Uranus Retrograde 2016


Uranus tends to be more potent and more Uranian when retrograde. When Uranus is direct in the natal chart, intuitive and inventive impulses flow on a regular basis but, when it is retrograde, this energy builds to a certain level and then it explodes forth as in a “Eureka!” experience.
In this building-up process, Uranus tends to be more potent and more willfully dogmatic. Uranus’ retrograde motion tends to stimulate deep psychological investigation and analysis. Its research, however, seeks answers that satisfies the mind and explains “Why?”. This is frequently observed in people who have Uranus retrograde natally as they make mountains out of molehills in their quest to know WHY!

Obviously, this is an excellent time for mental studies that explore human behavior and psychology. It favors activities that require bursts of inventive and intuitive energy. It favors psychological counseling connected with freedom urges and disconnected patterns of relating.

When Uranus is retrograde natally, the rebellious urges tend to bottle up, bottle up and then burst forth seemingly out of nowhere. This stems from the fact that these people need to make changes internally before they can manifest them in the external world. During this “processing” phase, the individual rarely realizes just how rebellious he or she is. When Uranus transits retrograde, it will reawaken freedom urges causing the individual to suddenly rebel against any ruts or confinement in the life. I feel that it is better to process what needs to change while Uranus is retrograde and actualize the change when it turns direct. The retrograde simply makes you aware but it is generally not wise to impulsively act upon an awareness.

  1. Lynn Koiner Says:

    TO EVERYBODY — Linda, Chyrelle, Tommy (7-2011):
    All of you are asking the same question and I always give the same answer — Uranus is Retrograde for half of the year. It has no special effect except as described in this article.
    Uranus is only significant when it is transiting an aspect to your natal planet. Then, you interpret this specific transit.

    For Uranus in the 12th, hard aspects can cause insomnia.
    It is a 7 year cycle when you need to “hide your wierd” or go places where you are not known in your traditional circles and express Uranus there.
    I once know a collge professor who would sneak off to astrology lectures — and no one at the university ever knew until much later in her career.

  2. Erin Says:

    I have Uranus square natal moon these days. Normally I don’t notice transits that much but this one’s been brutal! September 16th I suddenly very nearly walked out on my perfectly lovely boyfriend for another guy. Will the fact that it’s retrograde make it more intense?

    Also Uranus is in Scorpio in 1st house in my chart.

    Thanks for your help!

  3. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ERIN (10-2011): I confess that I have been more agitated by the Uranus R opposing my Jupiter than I was when it was direct — but it is not that much different. I have gotten more insights regarding my “wired” energy under Uranus.

    Astrologers always have a good excuse with other astrologers — we just tell them that we are going through a bad Uranus transit and all understand and forgive.

    Yes, we need to monitor our “moods” under Uranus. When young and female, Wild Yam and Chaste Tree herbs can help with moods.

    A constructive outlet for energies — activist, fighting for others in some way — can be helpful.

  4. Lynn Koiner Says:

    PAM (12-2011): Uranus in the 8th makes changes/transformations in a heart beat. It may take a long time but BOOM…they are transformed. Retrograde is even stronger because it bottles up, bottles up…then CHANGE!

    SURYA: Uranus in the 7th is strong for activism. When it transits the 7th, changes will come into your life due to the actions of others. I was motivated to fight for farmers rights when my dad was affected by a local policy — and I won.

    Uranus and Pluto in the 11th are never drawn to touchy-feely group involvements — more ad hoc or cause related.
    In big groups, Pluto feels like a lemming going to sea with other lemming — and does not want to go along with the crowd.

  5. Lynn Koiner Says:

    If Uranus is in the 10th House natally, the individual needs to find a unique career where they do something different, something original so that comparisons cannot be made.

    I have Uranus natally in the 10th House and I used to say that I was the Best Astrologer in Silver Spring because I was the ONLY astrologer in Silver Spring. I always use techniques that others do not use so that I am not like others.

    READERS: Please keep your questions to something about the article. Since I receive 2000 hits each day, I cannot give personal readings.

  6. Lynn Koiner Says:


    Many of you are writing about your natal Retrograde under transiting Retrogrades. I have an article on the natal positions under GENERAL (astrology). Please check there and you may find your answer.

  7. Lynn Koiner Says:

    NOVLADY (10-2012): You have asked a good question. I looked at a transit of Pluto over my dad’s 4th House Venus — nothing happened when it crossed Direct-then Retrograde…then, with the 3rd crossing, Uranus AND Pluto were aspecting his Venus — and his living area (above mine) was burglarized.

    This event provided me an opportunity to secure our home with security doors and window bars. I also renovated the lower level kitchen when we discovered rotted pipes under the floors. The kitchen looks great.

    Six months later, BOTH Uranus and Pluto aspected his natal Pluto (natally, he has Venus opposing Pluto) and a terrible storm did a lot of damage, uprooting trees. None of these affected the house but, for me, a tree fell on my beloved yard tractor. Insurance replaced this totally and I have a new one. Nothing else has happened.

    So, when I look at the triple crossings, you are not affected by each of them. One crossing will be stronger and that is when something happens.

