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A beginning astrologers asked: If fixed stars are fixed, how can they move and/or change signs?

1. The term “fixed” means “appearing not to move around like the planets
(wanderers) do”. Take “fixed stars” as a metaphor.

2. If you are measuring star positions in the tropical zodiac, their
positions will have movement due to precession. If measuring in some
sidereal zodiac, the movement due to precession is eliminated. But …

3. Since stars are not on some ideal sphere at some distance from the
earth, but spread all over, they each have their own “proper motion” due
to gravitational effects, and so their positions will change, though very
Thanks to Ed Falis on Conjunction

Fixed Stars are in the news lately. There is another Algol event sent by Priscilla Costello…
Here’s another Algol-related event:

A massacre in Guatemala left 27 dead. Most of the victims had not only
been shot but also decapitated. Location: a part of northern Guatemala
plagued by drug cartels. The massacre took place on a ranch in the town
of Caserio La Bomba in Peten province near the Mexican border. (source:
USA Today, Monday, May 16th, on p. 5A of the “World” section)

A few more details (this from the Canadian “National Post” newspaper—they
also had a small notice about the massacre):

Described as “the worst massacre we have seen in modern times” by police
spokesman Donald Gonzalez. Presumed to be revenge for the Saturday
slaying of 56-year-old Haroldo Waldemar Leon, the brother of suspected
drug trafficker Juan Jose Leon. The brother was gunned down in the same
rural area of northern Guatemala.

The DarkStar Link has a feature on Aldeberon on the June 5 2011 eclipse.

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