Introduction: Jeanne Mozier is our most popular speaker, drawing the largest crowds attending our monthly lectures. In January of every year, Jeanne gives her astrological view for the future. This is a summary of her talk for 2013 with many addendums, updating and clarifications by Lynn Koiner that are combined with material from Jeanne’s earlier January 2012 lecture.

The greatest period of Chaos and Change in this current Uranus-Pluto cycle occurs from 2008 through 2015. In 2008, Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn. Pluto’s task in Capricorn is to rectify the inequities that occurred when Neptune was in Capricorn. In the United States, government naively sold out to big business with sweeping de-regulations, ridding the country of many unions so that big business could grow at the expense of our country’s labor force. Farm-Aid concerts were held to help the farmers that were being forced out of business by the big Agri-Corporations that polluted the land with chemicals and crops resistant to “Round Up.” New grains are now shorter and contain excessive gluten – which eventually has caused the gluten-intolerance that so many people now experience.
Remember, astrological cycles do not run on a calendar year – cycles begin with an outer planet enters a new sign. As the last outer planet, Neptune, changes signs, many things that we know now will disappear, never to be seen again. In Theosophy, Iris White once said: “Appreciate everything on your planet now because it will never be this way again.”

Pluto in Capricorn continues its revolution and disruption of established forms, as it squares Uranus in Aries through 2015; Neptune entering Pisces, causing the dissolution of boundaries and the awareness of Leaderless Mobs, devoid of logic and reason (no Air signs). We can see this with our Congress, a group of antiquated old men who think only of their own personal power, not the needs of the citizens. There is no logic behind their refusal to pass bills. In this decade, the least number of Bills have been passed by Congress in the history of this country (USCHS Round Table Discussion in Washington DC).
Because of the increase in the Water Element with Neptune in Pisces and the lack of the Air Element, we will see the end of the Age of Reason and the beginning of the Irrational Age, albeit, it will also be observed as Creative, Poetic and Intuitive.

In 2012, when Neptune entered Pisces, I observed many friends having breakdowns, calling me from what they termed, “the funny farm.” Since they were laughing while they were telling me, they were probably so funny due to all of the drugs they were being given. My relationship with a client of many years had to be terminated because, after his breakdown and stint in a mental institution, he became irrational.

In the news, people are actually going crazy, shooting and killing people. Mental illness is the real culprit, possibly due to problems within the Occipital Lobe of the brain. When the Occipital hormones are deficient, the individual becomes self-absorbed with little or no interest in others. There is an absence of feelings for all but self. However, Jeanne adds that the Newtown school shooting occurred at the time of the Uranus Station, fueling erratic actions.

With an excess of Occipital hormones, there is an increase in nervous instability. The individual becomes hesitant, distracted, vulnerable to all manner of criticism, morbidly afraid of disapproval, painfully shy and feel inadequate. They desire social interaction but they are too afraid.


MEDICAL: Many of you know that I teach the Medical Curriculum for the International Academy of Astrology. In Mid-July 2013, the Sun-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune will be in Water signs. This element rules the Occipital Lobe of the Brain, regulating intuitive and sensory input. When functioning properly, we feel a sense of trust, faith in the future and we can, therefore, go with the flow. When not functioning properly, there can be a deficiency in SEROTONIN (made from 5-HTP and Tryptophan) which can cause sleep disorders due to out-of-sync brain waves and extreme sensitivity to the environment. The brain simply cannot recharge its self. Deficiency cravings include simple carbohydrates such as paste and rice, salty foods and alcohol.

Stimulating Empath Energy (see Empath on my website at, the water soluble vitamins will be flushed too quickly from the body (vitamins B & C) so that they are not assimilated. This can ultimately cause high Homocysteine levels (CRProtein) and inflammation in the body. These vitamins should be taken as a time-release or several times a day. Coffee destroys many of the B vitamins so I always take these an hour after drinking my last cup of morning coffee.

When the Water element is functioning properly, people experience the joy of life — they thrive on change and trying new experiences. Trust allows them to tackle any obstacle and be undeterred by setbacks. Careers that are creative and provide enjoyment (sports) are sought. Imagination can make them good intuitive problem solvers. There is a visceral passion for life.

