Kidnapped Girls’ and Ariel Castro’s Birth Data

Barbara Finch, the best researcher, sent this…

Amanda Berry, 27
born April 22, 1986 in Cleveland, Ohio
vanished April 21, 2003 (1 day before her 17th bday)

Amanda’s daughter Jocelyn, 6
Born “Christmas Day” so assume Dec 25, 2006, in Cleveland, Ohio

Georgina “Gina” DeJesus, 23
born Feb 13, 1990 in Ohio
vanished April 2, 2004

Michelle Knight, 32
possibly born April 23 1981 – from public records NBC researched
vanished August 22, 2002

Ariel Castro, 52. – Born July 10, 1960
Puerto Rico

It says “07/10/1960” which here in the US means July 10

…the truth is with the police, these were poor girls/women in a poorer neighborhood, so their disappearances didn’t get as much attention as they have had they been middle-upper class. I mean, you have three girls/women within a just a few blocks of each other disappear, yet their families say the police gave up looking pretty quickly. That certainly wouldn’t have happened in a more wealthy precinct.

They admitted they didn’t do much at all about Michelle Knight (I couldn’t even find a missing persons report on her), possibly because she was an adult when she vanished – her family said the police told them, “She just walked away from you.” And the 911 call with Charles Ramsey, who helped Amanda Berry and her daughter get out of the house, indicates a pretty bad “yeah, right” attitude from the dispatcher.

Michelle Knight’s bday as 4/23/1981. All I’d been able to find
was the month and year. Hopefully it’s correct as court docs often aren’t.

However, this court doc has Gina deJesus’s bday as 7/13/1990 when the FBI
site says Feb 13, 1990. In this case I’d go with the FBI site – again,
court docs aren’t always accurate.

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