HOROSCOPE FOR LONDON, Nick Campion & Diana Rosenberg

Campion gives 2 charts for London –
— beginning of the building of London Bridge: Mar 15, 1824, 9:21 AM GMT

— Greater London Council, Apr 1 1965, 0 hr (but the chart illustrated is for
Mar 31, 1965, 11 PM GMT-?)
(the Council has since been abolished)

Diana says:
A chart I like, which works better than the above, is for the Roman
establishment of what became known as
Londinium as a sort of supply base and/or trading post (it was the lowest
fordable place on the river) in 43 AD –

I used the Aries Ingress: March 23, 43 AD OS, 2:09 AM LMT (I used the usual
London coordinates, 51N30, 0W10);
the recent rioting began on Aug 6, the day of the 1st quarter Moon (11:08:18
UT), then I made a bi-wheel with the 43 AD
chart in the inner ring, the quarter Moon in the outer ring; Asc 27Sag07, MC

43 AD Pluto 3Cap22, riots Mars 2Can03
43 AD Moon 5Cap46; riots Pluto 5Cap17rx,!!
43 AD Eris 11Lib58rx: riots Saturn (cnj Zeus, fires) 12Lib46)
43 AD Nodes: 22Virgo-Pisces11; riots Nodes: 22Sag-Gemini09
and dig this – the 43 AD Kronos (authority, therefore police) was 0Vir38rx – Mercury’s st rx was on it, Neptune’s opposed it
and would you believe that little Roman supply base’s Transpluto is on its
2nd return! 43 Transpluto 29Leo35rx, riots
Transpluto 29Leo15!

There’s more – riots Sun-Vesta opposition on the 43 AD Vertex-Antivertex,
for instance, but I’ll stop here.

This chart also worked well for the worst night of the London blitz in WWII,
May 10, 1941, when Pluto squared the
43 AD MC/IC, Eris squared the Moon and Transpluto at 1Leo17 squared the 43
Mars at 1Sco15rx.

Campion said the Romans took over in the late summer, so I tried the Libra
Ingress, but it did not work well at all – I’m
thinking that Aries indicates “newness” and new beginnings, so it is the
Aries ingress that has the message.
Finis origine pendet.

Love, Diana Rosenberg

Website: http://ye-stars.com

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