    Uranus will be hitting his Pluto again in 2013 and I am hoping to renovate more of the lower level. My dad will be affected by this since he will pay for it.

    With Uranus, it wants to break up something in your life – a relationship, a situation that you have outgrown, forcing you to move on. Once you make the change, Uranus will leave you alone.

    So, to answer your question precisely – no, you will not repeat the same event 3 times.

  8. Lynn Koiner Says:

    LOULOU (4-2013): Uranus wants us to break free from the the issues ruled by his Moon’s Sign and House. If he really needs solitude, he would not have picked up with the Hot Honey.
    He is only telling you to wait as it is only a phase because he wants someone to come back to if the relationship does not work out. And, truly, this new relationship will not work out. It is a stepping stone to something else.

    Astrology is what kept you from leaving him??!!! Are you crazy! Dump the bum and find someone who truly loves you.

    You have to look at his entire chart to see what his relationship issues are — and he surely has them.

  9. Lynn Koiner Says:

    LYNNE (6-2013): MEDICAL ADVICE FOR CARDINAL AFFLICTIONS — That is a rough series of transits. I will add something medical for all going through Pluto-Uranus (and astronomers say Pluto is not a planet!).

    Afflictions to the Cardinal signs causes stress on the adrenals and this can affect the thyroid. This can lead to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, morning headaches, heart palpatations, dryness (I had dry eyes), dizziness.

    Cut & Paste this to your browser

    The easiest support for the adrenals is Raw Adrenal Gland (you really have to look for this), taking 2 pills in the morning.

    I strongly suggest finding a gynecologist who does Hormone Saliva Testing. This test tells your adrenal and thyroid levels all during the day. My adrenal/cortisol flatlined as soon as I got out of bed. BUT, too much cortisol is bad too.

    I plan to write an article soon on my experience for the Common Cures articles.

  10. Veronica Says:

    Hi my partner is 70 me 64 has pluto square his moon and Uranus conjunt it right now Then Uranus will conjunt at 13 degrees. He has walked out on me living in the motorhome saying he needs lots of space. We have had difficulties communicating as both Aries, I have mars and Venus at 8 degrees and sun13 degrees in Aries. We are both upset but he can,nt cope with my demands. Can you help us. I have gemmin rising at 10 degrees with Uranus in first house not sure of his rising born 4th April 1943. Thinks he was born 5. 30 in morning.

  11. Lynn Koiner Says:

    VERONICA! You entered a phoney email. I sent you 2 emails and both bounced.
    I have deleted them and I will not write the information again.
    When people give a false email, it makes me crazy when I take the time to answer privately.

  12. Rhea Says:

    Since Uranus is rebellious and unexpected, should we expect the unexpected on the stationing days of retrograde?
    On December 17, Uranus will station direct in my 3rd house, forming an exact sextile with my natal 1st house Saturn which is currently touring my 10th house.
    Last month when Neptune stationed direct on November 13 in my 2nd house, though it did not station on any of my natal planets, I lost my wallet!!!

  13. Sheilajean Whitefield Says:

    Hi. I hope that you can find time to help me; I am most GRATEFUL for any assistance. My son, born on 8/19/88 @ 20:31—- 121W17, 45N42, has an out-of-sign triple conjunction of Saturn, Uranus, & Neptune. Now, Saturn transits retrograde in his 7th & will cross his Moon on 4/6/14, so close to the heart of the cross coming. Transiting Uranus is conjunct his natal Mars in the 12th & retrograde transiting Mars will oppose this soon. Communication between us is rare and strained due to my prior behaviors and his tendencies, but I know that he is suffering (PTSD, Psoriasis, depression, anxiety, no communication with his only brother); please advise. I just can`t figure out this retrograde triple conjunction of his. I want to help if I am able to & he will allow.

  14. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SHIELAJEAN (3-2014): I have been touring Europe and will not return to the U.S. until March 14. I took the time to write to you privately but you gave a phoney or fake email and it bounced. When people do this, I refuse to write again. It makes me so angry when I take the time to write and some has given me a fake address.
    When I return home, I will delete this email.

  15. Ava Says:

    I’m feeling a bit frustrated looking at my chart right now. On July 21, Saturn stations direct EXACTLY opposite my natal Mercury at 16’42 Taurus. The very next day, July 22nd, Uranus stations retrograde EXACTLY opposite my Ascendant at 16’34 Libra (and therefore conjunct my DSC in Aries).

    Now, none of this seems too scary after just surviving Saturn opposite my natal Sun/Moon conjunction in early Taurus (and it happened just a year or so after my first Saturn Return in Libra!), however it does seem a bit ridiculous how exact these upcoming transits are—I feel like my chart is out to get me!

    I’ve been learning astrology for a couple of years but am struggling to understand the symbolism of this Saturn-Mercury and then Uranus-ASC retrograde weirdness. My natal Saturn is actually conjunct my ascendant by 1’ so he probably factors in there too. Arg, if you have any thoughts I would love to hear them. Thanks!

