THE STELLIUM - 4 or more planets in the same House

by Lynn Koiner

A stellium occurs when 4 or more planets fall in a House. This configuration creates too much energy coming into the activities and affairs of that House. It generates obsessive energy. The individual becomes obsessively focused with the activities of that House. The affairs of that House take up all of the energies of the individual. It is essential that the individual GET OUT OF THAT HOUSE by going to the opposite House. A stellium likes an opposition to it. The opposition makes the individual clearly aware that there is a choice whereas a stellium without an opposition can get trapped more easily in the congested House. Besides the obsessive quality, the House activities will be upset for long periods when any planets transit a hard aspect to the planets in T-square. Everything goes awry!

1st HOUSE: When 4 or more planets fall in the 1st House, so many energies are coming into the personality segment that the individual can change from one day to the next. This can cause physical disabilities. If the individual cannot control the energies of all of the planets, they become too strong. Lessons in patience and self-control are needed. Since self-centeredness can become a problem, working through partnerships and 7th House matters such as counseling or consultant work can be helpful. A partner or other people, such as clients, can balance the personality by drawing the energy, the focus, away from the individual’s own personality. One young man with a stellium in Libra was excessive self-conscious. He did not like the focus to be on himself. He submerges his identity with others. He went into the most dangerous brand of the Israeli army. His mother commented that “You cannot say anything to him. He is sensitive to any criticism (self-absorbed).” His attitude is “What’s wrong with me?!!”

NOTE: Lyndon Johnson had a stellium in Virgo with Leo rising. He was a very arrogant man but he accomplished great things when he took the focus away from himself and obsessed upon human rights issues.

2nd HOUSE: Too much energy in the 2nd House is not good for finances, even though these people can do well salary-wise. With too many energies, too many choices, the financial reins should be given to a partner, a financial consultant – letting go of attachments to the physical is essential here! These people can get so wrapped up in managing their own possessions and finances that these things rule their lives. Any little transit from Mars or, worse yet, an outer planet, will cause chaos in the area of finances and possessions. This, in turn, can affect the health. One client had real estate holdings around the country and he wrote a book. He would not release the energy to an agent -he was promoting the book himself and he traveled around the country trying to sell his properties. He exhausted himself holding on to everything.
A friend with that unpleasant outer planet stellium in Leo (late 1940s) says that she is always being sucked into financial crises.

3rd HOUSE: Many planets here can produce a “mental collector” with all sorts of ideas and mental interests. Too much energy here can short-circuit the mind so that it does not feel comfortable in literary areas – too many choices. They find it hard to relax mentally. The mental energy should be thrown into the 9th House wherein knowledge is shared and theories and concepts are developed from what is acquired mentally. There is a potential for consciousness expansion. Formal education is essential here. I have talked with many clients with this pattern. They know they have abilities for writing and teaching but they do not know what subjects they should choose. Yet, when they focus, they obsess mentally, losing perspective and becoming oblivious to what is going on around them. Travel without any mental activity is a release.

The daughter of one client writes ads freelance but she obsesses over ideas causing mental frustration. She acted as a surrogate mom to her siblings (obsessing over them). She is very into her own thinking.
Anytime many planets are focused in a cadent House the individual becomes a mental ponderer. They think so much that they actually miss opportunities. They find their timing is bad as a result. It is like sitting at the bus stop thinking so hard about what you are going to do at the Mall once you get there that you miss the bus – all of the buses! People with many planets in Houses 3, 6, 9 and 12 need to get out of their heads and be more physical.

An old astrological axiom is that, if the ruler of the 2nd House is part of a 3rd House stellium, the individual has a lot of ideas about making money but NO MONEY!

4th HOUSE: There is a need to take the energies out of the “personal” home and put them into a professional activity that deals with 4th House issues. The home life is often tumultuous, especially finding upset with every little transit. They do well in such 4th House areas as real estate, building and construction, archeology and anthropology, history, historical preservation or activities connected with the past. It favors working with weather conditions and environmental issues. One woman helps adoptees find their biological parents. Another was a mortician! Their obsession is dwelling too much on their own past when they keep their energies in the personal sector.
The past is always a frame of reference for almost any 4th House placement, stellium or not. The individual gets emotionally stuck in the past. Getting out and working the land is very helpful. I have observed that people who work with environmental issues obsess and lose perspective about what is really workable.

5th HOUSE: This is the house of creativity but, with a stellium, there can be too many options. Hence, there may be a potential for helping to cultivate their own creativity. They work well with creative groups. In romance, the love life can be a maze. There is a need to concentrate more on social relationships in order to take the heat off of the solar plexus and its personal, emotional involvements. They need to work with impersonal relationships and KEEP them impersonal’ While they often do not have children, their own children do take up too much of their energy. They frequently have child-like qualities – do whatever is fun. I know 2 individuals with a 5th House stellium. One was a teacher whose students were like her own children. She invited them to her home. She became very involved in their problems. She loved being a teacher because she was the drama teacher and helped the students create films.

The 5th House rules a specific field of psychology – the development of the personality, psychodramas and the use of the chakras in healing and personality training (Carolyn Myss). The 2nd individual is a psychotherapist. She has studied chakra therapy. Her favorite is child therapy. She never has clients hang on for years. They work on their problems and they get cured and leave.

6th HOUSE: Many Virgo traits show up with a stellium in the House, even when there are no Virgo planets. They obsess upon their jobs and their work. They are perfectionists who too easily get wrapped up in their work and menial tasks. Work and service activities absorb too much energy because of their affinity with the menial. This can lead to hypochondria or, at least, a lot of complaining about their work. They are dedicated to some service work – professional and personal (care-taking others). They need to be in charge and to be self-sufficient (people never get so close that they car criticize, try to change or tell them what to do) but they also need to learn to delegate the menial to others.

