Mars retrograde 2016

From * APRIL 17 through JUNE 29 2016, the planet Mars will be in retrograde motion. This period is inappropriate for activities requiring the normal flow of Mars initiative. Using the constructive aspects of these transits, it is an excellent time to reinforce some aspect of our lives. This will be shown by the House position of this transit.

When Mars is retrograde, it depletes the vitality so that it is never a time to initiate. *Whoever initiates loses*— a new project, a great love, an argument, a lawsuit, or an international war. With a new project, it will fizzle out and never really go anywhere. With a hot romance, it too fizzles and it rarely gets to the alter. With an argument, the hostility will come back to haunt you later. In legal matters, stoke your opponent into initiating the lawsuit first. It will be etched in granite that they will lose. In an international war, whoever fires first will automatically lose or ultimately withdraw. Matters commenced while Mars is retrograde will be frustrated and plagued with disruptions until they finally fizzle out. At this time, people become irritated when activities do not run smoothly. The anger may disrupt indirectly and inappropriately – like getting a traffic ticket when you feel annoyed with your job.

During this cycle, never buy anything mechanical unless it is heavily insured! Office machinery and computers easily break down. A friend who owned a word processing service found this period to always be a disaster. During one retrograde cycle, the printer, the back-up printer and the rented printer all failed to work. When they finally got one that worked, the mailing labels printed but there was no ink! I often notice that the world needs a brake job when Mars in retrograde.

Those who have Aries or Scorpio strong in their horoscopes are dramatically affected by this shift in direction of their natural ruler. For Arians, they find themselves being less aggressive, less pushy and less impatient to have THEIR WAY in a situation. Both Mars-ruled types find themselves more inclined to sit back and review matters in a more detached or impersonal way. They feel more patient to wait on circumstances to unfold before they take action. These individuals may not recognize the anger they feel inside. They may express an unusual passiveness while under fire because they need too much processing time before they can retaliate. Only when Mars turns direct can they move the Mars energy forward.

For those who are NOT ruled by Mars, it may feel quite differently. They may feel more impatient to force matters to a conclusion, to get a project going or to take immediate action. This would be an unwise course of action! Remember, initiating or impulsively taking action will not work to your favor.

In GOOD DAYS ACTION PLANNING GUIDE, Mary Shea describes an ideal way to handle Mars retrograde. “You go back over situations (either in your mind or in reality), doing things again and again while making corrections in the way you handle events. While Mars is retrograde, you will be reviewing the way you handle anger, self-defense, self-motivation and sexual relationships… outward anger or conflicts may not be appropriate.” She rightfully feels that using passive-aggressive techniques, manipulation, arbitration or subtle power plays may be more appropriate at this time. “If you are normally non-assertive, you may be forced to defend yourself. Whatever your tactics, you must give thought to what you are doing. If your tactics do not work or they are inappropriate to the situation, your anger will continue to build while Mars is retrograde. You can expect the anger to manifest full-blown by the time Mars turns direct. If you have seriously wronged or angered another with…acts of aggression, you can expect the backlash as Mars turns direct.”

When the 1997 Retrograde got underway in Libra and Virgo, I noticed that non-aggressive types seemed to now be intolerant of lazy people who waste their time. They were not willing to take action and eliminate the non-essential personnel. One Pisces man felt that it was a bad time for employees when it was actually a time when he had grown intolerant of intolerable work practices by irresponsible workers. In 1999, with Mars in Scorpio and Libra, I met many people from my past, people whom I had not seen in a long time. The connections were temporary. I found myself dealing with manipulative emotional outbursts in others but I reacted with calmness and just listened to what they had to say. In 2001, there were daily accidents on our Beltway, tying up traffic for miles. Other cities reported the same. McVeigh’s execution was postponed exactly as Mars went Retrograde which put the spotlight on John Doe #3 and #4 and a possible cover-up conspiracy.

When Mercury went Retrograde with Mars, a US and a British missile crashed upon launching. In 2003, at its Station, there was an unsuccessful coup in the Philippines. There were many terrorists bombings, including the bombing of the UN headquarters in Baghdad. There were several oustings, referendums and resignations of political leaders during this cycle.

  1. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Unlike Mercury Retrograge, Mars R does not always have a strong impact on individuals – unless Mars R hits something in your chart…and only in combination with other transits only.

    In my father’s chart, the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is sitting on his IC and square the Asc. Mars R is approaching his 10th House Pluto.
    On December 3, a huge branch (100 feet long and 18 inches wide) fell on his truck and destroyed it completely.
    Nothing like this was happening in my chart so I had pulled my car up further in the driveway so that it was untouched.

    Since he does not need to use the truck, I told him to wait until February when Mars is Direct before purchasing another truck. Mars R is not good for purchases that are mechanical.
    It is not good for initiating a new project because the energy fizzles when Mars goes direct.

    You can go through a Mars R and not experience anything but, if there are a lot of hits to your chart, something assocaited with Mars activities will go awry.

    Mars was R while I was traveling in Europe (I just returned). Because I chose a great day to start my trip (November 7 – the Moon was making good aspects and I had a favorable transit to my Nodes, always favoring changes of any type).

    There were so many mishaps connected with Mars R — train strikes, train and plane breakdowns, all types of mechanical problems and accidents that occurred around me but I was never affected by any of these events.

    So, if you need to initiate something while Mars in R, choose a good “electonal” date — a date when the Moon is making all favorable aspects before it leaves the sign. I give this information in my monthly column.

  2. Lynn Koiner Response Says:

    Why is the date of conception not important in a chart?

    In my medical astrology research, I use the PreNatal Epoch horoscope. It is considered a conception chart and I use it as a chart for the physical body. This chart indicates vulnerable areas for the physical body. These patterns are actually shown in the natal chart but the PNE tells me that this is a congenital pattern or a pattern active during gestation. For example, in childhood IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), there are usually afflictions between the Cardinal signs and the Moon is usually afflicting Mars. This same pattern shows up in the PNE chart as well. This indicates to me that the family tensions were occurring during the gestation period. By the waym, the 6th House in the natal chart is also an indicator of congenital weaknesses in the body. So, a conception chart is used. There are several methods for determining this (the Solar Fire program has these methods) astrologically. And, it denotes the chart for the physical body while the birth chart is the chart for the personality. Determining actual conception would be very difficult as it can occur long after intercourse. So, I am satisfied with the Bailey PNE. Thank you for writing. This was a very good question....Lynn Koiner
  3. Lynn Koiner Says:

    I travel to Europe every November. If I leave before Mercury or Mars turn Retrograde, I am OK. I also pick a day in which the Moon is not making any difficult aspects before leaving the sign it is in. I have already picked November 5 for my start date.
    If you picked a good electional date and it is before the R, you will be fine.

  4. Lynn Koiner Says:

    In my personal experience, this Mars in Leo R has brought up a lot of anger issues. This can make for accidents as a way of releasing this energy.
    I am just trying to keep my mouth shut and not say anything I regret. I am currently in a group in which a lot of anger issues are surfacing but not directly.
    Praising people has helped with Mars in Leo. This has produced very positive results.

  5. Glenn Jones Says:

    “I often notice that the world needs a brake job when Mars is in retrograde.”

    Hence the massive Toyota brake recall. You’re a prophet Lynne!

  6. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Your insight is brilliant! I wrote this article many years ago and I forgot all about it. My current car’s brakes need replacing now as well.

  7. Robby Coker Says:

    I have found that if Mars occupies either Aries, Scorpio, or Capricorn (its signs of rulership and exaltation), the effects of it being Retrograde are diminished.

    One case of this is the online company They have Mars Retrograde in Scorpio in their chart, and they expanded into a very big company over the years. Their forum is one of the most visited ones on the internet.

  8. dahlia zatho Says:

    when mars rx is crossing over natal ascendant is virgo, what effects does it have?

  9. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Dahlia (8-2011): Basically, it would make you feel more agitated, irritatable and critical. This could lead to other ramifications if you did not keep centered, focused and exercise patience.
    The transiting mars is strongest just behind the Ascendant, into the 12th House by 1 degree.

  10. Lynn Koiner Says:
    SHADOW PERIOD (12-2011): The Shadow Period is a relatively modern “invention” in interpretation. I never use it. With Mars R or the other slow moving planets, it would almost always be Retro or Shadow.

    Yes, if you do something just before Mercury or Mars turn retrograde, there can be a disruption when they do turn retrograde.

  11. Cleo Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I’ve read so many “negative” articles about Mars Retrograde. Let’s say you have a Major Project already in Motion but there are still many Building Blocks that have to be placed during the Rx period… Does that mean it’s a Losing Battle? How do you suggest Growing your Business during a Mars Rx, when waiting it out would be costly?


  12. Lynn Koiner Says:

    CLEO (12-2011): If a project is in motion, you need to use the positive qualities of Mars R.
    In my article, I quote Mary Shea —

    In GOOD DAYS ACTION PLANNING GUIDE, Mary Shea describes an ideal way to handle Mars retrograde. “You go back over situations (either in your mind or in reality), doing things again and again while making corrections in the way you handle events. While Mars is retrograde, you will be reviewing the way you handle anger, self-defense, self-motivation and sexual relationships… outward anger or conflicts may not be appropriate.” She rightfully feels that using passive-aggressive techniques, manipulation, arbitration or subtle power plays may be more appropriate at this time. “If you are normally non-assertive, you may be forced to defend yourself. Whatever your tactics, you must give thought to what you are doing. If your tactics do not work or they are inappropriate to the situation, your anger will continue to build while Mars is retrograde. You can expect the anger to manifest full-blown by the time Mars turns direct. If you have seriously wronged or angered another with…acts of aggression, you can expect the backlash as Mars turns direct.”

  13. Beca Says:


    I have read that Mars retrograde is not a good time to start anything new. That makes me feel a bit worried because I am likely to be starting new things – such as a job in when mars is retro.

    In your article it says whoever initiates loses, but what if you don’t initiate and new things start happening? What is the likely outcome then?

