Esoteric Saturn

The horoscope should be read at 2 levels:

1. The growth and unfolding of the Personality

2. The growth and unfolding of the Soul

Capricorn/Saturn represent the densest point of concrete materialization of which the human Soul is capable of experiencing.

Saturn represents “The Dweller on the Threshold” – in facing this Dweller, we face our past and our fears. Capricorn, as a sign, fears losing control, dependency and feeling helpless; this is the loss of trust, trust in the Higher Self.

1. The Saturn Sign is your personal Dweller in this lifetime

2. The House position is Where you will face the Dweller

a. The House is where you are forced to work out your Karma

In a distant past when there were only 10 signs in the Zodiac, Capricorn represented the highest to which a man could aspire.

In Atlantis, the door was opened for Man to enter the 5th Kingdom-– the Aquarius and Pisces were added to the zodiac. These signs represent Service to Humanity as a member of or working with the 5th Kingdom, the World Server and the World Savior.

Blavatsky wrote about a point in human history, back in old Atlantis, when the Door was opened for man to enter into the 5th Kingdom of Souls, to the realm of the Adepts. It seems that there was a Great Cosmic Crisis in another part of the Universe that required many of the 5th Kingdom Masters to vacate their posts. At this point, Man was allowed to aspire to fill these positions and, I feel, that this is when the 2 signs of Aquarius and Pisces were added.

NOTE: Sirius, at 13 Cancer, is the home of the Hierarchy, the Borw Chakra of a Great Galactic Entity and the Heart Chakra of a Galactic Entity— Beings in which we live, move and have our existence— Hylozoism. This Star Chakra is where the Great Plan is formulated and carried out. Interestingly, as we are in a Ray II Solar System, Love-Wisdom, those with this Fixed Star prominent are extremely humanitarian and it represents a Socialistic form of government. Sirius is also the Heart Chakra of another system, hence, it represents both love and will energies.

In Cancer, NORTH, is where the Soul first enters that Center called Humanity. Bailey, Blavatsky and even Edgar Cayce all say that Cancer was the sign of the first human incarnation; Capricorn and working with Saturn is the Gateway to the Hierarchy. Aries and Libra represent the Aspect of Consciousness created through the interplay between Spirit and Matter.

Capricorn represents the Best and the Worst of Humanity. Through Saturn, its exoteric and esoteric ruler, it can be greedy, selfish and materialistic (lack of trust and the trust to love) yet all World Servers are born under Capricorn.

SATURN, as ruler of Capricorn, forces us to deal with the glamor and illusions represented by the Moon in our horoscope. The Moon is said to represent the Prison of the Soul which has us cling to our past. The Moon rules feelings, emotions, desires that APPEAR to be reality but they are not. The Moon rules our past, past conditioning, the conditioning of our emotions and it is the emotions of the Mother that we absorb as our own. The Moon influences us through the Solar Plexus and the astral body – it makes us feel high, it makes us feel low; it makes us feel loved, it makes us feel unworthy. It whips us around in a maelstrom of emotion. It all seems so real but it is only the Glamor of this World.

Saturn rules boundaries, limitations, the rules and our societal dictations, NO, DON’T and CAN’T. It makes the things of the physical appear to be all that there is. Neptune dissolves our boundaries, the boundary of the etheric web, the seal to other dimensions. However, in going through these other dimensions, you must quickly pass through purgatory…the astral plane and the lower mental plane, before we finally reach the realm of the Causal Body…and, in the scheme of things, even this is not that high up.

When we ultimately enter the 5th Kingdom of the Hierarchy, Venus replaces Saturn – ruling the Higher Mind, intelligent and transpersonal love that aspires for the good of the Whole.

The symbol for Capricorn is in reality the Dragon, the Dragon of Wisdom and the Mind of the Soul. In the Secret Doctrine, it is stated that, in the constellation of Capricorn, reside the 5th Hierarchy of Spirits who are commissioned to stimulate the Mind in Man. Remember, it is 18 million years ago that the Lords of Flame came from Venus to bring the Spark of Mind to animal man. It was 1 million years ago that the seeds of the Aryan Root Race were first planted in Central Europe.

The 1000 Petaled Lotus:

1. Knowledge Petals ruled by Taurus, Leo and Scorpio

2. Love Petals ruled by Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius

3. Sacrifice Petals ruled by Aries, Cancer and Libra (even Cancer is the sacrifice to incarnate), sacrificing the lesser for the greater. Example of student.

4. Initiation Petals are ruled by Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces


SATURN IN ARIES: “You be what I tell you to be” indoctrination. Lesson to break free from this limitation of being and find rapid access to the Higher Self in dealing with Crisis.

SATURN IN TAURUS: Responsibility and material acquisitiveness-– WWII and the recent Market Crash. Taurus is ruled by Vulcan, free one’s self from the chains of materialism.

SATURN IN GEMINI: Thoughts are things; clarity of responsibility; feeling trapped by expectations.

Work on the Love Petals in dealing with people.

SATURN IN CANCER: Childhood imbued with the fears, guilts and insecurity of the family. Right and wrong based upon emotions. Sacrifice our personal security for the security and welfare of humanity. Example – overcoming my fears to work in Eastern Europe…now I have overcome a lot of fear.

SATURN IN LEO: Responsibility dictated by respect for others. Lesson in doing something – not because of a fear of punishment, rejection, disrespect or because you seek reward…but simply because it is the right thing to do.

SATURN IN VIRGO: Perfectionism and the Love Petals are incompatible! This is the great flaw, the striving to be perfect. There is no perfection. I am human, therefore, nothing human is alien to me. Turning imperfection into assets.

SATURN IN LIBRA: Do it because of others – sacrificing self in order to work with the whole, seeing the big picture, coordinating, the gestalt.

SATURN IN SCORPIO: If you are not in control, do it all yourself and do it perfectly, something terrible will happen. Lesson in Trust.

SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS: Responsibilities are more abstract – not have you cleaned your room but did you maintain standards of codes and ethics. Whose codes, by whose ethical standards. One who upholds high standards.

SATURN IN CAPRICORN: Achievement on a day to day level. What have you done today. The individual can feel overwhelmed by these day to day demands. Changing structures that support rather than oppress— the 1960s and the 1989-90.

SATURN IN AQUARIUS: The rules are always right/wrong, black/white, not grey areas. Rebellion against authority should manifest as bringing in the needed reforms that benefit humanity. Don’t just tear down— build something constructive.

SATURN IN PISCES: These people can shoulder responsibilities, putting the weight of the world on their shoulders. This can lead to illness or a lot of whining and complaining. Define boundaries for others, define your own boundaries and shoulder responsibilities for something that you believe in strongly.

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