Always there is a need to go to the 12th House and get away from work and find some seclusion. They must also find work that has a purpose. Unfulfilling, menial, routine tasks can lead to health disorders in the nature of the sign but relating to assimilation and elimination. A Libra stellium would cause lower back pain (kidney connected) when work and work relationships become chaotic, Virgo would produce skin irritations or constipation (holding it all in), Leo causes back problems from shouldering too much of a work load, Cancer would cause stomach and digestive disorders due to fears and insecurities in work activities, Gemini could cause allergies and respiratory problems when the individual feels trapped and cannot “breath” in the workplace.
The emphasis here is to take charge in service activities, delegate the menial and get away from work as much as possible. Never work more than 40 hours per week.

One individual with a Virgo stellium has lupus. She is a perfectionist and becoming ill forced her to take a break from her work obsessions.
NOTE: I have found that the 6th House rules congenital health problems.
7th HOUSE: Individuals with a 7th House stellium as the least likely to marry or stay married. So many energies come out in a relationship that they feel swallowed up by other people in close relationships. They are often loners or they suddenly end relationships to break the relationship obsession. Libran traits manifest in relationships, specifically indecision when dealing with others. It is excellent for work in counseling or consultant occupations. These de-personalize the one-on-one relationships. The many planets in the 7th can describe many types of clients with whom the individual would deal. This is excellent for a lawyer, arbitrator, psychologist and business consultant.

I have observed this stellium firsthand. The individual complains that the relationships takes up so much of their energy that they lose their own identity. It is easier to be a loner. However, upon closer inspection, I observed that, when involved in a relationship, the individual obsesses upon that relationship to the point wherein he or she loses perspective, becoming oblivious to anyone or anything else. A friend with such a stellium visited the United States. He stayed in Baltimore for 2 weeks and then he stayed with me. When he was with me, he forgot all about his friends in Baltimore. And, when he left to stay with one of my students, he became oblivious to me and certain obligations that he had to me. He focused in on the person he was with and lost sight of everything else. If I had not seen this myself, I never would have understood this phenomena. A very independent friend with such a stellium would always lose herself in a relationship, devoting all of her energies to what the partner needed without regard for her own needs To end this obsession, she would just run away from the relationship.

8th HOUSE: The 8th House stellium must be in control of one’s own resources and finances. If not, situations that seem totally beyond his/her control or upheavals seem to plague the life. Gaining control over the uncontrollable is important sc that studies in the occult, life after death, medicine, holistic health, financial planning are good outlets. In handling large amounts of money, the individual should always be personally in charge. Accountants and other financial planners can really mess things up.

I believe that the 8th House rules all things totally beyond our control and our attitude towards such affairs. There is a pattern of taking control and then knowing when to release. Obsessions with the uncontrollable can greatly complicate the life. One individual with a stellium in Cancer in a financial planning yet he always feels out of control in his relationships because I have observed that he disempowers his relationships – he does everything and makes all the decisions, and then the other person cannot stand alone. This is a problem in knowing when to release. The healing talent of the 8th House is taking control, orchestrating the changes and repairs alone and then releasing it (to a client).

There can be problems sorting out sexuality or a conflict between sexuality and spirituality.

9th HOUSE: As with all Cadent Houses, the individual can come to live too much in the head – the ponderer -and not enough in the practical reality of life and real, livable philosophies. These mentally oriented people can easily live in a world of philosophy and theory. Theories about life and relationships can keep them from living in the real world which is so typical of Sagittarius. Rather than become moralistic, they need to teach and share what they know – then allow others to draw their own conclusions. They should never be oriented towards any single religious, spiritual or academic point of view – of course, they are never really sure of what they believe anyway! Instead of always searching for a philosophy, something to believe in, a meaning to life, they should share what they know and travel to learn from others.
Travel always helps to gain a perspective. I have observed some people with the a 9th House stellium in Fixed signs always thinking about travel but they stay at home! In going to the 3rd House, you teach what you know, get the information out rather than just consuming more.

In a class with two 9th House stellium students, one was aggressive and one was passive but both agreed that THEY HAVE AN OPINION, especially about religion and politics! They were obsessive in their beliefs. One was offended when people asked for advice but did not follow it or ignored it.

10th HOUSE: With a stellium in the 10th House, there are problems with the professional choice and dealing with authority figures. The professional life should be connected with the home and one’s own property (hotel, day care or just being a house wife) or working out of one’s own home or property. Being one’s own boss takes the pressure off of authority figure confrontations with every minor transit that afflicts the 10th House! There could have been a very intense relationship with one parent and this, in turn, can create intense confrontations that affect the career.

11th HOUSE: Involvements with groups, associations and organizations swallow up the individual and keep the individual from gaining a perspective (lost in the group cause or values like a lemming going to sea). They find that they become part of the herd in terms of collective values when in any group. They need to work with more personal goals and values and work with small, creative groups in which they feel a sense of control and stability.
In going to the 5th House, I say to stay with a group of about 5 people. This could be a scouting group, an exercise gathering, a study group or a small support group. Greater fulfillment goes through focusing with one’s own children.

12th HOUSE: This is the Serve-or-Suffer House. These people may have come from a past life monastery experience. In this life, they need to get outside of themselves and involve themselves with service to others or they can become quite neurotic! In coming from a past life situation of seclusion which formed a life pattern of isolation, they must break this pattern now! There is a need to get outside of one’s self and work with others. It is easy, however, to escape within rather than go out into the world.

One woman with a stellium in Aquarius had her finest hour when she dedicated many years of her life to taking care of a disabled child. When not involved in service, she retreated to being a neurotic recluse!

It must be noted that 12th House people can never be out all of the time. They need to retreat, to be alone and to be quiet. They cannot be ON 24 hours a day. They find it easy to disappear, to be invisible and tune out when around more aggressive or assertive types. I have observed 12th House students simply shut down when more assertive types speak up or interrupt.

  1. Lynn Says:

    SUKI (11-2011): As the article states, Stelliums are powerful — too powerful. With so much energy in one House, that House sucks up all of your energy and interests. The affairs of that House can take over your life. This is why it is important to GO TO THE OPPOSITE HOUSE, as the article says. It is easier to go to the opposite House when there is an opposition…or even planets in that opposite House.
    Yes, the more planets in a House is more powerful and more absorbing.

    I did not find this type of intensity when the stellium was in a progresssed chart — at least, in my personal experience.

