Mars in Sagittarius 2021-22

From DECEMBER 13 2021 through JANUARY 24 2022 , Mars will transit the fiery sign of Sagittarius. The transit of Mars has a general but indeed important influence over human behavior. It describes how people respond when they are angry and how we react to the anger in others. It describes how we handle our energies — for either anger or accomplishment. Mars describes what makes us angry and how we respond to aggravating situations. In some signs, it is much easier to accomplish our goals. The spirited sign of Sagittarius favors accomplishment but it is impulsive, righteous and impetuous so there are times when the action taken can be premature and ill-considered. Sagittarius represents an expansive Fire-sign influence that should encourage holiday spending, despite the sad economy. This Mars can fire up the adrenals, giving some an energy boost, unless you were born with Mars in Gemini. This then would mark a low energy Mars opposition which I have written about on this website.

During this cycle, many will feel a restless need to get out, to explore and to have some adventures. There is a need for stimulation — physically and mentally! This sign often manifests an impatience with boredom and slow moving people and projects. In an earlier cycle of Mars in Sagittarius, I observed a noticeable impatience on the part of others. Several people manifested an “I-want-what-I-want-NOW” attitude which offended everyone. Anger in Sagittarius moves people to shoot off their mouths and express truths (or what one believes to be true) with a rude bluntness. This sign, in itself, rarely has a malicious intent. In a tiff, the anger blows over quickly and all is forgotten, usually. Do guard against an air of self-righteousness — this is a character flaw of Sagittarius that causes them to feel that they are always right. Use a Void-of-Course Moon period if you wish to tell someone off and not experience any negative ramifications.

One summer, many years ago, when Mars transited Sagittarius, I took it upon myself to change my “diplomatic” Air-Sign ways and tell everyone the truth.  That was the summer that two friends stopped speaking to me! I did notice a problem with scatteredness in others — going off in many directions at once. I do not mind being scattered but I dislike it in others when I am counting on them to be organized and responsible.

I have also noticed in my journals that a lot of energy is put into traveling and planning trips. Since Sagittarius manifests an expansive energy, it flows smoothly when the mind is focused upon expansive activities and thoughts. I have observed that most of my readings were easy, as noted in my journals. This may have been caused by the intuitive and prophetic energy that abound in this sign.

In the past Mars in Sagittarius transit in December 2006 – January 2007, I had a lot of energy that had me out and about, traveling and doing a lot of shopping. It was not local shopping but I took a lot of day trips to favorite shopping locations. I also found myself feeling inspired by reading a Cayce book on reincarnation. I experienced incredible insights about my past lives and possible future life.

In 2008, at the very beginning of the Mars in Sagittarius Transit, I had many mystical experiences in Bavaria. I also had many psychic dreams as the transit continued.

In 2012, I traveled to Europe, earlier than my normal trips. BUT, I have Mars in Gemini so that this was a Mars Opposition Cycle for me. Breathing the cold, dry air, I developed bronchitis. I could hardly speak. This continued throughout the trip. Since I chose a good day astrologically to commence the trip, I met many people, conducted my Global Gathering interviews and I climbed Mt. Nanos in Slovenia.

In early 2020, I suffered with terrible allergies the entire time — and it was winter, not the traditional allergy season.  I had a lot of difficulty with the people who are taking over the garden plots.  They have no boundaries.   In 2021, they still have no boundaries but I ignore them rather than get upset.

Sagittarius rules the Homeopathic Cell Salt, Silica. Silica is quartz. It is considered Nature’s Surgeon as the tiny crystals clean out congested waste matter and infections. Silica is the hair and skin remedy. Deficiency includes excess perspiration, unhealthy skin, brittle nails and hair. I personally have problems with thin, weak nails. I find that taking Body Essential’s Silica Caps helps keep my nails from breaking. The herbal form of Silica has very little Silica in the capsules so I feel they are a waste of money.

Silica is essential to the health of bones, joints, skin, and glands. Deficiency produces catarrh in the respiratory system, discharges from the skin, slow wound healing, and offensive body odor. It is successful in the treatment of acne and abscesses, for hair and nail health, blood cleansing, and rebuilding the body after illness or injury.
Mentally, a deficiency can cause an inability to connect with one’s thoughts, poor memory and nervous disorders.

NOTE: I have Sagittarius intercepted in my natal chart which indicates a problem with Silica. I take the German brand with pure Silica regularly or else my nails and hair are affected.

JANUARY 10-11:  Mars squares Neptune so there can be a disillusion, deception or misunderstanding.  Do not initiate at this time or your efforts will fizzle.

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