practice, being conducted by mail or telephone, denied Gemini’s need for direct contact with people. The allergies, while much improved, persisted. When I eventually began conducting in-person consultation, the allergy attacks ended. At that point, I was fully manifesting the Gemini energies in my professional life.

It is interesting to note that the allergies did not manifest during my childhood. Remember, when one sign is intercepted, its opposite sign is also intercepted. With Scorpio on my 4th cusp, I did experience the control situation that characterizes the life of an only child with a dominating mother. However, the intercepted sign of Sagittarius was fully functioning during those years. I lived on a farm and experienced much physical freedom. After moving into the city to attend college, the Sagittarian experience was closed to me and the allergies developed immediately. This substantiates my theory that at least one of the intercepted signs must be functioning in order to avoid any health dysfunction related to the intercepted signs. To this day, feeling trapped and confined, and limited social contact will stress my immune system, triggering the allergies.

ARIES ON THE CUSP / TAURUS INTERCEPTED: The impatience of Aries disturbs the status quo and sense of security in the life. Aries will create crisis in the House area when Taurus would like conditions therein to be static. This can affect blood sugar levels and throat inflammations due to unarticulated anger. The Taurus cell salt is Nat. Sulph.

TAURUS ON THE CUSP / GEMINI INTERCEPTED: Opting for security and taking the line of least resistance over freedom, change, variety and dealing directly with people can create allergies and respiratory aliments. The Gemini cell salt is Kali. Mur.

GEMINI ON THE CUSP / CANCER INTERCEPTED: The continual flux in the life (ruled by the House) upsets security and closeness needs. This can lead to stomach and digestive disorders when the individual finds that the many changes do not allow him much time for the affairs of this House. The Cancer cell salt is Cal. Fluor.

CANCER ON THE CUSP / LEO INTERCEPTED: Playing the child as a dependency role in a relationship or situation without seeking respect or authority can lead to heart and circulation ailments. The Leo cell salt is Mag. Phos.

LEO ON THE CUSP / VIRGO INTERCEPTED: The individual may feel that he is forced to take charge when he would rather be in a more subordinate role, tending to details and out of the limelight. The tension could lead to hypoglycemia, inflammation of the intestines, constipation/diarrhea or poor eating habits based upon internal frustration (getting your “bowels in an uproar,” so to speak). Avoiding details and allowing them to sabotage your big plans can cause an imbalance in the Virgo cell salt of Kali. Sulphate.

VIRGO ON THE CUSP / LIBRA INTERCEPTED: The critical tendencies of Virgo, which prevent the individual from accepting people and conditions ‘‘as is,” keep him from relating, sharing and cooperating successfully with others. The need for approval through service and doing everything one’s self and trying to do it perfectly prevents sharing and reciprocity. This combination makes the individual too critical (fear of failure or rejection) in some creative aspect of this House position. There may be a tendency to develop diabetes, hypoglycemia or acid- alkaline imbalances. The Libra cell salt is Nat. Phos.

LIBRA ON THE CUSP / SCORPIO INTERCEPTED: There is a need to assert control over this House position in your life Repressed resentments through being overly accommodating in this area can lead to kidney and bladder infections, arteriosclerosis and other Scorpio illnesses when you try to please others rather than take control for yourself. The Scorpio cell salt is Cal. Sulphate.

SCORPIO ON THE CUSP / SAGITTARIUS INTERCEPTED: The desire to be in control or the tendency to feel controlled by this House position keeps the individual from experiencing freedom and spontaneity in this area. Feeling trapped can lead to sciatica, respiratory ailments and the tendency to be accident-prone. The Sagittarius cell salt is Silica.

SAGITTARIUS ON THE CUSP / CAPRICORN INTERCEPTED: Freedom and independence is sought at the expense of security. The individual may very well be out of touch with his ambitions. The individual may be unable to achieve anything permanent or secure. If Sagittarius rises and Aquarius is on the 2nd House cusp, the fluctuation would occur with both the personality and the personal finances. This could lead to rheumatism, joint and skin problems. The Capricorn cell salt is Cal. Phos.

CAPRICORN ON THE CUSP / AQUARIUS INTERCEPTED: The need for independence and freedom is subjugated for security urges. Capricorn can fear dependency, being helpless and loss to the point that they worry themselves intro a dependency situation -a job, a relationship or a financial situation. The loss of freedom in the House area can lead to low blood sodium, high blood pressure and circulatory problems. The Aquarius cell salt is Nat. Mur.

AQUARIUS ON THE CUSP / PISCES INTERCEPTED: The objective, scientific, black-or-white views of Aquarius may be at variance with the imaginative tendencies of Pisces. This combination is often resolved through humanistic or humanitarian activities in this House area, The individual needs to cultivate feeling and empathy of matters of this House. Piscean health problems may develop through repression of feeling such as water retention, high blood pressure or a generally low vitality. The Piscean cell salt is Fer. Phos.

PISCES ON THE CUSP / ARIES INTERCEPTED: Being the “nice person,” rather than doing what one wants, and not being assertive in a situation can create tension headaches, acid-alkaline imbalances or arteriosclerosis. The Aries cell salt is Kali. Phos.