  2. Lynn Koiner Says:

    S8 (12-2011): STELLIUM IN THE 6TH: I generally do not use asteroids and I never use the Nodes (the Nodes are not an object in the sky, just a point where the Moon crosses the Sun’s apparent path.

    The 6th House definitely has a stellium. Work and even health issues (stelliums are prone to this) can take up you entire life. In going to the 12th, there is a need to have private time, away from other people, have alone time and not allow other to get to you, to take up your time.

    The 12th House rules distance places (once I went 45 miles away and this worked) where people do not know you.

    The psychological key is that you have a Occidental chart pattern, most of the planets on the right side. There is a “needs to be needed” that allows the needs and emergencies of others to take priority over your own needs.
    I encourage such people to get a job where they get paid for this! A service profession with a time limit — 9am to 5pm — where you get PAID for this is helpful.

  3. Lynn Koiner Says:

    TARA (1-2012): STELLIUM BY SIGN -- Then, you have a stellium by sign only and NOT by House. This stellium makes Taurus energies — and problems — strong, influencing House of Relationships and Finances.

  4. Lynn Koiner Says:
    STELLIUM IN 8TH HOUSE: Interpretation of 8th

    8th HOUSE: The 8th House stellium must be in control of one’s own resources and finances. If not, situations that seem totally beyond his/her control or upheavals seem to plague the life.
    Gaining control over the uncontrollable is important so that studies in the occult, life after death, medicine, holistic health, financial planning are good outlets.
    In handling large amounts of money, the individual should always be personally in charge. Accountants and other financial planners can really mess things up.

    I believe that the 8th House rules all things totally beyond our control and our attitude towards such affairs. There is a pattern of taking control and then knowing when to release.

    Obsessions with the uncontrollable can greatly complicate the life.

    One individual with a stellium in Cancer in a financial planning yet he always feels out of control in his relationships because I have observed that he disempowers his relationships – he does everything and makes all the decisions, and then the other person cannot stand alone.

    This is a problem in knowing when to release.

    The healing talent of the 8th House is taking control, orchestrating the changes and repairs alone and then releasing it (to a client).

    There can be problems sorting out sexuality or a conflict between sexuality and spirituality.

    The big problem with the 8th House is that it can contribute to obsessive disorders when things are not perfect.

  5. Lynn Koiner Says:

    This is a good question but, in my experience, the Houses occupied in a composite are those areas that the couple needs to focus upon to keep the relationship together.
    The stellium would very strongly emphasize such an area.

    For example, in my long term relationship, there is a strong focus upon the 3rd House and getting along with Bill’s family (the 4th would be having a family of our own but we were too old when we met).
    Fortunately, I love his family as I have none of my own.
    So, this is how I use the composite stellium.

  6. Lynn Koiner Says:
    STELLIUM IN TRANSITS: The stelliums are activated by transit. When one planet is hit, all are activated.

    Vedic is very different from the western style that I use. Here, stelliums, interceptions and retrogrades are important, as well as the outer planets.

    Google Donna Cunningham as she has Stellium articles for downloading. She is wonderful.

  7. Lynn Koiner Says:

    CHERIE (10-2012): STELLIUM IN THE 7TH -- In leaving the 7th House for the 1st, you need to emphasize your own personal needs and not those of the people in your life.

    Relationships need to be on YOUR terms so this can favor acting as a counsel, adviser, consultant, health practitioner — any career wherein you would have clients and these 4 planets would describe their issues (not your own – but they are indeed your own issues).

  8. Edda Says:

    Dear Lynn – if you see a chart like a house with 12 rooms and 10 people are living inside – hmm, so you see it as a problem, when 4 Peoples are in the same room?
    Honestly – I am studing Astrology since 1977, got a huge library of all the astrologycal books I could find and never ever came across an explanation of a stellium like yours…
    For instance Bob Dylan – he has 5 planets in the 5th house – do you really think he has a problem with it and should right away direct his energy into the 11th house? And we all could not listen to his great songs? I think you should revisit your Theory about the stelliums :o)
    Kind thougts

  9. Lynn Koiner Says:

    EDDA (11-2012): Since you have been studying astrology since 1977, you should have understood better what I was saying.

    The Stellium House becomes an intense focus in the life. But, it can take up your entire life and you need to find a balance — by going to the opposite house, balancing (as in Dylan’s case) the 5th and the 11th. In the 5th, one can become self-absorbed with one’s own creativity – going to the 11th House reaches out to groups and working others who share a common vision.

    You totally misunderstood my interpretation.
    There is always an excellence or a specialty with a clustering of planets (I have a wedge pattern) but, with too many planets in one House, there is a need to find a balance.

    I have observed (since I started astrology professionally) many stelliums.

  10. Michael Zizis Says:

    Hi Lynn:

    Thank you so much in helping me penetrate the veil about the stellium.

    My horoscope is absurdly rich with oppositions. I have been an astrological counsellor for more than thirty years. My clients with stelliums have most often found good understanding when I review their issues with them in session. I have never felt as fully satisfied with explaining and exploring these mighty lopsided concentrations of energy with them.

    As information emerges on Adam Lanza the mass murderer of 20 people at Sandy Hook school, with Moon in Capricorn conjunct his Uranus /Neptune,
    plus Saturn close by in Aquarius, I read your take on the danger of stelliums.

    Suddenly {bravo Uranus eurekas!} I saw the meaning of stelliums in the brightest light. Yes, Lanza’s chart portrays tragic and horrid endings. But clearly the light of astrology tells us more about people who might be ticking time bombs than any other approach.

    Thank You for your insights!

  11. RB Says:


    I have a third house Stellium in Capricorn with Mercury, Mars, Venus, Uranus, Saturn and Neptune. I was born in early 1990. Pluto is currently transiting the Stellium, now conjuncting Mars, and it’s so far, not exactly been a walk in the park.