The health issues of Water/Occipital are: stroke (high inflammation due to high homocysteine levels), learning disorders, depression since life has no joy or meaning, mood disorders, binging/eating disorders, loner behavior, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies (deficiency can manifest as allergies), hypertension, hormonal imbalances, PMS, loss of enthusiasm for life — no longer enjoying life.


As a Trends Analyst in Political Science and Political Relations (for the CIA, no less), Jeanne observed that Astrology is the best system for making these analyses because one can readily see the patterns —
With Pluto in Capricorn until 2024, this will be a cycle for breaking down our structures and institutions to molecular level so that the new can manifest.

The Forces of the Establishment, Institutions, the Corporate World that are conservative and, therefore, inflexible, will crumble. The Rights of the Individual will be at variance with the World Force. Globalization must be shaped to respect the individual.
In 2011, Jeanne warned us that Pluto in Capricorn will make life very difficult everyone. The obstacles are still the old, crystallized forms – governments, institutions, corporations and politicians – but these will be crumbled down to their molecular level. The dinosaurs will become extinct. Revolutions will occur to restructure the forms. These revolutions must come. Yet, with Uranus in Aries, genius will find its way through, despite Pluto in Capricorn. The obstacles will arise through the fears associated with transformations. As Alice Howell states in THE HEAVENS DECLARE, when humanity becomes polarized, a New Era is about to occur.

Ura Sqr Plu (X) Tr-Tr Jun 24 2012 05:12:10 am EDT 08°Ar23’ D 08°Cp23’ R
Ura Sqr Plu (X) Tr-Tr Sep 19 2012 01:56:58 am EDT 06°Ar57’ R 06°Cp57’ D
Ura Sqr Plu (X) Tr-Tr May 20 2013 07:02:06 pm EDT 11°Ar14’ D 11°Cp14’ R
Ura Sqr Plu (X) Tr-Tr Nov 1 2013 06:30:04 am EDT 09°Ar25’ R 09°Cp25’ D
Ura Sqr Plu (X) Tr-Tr Apr 21 2014 03:20:52 pm EDT 13°Ar34’ D 13°Cp34’ R
Ura Sqr Plu (X) Tr-Tr Dec 15 2014 00:13:36 am EST 12°Ar35’ R 12°Cp35’ D
Ura Sqr Plu (X) Tr-Tr Mar 16 2015 10:53:49 pm EDT 15°Ar18’ D 15°Cp18’ D
In the previous Pluto in Capricorn cycle (1762-78), it was a tumultuous time when institutions changed, the industrial revolution occurred, and there was the shifting of empires – most important, the common man became a player in world affairs.

In 1516-32, Pluto in Capricorn brought Reformation and Globalism as the globe was being discovered through expansion and travel. This cycle commenced the unification of the Islamic world. Being in an Earth sign and Pluto ruling the underworlds, the Laws of Matter are impacted by this transit. However, very different from any previous cycle is the pervasive globalization, not just a connection through commerce and trade, but communications via the internet.

In the current cycle, Pluto commenced in Capricorn from 2008 and it will be the permanent “drumbeat” through January 2024. In the summer of 2013, with the planets in the irrational Water signs, there may be a dip in the stock market.

However, Jeanne feels that 2013 will be much easier than 2012. In 2014, there is likely to be a major dip in the stock market, possibly around January and May-June. The next “Boon Cycle” begins with the Great Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in 2020. This conjunction historically triggers an expansion cycle that lasts for 20 years when the Saturn-Pluto opposition triggers the next contraction cycle or recession. Jeanne concurs that 2014 will be a major time of revolution and the disruption of established forms and institutions.

The Great Uranus-Pluto transit revolts against established structures. It was exact for the first time in 2012 so we will see how much more dramatic this square can be. The dates of the Transiting Square are listed above. It makes 7 hits in 3 years! This is quite a power punch for humanity! We will all be challenged to let go of the old forms – when the universe tells you to get out – heed the warning and get out!

The current Uranus-Pluto transit is the First Square of a Conjunction from 1965-66 – the Great Cultural Revolution — not just in China but globally. In Virgo, the new energy affected day-to-day life. Historians say that the social/cultural changes that commenced in the late 1960s became integrated into society by the mid-1970s. This is the first challenge to this previous energy.