NOTE: To my knowledge, the following intercepts will not occur on the Ascendant: Taurus with Gemini intercepted, Cancer with Leo intercepted, Virgo with Libra intercepted, Libra with Scorpio intercepted and, except with 29 Scorpio rising in certain latitudes, Scorpio with Sagittarius intercepted.

  1. Nancy Says:

    I read your article on intercepted signs with great interest. I have intercepted Aquarius in the 1st (6/8/50 Oakland CA, 10:44 pm) . The last 6 years I have had chronic Lyme disease. After finally taking matters into my own hands, I discovered the salt and vitamin C protocol on the internet and diligently applied myself to following it. I use only gray sea salt and Gary Null’s Powdered vitamin C as well as chlorella from Canada as an adjunct for detoxing. This method has greatly improved my condition. I can’t say it has been a total cure, but it has made it possible for me to function much, much better. I know this is not the same kind of salt you are referring to in your article, however, it seems there must be some connection with the need for sodium, trace minerals, and the other wonderful benefits of gray sea salt and immune boosting properties of the salt and vitamin C with the intercepted situation. Any other info you can offer me re my particular situation would be appreciated.

    (astrology student)

  2. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Nancy, this is an excellent post with an excellent remedy. I have listed your recommendation in my upcoming Common Cures III.

    This is what I wrote in CCII:

    In Common Cures II: On the SHARING WELLNESS website, an article was written that Cat’s Claw tincture and a mixture of 5 different Mushroom varieties greatly improved this condition. It is essential that you take the antibiotics as quicky as possible as this bacteria will ingrain itself into the tissues of the body and, at this point, you cannot get it out – it is yours for life! These supplements improve the immune system so they can act as a preventative as well.

    Astrologically, I have found these significators: *Natal – Mars in Cardinal sign, often Libra, is strong. Neptune is strong (so this could be the ruler that you are looking for). I often look at the pre-natal epoch for the development of the body and its weaknesses. *Transits and progressions: Mars-Neptune and Venus progressions; Quotidian Progressed are significant in the timing of onset.

    Lyme comes from a compromised immune system. A friend wh has been bitten in her yard twice says that the groundsman as never gotten Lyme disease working in the deer infested development.

    A naturopath told me that she has observed that people with a lot of (people) parasites in their lives are most susceptible to Candida and Lyme. This is the Neptune issue with boundaries.
    NOTE: I allow wide orbs but you do have a Cardinal T-Square with the Moon opposing Neptune/squared by Uranus in Cancer in the 6th House. Cardinal issues are often involved with Lyme but not always.

  3. Lynn Koiner Says:
    Low vitality also comes from Mars-Neptune.
    The Vertex has nothing to do with health. It is more symbolic of some direction in the life motivated by others.

    The Mutable Signs are connected with the lymphatic system. Congestion here can caused many difficulties, including fevers. She could benefit (all of us can) by lymph drainage. I get this done twice a year. I may have an article on the lymph on this website.

  4. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Any planets intercepted can only express themselves in the House they are in — the 7th, in your case. However, a stellium is more important and relationships can take up all of your energy. You need time in the 1st House and find alone time wherein you do only what you want to do.

    In your 7th House relationships, it is best that you get paid for the Virgo services. Consultant work might be better than counseling. You need structure for your time.
    Much more can be said but this is only a small website.

  5. Karen Says:

    Rings absolutely true for me. I have Scorpio intercepted in the 6th house, with Mars conjunct Moon in the intercepted Scorpio. I suffered from chronic bladder infections for years! With strong Virgo influences in my chart (Venus in th 4th; Sun, Saturn, Mercury conjunct in the 5th), I’m very work-and-service oriented, but need to keep an eye on my own needs and desires, or that blood pressure goes up!

    The 12th house Taurus intercept is more subtle—but it’s true that there’s a stong subconsious desire for stability and security, and my impatience is definitely a cause of self-undoing. On the other hand, the 12th house Aries brings genuine enthusiasm for helping people who are in trouble.

  6. Lynn Koiner Says:

    While you did not ask a question, I can make a health comment.
    First, with Virgo planets, it is best to avoid the Nightshade family to a large extent — tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplant.
    For the high blod pressure, there is something that even a doctor friend uses from the health food store – NATTOKINASE. Solaray produces it.
    It also helps to remove the rennin from the kidneys, something that can raise BP too.
    I take 5 drops of Colloidal Silver daily to keep from getting UTIs…something that plagued me for years. Read Common Cures I.

  7. Lynn Koiner Says:

    With most of the planets in the 4th House and below the horizon, you are likely to be an introvert…introverts are drained being around people.
    You are also an Empath. Read the information on Empath Energy from this website…

    You have a lot of Mutable signs so that all of your health problems in life will be connected with the lympathic system. I have an article on this under Medical Astrology.
    I have many Mutables and ALL of my health issues are lymph related — ear-nose-throat infections and cysts.

    Endometriosis is caused by the Mutable T-Square with afflictions from Saturn and Neptune to your Virgo planets…more congested as they are intercepted.

