URANUS TRANSITS: A brief, personal story and health suggestions – Lynn Koiner PMAFA –

I used to think that Uranus did not affect me so much, not unless it was a “hard” aspect. In Capricorn, Uranian energy moved more slowly and it really did not affect me but, in Sagittarius (in 1970s and 1980s) and Aquarius, it moves quickly and I do feel it. The House Uranus was transiting did not always work for me, except in cycles such as Saturn or the progressed Moon.

Hard aspects from the transiting Uranus always want us to change something in our lives – change a job, change a relationship or change a limiting pattern in our lives.

URANUS & DISEASE: Uranus rules the rhythms of the body so it has a connection with the rhythm of the heart (some people need a defibrillator), the impulses of the nervous (sympathetic and autonomic) system (spasms, breathing, ringing in the ears), vision and metabolism. Uranus is negatively affected by sugar consumption.
Primarily, Uranus causes inflammation through the over-stimulation of the nervous system. An anti-inflammatory diet and supplements are recommended.
Rhythms of the body when impacted can cause leg spasms, asthma, colitis, cramps, jerky body movements and poor coordination, neuralgia (nerve pain), the pituitary gland specifically, stomach gas, valvular diseases.
With inflammations, it affects the heart and the nerves. A cardiologist told me that plaque in the arteries does not cause a heart attack – it is the inflammation that causes the arteries to swell and block circulation.
With the poor coordination, it can make an individual accident prone – accidents can occur to force a decision.
Acupuncture and healing techniques that regulate the body’s energies are very helpful, along with the anti-inflammatory protocol.

TREMORS: When this aspect kicked in (Uranus in Aquarius opposing Mercury and Uranus in Pisces afflicting Sun-Moon), I felt like my fingers were stuck in an electrical outlet. I felt wired, hyper and there were times when I just wanted to crawl out of my skin. In turn, I went to the refrigerator and eat. Food seemed to ground and sooth but this ultimately made me feel worse. Even little skinny people felt the same way.

EXHAUSTION: In 2001, Uranus opposed my Mercury. At the same time, I was going through a Mars opposition for 7 months, a time of lowered energy when the body is on recharge. I did not have the energy to do what Uranus requires — physical activity. Those who have done best with Uranus say that they walked at lot or even jogged. While in Yugoslavia, I walked and climbed mountains and this was actually quite soothing, walking off that Uranian energy. Uranus can actually wear you out when you are just sitting still – feeling exhausted even though you have not done anything. I find that “calming” herbs work best when I cannot be physically active. At that time, I used the nervines from The Herb Finder. It seems that the Blue Vervain was the key calming ingredient. Sometimes I was so wired that I could not sleep (and this makes me hungry) so I took the Night Nervine — and I calmed down immediately.

Having Uranus strong in my natal chart, I observed that it has been difficult for me to get close to people – I would pull back, I would seem aloof and detached, and this was confusing to others. This was particularly noticeable with Uranus in Aquarius. My relationships with Water signs are most helpful because they are soothing and calming. I found it difficult to be around controlling Plutonians. I did not have the energy or patience for this behavior.

With Uranus afflicting Mercury, I needed to work on my communications and learn not to blurt things out in humor – something that I came to see as inappropriate. I wrote very long articles on Neptune and Pluto in the late 1990s. I can always send them as an attachment to those who request these.
My theory on outer planet transits is that they produce change by first stimulating some aspect of our electro-magnetic field. Pluto puts pressure on our astral body so that we become more clear about how we feel. Neptune speeds up the frequency in the etheric, causing the molecules of the etheric web to separate, making the vail between the seen and unseen more tenuous…and dissolving boundaries (also making us more sensitive). Uranus transits speed up the electrical currents stimulating the nadis, the etheric counterpart of our nervous system. This “wired” feeling stimulates us to make changes.
Sometimes having multiple outer planet transits occurring simultaneously can be better than just one transit. With just Uranus, I feel this planet full force. When I have had several outer planet transits, no one Planet seems to dominate – and it is easier, at least, energetically. Pluto squares tend to bring relationships into my life and this seems to work for others as well. These relationships are intense in some way and highly transformational…but I never regret them at all.