To reiterate, the Pluto-Uranus square is the culmination of a cycle beginning in 1965-1966 with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo. This was the time of the great rebellion in this country, instigating changes that ultimately became integrated into society by 1975 (David Frumm). Hence, these new changes should become integrated by 2024, a time that Jeanne predicts, after which (as Pluto leaves Capricorn), “everything will fall into place.”

With 10% of our population on anti-depressants, Jeanne suggests, in good humor, to buy pharmaceutical stocks! Another friend, observing the increased elderly population, said that she is investing in hearing aid companies!

Uranus-Neptune-Pluto Predictions:
• Physical Epidemics
• Secrets created and exposed
• Great technological developments and inventions
• Unification of the Islamic World
• Focus upon Mental Health (resulting from the madness of the shootings in this country)
• Institutions crumble quickly
• Reactionary forces tighten controls – controls that were eliminated when Neptune was in Capricorn
• Green Revolution to GMO crops, poisoning the land and the people
• Emotionally fueled movements, swept by mobs

On March 11, 2011, Uranus entered Aries for 7 years, although the spring and summer of 2010 had the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 0 degrees. This was the beginning of 21st century civilization and culture. This will begin to define contemporary society. While this transit can bring catastrophes that impact the globe, it is at time of genius, new ideas, new concepts, inventive and inspirational, impulsive, fighting against injustice. With Uranus, the upheavals will come out of nowhere. There will be Earth changes, solar flares and volcanic activity – and even asteroid activity as we have recently observed! The disruptions and upheavals occur so that the new can be born about of the rubble. This is the true force behind the revolutions.

According to astrologer, Lynn Hayes, “Guns are not a new topic for discussion but the feverish frenzy over which gun rights advocates are protecting their rights to own assault weapons and other types of weapons meant for mass killings is rather recent…This fanaticism about guns originates not in an aggressive desire to assert force but in a hunger for freedom and a relentless drive to accumulate masses of money through manipulation of the nation’s ideals…American gun lovers do not want to accumulate stockpiles of weapons to kill their neighbors. They want these weapons because they believe that it will protect that freedom.”

Since 2012 and through 2013, Pluto and Uranus are afflicting Saturn-Mars-Venus-Chiron in the Cardinal T-Square in the NRA charter horoscope. In early November 2014, Saturn in Scorpio will cross its Sun.


There may be earth disasters due to imbalances on the planet – a dramatic, natural disaster followed by outpouring of compassion. The compassion is due to Neptune in Pisces and many people, now more in tune with multi-dimensional realities, will predict this. Yet, there will be many others who make outrageous predictions to feed on the fear of the masses – this is how they make money and stay on television and radio. This is the result of Neptune in Capricorn as well – as a result of this transit, news programs no longer had to be balanced, giving both points of view…giving rise to Hysteria Radio/TV.
? I am personally hoping that Neptune in Pisces will make them so crazy that they will be locked up permanently.

Neptune first entered the sign of Pisces during the summer of 2011. It is now in Pisces through January 2026! Mass consciousness is ruled by Neptune – the Neptunian hardware penetrated everywhere with its transit through Aquarius. This transit will bring radically new ways that we can solve problems of everyday life. Reality is broken, as Neptune leaves the Rational Air sign of Aquarius and enters a Water sign, a sign with no sense of boundaries! The veil between the Seen and Unseen will become more tenuous. When people say that they have the answer, they really have no clue – trust your inner voice and take care of your self!

This is the final phase of a cycle that began in 1862. As with all final phases, you harvest what you have sown in the past. You will not miss this shift – you will FEEL IT! She warned that, with this transit, those who have a very tenuous grip upon reality may very well lose it. Most obvious, we have observed this madness in the tragic school shootings.

Since Neptune’s discovery, there has been an accumulation of a tremendous wealth of knowledge via psychology about our selves, how human beings work – and we did nothing with the knowledge! Only the advertisers and political consultants use it for their selfish ends. The ability for people to think in the abstract came with Neptune’s discovery. Neptune was last in Pisces from 1848 through1862. We find that 1848 was a transformational year of revolution sweeping Europe by the common man. The youth will start the revolution because there is no place for them in the working world with older ones working longer and retiring later.