    The mental and emotional anguish is overwhelming and quite simply, I feel like I am falling apart along with everything else in my life. The heightened mental activity makes it difficult to sleep, so I’m here reading your article at 3 AM. :-)

  12. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Susan (1-2013): You have asked an excellent question but I cannot add more than described for the 12th House, in terms of interpretation.
    However, planets intercepted become blocked, unable to express themselves except for the House that they are in.
    This is difficult when it is in the 12th House.
    First, I have articles on interceptions so read these on my website.
    Next, the tendency to retreat and become invisible is too strong. Mars-Neptune indicates that you need to direct your energies towards championing the causes of others.
    The man who founded the American Cancer Society had Mars in Pisces in the 12th opposing Neptune and, after his wife died, he championed the cause for a cancer cure.

    With Neptune in the 6th, your work should involve a dedication to an ideal of service.

    I would associate the sign with health issues. In repressing self, this often causes a slowing of the throat chakra and the thyroid. Low energy and fatigue result from an under-active thyroid — and low body temperature. See if you temperature is low. If so, this must be addressed — usually a gynecologist can order a hormone saliva test, the only accurate way to determine the functioning of the thyroid. Blood tests are useless.

    For persons such as yourself with strong placements in Cadent Houses and an intercept in a cadent house, I suggest a relocation — mid-west and more western locations would bring the 12th House planets out of that House into the 1st House. may offer the Astro-Carto-graph charts.

  13. Gloryah Says:

    Hello Lynn
    Thank you very much for providing us all with valuable astrological information that we can all ponder and reflect upon based on our own personal experiences.

    My question for you is, in March I will have 7 planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune, Uranus and Chiron) transiting my 3rd house in Pisces (phew!)- would these transiting planets set up in this arrangement like a stellium have the same affect and interpretation as if they would be in a natal chart? On March 11th the Moon will also be joining the crowd making it 8 planetary bodies in the same house and sign.

    Wouldn’t engaging in 9th house activities in Virgo (opposite house for balance as suggested) be just a more intense version of the 3rd house?

    Thanks for replying.

  14. Lynn Koiner Says:

    GLORYAH (1-2013): This is a good question but this is not a stellium. Your 3rd House is only activated when, first, an outer planet aspects a natal position. If Uranus or Neptune do not make an aspect to a natal planet, you may not notice anything.
    The faster moving planets can act as triggers for the slow moving planets.
    But, you could direct the energies into the 9th, if this is an active time for you.

    If you find yourself “thinking” too much, too much mental activity and insufficient “doing,” this would be a period when you would need to DO SOMETHING with these thoughts.
    The 3rd House can be satisfied with just talking about – it is more important to take action.

  15. Elizabeth Says:

    I found this page after googling a question concerning the effect of Neptune in a 10th house stellium. I understand what you say about stelliums and it makes sense, I have 5 planets in the tenth house not far apart in degrees. The first is Venus in libra conjunct north node.(libra sun, scorpio neptune, mercury,jupiter) I always thought that combination meant I should push the career out in the world. I did not choose a mate carefully and found myself disrupting my family when I left. At which time I was offered much activity in my world to support myself. Ten years later I am exhausted and questioning and reaching back to help my offspring in what ever way I can. I again did not choose a mate with my best interests in mind and because of his very fixed nature instead of moving to a larger place my studio was moved out of my house to a down town location with some exposure but , I find after a year, I don’t like it, I want to be at home. So the 4rth house south node comfy secure in the home is a good thing?

  16. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ELIZABETH (2-2013): First, take the Nodes out of the picture. I use the Nodes in a very different way. I do not rely upon what some astrologer said many years ago and now every one repeats what he said without question. This is what astrologers have done without really observing how the Nodes really work.

    I am 67.5 years and I have been observing the Nodes since the 1960s. Look at the sign first, not so much the Houses. The South Node in Aries wants to you be independent, your own person and take charge of your life — like an Aries. Only then can you return to the North Node and coordinate your energies with others (without losing your self in these relationships).

    I call it the journey of the Prodigal Child — to leave Libra for Aries. If you stay in Libra, you will never be your own person — only what others want you to be.

    You need to make that journey to Aries and be independent so that, when you return to Libra, you can coordinate your efforts with other “task-oriented” people, each working together but independently.

    That said – a friend has such a stellium in Libra, born in October 1943, in her 10th House. She was a teacher first and this allowed her to work independently. Later, she started a small company where she worked with others. However, one partner took over and cheated every one out of the company. Neptune is there too so she did not see it coming.
    She is now retired and works for Hospice groups — everything is independent yet working with people.

    You need to be fair to yourself, have your business from your own home/property and not work under the immediate direction of others.

    There is too much to say so I will end here.

  17. Lynn Koiner Says:
    STELLIUM IN 10th (2-2013): What I can tell you about the 10th House is found in this article. Yes, you can work out of your own property but you can free lance, work independently, where you are not under the thumb or a “boss” or supervisor.

    You do NOT have to stay at home and be a house wife!

  18. JL Says:

    I have a stellium (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars) in the 9th.
    Incredibly intense drive to explore ideas, philosophies, wisdom, spirituality. Great difficulty keeping my feet on the ground.
    I notice most of my angular houses are ruled by planets in my stellium (Leo rising), perhaps further contributing to difficulty taking action.
    Do you think it’s important to explore other houses besides the opposite in order to move toward balance?

    LYNN: Absolutely, JL, glad you asked this question.
  19. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ANNE (3-2013): STELLIUM IN 4TH HOUSE -- With a stellium in the 4th House, you need to stay at least 200 miles from your family.

    The 2nd Saturn Return can make you ill if you do not put yourself and your well-being first and foremost!

    I always say that, under difficult Saturn Transits, you need to say NO when demands or even supposed opportunities are presented to you — they will only be a lot of hard work with little reward.

    The 4th House rules the place in which you work so you need to define boundaries there as well.

