The Neptune-Pluto Configuration Update


A reprint from an article written in the early 1980s by Lynn Koiner
Inspired by a lecture given at the Theosophical Society by Roger Gemme

Since the last quarter of the 19th Century through the 2030s, Neptune and Pluto have been maintaining a unique and close orb with each other. Neptune-Pluto were in conjunction in Gemini in the 1880s and, by the late 1930s, they began forming an approximate 60 degree orb with each other. Both Gemini and the 60 degree orb, called a sextile, are traditionally associated with communication. These two planets are associated with higher states of consciousness and they are the most transcendental planets currently in our solar system. They represent a polarity of energy – Neptune being the higher octave of Venus and Pluto being the higher octave of Mars. Venus and Mars rule personal relating; Neptune and Pluto rule relating on a higher plane, relating in terms of mass consciousness.

According to THE SECRET DOCTRINE, Neptune and Pluto are not originally from our solar system. Esoterically, they came into the orbit of our Sun in order to stretch the consciousness of mankind by stimulating the higher bodies (Atmic, Buddhic and Manasic). While in a 60 degree orb or communication aspect, their influence will affect the manasic or higher mental body.

Historically, what happened when this configuration began? During the last quarter of the 19th century, when Neptune conjuncted Pluto in Gemini, H.P. Blavatsky wrote ISIS UNVEILED and THE SECRET DOCTRINE. For the first time in thousands of years, the ancient wisdom was taken out of the hands of the religious elite and given to the common man. Anyone who could read or attend a Theosophical lecture could obtain information on the origin and destiny of man and the cosmos. As other planets join this configuration, mankind will be stimulated to greater awareness, taking quantum leaps in consciousness. A few examples of this may be found when the transiting Jupiter aligned with Neptune in 1919 and Alice A. Baily began transcribing for the Master D.K and Edgar Cayce began to experience psychic trances for medical cures. In the late 1960s, when the transiting Uranus crossed Pluto, Jess Stearn’s book made Edgar Cayce and reincarnation household words.

Whenever this Neptune-Pluto configuration aspects a planet in the natal chart, a powerful “expansion of consciousness” experience occurs for the individual. This influence became stronger in the 1980s due to the alignment with other planets (Uranus-Neptune-Pluto were all in late degrees). During the autumn months, the transiting personal planets would align with these transpersonal outer planets.

When I wrote this article in the early 1980s, I felt that the upcoming Autumn of 1982 would be significant for individuals, for science and for countries with planets in this area of the zodiac. Indeed, there was the first artificial heart, a new liberal leader for Russia and Princess Grace died.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Neptune-Pluto were in Fire-Air signs and this always portends expansion that is perceived upon the mental and inspirational planes. Of course, there will be some external manifestation – for the individual, meeting New Age people, attending workshops, studying esoterics, psychotherapy, joining a study group – but this will be secondary to the inner growth. Mass consciousness was inspired at this time, manifesting through the Harmonic Convergence and Hands-Across-America. By the mid-1980s, these planets entered Scorpio-Capricorn, making the experiences more concrete and economic. Life was transformed from the invisible to the visible. In very early 1984, when Jupiter crossed Neptune, it was a time of peaceful and harmonious gestures, especially affecting the Catholic Church.

Combining with the Neptune-Pluto configuration during early November 1982 was the Saturn-Pluto conjunction trine the Fixed Star Betelgeuze, a star transmitting Heart Chakra energy for a Galactic Entity. This alignment made individuals aware of the need to transform and restructure their relationships. Decisions based upon relationship integrity were required.

Betelgeuze is a fixed star at 27 Gemini and Alice A. Bailey, in ESOTERIC PSYCHOLOGY II, stated that this fixed star is the Heart Chakra of a Galactic Being; hence, qualities of brotherhood, inclusiveness and universal love emanate from the area of the zodiac. Natally, its House position will show where one can most easily open the Heart Chakra, through the activities and services of that House.

Y & Y NOT – FROM CHROMOSOMES TO CHRISTOS by Judi Laws: “The higher you go…the smaller things look below. As you increase your investment in the development of the Higher Self, the elevator of your consciousness will rise. At each succeeding higher level, you will watch compulsive or untoward feelings and impulses that used to master you diminish in size, frequency and intensity. It will not be so much a matter of their diminishing as it will be your consciousness expanding, thereby rendering them miniature.”

ADDENDUM: This all culminated in the late 1980s with the alignment in Capricorn with the sextile to Pluto in Scorpio and the world completely changed as communism fell in Russia and Eastern Europe. New borders and new nations and new powers emerged.

In my later observations, I see that the delusions and deceptions of the Neptune transit through a sign will have to be addressed when Pluto enters that sign. The government in power with Neptune in Capricorn saw the dissolving of protections and supports. News programs no longer had to give both sides of the issues, giving rise to Rage Radio. Less restrictions on large corporations has to excesses and a lack of ethical responsibility. The “chickens have come to roost” with Pluto in Capricorn.

Since the 1990s, Neptune and Pluto are temporarily shifting away from the 60 degree orb and the world has slipped into a very pessimistic place. Mass Consciousness seems gripped more in fear and polarization that unity consciousness. It is important for those who seek a spiritual path to maintain this energy until Neptune and Pluto once again align in an exact sextile. This starts in 2025 and continues through the 2030s. Pluto will be in Aquarius, Neptune will enter Aries and Uranus will be in Gemini. Those individuals and nations with planets in very early degrees of the signs will be the first to manifest this expanded energy.

From 2001 until early 2011, Neptune made a Septile aspect to Pluto. I had read an article on Septiles some years back. It was on the Neptune-Pluto cycle and the article stated that we were at the Septile Range and choices made during that cycle would set the karma for the rest of the cycle. Indeed, 9/11 and how we handled this has set in motion a very difficult karmic repercussion.

FOOTNOTES: In 1960-61, when the alignment aspected my Sun in Virgo, I discovered astrology, an interest that would prove life altering in 1966 when they aspected my natal Saturn.
U.S. and the Vatican exchange diplomats after 116 years; the Vatican and Italy end Roman Catholicism as a state religion; Reagan withdraws Marines from Beirut

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