Esoteric Cancer

According to Bailey, Blavatsky and Edgar Cayce, the first human incarnations occurred in the sign of Cancer— the sign that represents the Cosmic Mother. Even today, very young souls— evolved in their own experience yet very young in their Earthly experience— incarnate into communes, tribal groups and with protective Soul Groups.

When these first incarnations in Earth took place, there was a group consciousness so that what was sensed or affected by one was sensed and affected by all. The origin of fear— fear that has no current-life basis of experience— is found in that original separation from the group at the individualization in Leo.

Each of us has retained qualities of this early experience. These lie dormant until we reincarnate on the evolutionary spiral upwards in the same sign of Cancer. Spiraling upwards, such qualities are heightened with a new awareness that results from all of our past experiences. We are no longer young Souls.

In the average Cancerian, this can manifest as mass consciousness, working through the solar plexus wherein the individual senses the moods and feelings of others. The House position of the Moon would indicate where we can tap into the moods of others most readily— our solar plexus is stimulated in the nature of the Moon’s House, sign and aspects. A well-aspected Moon would make an individual good in matters of business, sensing the wants of the public, or good at working with the emotions of others, such as a psychologist.

When Cancer enters the Spiritual Path, Neptune helps the individual to go beyond the solar plexus by dissolving the attachments symbolized by its House position. In “going beyond,” Cancer is able to tap into Cosmic or Universal Consciousness— the level of consciousness where all things are known. We are all aspects of the Absolute, the Ultimate Consciousness, so there it is only logical that the Higher Self retains that from which it is made.

With Cancer on the Ascendant, it is the Soul’s Purpose of that individual to tap into Universal Consciousness— but first he must calm the storm in the solar plexus, dissolve the attachment to the pull of the emotions, the illusion of security, and narrowness of perspective through bias and prejudice.

Neptune dissolves these attachments. If you have Cancer rising, Neptune will usually be found below the horizon, in the area of personal affairs— my self (ego/personality), my money and possessions, my own analytical way of thinking, my home and family, children and lovers, and my job and how I do it.

Only very recently when, in 1984, Neptune first entered the sign of Capricorn did the possibility present itself for new Cancerians to be born with Neptune above the horizon. These advanced Souls will often have overcome attachment to those personal matters symbolized by the first six House of the Zodiac. They will now incarnate to dry up and calm the astral plane that others have created— but only if they have done this in their own personal life.

For all Cancerians, when this dissolution occurs, there is a sense of belonging to the family of humanity rather than being so concerned with the biological roots, the clannishness so often manifesting in the young Cancerian Souls. The previously insecure Cancerian, so fearful of the unknown and so distrusting of the unfamiliar, will become truly secure in his knowing that he is a Child of the Cosmos and that we are all brothers and sisters. No one is a stranger to Cancer. There is complete trust since nothing is unfamiliar.

One of the clues to an Old Cancerian Soul can be fond in the choice that they have made for an incarnation that allows them to travel extensively. This helps break up any attachments to the familiar. There is a movement away from a traditional family lifestyle. While Cancer will always love the home and family, they recognize that they must go out into the world and “…be about my Father’s business.”

The House position of Neptune indicates where we can tap into Universal Consciousness and where we can respond to spiritual awareness:

FIRST HOUSE: The personality finds expression through all things that are mystical, not truly of this world, yet bringing them down into the 3-dimensional world. These people grew up in the Age of Spiritualism (Neptune in Cancer). Now they are tested in their ability to deal with reality and to see things as they really are. If the test is failed, the individual becomes trapped in the quagmire of world glamour, seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses. They desire to live in a beautiful, altruistic world, to live an ideal existence. They can daydream about this ideal which they never find nor can they bring this down into manifestation in the 3-dimensional world. They can view the world through the rose-tinted glasses, seeing only what they want to see, or they can come to terms with reality and bring their ideals down to earth for all to experience.

Neptune dissolves the pull of the personality. Initially, these people feel confused, in a cloud or fog, not knowing who they are, what they want or where they are going. There is much insecurity but this can ultimately be transcended. At this point, the point of transcendency, the personality no longer needs attention. The compassionate, humanitarian influences of Neptune are turned towards humanity.