    With Endometriosis, there was often a trauma around the father, usually between 10-15 years of age but this chart indicates just before 6 years of age. This trauma allows the cells to grow beyond boundaries (Neptune and Saturn).

    Read my Lymph article and do everything to stimulate the lympathic system — castor oil packs, Saffron tea brewed daily and lymph exercises.

    The Virgo cell salt helps with blood acidity. Use only when there are afflictions to Virgo…or when Mars transits Virgo in June-July 2010. It will not cure endometriosis but it can help with some symptoms that manifest while Mars is in Virgo.
    Homeopathic Salts are dissolved under the tongue and do not take with food or drinks. The Homeopathic Pharmany in West Virginia can be helpful. There is a lymph cell salt that you take before bed on an empty stomach.

  8. Lynn Koiner Says:

    NESLIHAN: Allergies can be caused by difficult aspects to the Moon, using a 15 degree orb. I have written about this under WEIGHT LOSS & THE TRANSFORMATIONAL PROCESS.
    Sometimes the technique called NAET really helps with this type of allergies.
    Jupiter in Aries as a Handle can affect health during the course of the life — possibly liver-gall bladder issues (Jupiter-Fire signs-5th House), if this is shown in the natal chart.

    Testing using a food intolerance test (ImG) — Elisa in US and ImmuPro300 (the best) in other countries, especially Europe, can tell if you have delayed intolerances.

    Allergies are also connected to the lympathic system and congestion here — and I have an article on this under Medical Astrology. If you have specific health questions, you can write on the Medical Forum.

  9. Lynn Koiner Says:

    I wrote this article back in the 1960s and it tends to work (yes, I was young whenI got into astrology).
    Sometimes Mars transiting an intercepted can up upset the cell salt salt. The most that this can cause is a rash or cold, depending upon the sign. I have not seen serious health issues.
    With my Gemini planets intercepted, I always has respiratory problems, especially when I feel trapped. Respiratory problems are also connected with the lymphatic System (article on this website) and the lymph is ruled by Mutable signs, Neptune, Moon and Water signs.

  10. Susan Says:

    Where do I find this (Nat.Mur.) for someone like me who has Cap/with Aqu intercepted?????? Thank you

  11. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SUSAN: Natrum Mur is a homeopathic cell salt that can be purchased at most health food stores and Whole Foods Market. I do not like the Borion brand.

    The Homeopathic Pharmacy in Berkeley Springs West Virginia makes their own and they dissolve easily.
    You should not eat or drink anything for about an hour before and after dissolving these under your tongue. They work vibrationally.

  12. Lynn Koiner Says:

    One man with Mercury in Sag intercepted in the 8th would only talk when the subject of healing or reincarnation came up in the conversation.
    I have 3 planets intercepted in the 10th and I was able to use them through my career.

    Once you are able to use them in their House, you can start to use the planet(s) in other areas of your life. The intercepted House gets you started.

  13. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SUSAN: You asked this question once before and I gave you the answer in #13 Please read #13

  14. Fernanda Says:

    First of all, great post! Nice link between astrology and homeopathy.

    What about when you have a stellium on the intercepted house? (October 5, 1981 – Rio de janeiro, Brazil – 08:40am)

    I’ve got Sun, conjunct Saturn and Jupiter and also Pluto all intercepted in 11th House Libra.

    No planets inside intercepted 5th House Aries, however I do suffer from migraines/“tension headaches”.

    My health has always been of concern to me. I was born with congenital kidney problems, suffered surgery at about 5 months old and again at 1year old, so my parents tell me…

    From 20 years on, I’ve been through gastroenteritis, that stopped and then came the chronic allergies, which were controlled and now the maddening 3 days debilitating tension headaches/migraine crisis… Also I suffer from heavy hair loss which sucks for a female and Insomnia ever since I can remember…

    One might think this sounds like a hypochondriac, but I promise that is not the case. Perhaps I psychosomatize or it’s karma… I don’t know, but I would appreciate any insights?!?

    The lil I know about astrology is self thought, but this post has really called my attention. What I mean is, maybe there’s hope!

    I just want health to not be one of my concerns anymore, u know? Does it seem like those might have been because of the intercepted planets? Or I should just keep on looking?

  15. Lynn Koiner Says:


    Your post slipped passed me. I normally never give personal readings but I can discuss the combination of Stellium and Interception that would interest all.
    Stelliums represent areas of our life that can take up all of our energy. We need to always go to the opposite House when there is a stellium. In the 11th, in groups, you can feel like a Lemming going to the sea. Pluto there is good for ad hoc group affiliations — coming together to accomplish and then disbanding.
    Ideally, going to the 5th House means only working with small creative groups, such as a study group with only 5 people.
    Stelliums can be involved with health issues, especially whe triggered by a transit. When one planet is hit, they are all hit and activated. See my article on Stelliums.
    The health issues that you describe are all related. Edgar Cayce stated that migraines always start in the gut. You have severe food INTOLERANCES — Img or Elisa test is the only one that tells you the foods, not the allergy tests.
    These started around the age of 10 years with a trauma connected with your mother — a situation that you could not digest, process and eliminate!
    If you have low body temperature, go to a good gynecologist and have a hormone saliva test. Cardinal signs have adrenal-thyroid issues. NO BLOOD TESTS!
    See my Common Cures for information on this.