    Thanks :)

  14. Pi Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    What would happen if I started a new job before Mars Rx (for instance, if I began next week) or bought a vehicle?

    Currently, I have anger issues and resentment towards my current employer because of their lack of flexibility and efficiency. The anger has caused high blood pressure and other ailements. I would like to change jobs, but worry that a new job might not work out that well.

    Thank you,


  15. Lynn Koiner Says:

    BECA & PI (12-2011): You need to read the article again. It is not like Mercury R and starting jobs. Mars R affects mechanical things — there may be computer problems on the job.
    In a new situation, try to be diplomatic as there may be anger issues around you.

    When new things happen, just go with them. You did not initiate so do not worry about it.

    Pi, be sure that you do not act upon your angry feelings or you could lose your job.

  16. leyla Says:


    After reading about the Mars Retrograde, I can’t help asking you the following question which is very important for me at the moment.
    I’m a Cancer. I applied for an international residency program offered by a dance school approximately one and a half month ago and I learnt that I was admitted to the six-week-program with a scholarship two days ago. It takes place from the end of February till mid-April in France. Naturally it is a very exciting opportunity for me but it also makes me a little bit nervous because I’m not a professional dancer.
    I applied to the program mostly with theoretical interests but the content of the program changed in recent weeks. It might mean that there will be more practice and I might be required to show a high level of technical competence or a lot of experience with choreography. This is my guess, not something they told me about. I am very excited about the program and the school but since I don’t have much practical experience, I worry about the possible disappointing results of this program for me and for them especially with the mars retrograde. Do you think my worries might turn out to be true? Should I even think of declining the offer?

    Thank you,


  17. Val Says:

    Is this period an ok time to get plastic surgery?

  18. Lynn Koiner Says:

    LEYLA (1-2012): I wrote to her privately with suggestions since this question is really best for Horary Astrology, the chart for when a question is asked. Just looking at Mars R, would not give a good answer.

    VAL: Since this is electional, I would not choose Mars R.

    In 1988, I had a terrible accident and broke my foot off. Mercury and Mars were both Retrograde. The reattachment went perfectly!

  19. Crystal Says:

    Is it okay to move during a Mars retrograde?

    Is it okay to reveal that I am pregnant with Mars going retrograde in a couple weeks? Let’s just say it is bad timing for me to be getting pregnant and was completely unexpected and I am not sure when is best to tell my family, but it will have to be within the next few weeks, because I will be showing sooner than later.

    Thanks much!

  20. Lynn Koiner Says:

    CRYSTAL (1-2012): January 12 is a good day in general. If you wish no reaction, pick a day when the Moon is Void of Course.
    You can move when Mars is retrograde.

    When you do something when the Moon is VOC, people just do not react, generally speaking. It has nothing to do with the long-term relationship but just their reaction at the time that you tell them. Years ago, when I was in a long-term relationship with a cheap Capricorn, I used the VOC to tell him that I bought a xerox type copier for printing my newsletters. He had no reaction and then, when he saw the copier in the basement (where I ran it), I told him that I had told him a couple of months earlier -- he still did not react and all was fine. I am older now and I would never tolerate something disapproving of how I spent my money. So, do not worry about using the VOC period.
  21. Nathan Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    What would it feel like to have the Mars retrograding through your 8th house stellium (reversing thru Moon, Mars+Sun, Mercury)? My 8th house represents mostly my stock investment (joint finance), and it has been quite bad in 2011. Is it just going to turn from bad to worse?



  22. Aurora Frame Says:

    Hi, I was born with Mars retrograde in Taurus in the eighth house… I’ve always thought it had a lot to do with my personality and relationships. I don’t like to be aggressive when dealing with people or situations, yet at the same time feel that I am fulling capable of commanding and running things. Furthermore, Mars is in opposition with Mercury in Scorpio in the 2nd house. This Mercury is an outlier in a Stellium involving Venus, Neptune, my sun and Jupiter in the first house in Scorpio. How do you think the upcoming Mars retrograde may play out for someone with this sort of basis?
    Thanks and best wishes for the New Year 2012. Dawn

  23. Rayne Says:

    So I’ve been without a car since July of 2011, and now I am fed up and really want to buy a car at the beginning of this month! Is this Mars’ impulsive, assertive nature wanting to act before it’s ‘too late’ and turns retro?

  24. Lynn Koiner Says:

    NATHAN (1-2012): It is impossible to make a financial prediction with just Mars Retrograde. This requires a much broader view of your horoscope. I do have a long Mars R article that I need to write up which may offer more help. Mars R is good for reorganizing and cleaning up an area of your life, such as finances. A financial advisor may help you do this with Mars R in your 8th House.

    AURORA: Telling me where your planets are does not mean anything to me. I cannot visualize your chart. You did give a good description of Mars R. Mars will be retrograde in Virgo so it will favorably aspect your Scorpio planets. This Retrograde can be use positively to restructure some aspect of your life, usually shown by the Mars R house position.

    RAYNE: Pick a good day astrologically before Mars turns R. January 12-13 are the best dates.

  25. Katerina Says:


    In my natal chart I have Mars stationary (D) in Scorpio 4th House. I also have Saturn retrogade in Scorpio 4th House. I am planning on moving by the end of February, however my family thinks I am making a mistake and is trying to stop me. Will this be a good decision to make or should I wait till when Mars goes direct?

  26. Lynn Koiner Says:

    KATERINA (1-2012): Telling me that natal Mars D and Saturn R in Scorpio are in your 4th House tells me nothing about what is going on in your chart.
    Frankly, I think a horary chart for the question of “Should I move?” would be more helpful (a chart calculated for the time that you ask a question).
    When the transiting Saturn enters your 4th, changes will definitely commence in your home and work environment.
    Look for favorable Saturn transits for the move, pick a good electional day (I will add these for February and March now) to move and you should be fine.

  27. Katerina Says:

    Transiting Saturn is in my 4th house and trine with my natal Sun, Mercury and Venus all in 11th house. So these aspects show that I won’t regret this decision of mine to move. And, hopefully transiting Jupiter in Gemini (my sign) in 2012 will draw a better picture for me.

  28. Brett Says:

    I may be the weird one here…but part of me is kinda excited about this retrograde. I need some time to get things situated before I start making some drastic changes (have transiting Saturn entering my sign in October), and I guess I feel that this Mars is going to help me straighten out some things.

    Pretty much all of my planets are in the 7th and 8th house (5 Scorpio Planets) respectively with a couple in 9, 10, 11…and I have Mars retrograding in my 6th house ruled by Virgo so I’ve been on this kick of really refreshing my nutrition and exercise that I started back in November but Mercury RX got in the way with the holidays and I was like screw it give me those Christmas Cookies and the egg nog! Haha! Fortunately the weight I gained was lost already :)

    Considering that we only have to deal with these Mars Retrogrades every 2 years instead of 3 times a year like Mercury I think the challenges should be welcoming. I like to think that there is never a bad “aspect” in astrology just the way that there are no bad tarot cards. The message or the aspect may not be the greatest, but it’s the decisions you make that determine how you come out of it; free will.

  29. Lynn Koiner Says:

    BRETT & ALL: I have an article under Retrogrades, a much longer article on Mars R. I cannot seem to get it onto the Homepage where everyone can see it…but it is under Retrogrades 2012 — Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mars R.

  30. Blue Dove Says:


    We are trying to conceive a baby, and it looks like my most fertile ovulation date is February 14th, 2012 when Mars will still be Retrograde. Is conceiving a baby considered a “new” endeavor that is not supported as well during Mars Retrograde?

    Thank you!

  31. Lynn Koiner Says:

    BLUE (1-2012): Women definitely can get pregnant when Mars is Retrograde!!!!

  32. Heva Alilee Says:

    My birthday is 28 February 1958, I have been aletred by an astrologists that I stand to be afftected in a great way by Jupiter Retrograte and the dates are: January 26 – February 22, 2012.

    I would be very interested in your views.


  33. Lynn Koiner Says:

    HEVA 91-2012): THIS IS A HOAX!!!

  34. yelena Says:

    I understand,that Mars retrograde is not a good time for a surgery.What about Cortizone shots and medical treatment,which I am receiving via IV.If I want a better rezult,do I need try to postpone them?I also want to know if Botox can be under influence of Mars retrograde too?

  35. Lynn Koiner Says:

    YELENA (1-2012): Mars is not good for ELECTIONAL surgery but I have had emergency surgery with Mars and Mercury R that turned out beautifully.
    You NEED cortizone so this is not electional. Boxtox can wait. I list Good Days on my home page.
    There is another Mars R article which is much longer on this website. Read that one too.

  36. Aki Says:

    My sun and ascendant sign is aries. I am really keen to move on with my career, and apply for new positions. Infact, I am starting to get very desperate to get promoted because its been a while since I have received a raise. Should I accept new positions if I get it, or should I wait?
    I note my jupiter is also in my 2nd house this year.

  37. Lynn Koiner Says:

    AKI (1-2012): There is no way that I can tell what is going on in your chart to give advice.
    You cannot put your life on hold for the 3 months while Mars is R.
    There is a longer article on this website about Mars R that no one looks at. Look here for more information.
    Send out resumes and let us know what happens…it certainly will not be terrible.

  38. Jody Says:

    Hi Lynn,
    I was planning on giving a month’s notice to leave work on the 1/21 or 1/28. I hesitate now that I see Mars will station over my natal Pluto (22’14 Virgo) placed in the 8th house DOB (3-Sep-68). I want to stay home with my young daughter for a year or two. Issues at work have been deteriorating over the past 3 years and I feel that now is the time to make a move. Appreciate your thoughts on this subject —

  39. Sally W. Says:

    Hello Lynn,

    I am Leo (july 30,1973).
    So my thought or question is this, there is someone I really like and I would love to get to know him better and hopefully a solid romance will come out of it. I should probably wait for the Mars in R to be over with to start anything?
    Or maybe hope that he initiates?