    (Also just an aside, I was born with Mars and all 5 outer planets retrograde so it’s tough for me to really distinguish retrograde energies too well—I think I mostly just internalize things a lot throughout my life. But I’m trying to pay more attention now to see what types of effects individual transits have. I liked what you said about Uranus and how it impacts us natal Rxers first internally and then we explode into outer rebellion—pretty accurate in my case! :-)

  16. lea Says:

    Hi, Uranus has just this month entered my 6th House (it will retrograde out again later this year for a few months).
    I have been having Pluto conjunct Sun (Sun rules my MC) and Uranus square Sun for the last couple of years — I’m sort of feeling as though Uranus into my 6th is the icing on the cake on top of all the Pluto & Uranus influences on my work environment so far.
    I’ve pushed through all the problems in the last couple of years – but with Uranus now in my 6th, I’m more than ever feeling that I’ll move jobs (and move house to get a new job)
    Do you think the retrograde, with Uranus leaving my 6th and then re-entering the 6th is part of this explosion you’ve mentioned, and so once Uranus turns direct again, or once it moves back into my 6th again – then is more likely the time for action???

  17. Lynn Koiner Says:

    LEA (5-2014): It is impossible to make a prediction solely based upon Uranus R back and forth over a House cusp. This did nothing for me until Uranus aspects planets in my chart. Sorry that I cannot be more specific.

  18. tatiana.larina Says:

    Hello Lynn,

    I’m Aries Sun (12 deg) with Aries Asc (16 deg) so Uranus will be doing a little back and forth over my chart here. I’m thinking about some decisions (nothing life-changing, but important). Should I wait until Uranus turns direct in December or until it finally crosses my Asc, which won’t be until April next year? Now it’s nearing my Asc for the first time so of course I feel like I want to do it NOW.

  19. Elizabeth Says:

    Good afternoon,

    Next year, my brother has transit Uranus coming up to square his natal Moon/Venus conjunction. (They are in his 12th house.) At the moment of the square, Uranus will station. Does this stationing on the exact aspect make the effects of the square that much stronger?


    P.S. I believe he and his wife will start their divorce at this time. Transit Pluto will be within six degrees of conjuncting his Moon/Venus and three degree of squaring his progressed ascendant and Saturn is returning to its natal position.

  20. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ELIZABETH (6-2014): Yes, a station on the exact degree is the more potent time of a transit. But, 6 degrees from exact does not count.

    You are probably right, Uranus/Moon-Venus can bring a divorce but, in the mental Houses, it causes mental stress and, to the 12th House, it causes insomnia.

  21. Jamie Says:

    Hi Lynn

    I saw your comments about beginning Neptune and beginning Saturn in natal charts, just wondering if you have any thoughts on beginning Uranus. My natal Uranus is at 1 degree Capricorn in the 1st house.



  22. Lynn Koiner Says:

    The complete material on B&E Planets is under Publications on my homepage.

    BEGINNING URANUS: With a Beginning Uranus, the individual needs to learn how to use intuition and to trust creative flashes. They must come to terms with the fact that they are different and not like other members of their family.

    I often refer to the Beginning Uranus person as “the first horse to cross the creek.” Having ridden horses for many years, I know that, when a group of horses stall at a creek, the others will follow if you can get just one horse to cross the creek first.

    But, being the first to initiate some new trend, philosophy or activity, there is a sense of being alone, isolated and different. Especially if Uranus is Retrograde, these people often do not realize how weird they are. They may not be aware of their pioneering qualities – they may want to be like others, to fit in but they are just different.

    These people begin new cycles by spontaneously bringing in the new and the new is indicated by Uranus’ sign. For example, Uranus in Gemini brings in new ideas and new modes of learning and education, and cultivates new communication skills. Uranus in Cancer brings in the New — the “New” that changes and challenges traditions, alternative techniques in healing, the environment, and the quality of family life.

    ✮ One woman described herself as the first hippie in school.

    ✮ A friend with Uranus at 1̊ Cancer said that he was convinced that he was switched at birth because he had so little in common with his family.

  23. Gwyn Says:

    I have sun at 16 and saturn at 15 degrees of Aries (7th house) and am feeling a great sense of apprehension. Is this psychosomatic,perhaps, knowing that uranus is meant to reflect such feelings. The thought if it hovering back and forth for the next eighteen months is, frankly, doing my head in. I’ve had the most difficult year, getting tantalisingly close to book deals, then nothing.

    My marriage is relatively happy, although, after fifteen yeas or so, more fraternal than ever I.e. No sex! That in itself doesn’t bother me that much, there arre more important things. Nonetheless, I wonder what the seventh house transit will bring.

  24. Steve Says:

    I have an Aries Moon at 13 degrees and for the past 2 years I’ve been acting more impulsive than usual. I mean, I’m already quite impulsive considering I’m a lunar Aries, but I feel that this “impulsiveness” is amplified by 2x…if that makes any sense.

    For instance, I get more impatient, I get ticked off by every little thing, I lash out at people, I scream for no reason, and I get urges to do crazy things like masturbating in public. I noticed that I’m having severe mood swings as well—literally going from extremely happy to extremely angry. Idk, I just feel messed up.