  16. bela Says:

    i have almost every interception mentioned here, thats cause 10 out of my 12 houses are ruled by at least 2 signs. are you saying i’m gonna have all that problems? actually most of the medical problems mentioned here have occurred to me in one way or another but probably thats because i’m quite a heavy smoker.
    1. if what’s written here is true in my case because astrology is correct and represents life, then i’m gonna die in the age of 40 or so because no one can live long with so many and so serious medical problems.
    2. if what’s written here is true in my case because i’m a heavy smoker, then how calm there’s no planets in my 12 house which rules addictions (as well as other things)?

  17. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Bela (10-2011): I think that you do not understand what an interception is. I looked at your chart.

    Pisces is not on a house cusp and Virgo is not on a house cusp so these signs would be intercepted.
    Unless you were born in the arctic circle, you can only have 2 interceptions.

    Saturn in Virgo is intercepted so frustrations in the workplace can cause an imbalance in Kali Sulphate or Virgo health issues.
    There can also be some food intolerances with this.
    But where in this article do I say that someone will be condemned to die at 40! Where did you get this? Not from my article.

    The interceptions are only strong when there is a planet in that sign natally or when a planet, especially Mars, transits through the intercepted sign. And then, it can only cause an imbalance in the corresponding cell salt when angered or frustrated — but you may not become ill.
    Frustrations may occur from November 2011 through early July 2012 when Mars transits Retrograde in Virgo.

    I also have 2 interceptions with one being 3 planets in Gemini. I am 66+ years old and I do not plan on dying anytime soon because of the interceptions.

  18. Piscean Goat Says:

    Hello, I have a Capricorn sun in the 11th house. I also have Aquarius on the ascendant with Pisces intercepted in the first house. conversely, I have Leo on the descendant cusp and Virgo intercepted. I have both a retrograde Saturn intercepted right on the cusp of Virgo and Leo and the Moon intercepted right on the cusp of Virgo and Libra. I often have had experiences of unrequited love and I’ve grown smart enough to know to let go of people that don’t reciprocate my feelings.

    However, as of two years ago. There is a man that I tried to get rid of in my life that does not reciprocate the feelings I have for him, but he somehow is a permanent fixture now as he is friends of my friends and I HAVE to see him. Not only to I have to see him, I see him giving commitment and love to someone else! The commitment and love I wanted from him. Ever since the moment we meet I often dream of him or feel his presence and feel a spiritual connection that is loving sometimes. I am a logical person but spiritual weird stuff happened ever since I met him. I was never a spiritual person!

    Why is this happening to me? I’ve been a giver all my life and I feel like this person just wants me to give him love and will never give me the love I need in return. I’m left alone and tortured watching him love someone else. I’m desperate to get away from him, but can’t seem to without alienating other people I care for. Do you see anything in my chart that signals relief? If so, when?

    My birthdate is 01-01-1978, New Orleans, LA Time 9:34am


    ~Piscean Goat

  19. Lynn Koiner Says:

    PISCEAN GOAT (1-2012): For the article: “The individual may feel that he is forced to take charge when he would rather be in a more subordinate role, tending to details and out of the limelight. The tension could lead to hypoglycemia, inflammation of the intestines, constipation/diarrhea or poor eating habits based upon internal frustration (getting your “bowels in an uproar,” so to speak). Avoiding details and allowing them to sabotage your big plans can cause an imbalance in the Virgo cell salt of Kali. Sulphate.”

    Saturn in the 7th and other 7-8 House planets create a very co-dependent nature that, with Saturn, seeks to parent others. This only leads to dysfunctional relationships.
    Neptune opposing Saturn in the 7th will attend to dissolve these type of relationships, often through betrayal.

    You need to read my Neptune article.

  20. Cancer Rising Says:


    Just to clarify something, it states there that you don’t think you can have Cancer with Leo intercepted on the ascendant.

    You can. I do unless I have been reading my chart wrong for a number of years. My ascendant is Cancer 27 degrees, and Leo is intercepted in the 1st. I also have Mercury and Venus in Leo. I was born in Sydney, Australia if that helps with the latitudes?

  21. lynn koiner Says:

    CANCER RISING (3-2012): You are absolutely correct. I tried different calculations at the time and I did not find these interceptions rising but, with high latitudes (and I never looked at southern latitudes), more interceptions can occur. Thanks for pointing this out.

    When I wrote this article, at the time, all of my readers where in the U.S. so it is impossible here. Now that the internet has made these articles global, errors get pointed out more easily and I appreciate hearing about them.

  22. Jen Says:

    Something to add to Stelliums and Interceptions .
    Pisces on 3rd house cusp at 29d. Intercepted stellium— 0d Sun, Mercury(combust,retrograde), 9d Mars in Aries in the 3rd house. Taurus on the 4th and 5th house cusps.

