ERIS – Lecture Notes 2013 – Transiting Uranus crosses Eris



I am an empirical researcher. I rely upon personal observations.

First, I calculate my life time aspects from a new object. I observe what they did in my life and I observed the theme of the events.

Since the Eris position in most charts is going to be very much the same in the charts of everyone my age, I initially observed the transit of Eris to my natal planets. This takes a 5-year period so I did not look for one specific event but rather a theme of events that occurred over a 5-year period.

I absolutely NEVER take the myth and twist an interpretation of the myth into the events that occur when Eris transits the natal planets. There are astrologers who published papers on an interpretation of Eris immediately after it was discovered and the ephemeris was published. It is impossible to make such observations in a single day!

Richard Tarnas (Psyche & Cosmos) states that the myths for the planets stop working well after Saturn. I totally agree with his statement.

After I make my observations and determine a theme, only then do I look at the myth to see what parts of the myth can apply to the Object. Yes, some work very well, such as Chiron. But, as an astrologer and not a philosopher or mythologist, I prefer empirical observation.

Our Consciousness needs to resonate to the new energies of the new Object. When an Object is discovered, it is because enough of people on the planet are now and have been resonating to the new energies that the Object brings in.


Planets or Objects that take 4+ years to complete an aspect to a natal planet are Objects of Transformation.
The Classifications are:
1) Lights – Sun & Moon
2) Personal – Mercury-Venus-Mars
3) Social – Jupiter & Saturn
4) Transpersonal – Uranus-Neptune-Pluto (Transpersonal can only be the higher octave of Personal Planets)
5) Transformational Objects – Transpluto & Eris & many of the newly discovered Centaurs.

• Transpluto, now shifting into Virgo after being in Leo since the late 1930s, ruled Transformation through Integration at the Personal Level. Integration means putting all of our parts back together in the way that WE want to be, not what or who others want us to be – Transpluto and even Pluto in Leo sought approval from without.

• When we discover a new Object as we near 2100, it will rule Libra as an Object of Social Integration – until we are whole ourselves, we cannot be whole as a society. Once we achieve personal integration, the ruler of Libra will be detected.

NOTE: Detected does not mean photographed but observed in human behavior or through other observational means, since Transpluto has not been photographed, yet detected by Theodore Landscheidt in the 1960s and early 1970s, when his ephemeris was first published by the AFA.

IMPORTANT ADDENDUM: On October 1 2010, I read a post from Mark Holmes regarding Eris. He is the host of

While his wording is different from my own, it fits extremely well with my interpretation of Eris.
Mark stated: Eris requires understanding, adaptation and compromise to avoid clashes of ego.

I responded: I have observed this planet as fundamentally a benefic but only recently I have seen its involvement with health issues and, in 2012, the passing of a fellow astrologer who could no longer see a light at the end of her tunnel – Solar Arc Eris crossed her Ascendant at the time of death. This is rare.

When people are too afraid to adapt, are too rigid to understand or are unwilling to make a compromise in their life, they can become ill.

An astrologer from Sweden who took my classes in the 1980s made an excellent observation regarding his natal Eris (7th House)-Mercury (1st House) opposition. He said that often people confront him with unusual observations and ideas. It is a jolt to his reasoning until he really starts to think about their concepts. Then, he realizes that their observation is a truth for him and he absorbs the new idea into his own thinking.

Even when you read my original article, the transits involved a process of adapting to challenges in our lives. Eris only has negative ramifications when we cannot compromise or adapt to the new.

Currently, Eris has been squaring my 11th House Saturn from the 8th House.

• After the death of my mother, I became more involved with my father’s finances as these will ultimately impact my own life.
• I am learning a new type of responsibility – nothing unusual but very new for me.

Concurrently, Eris is trining my 12th House Mercury.
• I am learning new forms of communication and these have been very stressful – all involving the internet, PowerPoint and teaching.
• This has recently been activated by a Progressed New Moon in Scorpio in my 3rd House.

Because these new planets and the centaurs take such a long time to move even through a specific degree, they often represent a Psychological Process in our lives and the events that trigger that Process.

I wrote about this (Quaoar, Sedna,Cruithne) in an article that appears at or my own website.

For many years, I have made observations of these distant objects – Quaoar, Sedna, Cruithne and Transpluto.

