CAYLEE ANTHONY MURDER TRIAL – birth data for Casey Anthony & Family

Casey Marie Anthony
March 19, 1986
Warren, Ohio
Another dear friend, Diana Rosenberg, sent me a birth time that she has for Casey Anthony. She said that it came from and it cannot be verified.
Interesting, this chart has Transpluto on the Ascendant, denoting a critical, perfectionistic home environment. A reporter who lived with the Anthonys after Casey was released from jail a couple of years ago said that the Anthonys were very critical, unaccepting and judgmental parents.
Casey Anthony: March 19 1986; 3:10pm; Warren Ohio

Caylee Marie Anthony
August 9, 2005 7:14 a.m. EDT
Orlando, Florida
(This was timed from a wall hanging displaying the baby’s birth info as was seen in Caylee’s bedroom during a TV interview)

Cindy Marie Anthony (Casey’s mother)
June 5, 1958 Time Unknown EDT
Warren, Ohio

George Anthony (Casey’s father)
September 5, 1951 Time Unknown EDT
Warren, Ohio

Lee Anthony (Casey’s brother)
November 20, 1982 Time Unknown EST
Warren, Ohio

(All of the above were living in the home when Caylee disappeared).

Caylee’s Estimated Death
June 16, 2008 Time Unknown EDT
Orlando, Florida

Cindy’s Last 911 Call reporting Caylee missing
July 15, 2008 Time Unknown EDT
Orlando, Florida

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