Amazing, we have observed the legalization of marijuana in several States. Pot will seem tame when compared to other pharmaceutical soups made available illegally. Escape, withdrawal and the loss of boundaries will occur due to the speed that people are able to connect instantly.

Utopian philosophies began in the last cycle and they will re-emerge in this new cycle. At that time, with Neptune in the sign of universal compassion, Karl Marx writings showed a great concern for the poor, the working class and working small children in sweat shops. The political regimes and dictatorships that developed from this were not what Marx had in mind.

In the current cycle, Utopian philosophies will unfold from a great hunger for something to believe in, something that explains the new Neptunian energies pouring onto the planet. Not a problem for those of us with a long history of metaphysical studies but deeply problematic for the religious Fundamentalist.

Consciousness comes to the surface – the veil between the conscious and unconscious will be very tenuous — but it will also be too easy to absorb negative matter. Fact checking may be non-existent. Even now, e-mail posts occur daily that have no basis in fact. Anyone can say anything and many will believe it without question. Even when I urge them to check it out on, they refused to do this because it is something that they want to believe. Truth becomes irrelevant, in their thinking. It is essential that we develop an internal check about this new reality. After it is over, only then do people become aware of the delusions they held. Yet, a great Renaissance in art and technology will occur.

New Souls born around 1988-1991 are now adults and bringing in the new energies. I remember this period when I sensed the speeding up of the vibration of the Earth’s etheric body – and this is happening again with Neptune in Pisces. This was most unsettling for many people who experienced “vision flux,” a condition actually described by an eye doctor who had many patients coming in asking about seeing colors, pink and violet – but there was nothing wrong with their eyes! These new Souls came in with and are imbued with this energy. It was a time of dissolving structures and these Souls will be called to reform and bring in the newer structures. How do we fit into the global economy? The New Souls can create this.

Neptune in Pisces will also manifest great Spiritual Delusions. As Jeanne says, it marks the End of the Age of Reason (the Air signs). Rational people will fare better and be more able to “hold onto shreds of reality.” However, many will feel seized by the power of God due to Neptune in Pisces. People who do not believe in psychic energy are in for a shock, especially when they start having visions.
Delusions are not just spiritual. Watch where your money is going! If someone tells you that they have the answer, they too are delusional. Avoid gurus and leaders who say that they have these answers to our problems. Watch out for those who manipulate the masses through fear, “excitement” and agitation – agitating and manipulating the minds of others who choose not to think for themselves. You hear these types on radio and television all the time. They are just looking for ratings!

Learning how to tune out this incoming Neptunian flow will be important, since we do not want this to impact or interfere with our daily routines. If it is too much, more people will look for escapes – chemicals, virtual reality experiences, living in fantasy worlds with “increasing levels of detail,” and some others will get “drunk on God” – something even worse than alcoholism! When our world seems to be blowing apart at the seams, many will want to just tune out. And, our world will be shrinking due to the speed of connectivity. Neptune rules states of mind – the dream world, the meditative, inspired and even confused states of mind. Even those with clear purposes will become confused at times – what is real and what is not!

Find ways to protect yourself, to tune out or block the negative energies. These can be all too readily absorbed during the transit of Neptune in Pisces . Find your “Safe Place.” Working in a garden, with plants in your home and walking in nature will prove very grounding. If you are experiencing strong Neptune transits, the Bach Flower Remedy, Clematis, will be extremely helpful in making you feel more grounded and connected to your body.

Yet, in the midst of the chaos, there will be unlimited creative energy available, albeit, chaotic. Remember, creative people are not always rational so irrational is not always a bad thing. Transpersonal experiences can transform your life but only if you know how to use the incoming energy. New forms are not ready yet but they are incubating now — not all solutions will be workable in the beginning of this cycle. The new forms will not manifest until after 2015.

There will be great studies in ESP, Near Death Experiences and the science of metaphysical philosophy will become a proven fact. The “mystics” in the world can threaten the established forms. Recently, on several daytime talk shows, there have been discussions of Past Life Regression and Near Death experiences.