  40. Micheline Says:

    I have a huge tax bill to deal with and I have to go in and negotiate payment details with my ward office. I was wondering If I should do that when their is voc or make sure that I do it before the mars retro?

    I have my mars in virgo 14d in a stellium with uranus 14d and pluto 16 d conjuct my 2nd house cusp.

    They are all square my sun in sag at 15 d but otherwise they make good aspects to all my other planets. Like my venus in scorpio at 14 d conjunct my natal ic cusp, my neptune in scorpio is close conjunction to my natal venus at 18d, also this is part of a grand kite pattern in my own chart with the apex of the chart conjunct my natal jupiter in taurus which conjuncts my natal mc but it is retrograde. This is also connects with my natal moon in cap at 18 d.

    I know I messed up. Everything last year was overwhelming with the Fukushima Power Plant Explosion and the Earthquake.

    What do you think Lynn?

  41. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JODY (1-2012): Check my GOOD DATES. Today, the 20th, is a good day until 4:50pm EST.

    SALLY W: Do not initiate an INTIMATE relationship while Mars is Retrograde — that is, do not have sex during the retrograde period!

    MICHELLINE: Negotiations can be good with Retrogrades but NOT VOID OF COURSE. VOC means that nothing happens so you have wasted your time.

  42. Mary Lange Says:

    Help I getting skylights put in on Jan. 23, is it going to fail?

  43. Jan Says:

    May have surgery during February 2012, Mars retrograde. This is surgery I must have, but I am initiating it. Will this hip replacement be successful.

  44. Jan Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Ask about hip replacement. Thought I’d give my dob. 8/30/51.
    Virgo/Leon Moon/Virgo rising. Thanks for your insight.


  45. sean Says:

    The last mars retrograde – i suffered from some anxiety (to the point of really feeling it in the stomach), and felt less brave than usual –

    and fell into behaving in ways that were more passive that usual, to the point where it had me struggling to comprehend it, such was the difference at times.

    and once again – seems to have kicked in in the last few days, – but not usually the norm for me at all,

    is this a common feature of a mars retro?

    (my natal mars is in Aries. guess maybe the strength of that is then depleted – at the time of this cycle.)

  46. a Says:

    hello lynn
    ,what about contacting an old and important romance with mars retro would that work?
    thank you

  47. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JAN (1-2012): If it is a necessary surgery, then by all means do it. Pick a good day listed on my homepage.

    MARY LANGE: I have no idea. Let us know what happens. Repairs are often good with Mars R. I have having major repairs in my kitchen while Mars is R.

    SEAN: No, this is not typical of Mars R. There must be other outer planet transits affecting you.

    “A”: This works better with Venus R. Go for it and let us know what happened.

    PLEASE READ MY OTHER ARTICLE ON MARS R on this website. It is much longer.

  48. Your Purpose Says:

    If I have a Program I am working on to launch soon, do I need to wait to do so after April 14? How can I ensure success despite Mars in R?

  49. B Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    My partner and I have been talking about getting pregnant. We had our consultation early January and meeting with doctor on Jan 12th.

    I immdiately scheduled my first exam for February 1st to remove my IUD. Since we have to look into getting assistance to get pregnant, should we wait until after the retrograde period is over?

    I am a 43 year old scorpio who is running out of time for getting pregnant but don’t want to jeopardize my chances of success.


  50. LB Says:

    I have a male friend with stationary ® Mars in his 1st house, 25th degree of Leo. He is very prone to head injuries while engaging in sports. Should he be esp careful in this Mars retro period? Also – what is the general meaning of this natal position for Mars? His Mars is also a planet that sits on the east rim of his bowl-shaped chart. Some would call his Mars a leading planet for each new life cycle… Another rim is Jupiter (in opposition to Mars).

    Also wondering about Mars R transit exactly over my natal Mercury. I have a small court claim hearing on Feb 1st.. Should I postpone? I also noticed unusually reflective qualities in my thinking… all in the past week…

    Any insights?


  51. Aleisha Says:

    Hello, I understand that legal matters if initiated during Mars R will surely fizzle or fail. I had child custody and support papers filed Jan 7th with the court house but have not yet served them to my ex-partner. We are now retrograde, if I serve him now is that considered initiation or was Jan 7th? Suggestions?
    Thank you!!

  52. Lynn Koiner Says:

    YOUR PURPOSE (1-2012): Only your natal chart with the outer planet transits and progressions can tell the success of your project. A horary chart, the chart for a question, can be helpful as well. Personally, I would wait for a good day after Mars turns Direct…good days are listed on my homepage.
    BUT, just using a good day does not always guarantee the success that you seek. Your natal chart will tell this OR the horary chart.

    “B”: Do not put your life on hold with Mars R. I probably would not start InVitro with Mars R but, as I have posted earlier, people do get pregnant when Mars is R.

    LB: Your questions are too complicated to answer on this website. Mars is always very strong when it is Station. A Stationary planet in the natal chart is always the most powerful planet in the chart. One must find positive ways of using the planet, in this case, Mars. However, if not used properly, it causes health and physical problems.

    I cannot make an evaluation of your court cause by simply analyzing Mars R on your natal Mercury. You could do a simple horary chart for yourself — calculating a chart for the time and place that you ask the question — What is the outcome of this lawsuit? Look to see which ruler is elevated higher (towards the MC). The 1st Ruler is YOU and the 7th Ruler is the other person. This will tell who wins.

    ALEISHA: You can do a horary using for the same type of question — who will win? You cannot wait to serve the papers until Mars turns direct. Pick a good day listed on my homepage.

  53. Zoe Says:

    Hi Lynn

    I am due to have my second baby March 19th 2012 right in the middle of Saturn, Mars & Mercury all retrograde ( not happy about this but unavoidable!) – I will almost certainly be induced for this birth and wonder if there is a preferable date(s) for this to happen.

    Many thanks

  54. hello lynn Says:

    I have drawn up a debt management plan and I would like to propose it to my creditors. I read what you said about Marx Rx being good to sort out finance, but also that its not a time to initiate. I am concerned they may refuse to freeze my interest if i initiate now. Would it be best to wait till Mars goes forward. Thank you for your assistance. J x

  55. RA Says:

    I am aquarius how am i effected by this timeline. Well on the 23 i looked for a house and i got it . With a friend of mine she is scorpio her phone broke down and she was a little bit under the planetary influx but i have somehow overridden it .

    ANy suggestions ideas .

    Im 15 feb 1969



  56. Mike Says:

    I started a process of creating an affidavit to gain more access to my son. Will being in retrograde affect the outcome?

    Thanks so much for your time.

  57. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ZOE (1-2012): Your baby will be born under the aspects that exactly fit his/her personality – there is nothing that you can do to change this. Usually with Mars R, the family has a history of not handling anger properly. Physical outlets and sports will be very helpful to the developing personality.

    Hello Lynn: You need to submit it on one of the good days which I mention on my homepage.

    RA: I have no clue what you are asking. Be specific and as it pertains to the article. Also, read the longer article on Mars R on this website.

    MIKE: There is no way any astrologer can answer this question simply because Mars is R. You might follow the instructions for a horary question as I mention in #52 for LB.

  58. Alwyn L'hoir Says:

    HI, I hope you can answer this question…my car is very close to dead…I saw a newish car, lo miles, etc. on CL, and contacted the owner before mars went retrograde. Before I could get down to where he was, someone said they would buy the car. It fell through, and now he has contacted me during mars retro. Do the rules for getting the car still apply? The car was in an accident with an elk before, but the damage has been fixed… I just don’t know if i can make it another 3 months or so without another car…thx

  59. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ALWYN: I guess that you have to do what you have to do but pick a good day from my homepage to be sure.

  60. a Says:

    didn’t work out , he wanted sex and he is married with kids problem is i am so in love

  61. Phoebe Phaigh Says:

    I am wondering if its OK to get pregnant during a Mars rx

  62. Phoebe Phaigh Says:

    I am wondering if its OK to get pregnant during a Mars rx
    What are the downslides and what are the benifits?

  63. Lynn Koiner Says:

    TO EVERYONE ABOUT PREGNANCY: I am constantly answering this same question — Mars R in itself has nothing to do with getting pregnant.
    It is your natal chart that counts. You must look at the aspects in your natal chart.

    NOTE: On February 1, I will start to delete many of these posts as it is getting too long and people rarely read the posts anyway.

  64. Nathan Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I just experienced my first Mars retrograde on my Moon in 8th house. I originally thought that it had something to do with my investment as in post #21. However, it turned out that moon had to do with my wife and how much she spends frivolously per month. My wife had Mars retrograde conjunct Pluto at about the same time. We had a really big fight about everything, although from my side, it was more of reserved (retrograde) aggression (Mars). I guess Moon in my case represented my inner/family life. The next retrograde Mars transit will be on both my and my wife’s Sun. Looks like it could be another big ego fight, although it is also possible that I finally decide to take some big action in balancing my investment portfolio. I always wonder how much free will can control the outcome. I even warned my wife last December that I won’t be in a good mood this coming Mars conjunct Moon. I’m glad that the fight seemed to turn a corner after two transits. But there will be the last direct transit later this year.


  65. Lynn Koiner Says:

    TRAVELING with MARS R: (2-2012): First, when planning a trip, use one of my Good Days listed on my homepage.
    Next, sometimes I HAVE to travel when there is a Retrograde or not the best aspects. I just go and I do not look at the transits — this only energizes any negativity.
    In the past the American Feberation of Astrologers always had their conferences in July and Mercury was often Retrograde. I just booked a flight and went when it is convenient.
    The biggest conference in the U.S. now is UAC. I have to arrive on May 23 and this is when I am going. I am not looking at the aspects — I HAVE to fly on this date. There is nothing that I can do.
    When I visit friends in Phoenix or travel to Europe, I can control this and I pick a good date astrologically — such as those listed on my homepage.
    Transits to your natal Nodes are always good for changes and travel as well.
    Changing your flight date may not change it for the better, especially by only one day.
    Just go and have a good trip.