Uranus in Pisces has been more of an activist than Uranus in Aquarius. It stimulates a strong emotional reaction to events in our lives. Since it is transiting my 7th House, the changes have come through others. Friends moved and this was stressful. The City Fathers decided to get rid of the local farmers and bring in an out-of-state group of professional farmers. Uranus in Pisces triggered a rage to defend my father’s position as a local farmer. The friends who helped me were also experiencing strong Uranus transits! For me, I was an activist in all local political activities.

Uranus in Aries activates Cardinal planets in our chart – it generates crises, good and bad. This is especially true with Pluto in Capricorn, instigating Crises in the life that can stress the Adrenal/Thyroid and compromise the immune system. With the Adrenals, as in my own case, they can flatline and stop producing Cortisol. This can cause a major health crisis. The Hormone Saliva Test is excellent for testing this. A gynecologist can help with this or Life Extension or offer private testing.

There was a health issue that arose from the Uranus transit. First, I believe that I contracted the Epstein-Barr Virus because of a progressed Sun-Moon affliction to Transpluto.
However, Uranus caused this virus (because of a loss of cartilage in the lumbar spinal area) to go into this area of the nervous system.

Uranus, under the most difficult transits, can “fry” the nerves. After 2 years of horrible pain, I discovered that, using an anti-inflammatory diet (no sugar and define food allergies), anti-inflammatory supplements (Omega 3 4000mgs and Curcumin 800 mgs) and exercise, the pain went away. These supplements are soothing to the nerves in terms of inflammation.
I had to eliminate the inflammatory foods before the supplements would work.

However, I feel that herbal nervines and exercise are good for supporting the uncomfortable “wired” feeling.

Uranus causes inflammation. Uranus and Saturn together can cause a heart attack or stroke due to inflammation.

NOTE: There have been strong progressed alignments involving Chiron during this period. Chiron rules health issues that you have to learn to live with.

The EBVirus and the Postherpatic Neuralgia are permanent but they can be controlled through building up the immune system. Typical of Chiron, it is something that I must learn to live with.
Uranus afflicting planets in the 12th House causes insomnia.

URANUS & HEALTH UPDATE: After taking liquid Melatonin at night to sleep, under the stress of travel, my adrenal glands stopped working. They did produce small amounts of Cordisol at night but they flatlined when I got up in the morning. This caused morning headaches, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, dangerous heart arrhythmia and heart palpatations and exhaustion from doing a little exercise.
I had to good fortune to find an alternative medicine gynecologist for the first doctor I consulted, Dr. Zidi Berger, in Bethesda, Maryland. I will be writing a long article on this experience. I find that the Hormone Saliva Test is the best indicator for this.

She also found that my body was saturated with Melatonin. The normal range is between 1 and 21 – mine was over 600! I was in a constant Sleep State and this exhausted the adrenal glands. This is a very dangerous condition, especially when approaching a Neptune transit (which I will start in 2014). This can damage the heart muscle (see books by Dr. Stephen Sinatra).

I am now taking liquid DHEA to support the production of Cortisol. I take this twice a day and sometimes, when Chronic Fatigue sets in, I need to take it a 3rd time. I also take a small amount of Armour Thyroid (1/2 grain or 32 mgs). I have these medications compounded at a local pharmacy, The Village Green Apothecary. Some pharmacies obtain Armour Thyroid from companies based in India or China and they do not always work the same. Compounding pharmacies can be found around the country.

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  1. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for the article. My mother has tinnitus. We couldn’t find the cure. I looked at her chart as a result of the information you provided. Her illness began when Uranus was conjunct the her natal sun..