Neptune in Pisces will herald new types of medicine – alternative medicine. Dr. Oz is educating the public about alternative healing techniques and medicines. However, I warn you – those Skinny Pills that he promotes just do not work – a delusion that we buy into when we want an easy way to lose weight. Neptune in Pisces will affect our sensitivity as well as receptiveness to alternative medicine, our ability to see into the etheric plane (lavender/violet) and doctors may work more closely with medical intuitives/observers (these are observers and not psychic). Transpluto moving into its ruling sign of Virgo will also herald new medical techniques that work with mind-body-spirit, since Transpluto rules wholeness and integration. I have always said that the new medicine would manifest through the awareness of Light, judged in terms of brilliance and intensity in healing.


The refugee situation will worsen with Neptune in Pisces. Haitians are now going into the Brazilian Amazon. Africa’s droughts and terrorist regimes create mass migrations. Population shifts, trail of tears with Indians relocations, massive shifts triggered by natural disasters and rising water have occurred in the past. The Maldives in the Indian Ocean is an island country that is rapidly disappearing from the globe due to global warning and the rise of the ocean levels. Only 4 feet above sea level at this time, land is being purchased in India where the population can move when the ocean finally takes over that country.


Hoaxes and deceptions create chaos. With collective media participation, you must remember that, just because you have a mouth, it does not mean that you have something worthwhile to say. There is a hunger to believe anything, creating an addiction to delusion/disillusion. Do not allow your self to be possessed by opinion – seek the facts.

Do seek the Principle of Order and the Principle of Enlightenment on a higher level – rise above the fray. Compassionate Causes will get a tremendous boost, especially for children, animals, and other voiceless people will gain a voice.

? ? ?

In October 2012, Saturn entered the sign of Scorpio and there it will stay until the end of December 2014. This sign fully manifests fear and manipulating through fear. Historically, people experience fear — and a fear the usually does not come to pass. People easily become agitated and manipulated by the fear mongers who gain popularity and even money from inspiring fear.

There are REAL fears connected with weapons of mass destruction. Our leaders and military know this because WE SOLD OUR CURRENT ENEMIES THESE WEAPONS in the first place, especially in the 1980s under the deceptions of Neptune in Capricorn – now we must deal with these mistakes as Pluto transits through Capricorn, bringing this Bad Karma to the surface!

When Saturn transited Scorpio in the mid-1950s, we had Joseph McCarthy spewing his theory that there was a Communist in every corner – you best friend, your neighbor, could be a communist who wants to over-throw the country. The first nuclear submarine was launched and “duck-and-cover” was practiced by school children, in case there was a nuclear attack. And, racial unrest made white people afraid – racial equality, human equality, is nothing to fear!

In September 1983-1985, Saturn in Scorpio brought a real fear – AIDS. The irrational fear was that people could contract this disease with any contact with a gay person or a person with AIDS. With the public concern with the abduction of children, publicity lead to the “milk carton” children – children became afraid that their face would one day appear on a milk carton and they would never be seen again. These photos were eventually removed.

New fears will manifest at the end of 2012 through the summer of 2015. Fear and irrational fears combined with self-doubt will make is easier for “the dark forces” (a New Age term) to move and manipulate mobs. Stay conscious; stay in control!! There is great danger with the mob mentality.


At this point, censorship is irrelevant. Cameras are everywhere! When will people learn that nothing is private anymore?

Scandals and secrets are revealed in Scorpio – the Lance Armstrong scandal was exposed as soon as Saturn entered Scorpio, then the General Potraeus sex scandal, the group called Anonymous revealed that they blocked an attempt by right wingers to exchange the voting results in Ohio for Tennessee.
Of course, Karl Rove believed that this exchange was going to happen so he insisted down to the wire that Ohio would go Republican. The poor man was shocked when the exchange did not occur, as it did in previous elections. Now he is persona non grata, even on Fox TV.

The sign of Saturn’s transit shows us what lessons we are to learn. Of course, it does not mean that we learn them. The lessons of Saturn in Libra were about relationships, civility, getting along, and marriage issues. Many states wrestled with gay marriage issues and these laws were passed in several States during the Presidential Election after Saturn entered Scorpio.