  66. southern cooking Says:

    Thanks for this – I will be interesting to see how it unfolds for the native signs involved – Nell

  67. Jan Says:

    Hi Lynn (February 7,2012)
    Just purchased a new computer (laptop) during this Mars R.
    I passed on the insurance, thinking now it was a mistake.

  68. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JAN (2-2012): I need a new laptop but I am holding off until Mars turns Direct. Of course, since Mars has been R, my printer stopped working and then started working after about 3 days. My monitor stopped working but started up again after I unplugged it and then replugged it (after I bought a new monitor which I can take back).

    Years ago, a client had to buy a truck with Mars R. He was a plumber and needed a truck. I told him to insure it to the max then, after 2 years (when the bad aspects were over), he could drop the insurance. Within a year, the truck caught on fire and he got his money back for the truck. He was so grateful.

    Now, a computer is much less expensive. Asking about a purchase during Mars R after the fact is a little late!

    I got insurance on a computer and it had a problem 2 weeks after the 1 year insurance was over. But, it was much easier to resolve than I anticipated — it was not broken at all. When I do not start up my Netbook regularly, I need to push the button several times to get it to fire up.

    You have to ask yourself — I will need insurance for more than one year. Will any problem that occurs cost more than the insurance? I have excellent repair people so additional insurance is a waste of money for me.

    If you are worried about theft (possible when you buy under Mars R), I have a LoJack GPS on my Netbook so that it is located by GPS if stolen. I travel with the Netbook so the GPS locator is important.
    Since I use my desktop when I am home, I hide my 2 laptops in very remote places that no one would look.

    As a last resort, I always pull 3 tarots cards, asking the question: What will happen if I do not get insurance?
    Bad cards would indicate that you need to get the insurance which, I know, is expensive.

  69. MaryHu Says:

    Ah, the endless applications of astrology. I am applying all of this knowledge about Mars retrograde to my 7 year old son’s situation. His natal Sun and Mars are conjunct in Virgo in the seventh house (11 degrees and 14 degrees, respectively) and his moon is in Aries. There has been a lot of aggressive behavior lately among his peers, and it had been stressing him out terribly, so with Mars retrograde, we have just with drawn from group activities that involve the Bully Boys. Interestingly, the King Bully is moving out of the country in June; maybe we’ll re-enter some of that social scene, then. But during Mars retrograde, he’s playing with his more cerebral friends (gotta work that Virgo intellect), taking theater and swim classes (hello, Neptune in Pisces) and working in the garden a lot. He seems less stressed already.

  70. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MARYLU (2-2012): I do not have children so I cannot imagine what this is like. However, you have given an excellent solution that, I hope, will benefit other readers experiencing Bullying.
    Yes, avoid confrontations and aggressive behavior on your own (or your son’s) as you do not want retaliation. Other rewarding physical activities are excellent for Mars.

    Your son is having a Mars Return. There is an article on this on my website — Mars Cycles.

  71. Mia Says:

    Hi Lynn:

    I have a upstairs neighbor has been extremely loud. I have been tolerant them for months without complaining because of the Mercury Retrograde, and now Mars Retrograde.

    Last week, they completely out of control and they made their 50+ pound large dog running non-stop 4 hours straight inside of their small apartment, by they throwing a large dog toy cross the room and making the dog chase after it, non-stop 4 hours straight.

    I had no choice but to contact the leasing office the next day. The situation did not improve, so I contacted police. They finally quilted down after police arrived.

    I have been tolerant them since November last year because of the Mercury retro and Mars retro until to this point.

    In this case, who did the initiation? me or the loud neighbor?

  72. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MIA (2-2012): Sometimes common sense must prevail OVER the retrogrades. You were forced to do something. You did not even have many options, other than to politely ask them to quiet down. However, it does not seem like they are the type to listen or be understanding.

    To be honest, you were the initiator — even though it was something that you had to do for yourself and your family.
    Sometimes, the stars put us in that position and we must choose how we will act/react. Let us know how it turns out. I am curious.

  73. Mia Says:


    I appreciate your insight on my situation.

    1) As the situation with my neighbor, I was forced into taking the initiative with the leasing office and cops. At this point, is there anything I can do, or remedy, to avoid the possible “backlash”?

    2)In your opinion, what would be a better or smarter way to handle the situation to avoid to be the “initiator”?

    3) Mars Retro is 1/23 – 4/14/2012. The shadow period included is from 11/18 – 6/19. If I have to wait after Mars Retro to start new things, should I wait after 6/19 or 4/14?

    Best Regards,

  74. Miro Says:

    Hi Lynn, greetings from Belgrade.
    This comment is not just about Mars, but about magical date of 12th March. These days , rx Mars in Virgo – Jupiter/Venus/Lilith in Taurus – Pluto in Capp will form a Grand Trine. Please check it, cause rx Mars is the trigger.
    Anyway, Im writing this cause I’ve Lilith in 7th house on 10 degrees Pisces and Saturn on 14 Cancer, and with that spot the Grand Trine will form a 2 kite’s ( Pluto from 5th house, Jupter/Venus /Lilith from 9th house and rx Mars from my 1st house ). At the same moment rx Saturn will trine my natal Venus and conjunct natal Uranus.
    The girl I had partnership in near past have Sun on 9 degrees Pisces in 5th house and Jupter on 10 degrees Scorpio in 1th house. Again, the Grand Trine will form 2 kite’s, Pluto from her 3th house, Jupter/Venus/Lilith from 7th house and rx Mars from 11th house. Same time rx Saturn will square her Venus in Capp and be in opposition her natal Moon in Aries.
    The both charts are very complex these days, and again I think that rx Mars is the trigger, but house position of Pluto will show where transformation began, and Jupiter house shows where it would go. So what are you think about this magical date March 12th , from our charts.
    Let’s say that we have synastry Sun/Lilith conjunction. So the Grand Trine will hit our synastry spot on 9 degrees Pisces.

  75. FLT Says:

    Hi Lynn.

    I’m unemployed right now, because I had a short-lived and terrible job I had to leave. I have finished a novel, and am sending out queries. I’m also starting to think about creating my own company, although I would just be working on a business plan and not really doing more in the next couple of months. Do I need to consider Mars in retrograde re: trying to get an agent for my book and during the start-up?

    I am a Cancer.


  76. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MIRO (2-2012): First, I attended the Belgrad conference in 2001 and lectured in 2003. I love small countries. I just acquired a feral cat who I believe is the reincarnation of a dog who I befriended there — I told the dog to reincarnate as a blond cat — after 10 years, one showed up who loves me dearly. I do travel to Slovenia every year — I am Vice President of the Slovenian Union of America, Maryland Chapter — and I am not even Slovenian.

    Next, I do not use Lilith at all. Yes, there is a Grand Trine on the 12th — we will just have to see what happens. Timing is very “iffy” when making predictions.
    On the evening of the 11th, the Moon in Scorpio makes a Kite and this is a highly frustrating time. See my article on Kites.

    FLT” (2-2012): Yes, Mars R is important! I have a longer article on Mars R on this website.

  77. Michelle M Says:

    Dear Lynn,

    I have been using the Mars retrograde to declutter my entire home. I am doing this as a first step towards making some feng-shui adjustments. Should I wait until after the mars retrograde before introducing the feng shui cures (i.e. to invite an intimate relationship)?

    I am a solar pisces, moon virgo, mars in capricorn (7th house)

    thank you!

  78. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MICHELLE (2-2012): My neighbor and I have both been frantically de-cluttering and renovating and shifting the energies in our homes.
    Usually, such transformations are associated with Pluto but we are not experiencing any Pluto action.
    It can be Mars R but I am thinking that it is due to all of the astrological and astronomical shifts going on at this time.

    When I initially made big changes in my homes about 20 years ago, I also made BIG changes in my personal life.
    I think we are changing the energies in our homes because we are changing energetically and the new environmental energy shift will help and facilitate these personal changes.

  79. Katia Says:

    How my mind effects my world under the influence of mars in virgo retrograding back crossing my ascendant (i am virgo rising) into my 12th house of the unconscious mind.

    Lately there’s a confrontation going on inside me that’s makes me become aware of how strong the effect of my thoughts actually is and how this effects the world i live in. Let’s give you an example. I think about something, and almost suddenly it manifests itself (this can be positive or negative equal strenght ofcourse depending on the flavour of the initial thought. Mars, the planet of action is currently retrograde just passed my ascendant back into my 12th house of unconsciousness). A couple of day’s ago i saw a movie in which animal cruelty was shown. It was the movie ‘ Water for elephants’. This person was not only cruel to animals but also to humans ofcourse. I could not stop thinking about why some people are like that and also how disgusting it is when they abuse innocent and helpless creatures that are definitely weaker then they are, like women or caged animals to express this part of their nature towards. One day later i was cycling through the park with a friend to show her my hometown. I could hardly believe what i saw happening right in front of my eyes and with more people then just me being the spectator. A man who hit his cute little sheepdog with the line several times on his back really hard as if it was a whip because i guess the dog ate something he should not have done according to that man. I could not help myself but shout to him that it was terrible what he was doing. He looked at me as if he could eat me, with angry fire and hate in his eyes which frightened me asking me (in German by the way) how that was any of my business. I decided to continue my cycling because i decided that man had the potential of projecting his innate anger onto me. So that this man assumes that he ‘owes’ the dog, maby because he payed an amount of money for to have it and feeds it daily hopefully, that he can do with a living creature with a soul and feelings whatever he pleases. I even had the feeling he was doing this to trigger responses in others so he created the opurtunity to do something with the anger deeply burried inside of himself with the ones feeling triggered by his actions towards the dog.