In the First and Second Houses, Neptune influences the hold of the personality and the physical body. Astral travel is possible. However, they must first learn to discriminate and to perceive clearly in the 3-dimensional world before we will be allowed to roam through the astral world of dreams and emotions.

SECOND HOUSE: This House rules the physical body, our personal resources and our attitude towards material things. With Neptune here, the early environment did not cultivate a practical or well grounded attitude towards money, possessions and the value of our efforts. These people are often idealistic and they develop a philosophy that what they need to will when they need it, almost magically. These philosophy is actually developed through an indulging parent or grandparent. These people do not want to be tied to money concerns.

Neptune dissolves the desire for possession for self. When this is done, Cancer can tap into the Universal Consciousness for money and resources that will help build that beautiful, wonderful and altruistic world.

I have found the combination of Cancer on the Ascendant and Aries planets near the MC or Mars on the Ascendant indicative, particularly in men, of compulsive gambling. Actually, only one man was a race track devotee. They usually express their emotional drive for excitement and fast money through commodities investments.

Because the astral body is the course of inspiration, they usually do very poorly in the long term. If desire can be stilled and altruistic motives developed, Neptune can help them tap into the Consciousness Plane where all is known. They could acquire wealth for humanity. One friend with Neptune here said that the horses at the race track would always tell her which horse would win. She would never bet except to win money for a needy cause.

Most important, the Second House is a Healing House. This House represents the repository of Chi, the electrical currents running through the body. Methods ruled by Neptune are drugless and directed to the etheric and astral bodies. Since the 2nd House is connected with body energies, it rules healing through Body Movements— Tai Chi, Yoga, Aerobics, Bio-Energetics and even acupuncture.

THIRD HOUSE: This House rules the Lower Mind. In order for the Soul to dissolve the attachment to analytical, sequential thought of the left hemisphere of the brain, it creates some dysfunction in that hemisphere with Neptune in the 3rd. This is especially true if there is an affliction to the 6th House of Congenital Health Issues. We can see that most learning disabilities are a karma condition generated by the Soul to force the individual to use another way of processing thought.

The first sign of the dissolution of the lower mental body is difficulty in dealing with mundane, analytical subjects. The individual is forced to transcend the limitations of normal communication and thinking and to seek the realm wherein the Higher Mind dominates. The communication becomes inspired and they can develop a gift for channeling needed information.

There is sometimes an interest in numerology. Many individuals change their name, use a pseudonym or a nickname to change their vibrations.

FOURTH HOUSE: With Neptune here, the astral world becomes a reality. A 4th House Neptune is supposed to indicate a “skeleton in the closet.” Many families have such skeletons but their children do not have a 4th House Neptune. Such individuals are psychically attuned to their environment. They pick up everything, hence, they are aware of any skeletons or something amiss in the family dynamics.

These individuals have a powerful elector-magnetic field that, even as children, they are able to pick up the energies of those who step into this field. Initially, it causes much confusion when parents or friends say one thing but they are picking up through their electro-magnetic field that something else is going on.

Because they can so easily pick up on astral matter, it is imperative that they cleanse any new residence (cedar-sage-sweetgrass, crystals or imagery). Neptune in the 4th House is often attracted to homes wherein a “ghost” dwells. They find this titillating to their energy field, specifically to be stimulated by an astral spirit. Caution must be exercised.

These individuals can become naturally gifted psychics since they can immediately pick up on anyone who enters their energy field. Since this Neptune can describe the mother, these individuals often feel that their own mother was extremely psychic because she could pick up on their lies or half-truths. Yet, there is danger in picking up on astral matter that is negative. They may have problems going to shopping malls because they tap into the frenzy of shoppers. They have a natural ability to move their own consciousness into the astral bodies of others, sensing exactly what is going on inside of others. This might be good for someone who used Feng Shui to regulate the energies in the environment.