    Does this have anything to do with Uranus conjuncting my Aries Moon? It’s weird because I’m also more quirky and rebellious than usual. Many of my friends had even said that I’ve changed, LOL.

  25. Lynn Koiner Says:

    STEVE (7-2014): First, we do not need to hear about your urges. Second, you posted under the wrong article – as many do so it is OK. I have an article on Uranus Transits.

    But, Uranus speeds up the frequency of the current running through the Nadis of the etheric body causing people to become overstimulated and agitated – and like you describe.

    Uranus wants you to change some aspect of your life and the over stimulation will continue until you make those changes – or end up in jail for doing something in public that you should not be doing.

    I cannot say what that change should be but, once made, I find that I calm right down.

    Also, read the information on The Cardinal Cross the Health. I found that Seriphos taken at night really helped me and my adrenals. Of course, I always caution people to consult their health pratitioner or someone who does muscle testing to be sure that any of the products will work for you

  26. Anna Says:

    I have natal Uranus square sun and currently same aspect by transit. Am I likely to get hit by a double whammy during the retrograde? I am taurus rising and uranus is transiting my 12th house. (natal uranus in 5th house, sun in 3rd house). I’m facing terrible restlessness and difficulties in relationships and marriage. … I am trying to stay put until the retrograde is over to have ‘that talk’. I’m afraid of being too hasty but I wonder if the retrograde is a better time to lay it all out on the table?

  27. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ANNA (7-2014): First, I have an article on Uranus transits on this website. I would read this.

    Next, Uranus in the 12th causes insomnia but an over-stimulation of the adrenals. Seriphos taken at bedtime can help with this. It takes one hour to kick in and it helps the body produce Seratonin…much better than 5-HTP.

    R or D – no difference. Uranus makes you miserable until you make the changes in your life. Once done, Uranus leaves you alone.

    The big problem with the transit to your Sun is that everything is in the Cadent Houses. This keeps you THINKING about and not DOING. This only prolongs the transit.

  28. Ananda Says:

    I have Uranus Direct in Scorpio 21.55 in the IV house, Scorpio in the IV house 19.13, UranusSquare Ascendant(Leo) 3.44 -11, and Uranus OppositionMidheaven(taurus) 2.41 -42. I have Aquarius in the VII House 25.38. I was wondering what I can expect with the current Uranus in Aries Retrograde.
    I can’t seem to figure out what House Uranus is currently occupying in my chart and how it is currently aspected.

  29. Kady Says:

    I was born with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all retrograde.

    Is it less of a harsh aspect when you are experiencing a retrograde planet when you were born at a time when that planet is retrograde?

    FROM LYNN: I am periodically asked that question but I have made no observations on this. Uranus is retrograde for almost half of the year so, if there are differences, they are not apparent. I have 2 articles on natal Retrogrades (one is a brief handout - one detailed). Uranus R functions better so, possibly when it is transiting R, it is easier to access the intuitive flashes and to be more mentally creative. If one is having a difficult Uranus transit (see article on Uranus Transits on my website), the tension will continue until the individual makes the necessary change. Once the change is made, everything seems to calm down. Of course, some changes are not easy and there is a residue but there can be an inner calm once the correct decision is made. Remember, Uranus R is where we bottle up, bottle up and then explode so this is the natural way for Uranus R and it may happen more suitably during the R period. Thank you for clarifying your question. When people post house cusps and where their Sun and Moon are, I have no clue what is in the chart. ~ Lynn
  30. Laura Says:

    My husband has natal Uranus in the 12th at 20 deg retrograde trine Saturn in 8th (16 deg). Today Uranus went retrograde in his 6th, opposite natal Uranus and sextile Saturn. Does this explain the early morning phone call today about a piece of property he wanted, lost and is now suddenly available again? If so, where should I look in his chart for more info moving forward?

  31. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ANANDA (7-2014): First, I never consider a natal planet in opposition to the MC – your Uranus is in the 4th House period. What this means — and you can check for an interpretation in any good interpretation book – is that you are not suited to a traditional domestic life.

    Because you grew up in an unstable environment, you are not accustomed to a stable life — travel, movement, and any non-traditional family unit will bring more security for you. When you try for the “white picket fence” home life, it will always be fraught with chaos, since Uranus must express itself in some way.

    I would not consider the square to the Ascendant. When you have been looking at charts for over 50 years, you will know what is and is no important.

    You do have a lot of Earth and Earth likes the security of fixed routines which will always be at variance to the need for variety and change in the home life. But, Uranus is well aspected to Virgo so you can find a compromise. This could mean a stable place to “hang your hat” but you travel a lot. If this was the 1960s, I would tell you to join a commune but get a stable job. Saturn in late degrees should always be either self-employed or in charge since you do not trust authority or “the system.”

    Uranus has just started transiting your 9th House but it is not making any transits to personal planets so it will not be influencing your life for a long time. I would advise that you read my Neptune transit article and take Clematis as Neptune is opposing your Sun.

