Check out my Tidbits Blog for timely data for individuals and events. If you wish to receive this data privately and be the first to receive it, just write to me and say that you want to be on the Tidbits List.

ATTENTION: Many of you are writing to be on the Tidbits List thinking it offers some type of personal interpretation. It does NOT. Tidbits offers what is eventually posted on this Blog Site — only data of relavent events. It is the Astro-Column that lists more personal information. Please be specific.

Also, I receive at least 1500 hits each day. One day in August 2011, I received 5000 hits in one day. It is impossible for me to offer free readings to all who write.
I gladly answer questions about my articles, even as it applies to your own chart.
These interpretations are of interest to all so I gladly do this.

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