    I cannot let go of the image of the dog being hit by that man in the sight of my eye and i cannot let go of the anger i saw in that man’s eyes, possibly while mars is going over one of the most sensitive physical parts of my chart, i cannot help it but feel it deeply within. I also don’t know what to do about these things and i hope this man one day will be stopped with his behaviour. So i see something in a movie, it disgusts me and it occupies my mind and almost instantly i experience something similar while happening right in front of my eyes in my hometown park filled with sweet childhood memories. What we focus on becomes reality. Please let us focus on love and abundance and happiness for all living creatures here on earth. Cruelty will always be part, we can’t change the world by trying to carry the weight of it’s suffering on our own backs. Sent love & light into the world and into your own spirit and thoughts while that’s the only way to start making a difference in this world, from within our own hearths and minds. I see what’s my lesson in this experience and focus on integrating the growing awareness of the power of my own thoughts after this mars retrograde experience back into the closet of my own mind and so i can continue to create my world from more positive seed thoughts on a higher level then ever before instead of the nightmare i am trapped in right now. Om shanti PEACE.

  80. Heather Says:

    Hi Lynn, I have followed your websiter for awhile now. I have a mars retro question…I have mars natally in the 12th so I do not act on impulse (in Pisces). Anyway, I have been looking for a new place to live, my new neighbors in my apartment are very loud and keep me up all night while I have to go to work early. I have been looking off and on for about 5 months. I realize mars is retro and we shouldn’t start anything new but I did have a full lunar eclipse on natal moon this last winter so I knew I’d be moving soon. I found a place (great deal but needs lots of work e.g. cleaning and painting). I accepted this last monday (which was very favorable on your event chart date). It was sudden and I intiated by calling the person. I was also having my venus return and venus conjunct natal south node with transiting saturn retro on my natal north node. My question is will this work out favorably for me? It is a new initiative. I used the best favorable aspects I could, also had transiting moon on sun/moon midpoint, transiting sun on my asc. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  81. Janel Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Does being born with Mars Rx, like myself, affect us differently than those born with Mars direct during Mars Rx?



  82. Lynn Koiner Says:

    HEATHER (3-2012): Mars R is better for a fixer-upper.
    Only a horary chart would likely tell everything about this property.

    JANEL: Yes, I know that is the theory around Mercury R people — that they function better when Mercury is R.
    An astrologer friend tells me that her Mercury R husband always starts things when Mercury is R and they never work out.

    So, I cannot tell you how you react but do make observations about your self. Like my friend’s husband, you may be more compelled to start when Mars is R…but this is not the best timing.

    Sorry I cannot be more helpful.

  83. Janel Says:

    Thanks Lynn, you rock!!! I’ve been experiencing frustrations with an elusive medical problem that has been going on for months. My body has been going haywire (feet have been numb since Tuesday, etc) and we are trying to figure out why. Instead of doing the major testing, they are doing the smaller stuff which I understand but it is just so frustrating. So now I know I’m ruled under the same law!!!

    Thanks again

  84. Crystal Says:

    If I am wanting to start a job. Should I wait to apply/get hired ‘til after Mars Retro is up April 14th or is it okay for both of those, just don’t actually start working ‘til after that date?

    Thanks much!

  85. Crystal Says:

    Also, I am filing for divorce myself and had the papers sent out to me to complete 10/31/11, so will it matter when I go to file them at the court house when it comes to the Mars Retro or no, since I got the papers before Mars Retro? I do not want or need any delays whatsoever in filing and getting the divorce finalized for time sake!

    Thanks much.

  86. Lynn Koiner Says:

    CRYSTAL (3-2012): You cannot put your life on hold with the retrogrades. Pick the good days listed on my home page to initiate, especially since the processes started before the Retros and you would start after they are over.

  87. Elen Says:

    My long-distance boyfriend came to visit me for almost two months while on hiatus from work and arrived a week before before Mars turned retrograde.  His Natal Venus is at 21 degrees Virgo so the retrograde occured right on it, plus he has Mars at 28 degrees Virgo, both in the 12th house.  We had been seriously discussing getting married then it seemed like once Mars turned retrograde he said he wasn’t ready and didn’t want to discuss it any further.  He was also sleeping a lot and having some issues with negotiating his work contract, which seemed to turn in his favor at first since he said his boss was going to give him what he wanted.  Yet, the boss never sent him a contract for him to review and it seemed like things were up in the air by the time he left to go back to work.  I have a feeling the boss was jerking him around but he never really confirmed this and I haven’t spoken to him since he left two weeks ago. He didn’t send a text letting me know he arrived home so a couple days later I left voice messages and I admit I was probably more upset than was called for but I have unresolved anger about him not keeping in touch before.  He texted me saying sorry and that he’s busy but I didn’t respond I guess because I wanted him to understand what if feels like.  A week later I sent an email with flight details for my trip to visit him next month but he didn’t respond.  A few days after that I sent a text saying I was starting to worry and asking if he got my email and still haven’t received a response after five days.  I knew he would be really busy with starting work but I feel he his distancing himself from me on purpose.  I know he feels he sacrificed a lot just to come visit me for so long and then things were tense sometime because of the marriage talks and we had never been together so long. We definately needed space after the long visit but I don’t know now if his distance is due to stress from work and his boss or if he’s giving me the silent treatment because he’s angry.
    message by not sending me one.

  88. JULIE Says:

    Hi Lynne

    I had a rhinoplasty surgery on 27 feb when mars retrograde conjunct my natal pluto – mars r was in a kind of grand trine at that date, so I was hoping it was cool! However it’s not really healing well – will I have to re do this? how does it work?

  89. Nathan Says:

    Hey Lynn,

    My girlfriend and I broke up. It was a week before the crisis new moon. She was really burdened and it looked like something was wrong, so I asked if she wanted a break. I didn’t say lets take a break, I just brought it up. Then she thought about it, and decided to that it was a good idea. A week later she broke up with me. She said she didn’t want to be in a relationship. It was a very good break up, I handled it well. We still text and are going to keep hanging out.

    When we went on a break, Retro mars was conjunct my Juno, and inconjunct natal mars. For her, Retro Mercury was conjunct Natal mercury, and close to uranus.

    For me, Mars rules the 5th and 10th house. Mercury rules the 3rd and 12th. For her, Mercury rules her 1st, and 5th. While Mars rules her 12th.

    Although I called her the day before to see where she was at (mercury in conjunct saturn). She made the decision.

    Transiting node right now is conjunct my vertex and her dc. Her progressed moon is 4 degrees away from the 7th house. And my moon is very close to my ic.

    Do you think she will end up regretting her decision? Did I initiate in anyway? I brought up the ideas for consideration, but it was her who decided the course of action to take.

  90. Mita Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    My fourth house is virgo and still mars is retrograding here. I wanted to ask that since 4th house is also related with the emotions and food, is mars here making me eat more when I feel nervous and stuck? Do my eating habbits improve after this retrograde? Because my stomach became like a trash bin, I cannot stop eating when I started to because I feel very nervous and insecure since mars is in 4th house.

    Thanks in advanced.

  91. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MITA (4-2012): It is a stretch to assign eating and emotions to the 4th House but the 4th does rule commodities and it is a Water House. If you have natal planets in the 4th, there is always a trauma from the childhood that must be addressed.

    Since you say that the eating started with Mars R in the 4th, it could be bringing up issues from the past, anger that get stuffed with food. I know all about this. I have a very good article on this website about Weight Loss and the Transformational Process. You can see the issues there.

    Instead of eating, talk with someone you trust about what issues Mars is bringing up. If the habit becomes ingrained, it will be hard to break…good luck…Lynn

  92. Christine Says:

    Hi Lynn, I have Mars S in my Solar return this year in the 11th as I have not come across this before I was wondering what it means. I’ve just read all your answers to people and you have done a wonderful job and your so generous with your time. Thank you Christine

  93. Lynn Koiner Says:

    CHRISTINE (4-2012): I am sorry to say but I never use Solar return charts. I do not find that they work for me at all.
    In a natal chart a Station planet is the most powerful planet in the chart and it will color the life, such as career matters.
    If you feel that the Solar Return charts work for you, then the House of Mars will be highlighted and lots of energy will manifest here.
    I have an interpretation of the Houses for Lunar Returns on this website and they would read about the same for the Solar Returns.
    Mary Shea has a great book on Solar Returns. I have the program for this interpretation. BUT, the best astrologer for interpreting Solar Returns is Priscilla Costello, located in Canada.

  94. RAdina Says:

    Lynn, hi :)
    Thank you for this text.
    I’m wondering if you have any tips on how to handle arguments and conflict with a natal retro Mars in the 12th house.
    I’m asking, because I have such… in Gemini, which is my Ascendant as well.
    I absolutely hate the negative feelings that arise in me in conflict, that’s why I hate conflict itself.
    Sometimes, though, it’s necessary to deal with it.
    I’m torn between my innate spirituality (A retro Jupiter in Leo) and the inability to assert my negative feelings appropriately.
    Somehow I can’t seem to comprehend how does asserting the negative feelings contribute to being spiritual? That’s why I repress my negative feelings and tend not to accept them.
    I an angry at them arising in me, and then I feel guilty, because I see myself as a spiritual person, yet here they come.


    I’ll appreciate your reply.

    Thank you!

  95. Lynn Koiner Says:

    RADINA (5-2012): From my personal experience, I find that I am never right when I express anger at another. I feel that, if I “lay my cards on the table (honesty)” and express my feelings without becoming angry, I do better.

    Internalizing the pulling angry inside will only make you ill or depressed. Mars in the 12th needs physical activity that releases the angry energy. Sports helps, being involved in activist activities — working on something outside of yourself to express the anger.

    I am a 12th House person myself so being alone and obsessing on the problem only makes it worse. I need to get outside and put the problem behind me.

    Talking with a friend also helps me to get the feelings out but I need to talk with someone who is practical and and someone who will tell me the truth. Such people are not easy to find — but someone more mature who can see both sides.

    Good luck with this. It is not easy…L

  96. Sai Grafio Says:

    Whenever a planet is in the opposite sign of the sign it rules, it sets up a seventh house karmic vibration. Libra is the seventh house sign ruling relationships. This sets up a karmic tie from a past life; that is, some unfinished business from the past; e.g. this life or a past life. The way out of this conflict is diplomacy (Libra( seeking the solution rather then trying to get the advantage. World leaders will be forced to come to the table.