  32. Lynn Koiner Says:

    LAURA (7-2014): I am not sure if Uranus-Saturn is the trigger…look to progressions, transits to an eclipse that apsected your husband’s personal planets and possibly Mars as a trigger. Do use progressed-to-progressed and not just progressed-to-natal. These are more date specific.

  33. Joan Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for kindly answering questions. Currently transiting retro Uranus is on my progressed Mars at 15 degrees Aries in the 6th. I’ve been having health problems since Uranus moved into my 6th (chronic tinnitus started for one) but with it on my progressed Mars I’ve had terrible insomnia, skin problems (rashes, acne, etc). It’s going to be going back and forth over that point for a while with the retro then direct, do you have any recommendations – the insomnia is really bad. Also, looking to the future what do you think are the effects of Uranus moving over the 7th house cusp? I have a stable relationship but I’ve heard it can cause serious problems, perhaps I worry too much. My natal Uranus is 6 degrees Leo in the 10th squaring natal Neptune 0 deg Scorpio and Mercury 11 deg Scorpio, both in the 1st. Thanks so much for your advice.

  34. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JOAN (9-2014): Like other posters, this should be asked under the Medical Forum on my homepage. So, I will just make a quick list…

    Uranus-Mars in Aries stresses the Ardenals with an over-production of Cortisol. While I strongly suggest a hormone saliva test for this, Seriphos really helps calm the adrenals, especially at night when the cortisol levels are naturally higher. Seriphos should be taken at night and it produces Seratonin. Actually, an endocrinologist is helpful.
    This ca help with insomnia as well.

    Tinnitus has many causes — under-active thyroid, lymphatic issues (manual lymph massage helps) – castor oil drop in the ear also help with lymph problems affecting the ear.

    There can be a deficiency in CoQ10 – many people are deficient in this and you need at least 100 mgs.

    A good endocrinoligist can help but I would address the endocrine system first and foremost.

    Uranus transiting the 7th does not always produce relationship issues, especially if the relationships are good. THis did not happen for me but I got involved in activism to help local farmers, including my dad.
    Uranus in the 7th brings changes through others.

    Skin issues can be caused by Leaky Gut (read Dr. John Pagana), an acidic diet (Kali Sulphate helps – but this must be taken without any food as it is homeopathic) or too much Cortisol.

  35. Klio Says:

    Hi, first of all many thanks for the page, many things are explained in detail, and can be useful for everyone. I have read in some Greek sites – I come from Greece – that when Uranus is at your 7th house this has an impact on all kind of relationships. Lifeless relationships come to an end. However I have also read that when those changes take place when Uranus is retrograte do not last and we usally return to those relationships. Is that true? By the way I am born on the 22nd October 1978, at 17.15 universal time +2. My horoscope is Aries. Thanks in advance for any advice provided.

  36. Lynn Koiner Says:

    KLIO (9-2014): Yes, Uranus in the 7th will bring changes that are initiated by others or the needs of others. Only under the “hard” aspects will a bad relationship end. The good aspects bring stimulating relationships that help you to change and take risks.

    As I said above, I was drawn to working as a local activist to save local farmers — even under the bad aspects, I was very successful so do not be discouraged by difficult transits.

    No, that someone will return under the R is not true. Does anyone read what I say??? Uranus is more rebellious when R and more inclined to make the necessary changes.

    BUT, it does not have to be a difficult time – it can be an exciting time when you do things that you never before thought possible.

    Yes, people in bad relationships will find those relationships ending – probably due to the action of the other person.

  37. Sandra Says:

    I have transit uranus 11th house square transit pluto in eighth house. Transiting pluto conjunct my vertex, transiting pluto opposite Mars and uranus in cancer exact in second house and Uranus conjunct natal Jupiter in eleventh house opposite Neptune in fifth. There is not much information on transits conjunct vertex.

  38. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SANDRA (11-2014): Please read my article on the Vertex. I do not consider transits to the Vertex very important but the article may give you clues — qualities to be cultivated due to the demand of others or events. Capricorn is about being responsible, fulfilling commitments and the Cardinals are about priorities — only doing what you absolutely HAVE TO DO and nothing more.

  39. Terra Says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Uranus will soon be opposing lots of my and my family’s planets/angles.
    I have my moon at 14 libra, pluto at 20 libra and ascendant at 24 libra.
    My husband has pluto at 4 libra, sun at 12 libra and uranus at 22 libra. To add to all this our daughter has her moon at 19 libra.
    I’m half excited, half freaking out. Any chance this could manifest as a new baby in our family? We’ve had a hard time conceiving a second child.
    Thanks so much for taking my question. I’ve just started studying astrology in the last year and would appreciate any insights you have about what uranus could mean for our family in the next few years.

  40. Lynn Koiner Says:

    TERRA (9-2015): Uranus is transiting 16-17-18-19-20 degrees so it is passed your Moon and it will cross into your 7th House. I have had this transit when Uranus was in Pisces. 7th House changes come through other people and our reacting to their needs and emergencies.

    Uranus has long passed your husband’s Pluto and Sun. It will oppose your daughter’s Moon this year. Since I do not know your family charts, I can only make generalizations. What will happen depends upon her age.
    So, there will be many changes that impact the family.

