Notes on Transpluto

The life lesson associated with Transpluto is learning wholeness and integration in your relationships with others. The concept of wholeness and integration is doing something, fighting for something, because it is correct for the WHOLE, not any specific individual or the self. With a sense of integrity, it is the correct thing to do in a wholistic sense. Others cannot make you whole. You need to do this yourself. You CAN provide wholeness and integration for others and this process can assist you in becoming whole.

Transpluto strong in a chart indicates one who grew up in a critical, perfectionist environment – an environment wherein the personality, the ego, felt picked to pieces. Many times, and in the initial stages of the process of integration, we look to others to put us back together and make us whole. These OTHERS, we learn, only put us back in the way that THEY want us to be. Only we can truly know how we want to be. Others may make perfectionist demands upon us but, in all of the cosmos, there is NO PERFECTION! This is a Dead End direction that we often take. Being Whole is not being perfect!

In doing what is best for the Whole, we do not react to the criticisms of others because we know in our hearts that what we are doing is best for all concerned. 1) One part of this process that helps us achieve wholeness is to find something that we are so attuned to doing, that we are so hooked into, that we do not care what others think – personal happiness is more fulfilling than the approval of others! 2) Another process towards wholeness will come through your work with groups. When you know that you are doing what is best for the whole, you will not worry about what others think. This will be supported by Pluto in Sagittarius transits (a cycle for being honest about ourselves and our needs).

When there are strong transiting aspects from Uranus/ Pluto to Transpluto. The practical outcome of this transit is to end care-taking or dependency relationships in your life. Sudden and abrupt, you no longer tolerate this behavior in yourself and you end such associations. These aspects seek to make changes in the personal and work environments so that you can be self-sufficient.

  1. Transpluto represents a long process of achieving wholeness and integration— becoming what we want and need to be regardless of what others think.
  2. It works to bring you to the point wherein you will address the needs of the inner person rather than the outer shell.
  3. We may experience separations, alienation and loss, criticisms that estrange and sometimes painful experiences that drive us towards self-approval and being what we need to be for ourselves.
  4. The less painful experiences are choices for self-sufficiency – to distance yourself from critical, dependent types so that you can live your own life for yourself.
  5. It represents the long process from perfectionism, to self-sufficiency to wholeness.
  6. It is a time of doing what YOU want to do regardless of what anyone says, a time to follow your heart and do what is creative. It means taking a risk, the risk of criticism, but the change undertaken brings such joy that you are not burdened by what others think. Also, it is doing what is best for the whole. In knowing this, what others think is not a problem for you.
  7. The more you know who you really are and what truly defines who you are – and not what others expect of you – the less you are affected by what others think, expect or say.

EXAMPLE from Reading: With the Venus-Saturn, there is a pattern of responsibility that feels that the only way to be connected and interacted with others, to truly be responsible, is to assume a lot of responsibilities and “parent” others. The message from your childhood and mother being that, “before you can be happy, the people you love must be happy and you are financially responsible for them.” These people will never be happy so you must get over the guilt and be responsible for yourself. The experiences of Transpluto over a 4 year period will attempt to elevate you to a new level of self-sufficiency by which you can establish a new type of relating – personally and professionally — to others, wherein you can be your own person, doing what is right for the WHOLE rather than just try to please/appease another person. You will learn how to be responsible for YOURSELF and not seek security through this “parenting” pattern. From … (aspecting Saturn in Libra), there is a time of working through these issues. You may attract a relationship or a work situation that reminds you of the childhood demands and parenting messages. By … (when transit ends), you will achieve a new level of self-sufficiency in terms of responsibilities and commitments… what you do not need to do anymore.

NOTES on TP transiting Jupiter: What Transpluto is attempting to change is the pattern of role playing in which you grew up. It did not matter who you are or what you felt… you had to look good, pretend that everything was great and play the role for outer appearances. In close relationships, you can give great excuses and pat answers as a smoke screen that hides what you really feel or your insecurities. Actually, many of your real thoughts are buried so deep inside that you often do not know what you really think or feel. When they do come to the surface, they can shock others. You need to get more in touch with this so-called shocking stuff. After the 4-year cycle, you will be elevated to a new level of confidence and self-sufficiency wherein you should find it easier to be more honest about what you think, less fearful of judgments and what others think. The role playing aspects in your chart are extremely creative! Jupiter rules a high degree of creativity. However, you have no role model for doing something with your creativity in a manner that you truly want to express it. The parents deemed it safer to play the role and do what was expected. Without such a role model, you yourself will find it difficult to use the creativity in some professional way but you must if you are to really find happiness.


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  1. Dear Lynn,
    Thank you so much for this!
    I had forgotten what/whom this glyph represented, and found your chart via Google images … Was just checking transits to my natal chart, specifically for the date my dear Mum died last August, and Venus was exactly conjunct my natal TransPluto.
    It has been an incredibly profound time. Thanks again for this contribution to my understanding.
    Love & Light,

  2. This is very helpful. Thank you. This reiterates almost everything my charts tell me to do but I just can’t hear it enough and it’s always helpful to hear it in a new and different way. I especially like, “Being WHOLE is not being perfect.” I’ve never heard that before. It certainly rings true to me.

  3. Hi Lynn – Your responses on my other natal kite configuration were very helpful; i.e., my Gemini ascendant, 5th house Neptune, and Venus (conj. my MC) in Aquarius, opposing my natal Pluto in Leo. I just realized I have a second ‘gift’, namely, a grand fire trine involving Eris,(in Aries, conj. my Part of Fortune), Chiron (in Sag., conj. Vesta) and Transpluto (in 3rd house Leo, opposing my Aquarius chart ruler Mercury in the 9th house. The orbs are all within 3 degrees. My question is does the fact that all of the fire trine’s ‘actors’ are dwarfs lessen the effects / energy of the pattern? My main reason for asking is that the trine points to my chart ruler, a fairly strong Mercury. I’m pretty sure you have my natal info from our previous emails, but let me know if it would be helpful.

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