My observation is that all of them, regardless of size, represent a Process of Change in our lives. It is the long-term transits of these remote objects that trigger the process of change.

Even with the 4th Harmonic aspects (conjunction-square-opposition), Eris acts as a benefic if you are willing to grow and learn and integrate the lessons acquired.

It may be because Eris entered the challenging and pioneering sign of Aries in February 1926 that this planet works in a manner – a manner by which we are confronted with that which is totally new. These new experiences become integrated into our consciousness and we are no longer the same — some component of our personality becomes morphed over a period of time.

People born with a Eris-Mercury conjunction often bring through new ideas and concepts. It takes humanity awhile to catch on. Right now, I only remember Hugh Hefner but there are many others.


1) From June 1959 through early 1966, Eris sextiled my 10th House Moon – this was a growth cycle in trying new things. This period was highlighted by new schools. This tested my development of social adaptability, a Moon function. I learned unprecedented socialization.

2) Eris sextiled my Uranus from September 1989 through early 1995 – I tried very new things and, in the process, lost a lot of weight.
I traveled to Europe but, during this period, I did not know how to get around these countries as well as I do now. It was very stressful learning how to travel on my own.
During this process, I was learning to become a truly Free Spirit.

3) From early 2002 through 2009, Eris is squaring my Saturn and I am learning something very new B responsibilities, very big responsibilities, at least for me. This started when my mother died in late February 2002 (Quaoar opposition to Moon – painful transformation that ultimately empowers) and I started assuming her responsibilities with my dad and other financial issues. It has not been easy.


In observing outer planet transits to Eris, while many people experience the same transit because this planet moves so slowly, it has a very similar impact B exploring the new and then changing from within.

1) In September 2003, there was a very short transit with Saturn exactly squaring Eris, my only observation was that I needed to define boundaries. But, in a subsequent opposition, I felt a betrayal on the part of people in authority.

2) In 1990, the transiting Uranus in Capricorn squared Eris. This was a year in which my life began to totally transform. I traveled to Europe twice that year to witness the changes in Germany and Eastern Europe. This ultimately triggered an internal journey whereby I lost 125 pounds. Of course, there were other astrological influences occurring but this date marked an energetic shift that thrust me onto a path towards self-actualization.
Interestingly, Eris began sextiling my natal Uranus at the same time. This double influence may have been why I was catapulted into a new life and new way of being.

3) In 2000 through 2001, Neptune sextiled Eris. There was a very positive new experience connected with the influence of Neptune to Eris. In the autumn of 2000, I had incredible experiences during my trip to Europe. I vowed to myself then that, if an opportunity to return to Central Europe occurred in the spring, I would give myself permission to just go without thought to the money. I discovered a conference in Belgrad on the Internet. There I met fantastic people who are still in my life now. I learned about Conjunction and other E-Lists B which was transformational!! It was a time whereby I allowed Spirit to direct me and I went with the flow – which turned out to be life altering.

4) From 1997 through 1998, Pluto trined Eris. This was a very difficult time, described more by Pluto transiting a square to my Sun-Juno.
If there was an insight that helped me to get through the ordeal, it was that I have the right to let go of a responsibility without seeing this as a Virgo Failure. This was a very hard-earned lesson for me. By October, I “let go” and no one saw me as a failure.
There was a change that occurred in October 1997 that was life-altering and transformed my entire self-image. I consider this a time a great bravery for me B yet it all seemed so easy at the time.

In the natal chart, it describes the impact of the new in our lives.
Aspects to natal planets indicate the impact of the new upon our personal attributes.
As I described earlier, one man has Eris opposing his 1st House Mercury. When exposed to new ideas that are very different from his own, he becomes very upset internally.
He agreed with my interpretation that he gets upset when confronted with very new ideas and he is forced to change or re-examine his opinions.

In synastry, I found a most interesting example. A friend has Mars in Aries in the 7th House and she describes her early relationships as being plagued by the misuse of Mars energy.
During a cycle when transiting Eris sextiled her 9th House Jupiter, she married a man whose Sun exactly conjuncted her 7th House position of Eris. This relationship exposed her to new and positive ways of using her 7th House Mars.

While visiting with a Czech friend, we discussed the influence of Eris in his life. We observed a reoccurring pattern B that interests begun in one cycle would return and become integrated into your consciousness in a future cycle. It facilitates new qualities and attributes that flower into a manifestation of our true inner nature.

