REGULUS ENTERS VIRGO & Occupy Wall Street Movement

According to Solar Fire, Regulus entered Virgo by precession on 9/16/11.

Didn’t Occupy Wall Street begin around then? Indeed, OWS began on September 17!

Thanks to Tamara

This started at 3pm at Chase Manhattan Plaza (NYC) and 12pm at Bowling Green Park in New York on September 17 2011


This is a totally overlooked article on Mars Retrograde that is on my website. I do not seem to be able to put it on Featured Articles, on the Homepage, but this is the link. I updated the article to include personal experiences in the last Mars R. I need to add world events…but later…Lynn Koiner

ATTETNION: This excellent article by Michael Lutin is a MUST READ
— you need to cut and paste this link into your browser. I do not know how to make it live.

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