Mars in Gemini 2022

From AUGUST 20 2022 THROUGH MARCH 25 2023, Mars will transit the sign of Gemini. The sign that Mars transits during a 6-week period describes what makes us angry and how we respond to aggravating situations. The personal energies are regulated by mental stimulation and physical restlessness. Its energies are quite scattered. Gemini thrives upon new ideas, visual stimulation and social interaction with others. This sign can become quite depressed when there is nothing going on to keep the mind perked and energized. For those with many Fire and Air signs in their horoscopes, it becomes difficult to sit still under this transit. For these people, inactivity or confinement can make them extremely despondent and melancholic. Those with many Earth and Water signs can also be stirred into activity but it can cause some stress due to the disruption of normal routines.
Gemini likes change and lots of it! However, it is important to remember that Gemini likes activity, not necessarily accomplishment. Mars in Gemini can cause mental stress, reckless decisions, relationship setbacks and frustrating circumstances when it forms stressful aspects to the outer planets:

As I examined my journals, I found this to be a period of either restlessness and despondency when nothing was happening or excessive activity and over-stimulation. In 1990, I began receiving letters from Eastern Europe and I concretized my plans for my first trip to meet with astrologers in these countries. I was featured on several television programs. I took several short trips just to get out of the house. Under the stress of too much activity, I was very susceptible to allergies. I noticed many references in my journal to running around all day.  There were several crises such as losing my credit card two days before leaving for Europe! There was much social interaction with others — in person, by telephone and with the fax machine. During the Gulf War, a Media War with Mars in Gemini, I was faxing data on a daily basis to Prague. I even went back to college for the first time in 25 years.

During another Mars in Gemini cycle, a friend from Sweden visited. This was a cycle for stimulating conversation and the exchange of new ideas on astrology. Relationships seem to be a theme for this Mars transit. People provide lots of gossip and energizing conversation. I explored new ways of meeting people and, of course, I met lots of people. While there were several mentally stressful periods that upset my nerves – something typical of Mars in Gemini – the stress passed quickly.

During the most recent Mars in Gemini transit in 2006, life was very active! I went to lectures, conferences, expos; I took a lot of short, stimulating trips; I got to talk with a lot of new people; an article that I wrote on UFOs and the Septile aspect received a great deal of recognition. It appeared on many unusual, non-astrological websites. Even now, with Mars in Gemini, the US Capitol Historical Society is starting their brown bag lunch lectures and I will attend their lecture series. Obviously, the restless energy of Mars in Gemini motivates us to get out and interact with others, seek a change of scenery and learn something new. Life should become a smorgasbord now.

During the transit in 2009, my friend from Austria visited and I always do and see a lot when she comes. I say that she is a good Wagon Master, planning and directing trips. Her husband visited and he did a lot of the driving for me. We traveled all along the ocean area of Maryland and Delaware and we shopped at the outlets. Another article was published about my dad and I in a local magazine. In both 2009 and 2011, The Greatest Astrological Picnic in the Known Universe occurs. There is always a lot of social and mental interaction.

In 2015, my Progressed Venus was squaring Saturn so there were crises occurring around this Mars transit. I traveled to Boston to give a long astrology lecture. I had to drive to Boston after a train crash had closed all train transportation to Boston. Actually, I enjoyed the drive, despite it being 10 hours long. I traveled to Universal Studios to visit Harry Potter World. My roommate was in a very bad mood and this was very stressful for me.

In 2017, it was a fun period — buying plants for the garden, traveling to nurseries and attending lectures and events in Washington DC.

In 2019, I returned to Boston once again but this time the trains were running fine.  I stayed with a wonderful family and we talked about herbs and medical topics the entire time.  I attended a lot of lectures, as usual, and I did a radio show which went really well.  There were other difficult aspects as my dad had recently died and, without him, someone working in his garden began bullying me.  Finally, the Department of Agriculture intervened and the bullying stopped.

When the restless energies of Mars in Gemini are blocked, frustrated or seem to generate stress through over-stimulation, there can be an imbalance in the homeopathic cell salt, Kali Muriaticum, potassium chloride. Kali Mur is found throughout the body. Deficiency results in a coating of the tongue, glandular swelling, scaling of the skin, and excess mucous discharge. Deficiency symptoms include colds, congestion of the bronchial tubes, sinus inflammation, arthritis inflammation, a lack of energy and interest. All congestion and swelling need Kali Mur. If there in an inflammation, the may be a need for Ferrum Phosphate — the inflammation usually arises from the lack of oxygen due to iron deficiency.

OCTOBER 10-15; NOVEMBER 14-18 2022 Retrograde; MARCH 12-14 2023 Direct:  Mars in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces – plans and projects may fizzle out.  There may be details about which you are unaware so wait until this aspect passes.

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