Maria Shriver: Nov 6 1955; 5:12pm; Chicago IL

Arnold Schwarzenegger: July 30 1947; 4:10 am; Graz, Austria

The Shrivers lived next door to my parents in the 1960s thru 1970s. Maria was always in love with Arnold and she waited years for him to sow his oats and ready to settle down. The Shriver staff liked him very much. Typical of Kennedy child-rearing, she let the children run wild but Arnold was a strict disciplinarian.

I am not going to analyze their charts in any detail. Most notable is that the transiting Neptune-Transpluto opposition is hitting Maria’s Jupiter-Pluto at 28 Leo in the 4th House. I would suspect that Neptune is involved here because it dissolves over a long period until it ends with an ending cycle, Jupiter-Pluto at 28 degrees.

Neptune can indicate the death of an older person who has been failing for a long time. It is not sudden but very expected. This happened for Maria.

The Neptune aspect in Arnold’s chart (yes, Uranus is squaring his Moon at 3 Capricorn, a stressful new beginning cycle) is the square to the Nodes. I am old and I have observed transiting and progressed aspects to the Nodes. I have never found Karmic Relationships — aren’t all relationships karmic? When is something NOT karmic.

What I have observed is that aspects to the Nodes always highlight the planet making the aspect. It does not matter what the aspect is. When Pluto aspects my nodes, I feel empowered by the activities of that year. When the Progressed Moon crossed my North Node, my mother died — a very emotional experience.

Neptune is squaring Arnold’s Nodes at the Ending Degrees so that Neptune is dissolving is his life as well.

Menega found this link:
“Maria and Arnold were married on April 26, 1986 at 11:00 a.m. in the
morning at St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church in Hyannis,
Massachusetts. The ceremony was officiated by the Rev. John Baptist
Riordan. “

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