    However, Uranus aspecting Pluto is a generational aspect and it does not work at a personal level. It brought changes in my environment with redevelopment and higher taxes.

  41. Bruce Says:

    I currently have transiting retrograde Uranus conjuncting my natal 4th house Jupiter and Venus (Venus 17d Aries, Jupiter 19d Aries). I have no exciting love life to mention (yet lol). My mother is a hostile person and unfortunately at this time in regards to my home. I am however receiving ‘promising’ news about my art work via a very active internet activity. I create my artwork from my home.

    My chart ruler is Jupiter (Sag) and makes a trine to my natal Venus and Jupiter and Leo Moon in the Eighth. I’m born in 1964.

    Any thoughts as to what more may happen here?

    Thank you for your excellent article!

  42. Bodhi Says:

    I have natal Uranus in Scopio 4th at 3 deg along with Pluto in Libra 4th at 9 deg. Transiting Uranus is in my 10th house and transiting Pluto is directly opposite my Cancer 13 deg ascendant in Capricorn 7th house (descendant). It’s like they’re bouncing off each other and I’m constantly losing my job and then, not being able to make the rent, losing my apartment. Like over and over and over…I have no safety nets. My main question is: What the heck does this chart want from me? Like how do I satisfy a planetary squeeze like this from both Uranus and Pluto? I have no way of starting my own business because my credit was completely demolished by student loans hitting collections (so Aries 10th house is out of the question for that transiting Uranus). I owe so much money it makes me dizzy. I can’t even rent a car let alone qualify for a small business loan. The Uranus transit in my 10th house seems to circle around to my cancer ascendant through Pluto in Capricorn to the 7th house to my natal Pluto in Libra to the 4th house along with Uranus in my 4th house under Scorpio loss. So the Cancer Ascendant is the ultimate destination for all of it. But I’m not sure how I’m suppose to transform that when it keeps getting ripped out from under me? Feels like I’m a human punching bag (metaphorically). I’ve become calm in total chaos but, like, what now? Since I pretty much don’t have anything left, is a change in physical appearance what it wants? Maybe my actual death? It looks important but I can’t figure it out…

  43. Ava Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Great post. I have Ascendant at 16’34 Libra and I just checked and Uranus is EXACTLY at 16’34 Aries right now. I feel like I’m going crazy because nothing makes sense to me whatsoever, which is why I googled this transit and your page popped up. Obviously this is a big one for me but I have not a clue what it “means.” When Uranus was moving forward into my 7th house before, I was attracting new romantic partners (and yes, some bizarre/completely new-to-me situations) but haven’t had any new ones since he went retro. I am wondering if that will start up again.

    I was born with Uranus retrograde in Sag 2nd house and can vouch for what you described with the “building up”/processing and then sudden bursts of what seem like totally irrational or out-of-the-blue rebellion to others, but they don’t see how much I’ve been keeping a lid on what’s been brewing under the surface all that time. Also having Pluto first house (also retrograde) might have something to do with that too.

    It certainly seems significant that this is happening RIGHT on my ASC-DSC axis on the Xmas full moon and I am very much disliking this feeling that I mentally have ZERO clue about anything at all in my life and mostly just a constant feeling of dissatisfaction and angst and not knowing what to change or how to make it better. Mars is currently conjunct my Pluto and Chiron has been hovering over my Venus for some time now (heavily Venus-dominant chart). Woof. Any thoughts you have about Uranus stationing opposite ASC are greatly appreciated!

  44. Lynn Koiner Says:

    AVA (12-2015): First, you are looking at an article on transiting Uranus R. Next, you can find information on natal Uranus R in the article on natal retrogrades, even the House position.

    Next, you need to read the Uranus Transit article. However, I never consider a planet “opposing the Ascendant.” To me, it is always conjunct the Descendant. It is rare to experience something when the planet is exact on an angle. Usually, more birth time need to be rectified, even slightly. The influence of Uranus usually is experienced for an entire year, all while it is at 16 degrees.
    When Uranus crossed my 7th cusp, nothing happened until it aspected a natal planet, which was the following year.

    Any planet going through the 7th House will bring changes through other people or to other people and their changes impact you. I got involved in local politics because of a situation impacting my dad.

    There must be other transits occurring that are triggering these feeling. ZERO sounds like Neptune. Read the Uranus transit article first.

  45. Andrew Says:

    Question I was born with Uranus in my 7th house square my Moon.I find I tend to be attracted to women from other countries and long distance relationships. As soon as the situation gets stale or normal, I find some reason to break it off. I broke off an engagement when Uranus crossed my ascendent in 2012. Right now Uranus is sextile my Sun, and I feel restless. I just had a bad break up with a woman when Saturn opposed my Venus/Saturn conjunction in my second house. I’m wondering what this retro Uranus will bring for me? June 11 1971 2am Glasgow,UK

  46. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ANDREW (3-2016): There must be something wrong with your time because Uranus crossed your ASC in 2010. And, Uranus was sextile your Sun in 2015 and it only lasts through March 2016 — then it is over. Of course, when people give me a 2am time, I figure that it is not exact.