Neptune in the 4th House dissolves one’s roots or attachment to the biological family. Often, the confusion and emotional depletion that occurs around family members causes them to feel uncomfortable, that they do not fit in and they need to move away to find serenity. There can be a nebulous parentage. At this point, the individual will fulfill the Soul’s Purpose by creating a non-biological home, a tribal experience, sometimes for young souls who have sought incarnation. This provides great solace for those who find no place in the material world that offers inner peace. There is a well-known astrologer with this Triangle. His home has no boundaries for those who need a place to stay because they do not fit into their biological home.

The 4th House rules the environments in which people live and environmental issues in general. There is a sensitivity to a lack of harmony in any environment. They may seek to bring beauty to the world and their environment. Their Soul’s Purpose may be connected to nurturing the homeless, half-way houses, homes for the very young or old and cleaning up the environment of astral residue.
Because one of the skeletons can be alcoholism, these individuals can heal others afflicted with this disease but only after they dry up their own astral condition. Having order and positive vibrations in their own home is essential.

FIFTH HOUSE: With Neptune in the 5th House, individuals often seek astral pleasure through romance, seeking an ideal in others, seeking stimulation of their solar plexus so that they can feel in love. This type of activity can be both exhausting and tumultuous.

When Neptune helps to dissolve or transcend this need, often through the after effects of disillusion, there develops heightened creative and aesthetic ability. Creative ability must be used to uplift the consciousness of mankind. Neptune dissolves the sole connection to biological children. The individual then helps to develop creativity in humanity’s children, even the inner child in adults.

Neptune here can dissolve personal needs and desires. It works towards the development of cosmic or universal love since no one person can satisfy their needs, especially if Venus afflicts this Neptune.

SIXTH HOUSE: Neptune in the 6th House is often associated with vague health problems that stem from the astral and etheric bodies. Children seem to manifest non-specific complaints. These people are extremely sensitive to their school and work environments. If a work environment looks like an unmade bed, the negative energy is so distracting that they cannot function— and it can even make them ill.

The special gift of a 6th House Neptune is an ability to heal at etheric and astral levels. By tapping into Universal Consciousness, the individual can ascertain medical readings for clients. They might become medical intuitives. Working with the aura and etheric body, they can become acupuncturists and energy workers. Primarily, the 6th House is a Healing House.

SEVENTH HOUSE: Those individuals with Cancer rising and Neptune in the 7th House were born in the late 1980s when Neptune first entered Capricorn. These individuals, as stated before, may help dry up the astral plane that others have created— but only once they have done this in their own lives and in their relationships with others!

When the individual is polarized in the astral body, persons with Neptune in the 7th House look for their ideals in other people. They ooh and ahh over a newly formed relationship but then become disillusioned and bitter when that individual, through no fault of their own, falls off a very high pedestal. They loose sight of the fact that others come to project their ideals onto the awareness of the Cancer rising person. Once aware of the ideal, initially observed in another, they must start to build these qualities into their own character.

Advanced Souls with Neptune in the 7th House are no longer caught up in this type of glamour. They are here to deal with the astral disorders of others, to help them deal with and clear up their illusions.

The 7th House is associated with fields of psychology wherein the individual tries to integrate the personality with the Higher Self (Psychosynthesis). This House rules Gestalts and all Wholistic approaches. The great changes portended in our government and legal system, especially at the international level, will be initiated by these individuals.

This House is ruled by the 7th Ray, a ray associated with the circulatory system. Where there are congestions and imbalances, the mind-body can be healed when they work on the Whole Being.

Neptune in Capricorn strongly affects our economy and the ravages of run-away inflation. Persons with Neptune in Capricorn may incarnate to heal the monetary congestions created by this Neptune. The 7th House is related to the field of economics and healing energy flows that become congested. Obviously, this healing will occur at the level of concretized energy, Money!

NOTE: When Neptune transits a sign, it generates its own illusions. In the 1980s, sweeping, unchecked deregulation occurred. The gap between the rich and the poor became a vast gulf. The rich were no longer paying 70% in taxes. It was reduced to 15% while the middle class shoulders the burden with a 30% tax rate. Now that Pluto has entered Capricorn, humanity needs to correct the error of the “Trickle Down” economy philosophy. The rich will be demanded to step up to the plate and assume more of the burden from the middle and lower classes. After a 28-year Saturn Cycle of indulgence, they will not do this willingly. Hence, a great rebellion will occur in 2012-2014 when Pluto in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries.

