Thoughts on the Galactic Center

Thoughts on the Galactic Center

At the recent NCGR conference, Linea Van Horn said that the Galactic Center occupied a rather large space in the heavens so it is not isolated to 26 degrees Sagittarius.

In 1990, when I first traveled to visit astrologers in Eastern Europe, the founder of the Czech astrological Society, Pavel Turnovsky, showed me a historical timeline whereby the Jewish Nation was always affected by the Galactic Center changing degrees. It entered 26 degrees in the late 1930s when Hitler rose to power. It will enter 27 degrees in the Summer 2011.

I have made some observations of planets conjunct the Galactic Center. I only used the exact degree. I found that it was a highly sensitizing area.
I studied Theosophy in the 1980s and I was able to apply theosophical concepts to the Galactic Center conjunct a natal planet. NEW: In recent years, I realize that the GC is much larger than 1 degree so I allow 2 degree orbs.

For those of you who know Theosophy, I will say that it incorporates Ray IV energies to the planet. Ray IV is the sensitive and intuitive ray energy – it is sensitive to sound, color and vibration. It is not exactly sensitive like Neptune because the Galactic Center has an Uranus “feel” to it. When you experience a “hard” Uranus transit, it over-stimulates the nadis and the nervous system so that you feel like your fingers are stuck in an electrical outlet.

Some astrologers have felt that this was a Spiritual placement but I feel that one needs to connect with some type of spiritual discipline to assist in regulating the energies of the Galactic Center.

Purely scientific research has been conducted (see my Septile article on this website) with the Remote Viewers who worked for the government. It showed that, within a 2-hour window, when the earth was blocking the Galactic Center, psychic ability dramatically increased. The only possible reason for this was concluded that the “intense noise” coming from the Galactic Center was being blocked. You will know when this occurs as Orion’s Belt will be directly overhead. An inexpensive starfinder will show this more clearly.

This “noise,” I feel, is what sensitizes the individual.

RAB: The center of the galaxy (GC) aligns with 27Sgr and is quite near the ecliptic, so when 27Gem passes the MC the GC is opposite, on the other side of the Earth which is then providing maximum blockage.

Visually, when there’s a clear night sky, the point opposite the GC is located in the tri-boundary zone where constellations Taurus, Auriga, and Gemini converge, several degree north of the ecliptic.

The time of maximum blockage occurs when this region culminates — that is, when it passes your local meridian. Orion is the brightest constellation in this general area, located just below the anti-GC point, so it’s a good marker.

Most psychic experiences are linked with geomagnetism. The GC is the strongest source of cosmic radiation, so when it’s blocked, we can attune to subtle terrestrial influences with less interference.

The influence of the GC via planetary conjunctions may be more cosmic or celestial than terrestrial. In a very real way the GC is the center of the sky, the Heart of Heaven and the Sun behind the Sun.

DAVID: The Galactic Center is simply the hub of the Milky Way galaxy, around which our Sun revolves, at 26Sag53 currently.

I posted the following previously but this is interesting for research:

Transiting Pluto conjunct Galactic Center:
Using Alphee Lavoie’s Super Search and Star Trax Millennium by AIR Software, I’ve constructed the following table below of the days with an exact conjunction going back to just before the GC entered Sag. I hope this will help with your investigation.

Peter Standaart
Date Pluto at the Galactic Center:
01/12/-221 => 25Sc58’49”
04/23/-221 => 25Sc59’30“r
11/10/-221 => 25Sc59’17”
1/19/26 => 29Sc23’34”
4/18/26 => 29Sc24’12“r
11/15/26 => 29Sc23’59”
11/28/273 => 2Sag49’26”
07/04/274 => 2Sag50’37“r
09/22/274 => 2Sag50’23”
12/17/520 => 6Sag15’29”
06/06/521 => 6Sag16’32“r
10/18/521 => 6Sag16’14”
01/16/768 => 9Sag41’15”
05/02/768 => 9Sag41’58“r
11/14/768 => 9Sag41’42”
12/15/1015 => 13Sag07’33”
06/17/1016 => 13Sag08’38“r
10/14/1016 => 13Sag08’21”
01/25/1263 => 16Sag34’26”
04/28/1263 => 16Sag35’06“r
11/22/1263 => 16Sag34’59”
01/03/1511 => 20Sag01’39”
05/29/1511 => 20Sag02’34“r
11/05/1511 => 20Sag02’13”
01/01/1759 => 23Sag28’38”
07/02/1759 => 23Sag29’41“r
11/01/1759 => 23Sag29’21”
12/29/2006 => 26Sag56’41”
7/16/2007 => 26Sag57’50“r
10/27/2007 => 26Sag57’32”

Paul Hewit gives this insight: The GC is so active that astrologers could think of it in planetary terms, since that is what astrologers seem most comfortable with. I look at the GC by house position in every chart, and the Sagittarian theme works well. Solar arcs and transits to this spot in every chart bring up travel, educational, spiritual and philosophical themes in client discussions. One of the most devastating times for a client has been Solar Arc Pluto square the natal GC. A profound crises of faith and belief occurs almost every time.

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    1. Everything I know about the GC is in the article. I only look at the conjunction with planets. Not that the MC is not important I just do not look at this.
      Since I focus more on at 27 Sag as an Ending Planet, that interpretation is more important to me.
      This is a new website and I am not sure what articles have been posted. There is a mention on the GC under the Septile and Multidimensional Phenomena.
      This is what I base my observations on.
      From that article, you can see that the GC emits a lot of “noise” which makes the conjuncting planets sensitive. BUT, the sensitivity is most pronounced when the planet occults the GC
      This occurs when it is conjunct AND parallel by Declination. Complicated, I know.

  1. My 18 degrees Jupiter in Virgo with progressed Virgo at 27 degrees Virgo in square to the GC.

    Publishing facts in my newspaper 199 to 2017 has earned me four arson attacks that burnt out three of my staff from their homes as well as my car being blown up. Also, I had two attempts on my life.

    Whistleblowers have similar aspects to the 27 degrees wherein they gain information that cannot be handled safely.

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