THE VENUS TRANSIT of 2004 and 2012: This is a rare astronomical event that occurs about every 130 years whereby Venus occults or passes over the face of the Sun. Yes, it conjuncts the Sun every year but only rarely does it cross the face of the Sun. At the present time, the Venus Transit can only occur within a few days on either side of December 8 or June 7 – the approximate dates when Earth crosses Venus’s Nodes. There have been dates in the distant past when the Venus Transit occurred in Taurus/Scorpio.

In the past, it has brought about new breakthroughs in which we come to view our world in a very different way. During the last Venus Transit in the late 1800s (December 9 1874/December 6 1882), with the first passing of Venus over the face of the Sun, Impressionism was first presented at the Paris Salon exhibition. It was shocking at the time because one must stand far back from the painting if you are to truly see its beauty. If you stand close, it looks like a paint-by-numbers attempt at art. Impressionism forced us to view our world in a very different way via art. With the last exhibition, it was no longer controversial but it did set the stage for the truly modern art soon to come.

The preceding Venus Transit occurred on June 6 1761 and June 3 1769. At this time, in the American Colonies, England imposed excessive taxes “without representation.” The Colonies began printing their own paper money, since there was little hard currency available at that time – and England prohibited this. The prelude to the Revolution occurred during this period when the new concept presented itself – that the Common Man could rule himself. This had never happened before – many responded in fear and questioned if it was really possible.

And even earlier, the Venus Transit occurred on December 7, 1631, and December 4, 1639. At this time, astronomy and astrology were good friends but the new discoveries about our solar system challenged the authority of the Catholic Church. Only one year earlier, Galileo looked into the sky with his telescope and the world would never be the same again…or astrology!

And, lastly in this observation, the Venus Transit occurred on May 26, 1518, and May 23, 1523. Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, set out to circumnavigate the globe and, once again, our view of our world dramatically changed.

In 2004, I was sure that something wonderful would happen that, again, would change how we saw our world – but this did not happen as far as I could see, at least, on a global level. However, a few years later, I would come to observe the 2004 was a transformational year in my personal life. At the time of the June 8, 2004, Venus Transit, I contracted the Epstein-Barr Virus which, in turn, triggered a very painful neuralgia that continued for 2 years. I went to every type of doctor imaginable, I had a nerve block, I took horrible drugs but I could not seem to find a cure. In October of 2005, I went to my healing mountain in Bavaria and I suddenly felt better. However, it was only when I returned that I heard a talk on television by Dr. Andrew Weil on anti-inflammatory supplements and the anti-inflammatory diet. I took the supplements and ate a very limited diet – and within 14 days all of the pain was gone! How this was transformational is that I learned so much about alternative therapies. While I have always studied medical astrology, this event thrust me full force into a new aspect of this field, finding remedies and cures. Here in 2012, with the last crossing to occur on June 6, I feel that I am where I am because of what happened to me in 2004. I am a recognized medical astrologer, I have a medical forum for all to ask for help and I teach the Medical Astrology program for the International Academy of Astrology.

When I expressed my observation regarding 2004 to members of my Wednesday Edgar Cayce study group, everyone commented that 2004 had been a transformational year in their lives and that they, too, are where they are today solely because of the events occurring in 2004. What happened globally may only be recognized in the years to come when we have the distance to have a true perspective. But, for now, I am grateful for the transformation that it brought into my life. Not since Mauerfall in November 1989 and the alignment in Capricorn has my life transformed so dramatically.

ADDENDUM (3-2012): I have been presuming that 2012 would culminate the transformations that began in 2004, specifically in the lives of individuals. So far, this has not been the case. What I am observing is that it is another year, like 2004, of great personal transformation.

Just like in 2004, when I contracted the Epstein-Barr Virus — an event that totally transformed my life in terms of my interest in medical astrology — I find myself going through a great transformation of my personal environment. I know that everything will transform energetically but I do not know the purpose of the energetic transformation. Actually, I did not realize the full extent and purpose of my transformation in 2004 until I gave a Medical Astrology lecture at the 2007 NCGR conference in Baltimore Maryland. This was the first time that I gave a talk on this topic using the new information that I had acquired since my illness. It was the first compilation of my Common Cures notes. It was only 1 page that day but now it is almost 100 pages.

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