    1:55 am
    Evanston, Il.

  23. Suzann Says:

    I have spent considerable time trying to decipher the clues in my chart relative to my interception. I have Aquarius rising with Pisces/Virgo intercepted. I have Mars in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo so both of these planets and signs feel locked away.

    The rulers of both intercepted signs are in my 8th house in Libra and my Neptune is at 29 degrees 42 minutes Libra. I need help discovering just what it is that I need to express. The first house seventh house axis puzzles me and the eighth house just makes me sigh. I am a professional psychic but wonder if professional art is my calling or even writing.

    I would so welcome any insight you can offer me regarding this because the blocked energy is harming my health. I suffer from a debilitating form of Lyme disease and severe allergies and have for some time.
    4:45 pm
    Hackensack, NJ

  24. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SUZANN (8-2012): Intercepted planets have difficultly expressing themselves so you need to make a great effort to help them.
    Mars-Jupiter causes one to over-react when something pushes your buttons as being UNJUST & UNFAIR. Rather than disrupting your personal relationships, channel this into some activist activities rather than personal issues.

  25. karmamonkey Says:

    Hello Lynn,
    I Read your post about intercepted signs. Interesting research topic. I have been doing my own research on this subject. Just be careful about personal astrological history and forming medical astrological theories based on your own case history alone. As far as your allergies are concerned, make sure you try to do a differential diagnosis before you make your theories. Many many people actually get allergies when they move to a big city, and in your case especially as you moved from a farm. As astrologers we want ourselves to be taken seriously by the scientific community and part of our responsibility includes publishing research that is tested, tried and true. Keep up the good work otherwise.

  26. Emilie Says:

    First, thank you for all of your amazing articles, Lynn. You’ve really made a difference for me in my astrology studies and in my personal life. :) Also, here’s a long post that backs you up even more.

    My mother ( 29 deg Libra) and I (4 deg Aquarius) both have Pisces Cusp/Aries Intercep in the first house (thus, Virgo cusp/Libra intercep in the 7th) and mutable angles all around. I went an picked up the recommended salts right away and they’ve already made a huge difference for me! Chronic bloating and gas has plagued both my mother and I all our lives. She was a biochemist and worked in Laboratories until I was born, and she has always been hyper critical — especially inside of her relationships. Since I started studying astrology, I’ve wondered how a Libra could be so unfair about people (especially partners!) and their situations. She also began favoring her children during the period she and my father (a 28 deg Libra with Virgo rising, no interceptions) separated until they divorced 5 years later. As long as I can remember she’s complained of chronic bloating, constipation, and sciatica, but it was more frequent and painful during the time she and my father were separated. It wasn’t until after she started pursuing her own personal desires and dreams (Aries?) inside of Finance and Accounting (Libra, right?), and speaking up about her opinions and desires, that she was able to find some digestive relief (though not complete). She also no longer experiences chronic sciatica.

    I also struggle with being “nice” and not assertive about my desires. Around the time my progressed Venus Rx (cap, 11th house) went direct by progression (14 y/o), my parents began separating. I decided around this time it was easier to not want anything from anybody (difficult with Moon, Mercury, Venus Rx, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in Cap!) for birthdays, Christmas, etc. I became a little martyr whom my mom could always find comfort and deep Piscean insight from. At this time I also stopped skiing (Aries) and I developed a cyst in my sinus which led to a staph infection in my tonsils, and became chronically ill for two years. I was also diagnosed with and became medicated for ADD. My anxiety escalated and I began pulling out my hair—and when I stopped picking my hair, I started picking my face and developed cystic acne (also about 6 mo after Uranus moved into Aries). I learned from Mom’s example and started getting very critical and perfectionist about everyone. No one was ever doing anything “the right way.” I also stopped setting boundaries on my time and saying “yes” to everything and every one.

    One last thing to note before I conclude, my mother and I both have a tendency towards iron deficiency anemia… probably due to the Aries interception?

    Over the last year I’ve gotten back into athletics, and learned how to ask for things again and to stop being such a martyr about it. I’ve also been developing my skills at accepting others and loving them exactly as they are. This, along with changing my diet to healthier foods and taking fish oil daily, has significantly helped my anxiety and lower back issues, but hasn’t stopped me from picking at my face and struggling with bloating. I’m already impressed by how well the Kali Phos & Nat Phos are working… I’m more relaxed, focused, and relieved than I’ve felt in years! I already eat iron-rich foods, so we’ll see if this helps my iron absorption as well.

    Thanks again! I hope my little anecdote contributed some.

  27. Terry Says:

    Hi there

    I have Aquarius Ascendant intercepting Pisces in my birth chart’s (first house) and Virgo intercepted in the seventh with Leo on that cusp. Pluto is in Virgo in the interception and this makes a trine to Saturn in Capricorn which is the duplicated sign on my 11th and 12th house. I have Sun in the 12th.

    I also have NN in Libra in the seventh house and Uranus in opposition to Venus across the Ascendant/Descendant.

    No matter how I try, since 2001, I have ups and downs in work, relationships. and health (often going a long time without sex, love, initimacy, and have never had a permanent 1-2-1 relationship . I have also been without income for that period except for the last few years.

