Uranus Retrograde 2014


Uranus tends to be more potent and more Uranian when retrograde. When Uranus is direct in the natal chart, intuitive and inventive impulses flow on a regular basis but, when it is retrograde, this energy builds to a certain level and then it explodes forth as in a “Eureka!” experience.
In this building-up process, Uranus tends to be more potent and more willfully dogmatic. Uranus’ retrograde motion tends to stimulate deep psychological investigation and analysis. Its research, however, seeks answers that satisfies the mind and explains “Why?”. This is frequently observed in people who have Uranus retrograde natally as they make mountains out of molehills in their quest to know WHY! Obviously, this is an excellent time for mental studies that explore human behavior and psychology. It favors activities that require bursts of inventive and intuitive energy. It favors psychological counseling connected with freedom urges and disconnected patterns of relating.

When Uranus is retrograde natally, the rebellious urges tend to bottle up, bottle up and then burst forth seemingly out of nowhere. This stems from the fact that these people need to make changes internally before they can manifest them in the external world. During this “processing” phase, the individual rarely realizes just how rebellious he or she is. When Uranus transits retrograde, it will reawaken freedom urges causing the individual to suddenly rebel against any ruts or confinement in the life. I feel that it is better to process what needs to change while Uranus is retrograde and actualize the change when it turns direct. The retrograde simply makes you aware but it is generally not wise to impulsively act upon an awareness.

Rebelliousness intense and misdirected: In December 2014, Uranus squares Pluto in Capricorn.

  1. Lynn Koiner Says:

    TO EVERYBODY — Linda, Chyrelle, Tommy (7-2011):
    All of you are asking the same question and I always give the same answer — Uranus is Retrograde for half of the year. It has no special effect except as described in this article.
    Uranus is only significant when it is transiting an aspect to your natal planet. Then, you interpret this specific transit.

    For Uranus in the 12th, hard aspects can cause insomnia.
    It is a 7 year cycle when you need to “hide your wierd” or go places where you are not known in your traditional circles and express Uranus there.
    I once know a collge professor who would sneak off to astrology lectures — and no one at the university ever knew until much later in her career.

  2. Erin Says:

    I have Uranus square natal moon these days. Normally I don’t notice transits that much but this one’s been brutal! September 16th I suddenly very nearly walked out on my perfectly lovely boyfriend for another guy. Will the fact that it’s retrograde make it more intense?

    Also Uranus is in Scorpio in 1st house in my chart.

    Thanks for your help!

  3. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ERIN (10-2011): I confess that I have been more agitated by the Uranus R opposing my Jupiter than I was when it was direct — but it is not that much different. I have gotten more insights regarding my “wired” energy under Uranus.

    Astrologers always have a good excuse with other astrologers — we just tell them that we are going through a bad Uranus transit and all understand and forgive.

    Yes, we need to monitor our “moods” under Uranus. When young and female, Wild Yam and Chaste Tree herbs can help with moods.

    A constructive outlet for energies — activist, fighting for others in some way — can be helpful.

  4. Lynn Koiner Says:

    PAM (12-2011): Uranus in the 8th makes changes/transformations in a heart beat. It may take a long time but BOOM…they are transformed. Retrograde is even stronger because it bottles up, bottles up…then CHANGE!

    SURYA: Uranus in the 7th is strong for activism. When it transits the 7th, changes will come into your life due to the actions of others. I was motivated to fight for farmers rights when my dad was affected by a local policy — and I won.

    Uranus and Pluto in the 11th are never drawn to touchy-feely group involvements — more ad hoc or cause related.
    In big groups, Pluto feels like a lemming going to sea with other lemming — and does not want to go along with the crowd.

  5. Lynn Koiner Says:

    If Uranus is in the 10th House natally, the individual needs to find a unique career where they do something different, something original so that comparisons cannot be made.

    I have Uranus natally in the 10th House and I used to say that I was the Best Astrologer in Silver Spring because I was the ONLY astrologer in Silver Spring. I always use techniques that others do not use so that I am not like others.

    READERS: Please keep your questions to something about the article. Since I receive 2000 hits each day, I cannot give personal readings.

  6. Lynn Koiner Says:


    Many of you are writing about your natal Retrograde under transiting Retrogrades. I have an article on the natal positions under GENERAL (astrology). Please check there and you may find your answer.

  7. Lynn Koiner Says:

    NOVLADY (10-2012): You have asked a good question. I looked at a transit of Pluto over my dad’s 4th House Venus — nothing happened when it crossed Direct-then Retrograde…then, with the 3rd crossing, Uranus AND Pluto were aspecting his Venus — and his living area (above mine) was burglarized.