  97. Justine Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Thank you for my readings in the past. A question about Mars retro soon and overlapping Mercury retro. I have Mars in Scorpio 3/8/67 and my son (2/17/96—mars in Pisces?) are planning another trip to see my mom in Australia in early April approx. April 8th and returning April 26th or 27th. Is this o.k. to travel?

    My last Mars went like a horrific bullying situation at work and I stayed very passive and I DID NOT INITAIATE anything per your advice and laid low. I was denied a merit increase. 4 other staff were going through the same thing. I wrote a 7 page rebuttal with 600 pages of attachments (I felt very Scorpio). I was the only one who won the appeal. On the other hand, I bought a car and phones which turned out to be junk and needed to be replaced in less than a year.

    Last year we traveled at the beginning of Mercury retrograde. Delayed Visas that took a month but I checked and rechecked everything. Other than that, it was a dream trip.Just worried about energy and planes etc. Melbourne is one of the places you outlined as the best places for me to live.

    Thank you for any advice on dates for this.

  98. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JUSTINE (1-2014): When I travel to Europe, I am only concerned about Mercury R. Now, it is not a problem when Mercury turns R after I arrive in Europe – it is only when I leave the house for the airport that seems to be important.

    I am not concerned about Mars R. I always pick a good day astrologically to commence a trip.

    Sometimes, I cannot select a perfect day to leave. Sometimes the conference occurs with Retrogrades or no good dates — so I NEVER look at the aspectarian for good days and I just book a flight. When you look at the stars, this energizes the planetary patterns — for good or ill.

    I will be lecturing in Serbia starting on February 28. Mercury is Retrograde when I will leave for Europe so I just picked a good day, February 23, to leave for Europe.

  99. daphne Says:

    how can mars retrograde effect when I have venus in aries and mars in libra???
    it is a bit complicated to understand

  100. Elizabeth Says:

    Hi Lynn,
    I need to travel abroad near the end of March 2014, are electional good days for March up on your website yet? Many thanks!

    NOTE FROM LYNN: I have not been receiving post notifications but I just sent you my Astro-Column
  101. Sofiah Says:

    Hi Lynn: I have Cancer rising 22 degrees and a stellium of Aries planets in the 10th house.—-Mars 8 degrees, Venus 14 degrees and Moon 18 degrees.

    I also have 4 planets in Pisces in the 9th house —North node, 18, Sun 18, Mercury 19, and Jupiter 20 degrees.

    I also have Neptune in Libra in the 4th house.

    I’ve been planning some major activities beginning in March. First I’m in partnership to begin research and writing a general training program to put on line and also to design custom training programs for clients, hopefully to be complete and sell in June and July. The second is I’d like to move to Colorado in June.

    Any advice?


  102. Jane Says:

    In terms of initiating the purchase of property, how is best to handle negotiations? My husband and I do need to move on buying an apartment as we are expecting a baby in mid-October. We are both Libras, me Aries ASC and him Cancer ASC. Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

    NOTE FROM LYNN: I am telling everyone that my website has run afoul and I do not receive notification of posts. I am now checking in periodically. You cannot put your life on hold because of the Retrogrades. Pick a good day astrologically and you should look at major influences in your chart, especially bad Saturn transits or the progressed Moon in difficult aspects to natal or progressed you see, this is not a simple question to answer....and I am on my way to Serbia now so I cannot provide readings either.
  103. Antonio Jesus Orozco Says:

    Hi Lynn Koiner,

    I am an Arian, born on a full moon, (sun/moon directly opposite as seen on my birth-chart) ive been feeling as if i am going to receive a large amount of power soon, like its building up around me not inside, plus i also have had a lot of energy and my emotions and actions are very sporadic. will this retrograde, since my ruling planet is mars, have a different affect on me than other people? i sorta feel like it will be my time to shin.

  104. Michael Ford Says:

    This info is quite insightful. Thank you. My Mars in Aries in 6th is exactly opposition my Libra ascendant at 13 deg, and this Mars in Libra retrograde is going to cause Mars to move backwards to conjunct my ascendant and oppose my Mars (again) and then move backward to within one degree of my Uranus in Libra in the 12th house, so I thank you again for helping me understand this transit better as it is definitely aspecting my chart. Blessings to you in your travels!

  105. Chelle Says:

    So if in my natal chart Mars was Rx (in Aries in 1st house) how do Mars Rx transits affect me?

  106. David Says:

    Can someone recommend someone who can assist me? I am an Aries, born March 25, 1973, between 10 and 10:15 in the AM, any suggestions of good astrologers?

  107. Katherine Says:

    Hi Lynn Koiner,

    I was born on the cusp of Aries Pisces, on the 20th of March, at 10:32pm in 1958. I do follow astrology recommendations often, although I don’t have an astrologist. I have a Scorpio ascendent and since Mars rules both signs… I am a bit worried about my personal situation, in my health, in my relationships, and at my job and finances. I moved this year to a new city and I am working at a school as a teacher since August 2013. Everything is still very new and I am adapting slowly. With Uranus in Aries and Mars retrograde in Libra… I would like to know if this also will make things harder than they have been up to now. (I have had a very difficult time these past two months within my family and now I am getting a bad cold every two to three weeks.) I really want to have success at my new job, but I see myself getting very tired and I feel a lot of pressure to do better just to keep up with the expectations. Any advice you can give me is very appreciated.

  108. Karen Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I have been having health problems and now Im having problem with a wisdom tooth. Antibotics have helped to take away the pain but my dentist want to extract it. I have extracted one before but I sort of have a bad feeling about this one, there is a big nerve that runs closely to it.
    I have Mars in my 7th house and in Leo which is my sun sign.But I’m soon going to experience chiron square uranus (uranus is in 11th house) and chiron square chiron transits. What (if anything) does this say about having a surgery?
    Thank you so much for any advice you can give me.

  109. Erika Says:

    I’m a Cancer. Is it wise to start home improvement projects like having my windows replaced? Thank you.

  110. Brizeida Says:

    As a natal Mars retrograde in 12th house, I am wondering whether having that position means I need to wait to be invited to things and never initiate. :(

  111. alexandertroup Says:


  112. Maya Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    This may be completely wrong, but for me, it feels like retrograde mars, venus and mercury all seem to be times to catch up on the matters I’ve been ignoring.

    During mercury retrograde I feel like I catch up with all of my paper work on my To Do list that I’ve ignored or that needs to be redone or re written or re submitted. I feel like I catch up on putting in order, and (GASP!) buying stuff that I need to buy related to communication. I was forced to buy a new phone because it broke and it ended up having issues but I was able to get a new one almost for free so in the end it worked out.

    During venus retrograde I feel like I catch up with all of the venus related items I’ve been ignoring. I find time to be with my lovely husband, I got though my clothes and get rid of old stuff that I don’t need and buy (GASP!) some beauty items that I need and have been ignoring.

    During mars retrograde I feel like I need to catch up with business related items I’ve been putting off. I haven’t tested this yet! I want to take a chance and pay for business items related to marketing that I’ve been ignoring for the last 2 years that are critical to my continued success. These are items I decided I needed during the last mars retrograde but I forced myself to wait and then was unable to buy because I couldn’t get a response from companies I thought I wanted to work and couldn’t find some of the companies I thought I needed to help me. I’ve been thinking non stop about these business needs for 2 years. With all of the bad mars retrograde info out there I’m nervous about this but I feel compelled to get this done.

    What do you think Lynn???

  113. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MAYA (3-2014): First, I have been having website problems and this is the first notification that I have received since January about a post. I am thrilled,

    I have been in Serbia since the end of January … this Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia (Sarajevo), and now I am in Croatia. What an incre4dible experience.

    You have done a great job telling everyone about your experience with the Retrogrades. Congratulations. I will not be able to respond in detail until I return to the U.S. in mid-March…Lynn

  114. cielopop Says:

    This 2014 Mars Rx period has me feeling rather paranoid and extremely vulnerable.

    It is happening in my 12th house, meeting Saturn 28* and Pluto 26* which are both square my Sun 29* Cancer… when it approaches 13* Mars will be forming a T-square with my natal Moon-Mars opposition. My Moon is Capricorn 11* and Mars is Cancer 15*…

    The week before the retrograde, was the week after Valentine’s. My ex-boyfriend from 5-6 years ago returned and, despite my prior decision to just stay friends, I gave in to his charm and plans and re-ignited our relationship. We had irresistible chemistry. He was talking of future plans and how he intended to bring me with him.

    Then Mars Rx happened, one week later. I experienced what is possibly a psychosomatic disturbance with my urinary tract. Research indicated it had to do with repressed anger, being “pissed off.” I know it is psychosomatic because of the varying degrees of discomfort experienced in relation to whether I should stay or leave.

    I have been wondering why this would be set off all of a sudden, with the reunion. Was it a message from my intuition to stay away from him? …actually, on the first date, before Rx, I found out he has a female roommate. I wanted to end it right then and there, but he insisted she was a lesbian, and that there was nothing going on between them, nothing wrong with it, etc. I wanted to believe him, so I did. But I would change my mind in the next two weeks after observing that his approach changes, he srarted introducing polyamory, got extremely pissed off when I shared my thoughts on “fake polyamorists” (triangulators), got manipulative, could not wait….. basically, little things that suggested he doesn’t truly love me for me.

    This guy has Moon conj Saturn in 13* Cancer… the exact degree of the Cardinal Grand Cross coming up this April. This Moon/Saturn sits right on my Moon-Mars opposition. His Moon/Saturn squares his natal Pluto 9* Libra, which also squares his Mars in 2* Capricorn.