    Can anyone tell me how to unlock these intercepted houses properly? For Pisces interception: Neptune is in the 8th house (Scorpio) and makes a trine to Mercury (ruler of Virgo interception)in Capricorn in the 11th.

    I am fed up constantly having to examine why these things are so unsettling and difficult to resolve for success. I want them just to work out now, have a great relationship and sex life, health and a great and recognised career, hopefully in film.

    I am much happier in California. Should this be where I can build a life?
    I’d be glad of any help. Born: 18/1/1959 London, England. 08.58 am.

    Thank you TJ

  28. Peter Says:

    Dear Lynn,

    Another fascinating website. My partner, who I have only recently met, has Libra on the cusp of her 5th House, with Scorpio intercepted in her 5th House. She also has natal Saturn in Scorpio. Does this mean she faces restrictions and repressed emotions in those areas governed by the 5th House?

  29. Lynn Koiner Says:

    PETER (11-2013): Probably but Saturn best expresses itself in 5th House matters – a musical instrument or dance lessons might be less painful than having children.

    It is not the interception here but Saturn in the 5th can indicate that she was raised in a world of adults or responsibilities. Structured fun would be helpful…or a study of chakras and psychology of the personality, a 5th House science.

    The 5th House does affect the function of the liver so a little lemon juice in warm water in the mornings would help.

  30. maya Says:

    Oh..I hope you’ll see this in here~
    I have aquarius (on anaretic 29 degree) on 2nd house cusp- pisces intercepted. There is also mars in aries.

    In 8th house cusp I have leo, virgo intercepted- and there is jupiter in virgo.

    I am confused with values and money are not of huge importance ( I used to dream about a world without money, as a kid) but all the other capricorn placements worry about financial security.

    My income will be affected because of the interception/and mars—-plus jupiter in detrimental virgo?

    Thank you!!!!

  31. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MAYA (9-2014): First, forget about using 29 degrees as Anaretic or even worry about it being on a House cusp. Most charts need to be rectified and they are often about 1 degree earlier — the doctor slaps your butt and THEN looks at the clock. I used to rectify all charts in the 1960s and early 1970s until I saw the pattern. I never consider House cusp degrees.

    A group of astrologers online recently observed anareta in natal charts and found nothing significant. Some degrees and rules are important in Horary astrology yet they do not apply to natal work. 29 degrees means something (note my Manual on Beginning and Ending Planets) but not on House cusps.

    With interceptions, it is important to USE that intercepted planet – in your case, Jupiter in Virgo. This can express itself in healing service, studies in reincarnation or working for non-rpofits in fund raising.

    Your attitude towards personal finances is ruled by the 2nd House. Mars in Aries is noi intercepted and quite good – unless afflicted.

    Too many other factors influence finances so it is impossible to tell you about your personal finances with just Mars in Aries.

  32. maya Says:

    Thank you, I was hoping you’d see it and you did.

    (so anaretic are not quite important, not even with sun signs?- always worried that I have a weak 00 04’ gemini sun)

    As for jupiter- I thought seriously to join as a volunteer in Red Cross- had this feeling way before getting into astrology last year, so I think it’s really virgoan approach.

    And my mars is not at all “nice” ( square asc,square moon,square uranus, square neptune – but the squares to the outer planets are somewhat loose- 7 degrees or so) with a bi-quintile to jupiter and contra=parallel pluto. Seems like I’ve got into too many details with mars, must say-that minor aspects are just minor and I am not doing research on declinations, but I thought mentioning it, might help.

    I am aware I can’t just pick 2nd house-of possesions,values,money and analise it, to get the whole picture, but I was concerned with those things.
    U answered my worriers, thansk again


  33. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MAYA (9-2-14):

    Anareta is only used in Decumbiture of an Illness charts.
    29 degrees for a planet is considered an ENDING PLANET. This has a very specific interpretation — I have a Manuel on this topic under Publications.

    The Sun is not weak at 0 degrees – it is a Beginning Planet and it too has a specific interpretation – you need to try many things in order to round out and develop your personality — but my friends with Beginning Suns are NOT weak. You can be weak for other reasons, usually having to do with Mars or Saturn undeveloped.

    Do not use the contra-parallel – it does not work, especially in electional work. The Parallel is a powerful conjunction so use this for natal and transits.

    I do not know who you have been studying with but get another teacher!

    The 2nd House does rule more than you have listed. It rules the lymphatic system. People with planets here need aerobic movement, Yoga or Tai Chi to stimulate the chi in the body. It is a health House.

    All Houses represesnt your ATTITUDE towards what it rules — the 2nd is your attitude towards finances and earning money. One can alway change the attitude to make improvements

  34. Katie Says:

    I just recently discovered the concept of intercepted houses, and duplicated houses. I found that my only planet in Capricorn (which happens to be my sun) is in an intercepted house, and is not in aspect to any other planets in my chart. I have never really felt that I could tap into that energy, and Capricorn in general never really resonated with me. I also found that not only do I have Virgo rising, Pisces descendant, but those are my duplicated signs taking up the 12th and 1st house, as well as the 6th and 7th. From what I have read so far on this, it really answers why I perhaps I am so drawn to helping professions, and I always manage to find my partners at work.