    Look at the condition of your poor Venus – there is a deep rooted fear of commitment. There is another aspect in this chart to Venus that causes a fear that, when people get too close, they will criticize, try to change you or tell you what to do.

    I rarely find people with Uranus in the 7th having a normal relationship so find an abnormal one. I say this because I have Venus conjunct Saturn but Uranus is with the Moon and Mars in Gemini. I am committed as long as it does not lead to marriage.

    You need a relationship with someone who manifests Uranus in their career – someone who works for an airline, travels a lot or live in a his and her duplex. I have been in a relationship with someone who either works hard or plays golf…and he lives 20 minutes away.

    Uranus is R half of the year so I regard it as insignificant on the most part. So, since Uranus is not doing anything in your chart this year, I cannot see it doing anything specifically. I would be more concerned about those progressed Mercury afflictions during the first half of 2016 (P Mercury is triggered 6 months before exact).

  47. John Says:

    I have Uranus retro in my ASC Leo, trine my transit Uranus retro in Aries 24degree? What to expect?

  48. Lynn Koiner Says:

    JOHN (6-2016): John, it is impossible to analyze a simple Uranus trine Uranus aspect without seeing the entire chart — and I cannot do this. If in the 9th, it could portend distant travel or new educational studies, in tune with Aries. This will not happen until 2017. Much depends upon what other transits and progressions are occurring at the time.

    You need to read the article on Uranus Transits. This article is about Uranus R.

  49. Melinda Says:

    Hi Lynn, thank you for your help and your article. Uranus is slowing down exact on my moon at 24 degrees Aries in my 3rd house (conjunct IC). My natal moon is also conjunct natal Saturn 19 degrees. I have read countless articles and meditated on these changes. I have been highly sensitive and reactionary, have adrenal fatigue, and heart palpitations for the past 2-3 months. I am literally coming out of my skin and making demands for change in my relationship with my partner of 5 years (better communication, nurturing and support). Can you please give me your interpretation of what I need to address and change? I would greatly appreciate your insight as I’m looking at the Uranus R beginning soon for 6-months and then another few months D as it dances between my natal moon & Saturn and back again. I want to surrender & becomr wise as I have already seen this transit’s effects on my health. Please help! Thank you in advance ever so much!

  50. Lynn Koiner Says:

    MELINDA (7-2016): First, you need to read the article on Uranus transits on this website. Uranus R is not very significant. It is impossible to give a detailed analysis of a stand-alone aspect – T Uranus crossing your Moon.

    T Uranus has passed your Saturn so this is not active now. Uranus does not return to 19 Aries again. But, it does indicate a trend or cycle stimulating change.

    Sensitivity comes from a highly charged electro-magnetic field, stimulation of the nadis, the etheric counterpart of the nervous system. Stay away from caffeine if you are feeling wired. This is not permanent but especially this summer.

    Uranus seeks to break up old patterns out of which you have outgrown. With Saturn, it is responsibilities and commitments.

    You need to see from what House Uranus is coming and this can be an indicator of the change areas.

    When Saturn is conjunct the Moon, (for you) around the age of 5, you felt weened emotionally and learned to assume responsibilities for others – say, another sibling is born, mom goes to work and you assume responsibilities. You come to feel that, before you can be happy, others must be happy — and they are never happy when depending upon you. Uranus wants you to break up this pattern, maybe even move away from your biological family, if you have not done so already.

  51. SagMoon Says:

    Hi Lynn,
    When transit Uranus goes retrograde on 7/29/16 it will be in my 5th house. What things should I focus more on in regards to this house placement – positive and negative? I have to say now that transit Uranus has left my 4th house I couldn’t be happier. Uranus transit the 4th house was so hard and painful so I’ve been hoping for much better times now that Uranus is in the 5th house.

  52. Adam Harris Says:


    my Uranus is in my 6th House in Virgo..any thoughts.please as to how the retrograde will effect me? Thanks
  53. Adam Harris Says:

    my Uranus is in 14 Degrees Virgo

  54. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ADAM (7-2016): Uranus is Retrograde for half the year and every year. If Uranus does not aspect anything in your chart, it will not do anything (see answer #1). If it makes an aspect to a natal planet, then the Uranian energy comes from the 6th House – usually work.

  55. Nancy Says:

    I’m a rising Libra (ascendent) and have had Uranus in my 7th house now for a while. The story is I was dating someone who had his moon in Aries which was conjunct my transiting Uranus.. I was very attracted to him and he was to me. But he was unpredictable and made me feel these very deep feelings almost toying with my emotions. When I started to play games with him it was like he started to like me even more. The more strict I got he would like me more.

    Besides that now. I broke it off with him a few months ago and now he keeps popping in my mind not everyday but ever so often. Its painful just thinking about it. Its so painful that I don’t even want to see anyone else. I’ve tried to go on dates and see other people but I just don’t want any of them.

    Now that Uranus is retrograding I am now starting to have flash backs of what happened, the first time we met and all the magical things that happened when we were together.

