Oprah’s dad writes book

Via CNN.com

Oprah Winfrey
Jan 29 1954
Kosciusko, Mississippi

There was a Virgo ASC chart for 7:51pm that circulated a long time ago but the ADB verified the 4:30am time.

The transiting Pluto, while still in the 12th, is moving towards the 29 degree Sag ASC. Something is going on behind the scenes that will surface next year.
Uranus in the 3rd House is squaring Jupiter in Gemini in the 6th House.

The progressed Moon is squaring his progressed Transpluto while Transiting Saturn is crossing Transpluto.
Transpluto brings a distancing or an alienation, often from feeling criticized.

June seems to be the more difficult month with lots of T Saturn oppositions to Aquarius.

June is a difficult month for many of us because it is the last hit of the Transiting Saturn opposing the Transiting Neptune. This aspect, which began last September (2006), is causing much disillusion and even betrayal by those in authority (politically and in our personal lives).

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