EIGHTH HOUSE: With Cancer on the Ascendant, Neptune will not appear here until the 1990s and the 21st Century.

When Neptune is placed in Houses 4-8-12, there is a powerful connection with Spirit Guides and Multi-Dimensional Realities. The receptivity to Spirit Guides is potent here. Because of this receptivity, the individual is considered an Empath. There can be some confusion around the senses— the boundary between Thee and Me. They must ask: Are these my emotions or am I picking up someone else’s? DISCRIMINATION is a much needed lesson here.

With such heightened receptivity, Guides find a ready channel. If the desire nature is pure, the individual can channel inspiration from other realms. Many musicians and artists have this position— due to the abundance of their work, it appears that they are channeling from spirit. Actually, many spiritualist ministers have this position.

If the desire nature becomes congested with negativity, there is much danger through drugs, alcohol, gurus and nebulous schemes in general. The tears (torn) in the etheric web (the outer rim of the etherio-physical body1) leave openings into the astral plane, usually created by drugs, alcohol, smoking or an emotional crisis. These tears can be disastrous for such vulnerable people.

Dr. Douglas Baker, in England, states that this can generate a negative receptivity to astral parasites. It takes about two years of abstinence from such chemicals to repair the tears in the etheric web. In Alcoholics Anonymous, an alcoholic must be dry for two years before they are considered recovered.

The Soul’s Purpose connected with Neptune in the 12th House can be one that I might consider dangerous. The astral body or desire nature MUST be clear and all tears in the web must be mended. Neptune dissolves the veil between the Seen and the UnSeen. Through conquering one’s own astral body, the individual is armed to astrally penetrate areas that most people find depressing. Highly evolved Guides often help the individual to deal with the astral/emotional problems of others. The consciousness of others may be influenced by the use of crystals, sound and color, all forms of positive vibrations.

NOTE: You will not find Neptune in the 12th with Cancer on the Ascendant. Most of these people have passed out of incarnation. However, if the Esoteric Ruler of the Ascendant is in the sign of Cancer, the 3rd point in the Soul’s Purpose Triangle can be found in the 12th or other Houses.

ELEVENTH HOUSE: This can only occur as the 3rd Point in the Triangle. With this House placement of Neptune, the individual can tap into Universal Consciousness, influencing mass thinking through the energy of a group. Working through spiritual and altruistic organizations, they can place a future world.

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  1. This is a wonderful article. Probably very old and too old to be commenting on but I did want to ask a question. I just wanted to verify that the effects of Neptune in the houses as you describe them is exclusively for people with cancer a sentence and not for everyone in general. Is that true?

    1. I do not really use the Galactic Center that much. I find that a planet conjunct the GC is highly energized. The SN is Sagittarius with the Sun is also energized. But, you need to learn to see the big picture, to ascertain a real philosophy from what you observe and learn. The North Node in Gemini can get caught up in the world of linear information with depth. The South Node wants you to cultivate a really expanded-consciousness philosophy before you tech, write and share ideas…wisdom must be acquired.

      1. Also very interesting but I’m not sure that that was an answer to my question. Perhaps you confused my comment with someone else’s?

  2. Hi… I’m curious, when you say ‘With Cancer on the Ascendant, it is the Soul’s Purpose of that individual to tap into Universal Consciousness— but first he must calm the storm in the solar plexus, dissolve the attachment to the pull of the emotions, the illusion of security, and narrowness of perspective through bias and prejudice.’