    1. There are many reasons of ringing in the ears and, yes, this can be triggered by a Uranus transit.
      + High Blood Pressure – this is often elevated with age.
      + Certain medications will trigger ringing
      + Build up of Ear wax or fluids in the ear
      + Anemia – B12 deficiency. Taking pills is not a good way to take this as a supplement. I use NEURO-IMMUNE STABILIZER by Neuro Biologix (ordered online). It is a rub in cream, often recommended for anemia and MTHFR (positive).
      GABA deficiency – Neuro Biologix also sell rub on GABA. GABA is not absorbed well as a pill. L-Theanine produces GABA but Consumer Lab says that L-Theanine for anxiety takes 2 months to kick in
      + CASTOR OIL DROPS – it has to be true castor oil so I buy it on Amazon from HERITAGE STORE Keeps drops in the ear to stimulate lymph in that area — also, manual lymph massage focusing on the ears is helpful
      + CoQ10 – Some doctors recommend this. Do not waste your money on Ubiquinol. Kirkland (Costco) 300 mgs is absorbed better and it is much cheaper
      + Cayenne – Tinnitis is really caused by a circulation problem. Stimulating Lymph with castor oil or a lymph massage works for this but the capsules of Cayenne opens the arteries, helping with circulation.

  2. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for the article,

    I wanted to share my experience on this subject. In March 2020, my boyfriend’s natal sun conjunct uranus in his chart, and at that time I realized that he was lying to me about something and broke up with him. Could it have such an effect?


    1. Yes, Uranus ends what needs to end, what you have outgrown. Uranus causes change in our lives because it stimulates the Nadis (etheric counterpart to nervous system) — like putting your fingers in an electrical outlet.

  3. Lynn thank you for this. I have had adrenal issues that have flatlines me like you’ve talked about. I am an Aquarian rising, I feel a lot of pain around my hips and back all the time. Medical astrology is something I’m new to. How do you suggest working with Uranus and the body parts it rules calves and ankles I feel so unstable there.

    1. Transiting Uranus is not connected to a body part. It does affect the nadis, the etheric counterpart of the nervous system. Uranus can trigger food intolerances. You need to get on an anti-inflammatory diet and supplements. Supplements alone will not help much — I learned this the hard way. Raw Adrenal Glandular helps but it must be taken in waves or it will stop working — a month ON and 3 week OFF.

  4. You say “Uranus and Saturn together can cause a heart attack or stroke due to inflammation”, and this was certainly true for me. I had an ischemic stroke to my left side as Uranus transited my natal Saturn at 15 degrees of Aries. I was 16! Understanding this now will help me prepare myself for any possible re-occurance once Uranus makes hard aspects to my natal Saturn or Saturn to my natal Uranus. Thank you!

    1. The wife of a prominent New England heart specialist told me that he believed just as did. It is not cholesterol but inflammation that causes the arteries to swell and cut off circulation. But 16! Wow! This is rare!
      There are anti-inflammatory supplements. Ask your doctor give you an MTHFR test to see if you can metabolize B vitamins. People who test positive have high homocysteine levels, hence, high inflammation.
      I posted a food elimination diet on Lynn Koiner Medical Sharing on Facebook. You could have a food intolerance test but Elisa is expensive and confusing. Mediation Labs has a series of tests that are less expensive and you can order from home. My friends and I took this test and I noticed that all showed a mild intolerance to pineapple and almonds. Most nuts are processed so they will not spoil and this may be the reason.
      If you lived in Europe or Australia, the Imupro300 best is super but it is not available in the US.
      I need to add that the Glymph in the brain detoxes the brain very quickly. Google the Edgar Cayce head-neck exercises and do this regularly as it stimulates Glymph (lymph in the brain). This can help detox the brain and many supplements thin the blood. I take many as I have had many friends who have had strokes and heart attacks. As a Virgo, I take everything.