  20. Allie Says:

    Hi, I have a 8 year old daughter who has born just 30 min before the partial solar eclipse at night. She has jupiter, mars, sun, moon, mercury stelium in her third house in libra. She has a saturn in 12 th house cancer and square to her sun, moon and mercury. She has leo rising. Venus in second house virgo, pluto at fifth at sagit. neptune at 6th aquarius and uranus at the 7 in piscess. She is very good at school in gifted class and she is a great artist she can draw, paint, make movies, cartoons all day long she won several rewards. On the other hand at home and family matters she want everything in her way, love to argue a lot, pessimistic despite all the good things she has she always sees the other side of the glass. Gets bored very easy and not very good relationship with her little sister as well. I mean we werent the perfect sisters with my sister either but there was always love and some play time as well. She either totally ignores her or violant to her. We are really strugling trying to raise her the right way. We are a very loving and undestanding family but she doesnt feel the same way. Is the saturn square does that?Any suggestions and reviews pls?

  21. Lynn Koiner Says:


    There are 2 types indicated by Saturn in the 12th —

    1) The first pattern is indicative of a relationship with the father that was conducive of much fear, insecurity and distrust associated with authority figures.

    Authority figures breed an inner fear, fear of abandonment, that hangs over the individual like a black cloud.

    The Saturnian role model in their life was weak and ineffective. This engendered a fear of authority and especially authority figures who would never support you. They lack trust in “the system.” Like the father, they fear that authority can abandon you without a moments notice.

    2) The 2nd pattern is much more independent and very different from type 1.

    The 2nd pattern manifests through a life whereby the individual cultivates his or her own structuring system, one that has no connection with what is most commonly done in the real world. These people function very well being self-employed or where they can create and work in their own individualistic system/structure.

    My father is an excellent example of this. He grew up on a farm where he made his own rules, being the oldest male of 5 children. He cultivated his own rules and these rules did not fit for others or outside his self-created world. He became what he loved – a farmer who farmed. There were times when my mother would nag him to take a government job where he could get a good retirement. He never would have survived working this way.

    When you create your own unique rules and structuring system, you cannot really live outside of this type of system. There may be a fear of having to adapt to the systems of others.

    When these people are self-employed, they function extremely well. Outside this world, they feel like a square peg that just does not fit into the round hole…and they never will be able to fit.

    NOTE: A well known astrologer who has made a lot of money writing different types of books has this position.

    STELLIUM IN 3rd: When she is older, I advise moving to a different time zone in order to get those planets out of the Cadent House. Look at an Astro-Carto-Graphy map to find her best location ( offers this – so do I but it is not free when I do this)

    Lastly, Libra children believe everything you say about them.
    If you tell them that they are bad, disruptive or stupid, they believe this and behave this way.

    If you tell a Libra that they are beautiful, smart, wonderfully behaved…they believe this whether it is true or not and this impacts their behavior.

  22. Lynn Koiner Says:


    These people may have come from a past life monastery experience.
    In this life, they need to get outside of themselves and involve themselves with service to others or they can become quite neurotic!
    In coming from a past life situation of seclusion which formed a life pattern of isolation, they must break this pattern now!

    There is a need to get outside of one’s self and work with others. It is easy, however, to escape within rather than go out into the world.

  23. Essie Says:

    I’ve stellium in 3rd House (Venus,Mars,Moon Aries + Mercury Taurus)
    I am so exhausted sometimes because of having too many interest in too many fields.
    Lately,i have decided to go back school(I am 35yrs old!)and i am going to study “Philosophy”.
    After reading your article, i see that i made a good choice about the field.

    Thank you for the advice !

  24. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JONATHAN (8-2013): STELLIUMS IN CADENT HOUSES -- When you have many planets in Cadent Houses (does not matter – Cadent is always 3-6-9-12) you need to move or find activities in another time zone.

    Relocational astrology is very helpful here. offers this for free. Planets in 3-6-9-12 all work in mental realms.

    I am leaving now for the NCGR conference in Philadelphia so I cannot answer too much right now.

  25. Lynn Koiner Says:

    STELLIUM IN THE 8THL (10-2013): Many healers, scientists, profilers, researchers and financial advisors have Stelliums in the 8th House so I do not see a problem.

    The only health issue that occurs with planets in the 8th House is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder so they need something outside of themselves to obsess upon.

    Did he inherit this from you? Moon in 8th

  26. Lynn Koiner Says:

    GYAN (11-2013): SOLAR RETURN STELLIUM -- My article does not apply to Solar Return charts. To be honest, the Solar Return charts never work for me so I do not use them. Priscilla Costello uses the Ascendant and its ruler as the primary influences. You might consult her for a reading. She is based in Canada but left today for Florida (she does have a computer).
    Sorry I cannot help more but I am not a SR enthusiast.

  27. camy Says:

    Hello! I have 4 planets in house 1..saturn, the moon, uranus and neptune..where saturn is awfully aspected, uranus and neptune retrograde. And also in house 4, I have the sun, venus and would I be described? And I also have terrible nights when the moon is up..does it relate with moon in 1 house? Thank you!:)

  28. Lynn Koiner Says:

    span class="caps">CARNY (12-2013): STELLIUM IN FIRST: Heightened sensitivity and sleep issues can be caused by the Stellium in your 1st House, especially Moon-Neptune-Uranus.
    The 12th House is associated with sleep issues and problems at night.

    SAGITTARIUS: I know that I wrote something better privately but I could not cut and paste the answer. When there is a stellium in the 12th, while the individual needs “alone time” — it is essential to get out of the house and become involved in working with others. Focus on something outside of yourself.

    The 12th internalizes to easily, sees itself as a victim and distorts reality when a good discuss would clear things up.
    I have 2 planets there and it is a problem for me but I work a lot.

    WAJEHA: Read what I say about the stellium in the 7th. Relationships take up the life too much so that you can feel that your life is not your own.
    If you are going to become obsessed with others, get paid for it … such as a career that advises, counsels or provides services to others.

  29. Kazina Says:
    I just wanted to say, speaking as a 7th house Stellium -- although it is not foreign for such a person to become enraptured in one singular relationship, I think a bigger theme is that the 7th house superstar becomes HYPER-ENGAGED IN ANY RELATIONSHIP or the existence of another person. I personally care about every person and I think deeply about almost everyone I come across. I think THE 7th House Stellium person exhibits more concern for the masses than most others. Your friend may be a special case or maybe you are just accustomed to your friends’ reciprocating "devotion." It may seem natural that such a person will shift their interest from one friend or friends, to their lover, but I think overall, unless they have totally selfish indications, such a person will still conscientiously keep every person in mind.
  30. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ATTENTION READERS: I edited Kazina’s comments, although I was not able to get the paragraph spacing in.