    I ‘d been wondering if I’m just paranoid, or if he truly is a malignant narcissist, and if i stick around, will something bad be happening. Ultimately I decided the other day that our expectations of intimacy are completely divergent, so i informed him i intended to leave to experience the best of monogamy. I have nothing against his lifestyle choice but I just don’t feel he is approaching it in the right manner, especially as he employs guilting/shaming tactics…

    I figured it’s best to stay the hell away from him especially during the Cardinal Cross. He had plans to take me with him on a road trip out of town to check out his project… and it would be around that time. Since I consider myself single now (and he SHOULD consider us broken up), i don’t have to worry about this anymore. Oddly enough, my UTI sensations disappeared as soon as I detached completely from him.

    My inquiry is, what else should I be doing this Mars Rx period? I am finally studying about psychological manipulation, and victim-victimizer dynamics. I guess thks is a great time to retreat and reflect on my relationships.

  115. Lynn Koiner Says:

    CIELOPOP (3-2014):

    1 – Your Sun/Saturn-Pluto are in late degrees of Cardinal signs and they are not being hit right now, although MANY are feeling the stress of the Cardinal Cross aligning now and potent during the 3rd week of April. Your Moon-Mars is another story and it causes the relationship issues in your life to reach a critical peak. Yes, it is good to detach rather than react. Cardinal signs can spike the Cortisol levels and cause a lot of symptoms (just google high Cortisol) – headaches being one of the symptoms and aspirin does not help (personal experience).

    2 – UTI are ruled by Libra and this can be affected, emotionally, by relationship issues. UTIs often come from bacteria that the man has acquired with someone else. Psychologically, your body may be rejecting this man – pay attention.

    Since I am an astrologer and not a psychic, I cannot tell anything about your charts and compatibility but, when a man behaves this way, you cannot put up with this behavior, especially with the Cardinal alignment. It will only make you ill — dump the bum and move on.

    Study is fine but do not let the subject of dysfunctional relationships take up too much of your life. Find something that gives joy to your life and move in that direction.

  116. grace Says:

    Wow, thanks for your insights! . . I am having an intense time with mars crossing over my natal moon & pluto, which are conjunct in libra in my eigth house (at 25° & 21°). . .I have Mars in Virgo conjunct Jupiter in the 7th… … Im sun sag, 12/14/79 if it helps.

    I am in a long distance relationship with a man born (and still living) overseas (I’m in the U.S.) I have needed to assert myself because it has become unbalanced (seriously understated, there are lot of rules and expectations of me) He has sun, venus, and mars at 16 and 17°in Aries in the ninth house and a taurus moon on his mid heaven…. I’m feeling majorly angered at “injustices” but biting my tongue, since the libra is trying to be peaceful. My truth is that I need more communication, or to let this go… But he seems to interpret any expressing of my needs as controlling or agressive… And has dramatically retreated a few times , so trying to be gracious, libra qualities more now. but i feel the mars on my moon, and it is emotional and hits all the eigth house stuff. I feel his needs are aggressive, and if he wants anything from me, he is demanding and impatient to the max… Then takes days to weeks sometimes to respond to me. I had to write a big email, sugar coating the whole .problem, and my needs. He recieves my messages and grows silent. I think all his Aries planets are subdued due to the retrograde, he has been angry and passive aggressive. And admits to holding onto anger at me, but says “I should know why” It’s ridiculously unfair. We speak different languages and come from diffdrnt cultures, so no, I dont “know” why he’s silent. He gets furious if i suggest breaking up or a more open dating arrangement because of the distance… It feels like a punishment. Im trying to decide how to procede. He was never passive aggressive or unclear before, so will this eventually end? And would I retreat or was it wise to expresss myself? I felt lighter, but now the total lack of response makes me unclear. I asked him to be clear, so this silence is simple aries defiance i think. Im weighing everything, and feel super out of balance. How do i bring it back to that?
  117. Lynn Koiner Says:

    GRACE (3-2014): It will not get better. Dump the bum and move on. Mars R has allowed you to see how he really is. MOVE ON! It will only get worse in April.

  118. cielopop Says:

    Dear Lynn,

    Thank you for your time and your response.

    I have broken up with him. I feel very healthy now, physically. As if I never got sick at all.

    I did need reminders to focus on what brings true joy to my life. I’m beginning to work on that.

    Thanks again. <3

  119. Lynn Koiner Says:

    CIELOPOP (3-2014): CONGRATULATIONS! It was a brave thing to do but you have to think of YOU first…Lynn

  120. Lou Says:

    Hello Lynn

    I was wondering if the Mars Retrograde period is a good time to pursue a crush/ love interest and or even go on a first date(and or several dates) with a crush/ love interest. I heard that one who initiates during this time may end up losing out in the long run. As of now I have remained patient but also have been subtle but would like to spend time with her and get to know her better. I am a Sagittarius and my crush is Aries. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time

  121. cutsysanta Says:

    Dear Lynn,
    I’m going through a phase in life where I feel I’m losing out on most of the meaningful and important relationships I have nurtured all these years. There is this underlying feeling of unrest, fear etc.
    Career-wise, I’m doing well, but I feel, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. There seems to be no recourse anywhere for the time being. Friends, family, workplace everything seems alienated and strange. Luckily the only saving grace is my wife who’s undying support and fierce loyalty seem to be the only ray of hope that’s keeping my spirits from totally failing.
    Could you please guide me through this period of uncertainty.
    I’m a Cancerian.

  122. Lynn Koiner Says:

    LOU (3-2014): Of course, you can ask someone out for a date but to not push your feelings on the person until Mars goes direct. Mars affects the relationship when it get hot and heavy under Mars.

    CUTSYSANTA: It is impossible to tell you what is going on without looking at the entire chart. You might want to consult an astrologer or a friend who knows something about astrology. These feelings are not connected with Mars R. This is often the signature of the outer planets, possibly Neptune

  123. Beamiz Says:

    i am an aries with aquarius ascending. What would be a good time to have any cosmetic surgery work done? Is there a good time in April or May? thank you.

  124. Sam Says:

    I have read everything possible regarding Mars current RX. I have been working and building a new firm for quite some time (over 1 yr.), have been in discussions with investors since well before, and have schedules to meet. I must make several agreements, and do several legal filings (form LLC, obtain specific business licenses required, etc) for the business now, but have been finding they will all not be finalized and finding that I will not be able to fully launch until approximately when Mars direct. Could this be taken as review period, since, while I have to file currently and establish these matters, in reality, I will be unable to take action until direct? (and will continue work and building until all those matters finalized when Mars direct, which I can THEN move forward with a greater force when all complete?) These are all matters that have been in place and in play for quite a while, and due to the delay required (waiting for all after application), the 1-2 month wait would make waiting for direct adding another several months to follow. I have noted through the process that nothing but good/benefit comes/has come from all delays, and, assume the same will come during the agreement, application periods…Your thoughts? I have read all I can and virtually everything signify special times for career and ventures, and have noted comments about Mars RX (for Cancer) affecting the home. (Have read great news for business, bad news for home.

  125. Annie Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I know you’ve been asked this several times over but I have to ask.. I was obviously hit on by a crush and responded by giving this person my number. We have been flirting intensely for over a month until he practically fell over himself with a romantic gesture. But yet after I gave him my number, no call after 2 weeks. It’s like (you said), we ran out of steam. I guess we’re Both the initiators in this case. I was thinking of avoiding him all together until Mars is Direct and maybe checking in then. I haven’t seen him since, and we frequent the same places. Any advice? All of this of course happened during this Mars Retrograde.
  126. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ANNIE (4-2014): I am currently having computer problems so I am answering on my old Vista laptop. I am planning on writing a Relationship article for my website next month.

    First, it appears to me that this is a man who is afraid of relationships and involvement – or there is another woman in his life.
    He gets his thrills by flirting but then takes off if it gets too serious. DUMP THE BUM! Do not waste any more time on this man. He has shown you his true colors and he will never change. He cannot make a commitment for some reason.
    It may be possible that, when Mars turns D, you will discover the problem.
    Move on and find someone with a true and honest heart.

  127. Tammy Stevens Says:

    My husband is trying to initiate a divorce I don’t want. The reason is just frequent upsets over petty issues. Will he regret it and call off the divorce once mars goes direct or will he go through with it?

  128. Jon R Says:

    I have a different sort of question for this Mars Retrograde cycle… I’m planning on moving out to the West Coast from the East Coast within the next month or so. The initial move was delayed when I had a blood clot form in my leg in December, and it’s just as well as the day I would have hit the road was the very day the first of several snow/ice storms hit this winter! I’ve largely recovered since then, with some residual effects.

    Anyways, I’ve delayed making the move until Mars goes direct. I’m thinking May 19th (depending on what time it stations direct here), or May 20th to be safe.

    As additional info, the Grand Cross is hitting my chart HARD (I have Mars/Pluto/Venus in stellium in Libra 10th house (with the Venus portion within about 4 degrees of 11th house cusp, Placidus system), between about 12 Lib 12’41” for Mars, 14 Lib 52’18” for Pluto and 16 Lib 14’1” for Venus. Jupiter in transit will also be hitting my Vertex dead on at 17 Can 55’31” at the same time Pluto and Uranus are squaring in orb of my Libra stellium.

    Also, the upcoming Solar Eclipse will do a more-or-less direct hit on my Moon/Chiron (Moon at 9 Tau 56’44” and Chiron at 9 Tau 43’36” Rx). Last time I had a Solar Eclipse hit around the same point it will in the next week and a half, I wound up with Chicken Pox just in time for 10th grade Final Exam week in 1995.

    How would you say this is looking for my move? I also realize I have a small window to do this before Mercury goes Retrograde in June and would rather not be in transit when that hits. The pre-retrograde shadow period concerns me less at this point.

  129. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JON (4-2014); There is a lot more to picking a good start date than picking a good electional…although the electional time is helpful.

    I would start around 12pm PDT on the 20th when the Moon only makes favorable aspects.

  130. I Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I’ve been laid off from job effective May 6. The company claims that it’s due to finances however I suspect it’s in retaliation( I have email proof). They have offered me a low severance(verbally) but i want to negotiate a higher package. I’m consulting a lawyer tomorrow, with emails(my boss telling me they want me to leave the company and then sent me a job posting) if they can negotiate a higher severance. My questions is whom is the initiator? Me for going to the lawyer or the company for laying me off?