  5. Lynn,
    May I please ask for guidance? My dob is 11/5/68, 2:05 pm KalamazooMi. I have had Uranus oppose my Natal Scorpio Sun and is approaching my Natal Taurus Moon. I have been experiencing the worst anxiety, depression and the like for awhile now. I am a student of astrology and have become fearful of it bc I connect some of the transits with my feelings and unsure how to cope or to even be able to read for or counsel people in the future. I feel very worried about the Uranus conjunction to my moon, Saturn is still in my firstbhouse and Pluto will be in Aquarius and Im Aquarius rising. Would you kindly offer suggestions. Medical astrology is new to me so I don’t know all the details. I am currently taking anti depression/ anxiety medicine called Lexapro for a few weeks now.

    1. It is very difficult to answer all questions on my website. The Taurus-Scorpio opposition indicates one who is highly sensitized to subtle vibrations — harmonious or discordant. You are too easily influenced by these vibrations. Uranus aspecting the Sun-Moon opposition causes mental stress and anxiety but not the ability to move forward on changes. Thinking rather than acting. Uranus is coming from the 7th House so much that needs changing (and Uranus always wants us to get rid of what we have outgrown) has to do with relationships. There may be some to need to be given the “boot” as they hold you back. They are actually part of a Fixed T-Square with Transpluto at 14 Leo in the 6th House — so it is driven by perfectionist demands. Pluto is squaring your Mercury and Pluto also comes from the 7th House. Mercury in the 8th can mean that there are financial obligations and ties that are worrisome. However, Pluto is making favorable aspects this year and next to Mars-Jupiter. They are in the Ending Planets (I have an introduction to my theory on this website) so this is a cycle for drawing matters and relationships to a conclusion.

  6. Dear Lynn,
    I recently learned a little bit about Uranus and looked back to 2001 when my health problems started very suddenly. Uranus was conjunct Saturn in Aquarius in my third house, square my Scorpio Ascendant, opposite my Leo Mars, and square my Sun/ Mercury conjunction. I too flatlined with my Cortisol and took every remedy under the sun but ended up on replacement cortisol for Addison’s disease. even that was not the end; 10 years of debilitating symptoms finally led me to diagnose myself with Behcets disease; auto inflammation of the blood vessels. I now have Uranus hanging out in my sixth house about 8 degrees from my Sun/Mercury conjunction at 25/28 Taurus. can you help me understand what I can do to ease this lighting up of my chart again?

    1. You have a long wait until the summer of 2024 before Uranus crosses your Sun-Mercury. At that time. it is an ending cycle so you must eliminate all that you have outgrown. Sometimes when a health issue begin with a planet going through a Cross or T-Square, the problem ends after it leaves the last planet in that configuration — so this could be after 2024. Transpluto is also in Leo and probably in that configuration. I have 2 articles on Transpluto on my website. It is associated with auto-immune disorders. Another astrologer who wrote to me about her auto-immune disorder said that one must first deal with anger issues (and internalized criticism – Transpluto). Anti-inflammatory supplements help only if you follow a strict anti-inflammatory diet. Everlywell can pinpoint food intolerances. Also, do have the MTHFR test done. If positive, your body cannot metabolize B vitamins. Cerefolin is the prescription and Neuro-immune Stabilizer by Neuro-Biologix (online) help with metabolizing. Taking B’s orally does not work since you cannot metabolize them.

  7. Hello, I am fascinated! My name is Lindsey, and I was born 02.02.1984 at 12.52 am I. Worcester, Massachusetts.
    I began studying my own astrology many.years ago, and currently, my thirst for knowledge is expanding.
    Uranus is now transiting my 7th house, opposite ascendant, opposite Saturn, square moon, and trine Saturn. I have been diagnosed with diabetes type 2, and feel the Electric energy, but somehow the feeling is collecting in certain areas…wrists, fingers, sciatic nerve. I can find no energy to exercise, though I desperately want to. I also eat, though it’s rather manic. Addictive.
    I have 3 children, 10, 8, 9 months. I feel like I want change who I am, but I have no power to do so. could you please suggest something? Thank you for your existence.

