In my study group, there has been a discussion of the astrological alignment of December 21 2012. It is not an astrological alignment but an astronomical alignment. Below is a great link with great visuals.
A great paradigm shift will occur but for many more reasons than the intersection of the Winter Solstice with the Galactic Equator.

This is the chart for the Mayan End Date (omited here). There is nothing unusual – no eclipse, no New or Full Moon. There is no unusual alignment of the planets. If you can see something that I do not, please let me know. So, when people say that there is an alignment of the planets, this is NOT the case.

There are changes but not on this date:

a.. The Fixed Star Regulus enters Virgo
b.. Transpluto enters Virgo after being in Leo since 1938 (it will take 4 years to do this)
c.. Neptune changes signs in early 2012 (every 13 years)
Slow moving planets – and important Fixed Stars — changing signs do create a major shift in consciousness – so this will happen with Regulus, Neptune and Transpluto.

There is the rare Venus Transit, crossing the face of the Sun, which occurred in June 2004 and next in June 2012. This event occurs about every 125 years. It is a cycle where in we find a new way of viewing our world.

In the past, it was global exploration, the Principles of Democracy and Impressionism (you have to stand back to see the real painting).

The event of December 21 2012 is best described at this website:

This article explains the event — it is not an alignment of the planets at all but, at the time of the Winter Solstice, it occurs on the Galactic Equator of the Milky Way.

Also occurring, the Great Uranus-Pluto alignment from 2012-2015, triggering a great rebellion on the planet, not just in the U.S.

VAL ADDENDUM: The exact alignment of the Winter Solstice Sun with the Galactic plane actually occurred in 1998: (I cannot get a live link so cut and paste to your browser)

In any case, because the Milky Way is such an irregular object this line is just an arbitrary one, a best guess by astronomers. It doesn’t even line up with the known centre of the Milky Way, the Sagittarius A radio source. That’s about 6 degrees off the line.

These powerful alignments of the outer planets occur in an 11-year cycle, triggering Solar Max. I have a brief article on my website under Tidbits Blog.

I am very sensitive to Solar Activity – a wave of depression comes over me when the Earth’s Electro Magnetic Field begins to vibrate (KP Index). It is very agitating psychologically.

ADDENDUM: I have posted on Tidbits ( a brief on Solar Max which I posted on Conjunction some time ago. I am VERY sensitive to the KP Index. When I feel a wave of depression come over me for which there is no explanation, I check the time and, sure enough, the KP has spiked to red (K-6 or higher — the ringing of the earth’s electromagnetic field). I have an article from 1999 that I need to up date, using the last Solar Max period and explanations on how to read the graphs. I keep saying this but I have not done it yet.

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