The VOC is a period occurring every other day – lasting a few minutes, a few hours or an entire day – when the Moon makes no major aspects to other planets before it leaves the sign that it is transiting. It is Void of Course. The Moon produces activity by its aspects and, when there are no aspects, there will be no activity. The key phrase for the VOC period is: NOTHING WILL COME OF THE MATTER! If you go shopping during VOC, you will spend a lot of time running around and never find what you want. If someone presents a question, a proposal or a plan to you during this time, the answer regarding the outcome should be, “Nothing will come of the matter; it is just a lot of talk!”

This is not a “bad time” astrologically – this period can actually be used beneficially. If there is an action that you would like to take and not have any negative consequence come from the matter, take the action during the VOC period. If you want to tell someone off or make a confession without arousing negative ramifications, do it during the VOC. The most famous use of the VOC Moon period for which I have been quoted in “The Washingtonian” and “Investors Daily” is for the timing of when to put your income taxes in the mailbox so that you will not be audited by the IRS.

It is important to not that the Parallel and the Contra-Parallel aspects are considered to be major aspects:

In the 1980s, I studied Horary Astrology with Gilbert Navarro. A Horary Chart is one calculated for the time and place someone asks a question. It deals specifically with the question and matters around that question. I am not a horary astrologer but I do calculate these charts for clients when they have specific questions. In the class, Gilbert said that the Parallel was stronger than the conjunction; the Contra-Parallel was less powerful in that it only ruled a temporary connection – like having the plumber come to the house to fix the toilet. He comes but he is not going to stay.

Recently, I picked a date and time to have lunch with a friend. She commented that the Moon was VOC – but it was not! There was a contra-parallel between the Moon and Pluto. A parallel is a more permanent coming together; a contra-parallel is a temporary coming together. This was fine because we were just having lunch – I was not moving in. It was a productive meeting and I received a lot of good information on health and nutrition from my friend.
Later, I was able to obtain my dad’s medications – and I had gone 3 times earlier during the week but the prescription had not been refilled. I also made some good purchases – I found the pack back that I did not buy earlier in the week but really wanted before they were all sold out at Costco.

When I calculated dates and times for events, I always take the Parallel and Contra-Parallel aspects into consideration. There are some astrological calendars that use the Parallel aspects. I consider these the most reliable.

TRAVEL ADVICE: I always start a trip when the Moon only makes favorable aspects while it is in th sign. The Moon may only make one sextile, trine or parallel. In 2010, I traveled with the Moon in Libra (good for relationships) and it only trined Neptune. On the entire trip, I felt that a Guardian Angel was with me every inch of the way. When my trained pulled into Ljubljana, I saw a Rainbow – at 2pm! Most unusual! With that Rainbow, good luck followed me while traveling in Slovenia.

In 2009, when traveling to a conference in Boston, I told my friend, Ingrid Petroff, that we could not leave until 10:40am in order to miss the Moon’s affliction to Saturn opposing Uranus. It was very boring to wait so long but wait we did. As we drove through the hills of Pennsylvania, I observed the wisdom in waiting. Many cars driven on that highway earlier had slid off the side of the road, crashing into the embankment. Ice had been on the road earlier but, since we left so late, the ice had just melted and we had no problems with ice. All had melted!

The timing of the trip begins when you leave the house to start the trip and not return until the trip is over. The timing for the return trip is not important at all.

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