    What do you mean when you say the attachment to the pull of emotions? Can you give a context? Does that simply mean emotion in anyform? Being taken over by emotion, in any form? Wanting someone, or something pushed by emotions? Or constantly over reacting, or having huge surges of emotions that you are so identified with, you think its you, and your identity is wrapped up in these currents? Like this constant need of trying to find out what one is supposed to do with emotional pain, yet if we arent our emotions, it seems like trying to figure it out, is a spillage of energy, as you cannot change what doesnt belong to you …

    1. First, I would NOT concern myself with what needs dissolving in the 6th House and focus upon the Spiritual Purpose of the 6th House. I guess dissolving falling into unfulfilling work routines just for security — but this tendency would be shown by the rest of the chart rather than simply Neptune in the 6th House. Neptune in the 6th has already dissolved some of the etheric web of an individual — hence the need to protect one’s self from vibrational negativity.
      Solar Plexus emotions that need transforming are the negative type — driven by fears, prejudice and biases, lack of trust, etc. These are very difficult to override but we can be aware of them and not allow them to rule our lives and thinking. Heart Chakra emotions are based upon pure, unconditional love and universal feelings towards one’s fellowman.
      To be honest, I do not think we can transform the SP emotions easily or in one lifetime but we can work on these.
      For example, psychics who work through the Solar Plexus are not very accurate, except for interpreting what you are feeling at the moment. Going to higher levels allows one to see the big picture of what is happening.
      Esoteric Cancer must rise above the attachment to people and family just like them — and see humanity as one’s family, universal consciousness.

      The bottom line is so forget about what needs dissolving with the 6th House (petty details and unfulfilling routines) and work on your Spiritual Destiny of your Triangle.

  3. Nice article curious when you state ‘When Cancer enters the Spiritual Path, Neptune helps the individual to go beyond the solar plexus by dissolving the attachments symbolized by its House position’

    So its esoteric ruler is Neptune in the my 6th house… What attachments need dissolving? I read the description for the 6th ESOTERIC SIXTH HOUSE: This is a Service House and it is a Healing House. For healing, it is setting up health systems, herbs, vitamins and exercise. Sixth House healers help others to change negative patterns in their lives in order to improve overall health and well-being.

    Spiritually, this House rules Health and Human Services, Public Service (esp. with 7th and 10th Houses), labor relations, healing services, nutrition, improving and reforming work conditions, animal rights, especially animals who serve man.

    Found also you wrote “SIXTH HOUSE: Neptune in the 6th House is often associated with vague health problems that stem from the astral and etheric bodies. Children seem to manifest non-specific complaints. These people are extremely sensitive to their school and work environments. If a work environment looks like an unmade bed, the negative energy is so distracting that they cannot function— and it can even make them ill.

    The special gift of a 6th House Neptune is an ability to heal at etheric and astral levels. By tapping into Universal Consciousness, the individual can ascertain medical readings for clients. They might become medical intuitives. Working with the aura and etheric body, they can become acupuncturists and energy workers. Primarily, the 6th House is a Healing House.

    So in that context – I’m not sure what would need dissolving?

    1. What you have written is excellent, in terms of the rulerships and interpretation of Neptune in the 6th. I think I wrote to you privately in October but I will approve your post since it is well written and accurate.
      Neptune is concerned with dissolving attachment to what is material and traditional. Obviously, it is better suited to the spiritual and etheric forms of healing. Neptune is humanitarian. That does not mean that you cannot make money but service to others is an ideal, even if you make a lot of money.

  4. Thank you for your beautiful article. I am from Seoul, South Korea. I am interested in esoteric astrology. I am capricorn ascendant and ascendant conjunction neptune! Moon in cancer on the seventh house. Due to moon, I am sensitive and attached to everyone . So, I try to detach every attachment. If i am mature, moon has no effect, but neptune. So I look at every person from neptune not moon. Is that right? Neptune dissolves every attachment. So I should pratice to see every person in one human family. But its very hard to overcome moon in cancer on the seventh house! I need to be mature.

    1. This is not how the Soul’s Purpose Triangle is calculated.
      If you have Capricorn on the ASC, Saturn is still the esoteric (and exoteric) ruler.
      You look to the House position of Saturn and then the esoteric ruler of the sign that it is in.
      Neptune on the ASC indicates that there are small openings in your etheric body – like a bowl with little holes in it (we call it a colander for draining water off cooked food).
      Sealing the etheric body can be helpful. But, being aware that some emotions are not yours but feelings you pick up from others around you will help too.

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