From MARCH 23 through APRIL 30, 2024,  Mars transits the sign of Pisces. This marks a time when the personal energies are strongly influenced by emotionalism. When your emotions and feelings run high, your energy level will be strong and rigidly one-pointed. That is, when you feel very strongly about something, you are inclined to be both zealous and unyielding.

When discouraged or when life seems to go against you— and this easily happens with Mars in Pisces— your energy level can be wiped out, leading to feeling sorry for one’s self and feeling despondent. As a result, the energies of this Mars are unstable, volatile and undependable. This is not a good time to start new projects since the Piscean energies can fizzle out when the going gets rough. In an earlier cycle, I tried to organize big plans for researching ancient Cave Bear sites in Europe. A lot of mental energy went into this project but nothing came of it.

In examining my journals, I found that I was frequently dealing with dishonest people yet I expressed a typically Piscean ambivalence or passivity with them. It seems to be a good time to escape and get away from it all— Pisces likes to tune out when life becomes difficult or the individual feels bored. In an earlier cycle, I found myself dealing with scattered, spacey and irresponsible types yet I was often too acquiescent in the situation to handle these people effectively. It is easy to allow people to get away with inappropriate behavior due to Piscean tolerance.

I did find examples when I did escape and get away, often to places around water. Frequently, I experienced powerful dreams and my intuition was very strong. The high psychic energy caused my physical energy to be equally high. However, in areas requiring organization, I found that my timing was off— I missed connections with people, people came by for a visit and I was not at home, and a friend locked his keys in his car… more than once. When Mars in Pisces is accompanied with other planets transiting the signs of Aries and Aquarius, this Mars can be assertive, even chivalrous, expressing itself in a progressive, although idealistic, manner.

I have grown stronger since that time in my life. In the most recent Mars in Pisces cycle, I put my energies into volunteerism, raising money for causes that I believed in and I found myself associating with people from other countries and other cultures. I traveled and often I traveled to places connected with water, such as the beach or lecturing on cruise ships. This is the positive side of Mars in Pisces.

When reviewing my notes for the 2009 transit, I found a lot of mistakes and forgetfulness. At least in 2009, there events that required great flexibility on my part. I traveled to Arizona and left my cosmetics at home. I knew that I did not have time to return home to get them so I just had to buy everything in Phoenix. Then, a thunder storm in Texas kept me from getting out of Phoenix. I arrived in Texas too late to get a flight to Baltimore. This tested my adaptability because it was going to be a long night. I did have a new DVD to watch but, more important, I sat next to the Presidents Club where I could access the internet for free. I downloaded movies on for free and this kept me entertained until morning.

At home, I forgot about a workshop that I had signed up for attending and I went to the Hungarian Embassy for a concert…and it was the wrong day. I also experienced some very draining people.

In 2011, the pollen got an early start and, when Mars entered Pisces, I had terrible allergies and sinusitis. I always take Stinging Nettles but this takes 14 days to work.
The Power Plant meltdown in Japan occurred during this cycle, amid much confusion, denial and cover-ups.


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