    This event provided me an opportunity to secure our home with security doors and window bars. I also renovated the lower level kitchen when we discovered rotted pipes under the floors. The kitchen looks great.

    Six months later, BOTH Uranus and Pluto aspected his natal Pluto (natally, he has Venus opposing Pluto) and a terrible storm did a lot of damage, uprooting trees. None of these affected the house but, for me, a tree fell on my beloved yard tractor. Insurance replaced this totally and I have a new one. Nothing else has happened.

    So, when I look at the triple crossings, you are not affected by each of them. One crossing will be stronger and that is when something happens.

    Uranus will be hitting his Pluto again in 2013 and I am hoping to renovate more of the lower level. My dad will be affected by this since he will pay for it.

    With Uranus, it wants to break up something in your life – a relationship, a situation that you have outgrown, forcing you to move on. Once you make the change, Uranus will leave you alone.

    So, to answer your question precisely – no, you will not repeat the same event 3 times.

  8. Lynn Koiner Says:

    LOULOU (4-2013): Uranus wants us to break free from the the issues ruled by his Moon’s Sign and House. If he really needs solitude, he would not have picked up with the Hot Honey.
    He is only telling you to wait as it is only a phase because he wants someone to come back to if the relationship does not work out. And, truly, this new relationship will not work out. It is a stepping stone to something else.

    Astrology is what kept you from leaving him??!!! Are you crazy! Dump the bum and find someone who truly loves you.

    You have to look at his entire chart to see what his relationship issues are — and he surely has them.

  9. Lynn Koiner Says:

    LYNNE (6-2013): MEDICAL ADVICE FOR CARDINAL AFFLICTIONS — That is a rough series of transits. I will add something medical for all going through Pluto-Uranus (and astronomers say Pluto is not a planet!).

    Afflictions to the Cardinal signs causes stress on the adrenals and this can affect the thyroid. This can lead to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, morning headaches, heart palpatations, dryness (I had dry eyes), dizziness.

    Cut & Paste this to your browser

    The easiest support for the adrenals is Raw Adrenal Gland (you really have to look for this), taking 2 pills in the morning.

    I strongly suggest finding a gynecologist who does Hormone Saliva Testing. This test tells your adrenal and thyroid levels all during the day. My adrenal/cortisol flatlined as soon as I got out of bed. BUT, too much cortisol is bad too.

    I plan to write an article soon on my experience for the Common Cures articles.

  10. Veronica Says:

    Hi my partner is 70 me 64 has pluto square his moon and Uranus conjunt it right now Then Uranus will conjunt at 13 degrees. He has walked out on me living in the motorhome saying he needs lots of space. We have had difficulties communicating as both Aries, I have mars and Venus at 8 degrees and sun13 degrees in Aries. We are both upset but he can,nt cope with my demands. Can you help us. I have gemmin rising at 10 degrees with Uranus in first house not sure of his rising born 4th April 1943. Thinks he was born 5. 30 in morning.

  11. Lynn Koiner Says:

    VERONICA! You entered a phoney email. I sent you 2 emails and both bounced.
    I have deleted them and I will not write the information again.
    When people give a false email, it makes me crazy when I take the time to answer privately.

  12. Rhea Says:

    Since Uranus is rebellious and unexpected, should we expect the unexpected on the stationing days of retrograde?
    On December 17, Uranus will station direct in my 3rd house, forming an exact sextile with my natal 1st house Saturn which is currently touring my 10th house.
    Last month when Neptune stationed direct on November 13 in my 2nd house, though it did not station on any of my natal planets, I lost my wallet!!!

  13. Sheilajean Whitefield Says:

    Hi. I hope that you can find time to help me; I am most GRATEFUL for any assistance. My son, born on 8/19/88 @ 20:31—- 121W17, 45N42, has an out-of-sign triple conjunction of Saturn, Uranus, & Neptune. Now, Saturn transits retrograde in his 7th & will cross his Moon on 4/6/14, so close to the heart of the cross coming. Transiting Uranus is conjunct his natal Mars in the 12th & retrograde transiting Mars will oppose this soon. Communication between us is rare and strained due to my prior behaviors and his tendencies, but I know that he is suffering (PTSD, Psoriasis, depression, anxiety, no communication with his only brother); please advise. I just can`t figure out this retrograde triple conjunction of his. I want to help if I am able to & he will allow.

  14. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SHIELAJEAN (3-2014): I have been touring Europe and will not return to the U.S. until March 14. I took the time to write to you privately but you gave a phoney or fake email and it bounced. When people do this, I refuse to write again. It makes me so angry when I take the time to write and some has given me a fake address.
    When I return home, I will delete this email.


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