ASTROLOGY – Dr. Joyce Brother Dies

I looked up her brith data on AstroDataBank: October 20 1928 – 6:21pm – New York, NY
A link for the chart is below but you have to paste this in your browser to see it.

“Dr. Joyce Brothers, On-Air Psychologist Who Made TV House Calls, Dies at 85’

Its interesting how she became famous

She was discovered on a quiz show trying to win $64,000, decades back, and her expertise was on male boxing. This was in 1955, and today that amount would be worth over $500,000

She pretty, blonde and blue eyed and a Psychologist with a PhD. This was at a time the women’s movement in the U.S.A. was at a snail’s pace; 50’s-60’s

And women were not suppose to be in the work place. Just waiting to get married, having babies, and staying home.

It made her a perfect candidate for TV shows galore as she really stood out with her looks, and intelligence.

That is what you get with Taurus rising and Sun in Libra

Chart is here.

John Somoza
New York, NY

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