    What she says is VERY IMPORTANT. She used a phrase, HYPER-ENGAGED, and this is a perfect phrase for describing the Stellium — not just in the 7th House but it ALL of the Houses.

    No one has ever been devoted to me and my Swedish Student disappeared for everyone, not just me. I might consider too that he was also very young at the time…in his 20s.

    But, what Kazina says… that they are hyper-concerned is an important point about relationships.

  31. Lynn Koiner Says:


    You have asked a good question. While I use some asteroids, I do not always count them and I definitely do not count ALL of them.

    In the 1st, Ceres would be prominent and I would count it, esp. considering how strong those other Capricorn planets are.
    But, I confess, I do alter the rules, going with intuition many times.

    The Nodes and the Black Moon Lilith are not actual objects so I never use them like planets. Yes, there is a rock called Lilith but I never use it either

    When you have 2 stelliums warring against each other, I consider it to be a SeeSaw chart pattern — always aware of opposing points of view and thereby becoming a mediator and coordinator in conflict situations.

    I think I have information on aspects on my website. I have information on the Patterns but I have not typed these into the computer.

  32. Sam Says:

    Hi Lynn!

    Wow, this is a very enlightening article! And how funny a lot of people with Stelliums in the XII abound (read all the comments and that House was one of the most asked).

    As a XII-House Stellium person (DOB: jul/27/76, TOB: 7:27, POB: Mexicali, Mexico) all I can do is support your article in full, 100%.

    As an astrologer myself, hadn’t quite grasped the issue around the Stellium, you had the last piece of my puzzle, thank you so much! Now it all seems clear, complete and under a new, brighter light.

    Bouts of depression, neurosis, paranoia, eating my heart out, you name it! I’ve had it all of them, and even when the positioning of the Stellium helped a big bit (in Leo), the comfort zone is hard to leave, so staying home (like a hermit) was the best choice; and after crying, weeping and tearing in sorrow for minutes, sometimes for hours, and when the low vibration (feelings of despair and suicide) finished up, I was then able to pick myself up and go on. It was cathartic but so straining, so tiring, so heavy. And I was feeling fed up with the emotional roller-coaster.

    I had already realized that getting out and be more social made me feel better (usually gatherings with family and friends), I haven’t tried service (we XII House people are supposed to be the hospital/institution/church workers) as a means of dealing with it, will give it a try for sure; but I’ve never realized about the problems to sleep (consider myself a “night person”, all my connections and work is better done after midnight) were related to it.

    The relocation is a new one, I had been done an Astro-Cartography chart. Relocating to take out the Stellium out of the XII is a brand new idea for me, so I’ll give it some study!


  33. Lynn Koiner Says:


    Thank you, Sam, for the candid post. I give a workshop on 12th House planets and there seems to be a theme of SERVICE as a way of getting out of the 12th. No one mentioned hospitals and institutions, which would be gloomy and isolating — you need to GET OUT of the 12th and be with people.

    That is a BIG stellium with no oppositions to pull you out so you must do this yourself. I give a lecture on Regressing Your Chart into Your Parents’ Past.

    This repressive indictment started during a period from 1959 through 1969, approximately. There was another around 1947 that denotes an ancestral pattern of hiding your Leo personality. It is connected with some fear of failure – better to hide or avoid than to fail. Everyone fails a few times in life but you need to keep trying.

    The 12th House rules us Guinea Pigs in life — that what you experience you share with others, either through writing or teaching. I am a 12th House person and I always need my private time and I cannot be ON 24/7. But, I need to shine so I serve in positions with many astrological and historical organizations. When alone too long, I start feeling sorry for myself and seeing myself as a victim.

    All of my health issues have served to help me with medical astrology. I know more about many health issues than many doctors.

    If you put Eris (the new planet discovered in 2005 — see article on my website and do not read the negative stuff by other astrologers) at 14 Aries in your 8th House, you have a Grand Fire Trine with Leo and Neptune in Sagittarius. This gives a capacity to inspire and motivate others through your own enthusiasm for what you are saying — because it is based upon your personal experience.

    Hygeia at 5 Leo gives some healing ability, especially at a psychic and psychological level. When Saturn moves into Sagittarius, this may help you develop these skills.

    As for Astro-Carto-Graphy, I see that this Stellium either on the Asc or MC falls in the oceans.
    Jupiter is on the MC in Mexico and Albuquerque NM – not sure you want to go to Billings Montana.
    Some of the stellium falls on the eastern part of Brazil and Eastern Australia.
    No, you do not have to move to these areas but people from these areas can be helpful. Actually, just moving 1 time zone can change the House positions. I believe gives relocation charts so just put in cities that interest you.

    ATTENTION: It is rare that I give a lengthy interpretation. Anyone who writes for one is turned down but this is a situation that will be of interest to many readers.

  34. maya Says:


    So for stelliums only 4 planets count?
    I have moon-uranus-neptune in capricorn 1st house-capricorn asc.

    And in 4th house ic-taurus-venus,mercury,in taurus- gemini 00 degree- but I they all conjunct.

    So I guess I don’t have stelliums?
    Or if these count, what can you tell me about them?
    Thank you v much!

  35. maya Says:

    Reealy? these are difficult houses? Wow…I have a huge 1st house and busy- besides moon-nept-uranus capricorn
    also lilith,ceres,saturn in aquarius.

    One small note on saturn-I’ve read that 1st house saturn people-also cap asc were reluctant to be born in this world.
    My mother had somewhat a difficult birth-they made her an injectiion- it lasted 6 hours until I was out in the world.

    But wondering why is 4th a difficult placement.Should I worry?
    There is sun gem ,venus,mercury and part of fortune in taurus. All these are opposed by my pluto scorp in 10th house.
    Various people told me that my ic-taurus opp mc pluto , is a lifelong struggle. Tough I don;t know in what sense they mean that. I feel a strong karma with my dead grandma- I dreamed abb her 3 times and I weak up terrified, scared..a level of fear that is hard to imagine. maybe 4th house related?