The lessons of Scorpio are around sex, power, and healing. It is about manipulating power and the covert use of power. It is about how to manipulate mass consciousness. It rules points of crises and reorientation – you cannot be powerful until you can own your dark side. The tendency is to merge into something greater than self, without giving your personal power away. It is a battle between Good and Evil. We need a Great Soul who will guide the collective with the right use of power.
Because of Saturn’s transit in Scorpio, the Scorpio eclipses will be more powerful. These eclipses are:
November 13 2012; April 25 2013; November 3 2013; October 23 2014

In Scorpio, toxins and poisons can have an environmental impact. There may be covert wars and financial manipulations, as with Iran-Contra in the 1980s. Assassinations occur under Saturn in Scorpio, as well as political exiles. Sexually based violence may increase, especially against gays. With Pluto, it exacerbates the death of forms … a way of life, as well as losses in general. Factors in alchemy, genetics, creating life forms are ruled by this sign.

The good news is that Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn not only favorably aspect each other but they are in Mutual Reception (in each other’s ruling sign). This alliance can create a positive opportunity to transform old attitudes, as Jeanne phrases it…”an alchemical moment.” The connection between Saturn and Pluto will burn away what needs to be destroyed and these planets – and their psychological impact – will give us the power to do this.

Another lesson is that, when you get so high up in your position, you are truly alone with no one to talk with, discuss or give a reality check. For example, General Petraeus was considered an excellent man and leader but he because isolated in the CIA with no buddies to console him. ISOLATION is the great danger in high places!

? ? ?

Jupiter entered the sign of Gemini in June 2012, representing the only rational energy at the time. This ends on June 26 2013 when Jupiter enters the sign of Cancer. In July-August 2013, both Jupiter and Mars will transit Cancer, marking a cycle will emotions will override reason. In Cancer, people need to feel a part of something, part of a family or non-biological family, yearning for protection and safety. Many will see their network of friends as an important asset. People will need this network for security as boundaries dissolve.
Will we rise to the occasion and see humanity, our fellow men on this planet as our family, or will be descend into nationalism, separatism and prejudice?

? ? ?

ECONOMY: While we will appear irrational, Americans will feel optimistic as Jupiter crosses the Cancer planets in the U.S. horoscope.

The sign of Cancer stimulates home buying, real estate prices but building may shift towards group homes, multi-generational homes and homes for our increasing elderly. Lowes and Home Depot stocks may do well. Trade and immigration will be affected by dissolving boundaries. The old jobs are gone – but new types of jobs will manifest, especially for those that address the needs of the elderly.
Upcoming economic concerns: 1) How to take care of the people who have no place in the New Economy, 2) Health and Aging, 3) People not retiring and staying in the work force, 4) the impact of epidemics and disasters upon world economies.

Congress continues to be our own worst enemy. Amateurs and ideologues are creating a mess. Congress is about compromising and they need to learn this lesson. The president needs to exert his power and give direction to the country. He needs to clean up the Secret Service – Jeanne has observed that there are a lot of yo-yos in the Secret Service.

HEALTH: The real issue is not about who will pay for health care. We need to be more concerned about keeping our population healthy in the first place. For some time, obesity has replaced smoking as the main public health concern.

The endocrine system is ruled by Cardinal signs. With so many planets transiting Cardinal signs plus Neptune in Pisces, mental health issues, ADD and ADHD will come to the forefront.
Jeanne states that many Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are becoming non-responsive to antibiotics. She recommends the homeopathic remedy, CANTHARIS, an essence of Spanish Fly. I have always recommended Colloidal Silver, 5 drops daily, to keep these infections out of the body. CS can penetrate the bladder’s filtering system and destroy bacteria. Friends living in China have taken this for years. I use a brand used my the military, SILVER BIOTICS, which can be obtained at the Sage Moon Herb Shop in Berkeley Spring WV, Jeanne’s home town. No one, including myself, has turned blue from Colloidal Silver.

MISCELLANEOUS INSIGHTS: On the international scene, there is danger around the Iranian president as the Scorpio Eclipse occurs on his Sun – this event always portends a major change in the coming year. The problems in Syria are likely to spread into Lebanon. They are leveling 2000 years of crystallized structures. They must release these bottled up forces so that they can move forward.
There is a quiet revolution occurring in China, an informational revolution. While the government blocks Voice of American, there is software that allows the Chinese people to circumvent these blocks. They even have Walmart stores in China. The government has a dilemma – how can they loosen up control and still maintain control?