To summarize:
• My friend with Eris in the 7th House learned new relationship patterns.
• My Czech friend says that Eris in his 5th House has facilitated change through taking risks.
• It is not just a change but a change that transforms who we are, allowing our core identity to grow, to flower and to morph into a new, integrated expression of ourselves.
• Another friend with Eris in the 5th conjunct Jupiter (opposing Saturn in Libra) only feels that she is able to overcome Saturn, take major risks and move to distant places when Eris aspects planets in her natal chart. In 2012, when Uranus crossed her Eris, she went to a Harry Potter convention and it was life-altering, affecting her risk-taking through travel to conferences to meet kindred spirits.


TRANSITING PLUTO & URANUS hit ERIS for those born in 1940s and 1950s:

The transiting Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn have been aspecting the Eris position for many people at this time.

I did not observe much with Pluto squaring Eris but I feel that the crises and frustrations those occurred with Pluto set the individual up for major changes when Uranus crossed Eris.

• I see Uranus in Aries crossing Eris as having the most powerful impact.
• I see that this aspect causes sudden, unexpected events that are very challenging
• Like all Cardinal signs, the events are very stressful but, if one makes the appropriate changes, the individual is transformed for the better.
• With the Hard Aspects from Uranus-Pluto, Eris does not seem like a benefic but its challenges allow us to transform our lives – and, therein, it is a benefic.
• The transformation bring out the Benefic effect.
• The health is only affected when the individual is too afraid to make the necessary changes.

I feel that Eris impacts our 1) career, 2) our relationship with parents and 3) our relationship with others.
Here are some example and experiences with Uranus crossing Eris in different Houses –

8th House of the Resources of Others: When this occurred in my chart, my father’s living area was burglarized. Nothing of mine was taken. This event allowed me to take over important financial decisions. I had security windows and doors installed for both of us and he just gave me his check book. This was very empowering for me and it was such a relief for him. He does not like making such decisions – he never has. He is now grateful. When he became depressed, I got his customers to come and support him. He felt so loved – it greatly touched his heart and he has not been depressed since that time.

5th House of Creativity & Psychology of the Personality/Inner Child: A friend attended her first Harry Potter convention at Universal Studios/Harry Potter World. She found kindred spirits who appreciated her costumes, who spoke the same language and people who really liked her. She said that she would never be the same. She wants to make choices that make her happy, to be with kindred spirits and to find friends who appreciate her.

10th House of Career/Business: A friend worked in the family business all of his working life. The uncle ran all of the business activities but no one knew what he was doing (no, he did not steal – just a control issue and no one could do it as well as he).

When Uranus crossed Eris in the 10th, the uncle (after a fall) developed blood and fluid on his brain. This has brought on a crisis in the company and the decision has been made to sell it. It will provide an opportunity for others to share and cooperate in running the business. For my friend, it is a chance for him to do what he wants with his life, instead of staying with the business to win the approval of his father/family – he is a Leo with the Sun in the 2nd House.

6th House of Health and Work: A woman suddenly lost her job but this is providing her an opportunity to do something that she really enjoys, an entirely new career.

Another woman whose health was suffering under an oppressive care-taking situation finally had the courage to end the care-taking relationship – and ship the mother-from-hell to Spain to be with her son!

Another woman also lost her job. Finally, after being unemployed for a very long time, she realized what she truly enjoyed – working with children. She opened a daycare center.

1st House of Change in Outlook: A friend wrote felt that there has been a major shift in her outlook about how she relates to others.

9th House & Publishing: I have 2 acquaintances with Uranus crossing their 9th House Eris. Amazingly, both have been suddenly drawn into publishing.

One is the daughter of the Father of UFOlogy. He passed away and now she is organizing his writings and publishing them on Amazon.

12th House Transformation: A woman started posting on the internet with people who shared a similar personal problem. This has been life-altering.

There is also a theme of getting in touch with one’s dreams but needing to wait. Sometimes this could mean waiting until Uranus transits over the Ascendant.

4th House & a Parental Transformation: A friend, whose father died, discovered many articles and writings about UFOs. He had no idea that his father was so interested in UFO phenomena. He also lost his job but he is ready for retirement. This is allowing him to pursue his creative projects, such as his father’s UFO materials, which he has never been able to do.

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