    Another question for you though is another chart I started to analyse after this which is that of my sister. She is a Gemini sun with Venus, mercury and Jupiter all in Gemini. However, none of this energy is really expressed in her personality. Then I discovered that her intercepted house is Gemini (and sag), while her doubled houses are cancer and Capricorn. In her case it is a 1st, 2nd house duplication for cancer and a 7th 8th duplication in Capricorn. She does have one tie to her intercepted sun and mercury though, and that is her 8th house moon in Aquarius. She has always been one of the most emotional people I know, extremely intense, kind of home body and often pretty down. She also always seems to attract the worst luck, and one obstacle after another.
    Would much of this be stemming from the intercepted house cutting off her access to all of those energies and the need to access them through her moon?

    avid astrology student

  35. Lynn Koiner Says:

    KATIE (10-2014): You have asked good questions. Yes, interceptions block the energy of the planet.

    I use wide orbs for very valid reasons so it is VERY unusual that someone has NO aspects to a planet.

    Where the planets falls intercepted is where the individual needs to push to manifest the energies of the planet.

    If one does not express one’s Sun sign (there is such an article under Medical here), illness can occur – Gemini can be respiratory, lymphatic and allergy issues — I have 3 planets intercepted as well.

    Since I do not know what the chart looks like, I cannot comment on the emotionality of your sister. A beginning Moon can do this, born just after a New Moon can do this…many reasons, along with the interceptions.

  36. Katie Says:

    Are all the planets in an intercepted house blocked or only the planets in the intercepted sign. For example, my Capricorn sun is blocked, but would my venus in Aquarius and mercury in Aquarius (both in my 4th house with the sun-not in aspect) be effected?


    I wrote to Katie privately but this is a good question. Only the planet in the Intercepted sign is blocked or intercepted. The other planets are not considered blocked.

  37. KAREN Says:

    Lynn, Your knowledge is amazing, and I learn so much from all your writing. I have intercepted capricorn moon 4deg in my third and a loaded intercepted 9th, venus, jupiter, and mercury. The 9th house has been active through my international legal career, I am however MOST interested in the homeopathic remedy you would suggest for my moon that is in conjunct my sun pluto conjunction in my 10th. I am a great believer in homeopathy, and would be ever so grateful for your advice. Thank you

  38. Lynn Koiner Says:

    KAREN (11-2014): Planets in an intercepted sign can only express themselves in the House they are in and it seems that you have done this.

    When so many planets are intercepted in Cadent Houses (3-6-9-12), I advise clients to shift to another time zone for their major activity. This relocated the planets where they can be more active.

    The Cancer-Capricorn cell salts are listed above and both rule forms of Calcium.

    However, I do not treat people with cell salts based upon aspects. I do make recommendations based on the chart and the specific condition.

    I am confused about your chart — if you Moon is intercepted in the 3rd, it cannot also be conjunct the Sun-Pluto in the 10th. I am sure this is a problem in typing. But, I do not make recommendations based upon aspects in the chart.

  39. Dav Sher Says:

    First of all, great articles and posts! Your articles have opened new thought processes on medical treatments.

    What about when you have a stellium in Scorpio (in House 7) with Mars at 0.42’ Scorpio, and in house 8 have Neptune at 6.23’ Scorpio and Mercury at 19.10’ Scorpio, Pallas at 21.26’ Scorpio, Juno at 12.23’ Scorpio and Fortune 27.11’ Scorpio.

    Sun is 28.17’ Libra in 7th house, and Sun is conjunct Mars Orb 2.25’, Mars is conjunct Neptune Orb 5.40’ .

    House 7 23°50’ Virgo
    House 8 3°18’ Scorpio
    House 9 2°21’ Sagittarius
    House 10 26°11’ Sagittarius

    In house 9 at 2.21’ Sagittarius I have Jupiter at 3.14’ Sagittarius as intercepted planet in Sagittarius. And in house 3 I have Gemini at 2.21’ with no planets in it and Lilith at 13.10’ Gemini.

    I have Node in house 7 at 3.43’ Libra. Born with urinary problems, underwent surgery at the age of 7 years, and then at age around 10-11 years to fix the problem permanently. Have few hyper obsessions which could be said to be bad habits.

    Since 2004 I have been extremely fascinated with astrology and have been pursuing it in my free time.

    Now my physical condition is deteriorating as if I have some internal problems which are not expressing themselves. Feel extremely energetic at some times and extremely fatigued at others. A total lack of will-power and wish to do something unless it becomes dire and in need of urgent action. Feeling to just let go of things and don’t care about any problems until it becomes a crises to the extent of becoming bankrupt now.

    Would appreciate any insights? I don’t want to face these health problems, and somehow need to find myself means of survival.

  40. Lynn Koiner Says:

    DAV (11-2014): I am sorry to say that I have no clue what is going on in your chart from what you have listed here. Yes, from your House cusps, the Sun-Mars-Neptune in Libra are intercepted. Health issues can arise from relationship issues and a need to define boundaries for your self and others.