    I have the majority of planets in angular houses. Guess this means something? as a drivinng force or smth.
    Only mars is on cusp of 2nd/3rd and jupiter virgo in 8th plus NN in 12th capricorn.

    I’d be so happy to hear your thoughts on this arrangement in the chart. I am concerned with 4th house and the ic-mc axis…Uh I should read more on angular houses.

  36. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MAYA (9-2014): First, it is impossible for me to really know what your chart looks like by your telling me the list of your planets. I am giving a general interpretation.

    Having planets in the 4th House does not mean that your life is difficult. Your chart is YOU and you cannot worry about being yourself. Letting go as the past as you get older can be difficult. Talking about your feelings with friends can be very helpful.

    My dad has planets in Capricorn in his 4th. He has had a good life but he had some difficult losses in his childhood when both parents died – his father died in the car while he was driving his dad to the store. His dad just leaned over and died of a heart attack. He is very close to his family because his aunt and grandfather stayed in the family home so that the children would not be put in an orphanage!

    With planets in the 4th, financial security came to the family through family owned real esate. But, at 94, he has outlived most of his family (only me and his younger sister are still here).

    To this day, he cannot discuss anyone being ill. He cannot be confined in any way — I do not know what he will do when he has cataract surgery and his eyes are covered.

    This is an example of the pattern – one can have a good life but there can be events in the past (as you get older) that stay with you.

    Saturn/Capricorn ASC is sort of correct – they are usually the first or last born (or have some special birth order). There is often some “dread” going on during the gestation period so that, once born, the individual has an inner feeling of not being wanted (this may not be true but it is something from the gestation period).

    This not being wanted as a first born is very easy — all of a sudden Mom feels like she has a bridge table under her dress and she may wonder what she has gotten herself into. As a first experience, it can cause anxiety for the new Mom.

    If the last born, Mom says — this is it; no more babies! The fetus absorbs all of these emotions, even though these emotions end when the baby is born.

    This is a very simplistic expanation because I cannot write it all out.

    I have gotten off topic – Stelliums – so I will end here.

  37. maya Says:

    Sorry I divagated :(
    But indeed- all you said about Saturn/asc- feeling like not being wanted-true-

    Best wishes!

  38. Lynn Koiner Says:


    First, I wrote a long section on the 6th House Stellium so you need to read this. If you do not understand what I have written, please ask.

    Next, this period around 1990 was a time of great global change. Especially with the Mars-Neptune opposition, they can become great humanitarians (but they need a example from the family) or they can be lost souls.

    I know MANY examples of young people being humanitarian souls. Mars-Neptune can fight for others but retreat and hide rather than fight for themselves. That energy can transmute into great good (the man who started the American Cancer Society has Mars in the 12th opposing Neptune (Virgo).

    Yet, if they feel that they do not belong anywhere, they become involved with groups, negative groups, that give them a sense of identity or sense of belonging.

  39. Anita Says:

    What a fascinating, much needed article! Thank you! Currently I am experiencing a transiting 4th house stellium, and natally I have a 10th house stellium in Taurus, (including Saturn at 26 degrees on that nasty star Algol, conjunct my moon, yikes!). Would this explain the marked increase in difficulty I am having completing a book I am writing? I get distracted, OK…obsessed, with stuff around the house…..organizing, laundry, etc……I’ve always been an intense person, but the past year I have been driving myself crazy, as well as my husband. With stelliums in the 10th and 4th at the same time, what are my options to better manage this pressure, stress, and compulsive behavior, which includes fear of leaving the house?


  40. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ANITA (11-2014): You say that you have a transiting Stellium in the 4th but this is impossible since only Saturn is of importance — Mercury and Venus move so quickly that they are not important.

    Saturn in your 4th takes you away from the 4th and forces you to focus upon your home, family and personal life — so you must make a choice and keep your life in balance.

    When T Saturn is in the degree of your Taurus planets, do not make any commitments as these will prove a great burden.

    In late degrees, this is an ending cycle, a time to finish up your work and prepare for the next cycle.

    In the summer of 2015, Saturn will return to Scorpio at 28-29 degrees so that people who did not finish up old business can go back and complete this. Late degree planets (I have a manual on this on my website) mark a time to finish up, complete or completely let go — not start anything new.

  41. meera Says:

    I have mercury, venus, mars and saturn in the 12th house. Jupiter and moon in the 6th house. Sun is in the 1st house in Capricorn. I am confused and frustrated about my career and life in total right now. I get upset very soon and obsess often. If you could give me some insights as to how to deal with the thoughts it would be helpful.

  42. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MEERA (11-2014): There are many posts here about a 12th House Stellium. Please read these.

    Since I do not know what your chart looks like and because I receive over 2000 hits each day, I cannot give career advice.

    With planets in the 12th, it is necessary to find meaningful work through the signs of Moon-Jupiter. The 6th House activities will pull you out of the 12th. This is important.

    When staying too long in your 12th (and I am a 12th House person myself), negative emotions surface that can distort reality. When I feel this way, I talk with friends. BUT, you need good friends!

    Obsessions are common with Stelliums and planets in the Water Houses (4-8-12), as well as Virgo and Scorpio. But, obsessions are only good when we are doing things outside of ourselves – service to others, research and studies. They are problematic when we obsess on ourselves.
    I must confess that I an attracted to Obsessive friends because they are intelligent and interesting.

    So, get outside of yourself asap!

  43. Karen Manning Says:

    Hi Lynn,
    I have the Sun, mars, mercury, venus and saturn all in Capricorn in the 5th house. Have always wondered what significance this has for me. My Moon is in Scorpio – eek!
    Any help you could give me would be appreciated!
    1-2-1962 8:56pm

  44. Miko Says:

    Thank you so much for explaining this. I have 4 planets in the 12th house, and I’m such a recluse! I often joke that I’d like to just run away from the world and hide in a cave… but this is probably what I did in a past life and now I have to learn to not do that. I am taking care of a disabled child as well and feel the need to serve others. My childhood was pretty bad and has made me neurotic. Recently I have been forcing myself to talk to people and just get out and have a good time. I fear rejection the most and and am trying to learn to cope with that. I am extremely self critical.