    1. My computers are a mess. I cannot print out as my new printer no longer connects with either computer.
      First, I will give some brief notes on diabetes. Please read my article on Transpluto that was published by Noel Tyl. It has more information on diabetes II
      Google EDGAR CAYCE Diabetes and you will see that he related this to colon toxemia – and I think that this is the root of the problem.

      I use Transpluto (19 Leo) for auto-immune disorders and even diabetes – usually connected to a separation, alienation or loss with the year of onset.

      T Uranus in the 6th House is triggering the Fixed T-Square with Transpluto opposing the Sun-Moon and squared by Mars-Saturn. This often indicates a pattern of some type of abuse in the life. The exhaustion is caused by 1) high inflammation levels, 2) toxin build up from the Fixed signs, 3) and the 2nd House planets denote Chi blockage/lymphatic congestion. The less you do the more fatigued you feel.

      Since I am limited in what I can do with the computers, you will have to look up these sources.


      • Primary factor is Transpluto, subjecting the individual to the critical, perfectionist environment.
      • Second, Jupiter ruling the liver which is the center of criticism/perfectionism, releases gylcogens in amounts that the body cannot handle.
      • Third, Venus for diabetes is the factor connected with feeling and being loved B or unloved.

      In my 2004 research, working with PhD psychotherapist, Dr. JoeAnne Bridge, I have observed the JUPITER PERSONALITY TYPE primarily shown in Diabetes–these are people who try to please and live up to the expectations of others.

      • As with all Blood Sugar Disorders, they grew up in a critical, perfectionist environment.
      • Jupiter wants to be liked, approval and to live up to external expectations – expectations that seem excessive.
      • This does not imply that they are always sweet, loving people — although many can be genuinely kind but it can be a role that they play (Jupiter) in order to get people to like them and, most important, to avoid criticism…or dealing with their own internal anger issues.
      • Jupiter’s abandonment issues are connected with the fear that “if I do not live up to the expectations of others, they will withhold approval.”


      Esoterically, Saturn is associated with the attempt to transfer energies from the Sacral Center to the Throat Chakra B going from procreative to creative.

      • This type definitely develops blood sugar problems due to a throat chakra dysfunction — Wilson’s Syndrome — which lowers the body temperature.
      • There are issues around sex that are not communicated by the individual.
      • Throat is Will – the ability to take charge in one’s own decision making.
      • Sexually, there can be a disinterest, weight gain to keep the opposite sex at bay and difficulty with social contact.
      • The Jupiter Type wants to be very social but Saturn does not.
      • Saturn has strong intimacy fears

      There was an article in the AFA periodical a few years back concerning the parts of the body for each degree of the zodiac putting the pancreas at 15-18 Cancer. These degrees fit with the diabetic charts I’ve looked at….says Connie on Eric’s site.

      STARCK: Disease occurs during a period of stress in the life. There may be a shock involving a relationship or a family crisis, such as a death (separation, alienation or loss).
      Diabetics are very bitter people. Life’s circumstances have made them adopt these attitudes; the body compensates by producing an increased amount of sugar.

  8. I’ve been having major issues with my sleep since Uranus started opposing my natal Mercury (which is in conjunction to natal Uranus and Moon) – would you say my sleep shall get better after the transit? It’s so troubling as I got reliant to sleeping pills to sleep which is disrupting my natural sleep clock and I’m struggling to get off it now despite Uranus still “doing its work” on my natal planets!

    1. Uranus can do that as it stimulates cortisol levels. There is something that helps me and that is 2 caps each of Lemon Balm and Holy Basil. These are part of the mint family so no danger or side effects. I took them before bed but you can take them at other times of the day as well.

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