    I do understand Neptune and its tendency to put the head in the sand. This is due to a parent who did not want you to grow up and go away — a sabotaging effect that is triggered when you are angry or when you want to make a decision for your self.

    Having a partner who “parents” you and helps you to be organized and assertive can help. The body seems to be sabotaging you just like the parent. I know this because I have Mars in late Gemini square Neptune in early Libra.

  41. Michael Says:

    Dear Lynn,

    Thanks for this site. So much info.
    Hitherto I have mainly used Vedic fixed houses or Uranian no signs or houses but find intercepted signs very useful.

    I use Sidereal Zodiac with Porphyry Houses here.

    Natal Venus, Lady of Libra Ascendant, is in the forth house of intercepted sign Capricorn.
    Thus home ownership has been a long time coming and I have mainly lived in rental accommodation.

    Saturn, Lord of intercepted Capricorn is in 11th house of Leo. This appears to have given me a rare auto-immune form of arthritis.

    Pluto and Moon are in intercepted 10th house of Cancer.

    Overall this combination seems to have affected career and relations with parents.

  42. Leah Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    First of all, thank you for this amazing resource! It can be quite difficult to find estoteric astrology info on the web (that’s reliable).
    I have Saggitarius intercepted in the 2nd house with a stellium in Venus (27 degrees) , Saturn (18 degrees) and Uranus (25 degrees), as well as Gemini intercepted in the 8th house with Chiron (16 degrees).
    My duplicated signs are Scorpio in the 1st and 2nd, and Taurus in the 7th and 8th. I am also a Scorpio rising with Pluto in the 1st house, which just intensifies the Scorpio energy.

    I see that you recommend going to the opposite house in some cases to help the intercepted house, but since my opposite house is intercepted as well, I am a bit confused where to go next to open up my Saggitarius and Gemini energy. It seems like my house of money AND other people’s money are both intercepted… No wonder I’ve had so many issues figuring out a career path and aquiring money.
    I have been sexually assaulted a few times in the past, and though I’ve been through therapy, meditate, energy work, done forgiveness work, I haven’t been able let go during sex and actually enjoy it… I feel like I’m blocked. Could Chiron in Gemini in the 8th being intercepted have something to do with that? Or, I could just be looking for meaning where there is none?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  43. Leah Says:

    Also, health wise, I’ve been suffering from adrenal fatigue, stress induced alopecia, cold hands and feet, and borderline low tsh levels. I take vitamin D 3,000, andrenogen, a liver cleanse supplement that’s herbal based and a hair growth supplement, have given up gluten, most dairy, and eat a lot of raw organic fruits and veggies. I even run a few times a week and do yoga.

    I did the Alcats blood tests to find out I had many common fruit and vegetable intolerances. Also, when my doctor tested my saliva for hormones, he told me that he had never seen someone at my age with such low cortisol levels… Apparently my body had been so stress out that it couldn’t creat cortisol in normal levels anymore. It was 2 years later after making many lifestyle changes and taking all of the supplements above that Ilthe stress induced alopecia surfaced I feel like just when I think I have a grip on my health, something new pops up.

    Any guidance is much appreciated.

  44. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Leah (4-2015): Since you are posting on an article about interceptions, I can only answer the interception question.

    I have never said that, with an interception, you go to the opposite House. Going to the opposite House is related to the Stellium and you do not have a Stellium with only 3 planets in Sagittarius.

    As the article describes, you need to express the intercepted energies in the House wherein the planets are intercepted, usually in some professional application of the planets since they find it difficult but not impossible to express their energies since interceptions block them.

    The 2/8 Houses are actually healing Houses. The 2nd House is associated with body movements that stimulate the movement of Chi, which frequently gets blocked with any planets in the 2nd House. Yoga, Tai Chi and Aerobics are connected with this House.

    Chiron intercepted anywhere is difficult and in the 8th there are feelings of powerlessness around sexual wounds.

    Regarding your health issue, usually the Cardinals are associated with the Adrenal-Thyroid issues that you describe but the Mutables are connected with the lymphatic system. There should be an article on lymph care on this website. Alopacia is caused by low thyroid and you need a good endocrinologist to help you with this. It takes a lot to get the thyroid up and stressed adrenals affects this.

    Have you tried raw adrenal gland (Nutri-Meds Porcine type)? But, I am not a doctor and I can only make suggestions. There are adrenal adaptogens, which you say you are taking, and these take a long time. Raw adrenal, as my website indicates, must be taken in waves = on and off, not continuously.

  45. Leah Says:

    Thank you for your input and sorry for the confusion! I had read from some astrologers that they find 3 planets in the same house gives the same energy as a traditional Stellium.
    I am actually becoming a yoga teacher so that will be perfect to express some of my Saggitarian energy!
    I have not tried raw adrenal gland, or actually heard of it. I will do some research into it, and also into your lymph article as well. My sixth house is in Aries with the True Node, Moon, Mars, and Vesta, so that must explain my Adrenal-Thyroid issue.


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