    My sister was also abused, but she did not turn inward like I did. She became outgoing and sociable. I often hid in my room when I was a teenager and turned down any opportunity for a party or social gathering. I have also suffered from depression and suicidal behavior for much of my life. It is hard to have so many planets in the 12th, but I’m glad to know that it is simply a lesson to cope with other humans and to get outside and mingle. I actually started doing that recently and felt compelled to step outside my comfort zone and just get out of the house. No more caves for me, lol!

  45. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MIKO (12-2014): Thank you for sharing your interesting 12th House story. I am a 12th House person myself and I can retreat and be alone too easily. Always go to the 6th House and engage in work and activities with others.

    A 12th House friend shared that, when she (and I) get depressed, we need to get out of the house. I have learned to greet people on the street or in the malls in order to feel connected.

  46. Hadassa Says:

    These postings are very inspiring and I’m glad to know that there is an actual explanation for why I am like I am. I am a Christian and don’t believe in astrology whole heartedly but I do think that the energy of the planets influence us. Most of my life I’ve struggled with feelings of inadequacy, shyness, rejection, suicidal thoughts, depression and the constant feeling like I am not good enough or don’t have enough. Now reading this article makes sense. My 12th house is packed….sun, moon, venus and mercury all in this house and my mars is in Pisces. It’s just too much. Recently I’ve started practicing yoga and it seems to be a great outlet so far. I want to get out and meet others but often times I feel so overwhelmed by their energy. It’s hard to explain.

  47. Lynn Koiner Says:

    Hadassa (12-2014): Being Christian should never affect one’s study of astrology. Remember, there is a special place in God’s heart of the good astrologer. For it was the 3 astrologers who followed the Star over Bethlehem who financed the Holy Family’s escape from Herod into Egypt. Without the treasures that they brought the Holy Family, there would be no Christianity due to Herod.

  48. Thara Says:

    I have mercury, venus, jupiter and rahu in the 5th house.

  49. Lynn Koiner Says:

    THARA (1-2015): You do not have a stellium because, as this article states, you need 4 planets. The Nodes are not planets but rather a point where the Moon crosses the ecliptic. — cut and paste this link for the graphic.

    Many new astrologers make this mistake.
    When you use the term Rahu instead of Node, I am presuming that you are using Vedic Astrology and not Western (Western calls them Nodes). If you are using Vedic, there are no stelliums used in that system.

  50. Tony Joule Says:

    Hey. I have 5 planets all in house 5. 4 of them are capicorn (venus, mars, uranus and neptune) and one of them in aquarius (saturn). I’m extremely curious what this could mean. i haven’t found many other birth charts with 5 planets in one house. please reply

    Answered privately due to computer problems.

  51. Lynn Koiner Says:

    TONY (1-2015): There are generations that have big stelliums. One occurred in the late 1940s with Leo, another in the 1960s in Aquarius and another in the late 1980s-early 1990s in Capricorn. So, it is not so unusual. Look to people in your generation, especially born in late December-early January. You need to ask them about their experiences.

  52. Geraldine Says:

    Hi everyone – what wonderful posts. I hate self publicising (you’ll see why…) but to add to the stellium and 12th house comments – I have six planets in the 12th in Leo from Jupiter at 14 to Pluto at 26 and Mercury at 5 Virgo just behind my Virgo asc. As a child I was happiest alone, enjoyed a rich fantasy and dream life, read a lot, painted and drew and also saw “angelic” lights. I attended a convent, was subversive and outspoken as a teenager but always needed to retreat. In times of crisis (plenty!!) I have been guided by a nun who a spirit guide identified (no prompting from me), have written and directed in theatre in London, spent time an ashram, taught yoga, written and published a book… if I don’t get time completely alone I become ill and neurotic. I am often like a sponge and read others too well… need to put up boundaries. I can sense a bad vibe miles away… have spotted people with demonic possession and have had – and continue to – amazing OOBEs. I am also an artist, mainly portraits and illustration of esoterics but under the Neptune transit opposing natal 12th house Mercury I stated to paint old dockyards… and water. The 12th house gets such bad press but when you’re comfortable there, the 3D world is totally depressing because of its mundane limitations! With the predominance of Leo, I term myself as an OCD creative. The 12th house and a stellium is where kundalini manifests for me. I think a stellium must be indicative of kundalini because it is a concentration of energy. An unfulfilled stellium could implode badly. The Saturn Pluto square to the stellium in the late 1980s was a living hell for me because the of the restricting nature of that square and the energy manifested as actual fires around me for no reason. I can never be alone enough and even when I am alone I know there is a more fulfilling and divine “alone” to go to – it is not the alone of isolation, it is alone with everything. Perhaps the state before the “I” – the place of undifferentiation where alone becomes divine nothing and everything Beautiful.

  53. Tyler Says:

    I have a 6 planet stellium in capricorn in my 10th house. The stellium consists of Sun, mercury, venus, mars (all tightly conjunct, within 4 degrees of one another) and neptune and uranus (about 7 degrees away from the other clustered planets).
    What would this indicate? How might you expect a person with this configuration to operate in the world?

    Also, my moon is at 25.45 degrees virgo in the 6th house, forming a trine/square aspect to my capricorn stellium.

  54. Lynn Koiner Says:

    TYLER (4-2015): 10th HOUSE: With a stellium in the 10th House, there are problems with the professional choice and dealing with authority figures.

    The professional life should be connected with the home and one’s own property (hotel, day care or just being a house wife) or working out of one’s own home or property.

    Being one’s own boss takes the pressure off of authority figure confrontations with every minor transit that afflicts the 10th House!

    There could have been a very intense relationship with one parent and this, in turn, can create intense confrontations that affect the career.

    What you should do is tell me how this fits your chart. Remember, a stellium needs to go to the opposite House to take the pressure off of the “hyper-engagement” in the 10th.

    Lots of Earth has the danger of finding too much security in fixed routines.


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