    Thanks so much Lynn

  131. Lynn Koiner Says:


    If you seek a lawyer, YOU are the initiator.

    You can also calculate a horary chart when you think of the question, “Should I initiate a lawsuit?” This is a chart for the time and place that you ask this question.

    Horary has simple rules. For a legal action question, you are the 1st House and your company would be the 7th.

    1. The Ruler that is closer to the MC will be more successful
    2. Only applying aspects are used – is there a favorable or unfavorable applying aspect between the rulers?
    3. The Moon’s applying aspects show the “activity in the matter.”

    There are more rules but these are the easiest.

  132. Crystal Cayten Says:

    I am moving next week to a new house from an apartment and I am paranoid if the Mars retrograde is a bad time to move or not, for one, given the reason we are moving is because the apartment we moved into was not good for us in the long run and the biggest problem was cigarette smoke leaking into our apartment for the last two years so I said enough was enough. We signed the lease May 1, 2012 and I am nervous about moving during the Sun Sign of Taurus again, (I am not sure how much, if any, the personal birth chart has to do with the chart of when you move/sign a lease, but I never find opposition very favorable and my Ascendant is 17 degrees Scorpio and my husband’s Moon Sign is 11 degrees Scorpio and were both Libras, if that helps or matters whatsoever, me 14 degrees, him I believe 26 degrees. What days over the next week (they are saying we can move in by next Friday at the latest, so we may be moving even next weekend, with my husband having to work during the week, but what days are best to move, since I read that the moment you move the very first thing into the new house is when you officially move and when over the next week or two (it’s my aunt and uncle’s owned house we’re renting so not sure how soon he is going to draw up the lease) is best to sign the lease? We plan to stay in this house for at least 3-4 years and I am just nervous since I think when we moved into and signed the lease for the apartment we’re about to leave was not a good time from our experiences over the last two years and I want to do what I can to make the timing of anything and everything with this move and contract signing as pleasant as possible. Thanks so much, Crystal

  133. Lynn Koiner Says:

    CRYSTAL (5-2014): You signed a lease in May 2012 and only now you are feeling anxious about the move? No, generally, Mars R will not impact a move, especially when you signed a lease at another time.

    I have several astrologer friends who have just purchased their “dream house” so there are other factors involved.

    Giving me degrees of a Moon sign, Ascendant or Sun sign tells an astrologer absolutely nothing about what is going on.

    You are only leasing, not buying, so you have flexibility in the matter. Next time, do not ask at the last minute what you should do.

  134. Dee Says:

    Hello Lynn

             I appreciate your article on Mars retrograde. 

    I could totally relate to it. I have been undergoing lot of stress and at times I suffer a total emotional breakdown. Never felt so depressing. 

    I am a taurean woman in love with a Virgo. Things were beautiful and strong since past 4 years but since Jan 2014, we started fighting. Things have gone for the worst since March 13, seems like he has no feelings left for me or our relationship.

    He is constantly in denial mode and frustrated. All my efforts to talk to him have proved negative and he gets very agitated on my talking about the issues we are facing( not giving enough time, being insensitive, not behaving like he used to earlier). He keeps telling me to give it time…but without discussing about the same.

    I on my part want to initiate a healthy talk and sort things out.Should I try to talk to him or wait till May 20? I am tired but I love him.

    Is this sudden change in his behaviour due to Mars retrograde? Should I hold on or give up on this relation?

  135. Lynn Koiner Says:

    DEE (5-2014): It will not get better. You see how he is and he would only get worse after marriage. Dump the bum.

    Mars R allowed you to see this side of his nature. You deserve better.

  136. Em em Says:

    Hi, I have a bf and one time I was checking my phone and saw that in iTunes the apps that my bf downloaded and to my shock it is about how to flirt, how to get laid without trying, how to make a girl laugh etc. we have been together for 5 years and I m sure he is not using for me. So I asked him if he downloaded it and he said yes. I was upset about it and he said so what if he downloaded it. I told him how I felt about it and told him that now I know where I stand which he just shrugged off and said to me it is fine. I’m planning to break up with him after the Mars R but he does not know it. In this scenario am I the one who initiate it? Please enlighten me. Thanks

  137. Em em Says:

    After I sent the comment, I had a huge fight with my bf, all bad things were said and done and I can’t take it back I was planning to break up with him anyway but I’m not sure if we can be friends again after that fight, we broke up just now. Am I the one at the losing end here?

  138. Lynn Koiner Says:

    EM EM (5-2014): Since I am an astrologer and not a psychic, I have to look at the horoscopes to evaluate a relationship.

    Mars R can bring the truth to light about your feelings. He was probably getting ready psychologically to move on anyway so it is best to let him go.

    Trust is gone and, without trust, you cannot have a viable relationship.
    If, after 5 years, the relationship has not moved to the next level, it probably never will. It is time to move on for both of you.

  139. Terrell Wall Says:

    I need help understanding this topic. I have noticed that I am very volatile around this time of the year. My relationships diminish. I always spend a lot of money on some projects that ends up a failure. What resources should I reference?

  140. Em em Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for enlightening me. I’m sun sign Pisces and his is Scorpio. Vedic moon sign for me is Leo and him Pisces. It said in the retrograde file that the one who initiates it is the one on losing end. I just confronted him about it and he said it was from 3 years ago that he downloaded it. When he broke up with me and I said ok, he said it was me who wanted it. I hope there is something you can see from our signs…

  141. Lynn Koiner Says:

    TERRELL (5-2014): You are very correct with your insights on Mars R. It has been a difficult time for relationships. I receive posts all the time – you can read some here.

    I do not understand what is happening. I had a friend act very strangely recently and I do not know what the change was all about — I consult a friend who channels. This may be the only hope for understanding.

    Initiating is always bad under Mars R. This Cardinal afflictions this year have been terrible for so many people. Even my 93 year old dad is experiencing the crises with the weather and being so late with his garden. We often sell at the farmers market in March but we still have not gone this year as we have nothing and all of our fig trees died. It will take at least 2 years for them to start producing again.

    My desktop is an XP and I have everything on it and now I cannot email. All of my technical equipment has problems. It does not seem to be getting better so I can only go with the flow.

    So, it is just a bad time. With Mars in Libra for a long time, this problems will last a long time. I do not know any resources.

  142. Steven Says:

    Hey Lynn,
    I’m taurus male she is a Pisces.
    My GF of 7years initiated to breakup with me during mars retrograde to rekindle her affection with her high school sweetheart! She kept denying that she wasn’t seeing anyone else and then all of a sudden I found out via Facebook that she was seeing someone else and she tried to keep it private!
    I deserve better and I hope karma bites her in the ass tough!
    What you think Lynn?

  143. Lynn Koiner Says:

    STEVEN (5-2014): I am not a Sun Sign astrologer so I cannot help you analyze your Sun signs. But, MANY people have had serious relationship problems with this Mars R and the Cardinal afflictions. What do I think? Get over the anger (and you will be angry for awhile) and move on. The 7th year is a difficult time in most relationships, a serious testing time.

  144. Leelee Says:

    I just read this article and must say I am amazed to read all of that and look at what I have been going through. I quit a hospital job after two and half years of near nurse “martyrdom” on Dec. 8, 2013, have been unemployed since, living off savings (which are very low now), and contemplating my life in the biggest way I ever have. I am contemplative by nature really and always have to have a spiritual component it seems… it’s quite wearing actually. In March many many people that I had not seen in many years, came back into my life… all of them needing help from me “the empath.” I actually have people texting me now, saying they need their “Leelee fix.” These last six months I have gone into “a cave” — painted, prayed, taking care of myself, finding out who I am, embracing finally that I am an artist and empath… and wanting to be alone! oh my! Why did it take so long for me to come to terms with who I am? I feel like I have wasted so much time trying to chase after very traditional things! Sun Aquar/Cap Jup, Sat, Moon at Midheaven/ Venus in Aries in 12th/ South Node and Chiron conjunct in 11th/ North Node conjunct Pluto in Virgo in 5th…. help! What’s next? I must emerge from my cave and work… have applied for jobs but nothing happening…any one? Even though I feel burned out I still have a desire to “help.” I feel so confused… even more confused than I did in my 20s… urgh! Middle aged Cave Woman!

  145. Winnie Says:

    Hello Lynn!

    Fascinating article! Is it okay to sign a contract for making an offer to purchase property during Mars retro? I did that on May 16 (void moon) and it was offers due date. I have been waiting for this property to come on market for over a year now and contacted owning bank from last year multiple times during no retrogrades. However, another buyer got picked and my understanding is that was the first time that buyer has ever seen that property. Do you think this sale would go through for him? I understand that each person has different planetary dispositions, however since it was Mars retro for both of us but I initiated interest in this property long before he did, that just maybe things may turn to my favor? Am I being too hopeful? Is it ever ok to sign contract to purchase property during Mars retro? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,
    - Winnie

  146. Tom Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I am planning on having hip surgery (it’s elective/preventative) within the next 4-6 weeks (October 2014).

    Could you please advise if there are any dates I should avoid and/or what are the more favorable dates for this surgery?

    Thank you,


  147. Alexandra Says:

    Wow, I wish I had read this article back in April. I began a relationship, thinking with a great amount of naivete, that it was going to be perfect. We had met in February, where it was amazing and felt almost fate-like. Began the relationship in April and a few months later the relationship ended as quickly as it had started. Always felt perplexed on the how’s and why’s of it ending. I guess now I know… never, ever, begin a relationship when mars is retrograding. Lesson learned.

  148. Kryssa Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    My husband and I need to have our last will and testaments witnessed. Our witnesses are not available until May 16th, when the shadow period is stronger. Is this a bad idea, or should we wait until the retrograde is over?


  149. Lynn Koiner Says:

    KRYSSA (5-2015): You have already drawn the will. Witnessing is not significant…sign anytime.


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