    I really hope I get over this and hope that Uranus retrograde doesn’t make this worse. I am wondering if Uranus is similar to Mercury retrograde when old people from our past resurface… I just feel like there was no closure and wondering if the cosmos will bring us back together to resolve these loose strings..

  56. Lynn Koiner Says:

    NANCY (7-2016): First, if you have to play games to keep a relationship stimulated, it is not real and cannot go for the long term.

    I was in a Uranian relationship years ago. For him, the games were stimulating but they cannot be sustained. I was not really myself but it was fun. He always looked for a new relationship so that he could “tell his story anew.” Once it got old for anyone he dated, he moved on.

    T Uranus in the 7th brings changes into our lives due to someone else. To protect my dad and the local farmers market, I was galvanized into political action.

    Uranus R never works like Mercury R. It is Retrograde for half of the year — EVERY YEAR. Even the description of Uranus R does not sound like Mercury.

    It actually sound more like Neptune interacting in your charts since it is very difficult to move away from the other’s energy field when the relationship ends.

  57. Sara Says:

    Hi, Lynn -

    2,000 hits a day? Wow! People must be feeling the ‘squeeze’.

    I have Uranus Rx in my 10th House (Gemini) and now Uranus in my 8th (Aries) going RX on me.

    I read this advice in the newspaper astrology column:

    ‘Outbursts of invention, emotion and brilliance erupt, with Uranus retrograde. Prepare a creative project for launch after five months, when it (Uranus) goes direct. Plan the steps to get there.’

    Well, I thought that was good advice, as I am working on two novels and want to get them completed. But I do want to make sure they are as good as possible, so that people will like them and buy them. My first novel in 2013 was a bit awkward but I got it done and I just went from there.

    Just posting this to let you know that not everyone is having issues!!!

  58. Sara Says:

    Oops! Sorry, forgot my 8th (Aries) is intercepted and Uranus Rx is in my 9th (Aries into Taurus). My bad.

    Even so, I think the energy I’m getting from this is going to be good.

  59. Angie Says:

    Hi Lynn, I am at such a stand still right now. I am graduating soon from college and I was preparing myself to take a few personal classes, your medi astrology program was on the top of my list. I have been going all over with my mother, she is going through a Uranus opposite Saturn transit, with a few other things (Virgo rising, Aquarius nn). We just found out she has a suspicious growth in her breast. Her birthday is 7/28/53. I am so stumped I always go to the stars for answers I am still learning but the first person I thought to ask was you, since I’ve followed you and will become a prospective student. I feel I am loosing it, December is graduation and mom gets diagnosed with C 3 months prior. I am a vegetarian, she has basically followed my diet as I prepare things for her mostly. I am pretty health conscious. She is very active, I keep thinkingthis has an emotional origin, I believe the last time this transit happened or something mars/Saturn/ Uranus themed was 1984 when shegot married to my father and had my brother in November, he is a Scorpio and his birth was through cesarean section. All of the stories I’ve heard about him and his temperamental attitude when she breastfeed him keeps coming to mind. I was born (3/27) 4 years later a premmy and she didn’t lactate at all. My parents seperated in 1990 and divorced shortly after. She hasn’t been in a relationship since, most of her life was centered around us and her students( teacher for 30 years) until she retired with disability 2005 suffering an aneurysm. We relocated to a new state monthslater after a national disaster. She has recovered physically but I don’t know about her internal state…. She always expresses strength and resilience. My father and maternal grandmother passed 2 years apart 2009/2011. I know these things have hit her emotionally… Being a Leo sheis always looking at the bright Side. Even with the diagnosis she isn’t affected but I’m losing it. Can you offer some clarity Lynn? Please I am willing to have a consultation… Anything

  60. Angie Says:

    I guess what I can add relating to the Uranus Saturn opposition is she wants to do alternative treatments not traditional.

  61. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ANGIE (8-2016): Very little can be revealed with just a birth date and I do not read charts here. There are many causes of beast cancer but it is often a Heart Chakra issue – losses, taking emotions to heart.

    With a Cardinal affliction transit-wise, Uranus/Saturn, it is due to high inflammation levels (cortisol). Usually, such growth are due to congestion in the lymph (Mutables-Water signs-Moon-Neptune). With high inflammation levels, the grow can become cancerous. Look in one of my Common Cures here about cancer.

    If it is not cancerous, pregnenolone from the health food store will remove it in about 3 months — BUT NOT CANCER.

  62. Abuchi Says:

    Does the Uranus retrogade has to do with nightmares and setbacks? pls I need an answer.

  63. Lynn Koiner Says:

    ABUCHI (9-2016): Uranus R half of the year so it does not count. Aspects to the 12th House or the 8th and 4th can do this too. Or, healthwise, high Cortisol levels at night.
    If this is the case, Enerphos (2) at night will help.

  64. FS Says:

    Libra rising here – Can’t wait for Uranus to get out of my 7th house. It’s been an absolute nightmare – add to it the square to Pluto it was really depressing!

    A bit less than 1 year and 7 months to go (yes I am counting months seriously!!! and I ll pop the champagne when it’s gone too)

    What an atrocious set of transits.


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