Global issues occur around water, purification, raising water levels, hydraulic fracturing, and the health of our oceans and its fish.
The conservative forces want to keep things the same, block any change, because (for them) this is where security, order and safety lie.

In July, relationship scandals may be revealed. In September, explosive secrets are revealed that can transform some institution, possibly around education. In October-November when Mercury is retrograde, old secrets will be revealed. Early November is “jaw dropping,” possibly due to the Uranus-Pluto square – “Can we really believe in peace and harmlessness?”

METAPHYSICAL NEWS — The New Humanity Coming: It is here already because it started in 1988-1993 with the Mutation in Consciousness. These souls are already here, capable of vibrating to the new energies, and incoming souls will be imprinted with new consciousness. These children are very different. They are now turning 18-24 and going out into the world. The Neptune in Libra folks (born in the 1940s) can prepare the way for these new souls. Yet, these souls are being condemned to exist in the old forms, medicated or medicated with technology.

With 150 million souls coming in each year, we are getting close to critical mass – developing new forms. Globalization is inevitable – if not, find yourself a nice museum society that lives in the past. Jeanne feels that we will need a global regulating body to handle this.

? ? ?

THE NEPTUNE FACTOR: In 1984, Stan Barker wrote a fascinating book on Neptune, THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES. As Neptune moved back and forth from Aquarius to Pisces in 1847-48, the concerns of women came to the forefront, with the Women’s Rights Convention of 1848. Historically, this transit is associated with women, water, spirituality/religion, nursing and health care/rights and dissolution. The last period lasted from 1847 to 1861.
• The American Red Cross was conceived and Florence Nightingale found the world’s first school of nursing
• A religious revival swept across America
• Pope Pius IX authorized the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception, bring a female force into an all-male Christianity
• Arthurian legends became the subject matter of William Morris, Alfred Tennyson and Richard Wagner
• The Mormons followed the Archangel Maroni to Salt Lake City, founding their permanent Kingdom of God
• The American Bible Society provided free Bibles to every poor family in America
• Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin, as well as many other books by Mark Twain and others on this topic; Abolitionist, John Brown, made his ill-fated raid upon Harper’s Ferry, making him the New Saint in America. NOTE: I grew up across the street from Uncle Tom’s Cabin and this building is still there.
• Gold was discovered in the West, specifically in California, but it was found in many other States as well
• Spiritualism became the vogue with such mediums as the Fox Sisters in New York; HP Blavatsky began her studies that would result in the founding of the Theosophical Society, an organization that was “to form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color.”
• This was a cycle when the unity of the United States was threatened due to the issue of slavery – the threat of dissolution loomed.

In a much earlier Neptune in Pisces cycle, we find the Salem Witch Hunts which coincided with a societal fascination with séances, mediumship and the occult.

ADDENDUM: Since Jeanne’s lecture, the breaking news in the Catholic Church has been the resignation of Pope Benedict. Vatican II, which may be considered the chart for the modern Catholic Church, the Catholic convocation that brought sweeping changes to the Roman Catholic religion including the saying of Mass in the vernacular, having priests face the congregants, increased authority for non-priests, and a general modernization of the practice of Catholicism. “The sessions didn’t start until 10/13/1962 and the sessions went between 9am and noon. But the first day was the opening ceremony of only the mass and all the attendants – some 3500 people.”

I am not going to make an interpretation here but I want to point out some significant transits occurring at this time. First, Neptune comes from the 12th, what is hidden and secret, and crosses the 4th House. This is only true if the time is correct. Uranus is opposing Mercury in Libra and, most significant, Pluto-Uranus hit the natal Eris. I have not observed this transit in mundane charts, only individual charts. When this transit hits a natal chart, it marks a time of a great challenge. From that challenge, there is an opportunity to liberate one’s self in order to be free to be who you really are. In the individual chart, the challenge or crisis is connected to the career, a parent, or how one relates to others.

Pluto is trining its natal position is a powerful time of transformation, when an individual has the courage and resourcefulness to make major changes in the life….we will see. The Aries-Libra eclipses occur on October 19 2013, April 15 2014, October 8 2014 and April 4 2015. In December 2014, the progressed Venus turns Direct! In 2015, Uranus hits the Sun-Moon opposition.

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