Mars in Taurus

From MARCH 9 through APRIL 20, Mars will transit the sign of Taurus. The personal energy at this time is frequently colored with a quiet determination. When angered, this determination can become downright bullheadedness! Anger experienced when Mars is in Taurus is expressed more quietly but just as adamantly as with the other Fixed signs. It is more passive-aggressive controlling through silence, not listening, insisting that everything is just fine and seeming to go along…yet resisting every inch of the way.

In reviewing past Mars in Taurus transits, I observed that my energies and activities were slow. If you are an impatient person, you may have difficulty with this transit as people and activities around you may appear to move slower than you would like. In the 1980s, I had an astrology class with the slowest yes, even dumbest group of students that I had ever taught it was a true test of patience!

I had to address an anger issue in another, a jealousy issue, by which the person was controlling and uncooperative, even though the issue seemed to be resolved.

I experienced health issues or my health was addressed in some way during the Taurus transit. As an Earth sign, it can more readily affect the physical body. However, in 1992, I took up country dancing during this transit!

There were often financial crises – surgery bills, vet bills, auto repairs…and I had difficulty getting paid for my services. One woman wrote a bad check for $4 which I never collected. I had to hunt for a man who moved to another state without paying me. Even during the last Mars in Taurus transit, I began receiving bills on a credit card that was not mine. It took months to resolve this. There were other conflicts over money issues.

In 2007, there were financial crises my cat was diagnosed with kidney disease, requiring regular intravenous injections. Taurus is a tenacious sign and, after twice considering that she might need to be put to sleep, she is still alive and well. I made a serious error in a financial matter and I found I owed $700!

I did find that, at least for me, this was a very social time. I lectured, attended conferences and had friends visit from distant places but Mars in Taurus transits my 9th House.

With more recent transits and, being older, I was drawn to exercise tact and diplomacy to resolve the issues of willfulness around me. When a woman appeared grumpy and discontent, I broke her mood by offering her a compliment and passing on a compliment from a mutual friend. I found myself letting go of an old wound from my past. I was able to practice active tolerance. When friends criticized a mentally disturbed woman in church, I advised that this was an opportunity for us to practice our spirituality…and they shut up!

When angered or provoked, Mars in Taurus will manifest as a disturbance in the biochemical cell salt of Natrum Sulphate. Nat. Sulph. eliminates excess water from the body. It is a natural diuretic. When the weather is hot and humid, as it is now, this moisture enters the blood stream through the lungs. Our blood becomes overcharged with water from the atmosphere more than from the water that we drink. When we become angered, intolerant or “swallow our words,” excess water will accumulate and edema occurs.

Sodium Sulphate works with the fluids of the body and it is essential for the digestive process. The bile of the liver, the pancreatic juices and the secretions of the kidneys are dependent upon this cell salt. A sluggish liver can make us slow, tired and fatigued when getting up in the morning. When the digestive organs are not functioning optimally, sore throats and colds can occur.

ADDENDUM 2011: When “Oil of Oregano” posted about anger issues, it hit me!!! I too have had serious anger issues with this transit. Mars is NOT badly aspected this year but, during the period when Mercury-Venus-Mars were aligned in Taurus, all of my “buttons” got pushed. I drop things, I lose things but, most important, my 91 year old father bought me a Toro 22 inch recycler lawn mower — the lawn mower from hell. The Dealer tells me “lies” about how I need to use high test gasoline (not in the manual) and I must dispose of the gasoline if it is more than 30 days old. Who has ever heard of this!!! In the U.S., the customer has recourse — writing to consumer publications and the well known consumer show, The Clark Howard Show. They even have a staff of lawyers to help the consumers for free. This is how I have been venting my anger. I am rarely angry so it is always a sign that something is going on in the stars.

ADDENDUM 2013: Personally, I find this a time when I incur a lot of medical and veterinarian bills. Indeed, this has been the case. I am having a serious health crisis (heart and thyroid). My feral cats are having trips to the vet. Both of my health issues are ruled by Taurus. I found a recommended doctor but I was horrified to discover in her office that she no longer takes insurance — $1000 right off the bat…but I was desperate.

  1. Says:

    I can really relate to your past experience with Mars/Taurus. I think the last time Mars was here was in 2000? Weren’t ALL the planets in Taurus then?

    Anyway, my natal Mars is in Taurus, 10th house, so this should be interesting. Last time around, my life got so turned upside down, I consulted the stars for the first time. But it wasn’t all bad— I got pregnant (talk about swelling!). I also lost my job, got married and moved away from my hometown. It was an unbelievably challenging time, but everything definitely turned out for the best and I have absolutely no regrets. Actually, I have one regret, which is that I ended up taking out a lot of my frustration and anger on the people closest to me and I really wish I could’ve been nicer.

    If you think it’d be helpful to others, I’d love to know more about about the natal transit.

  2. Lynn Koiner Says:

    SYLVIE – Thank you for sharing this experience. Yes, Mars was in Taurus in April 2000.
    There are always expenses for me. Mars in Earth signs cause at least one cat to become ill and need an expensive vet visit…and this happened just as Mars entered Taurus this week.

  3. oil of oregano Says:

    My sign is Taurus and I’m currently having some issues regarding anger management. It’s good to know such information about Mars in Taurus. Thanks.

  4. miray Says:

    I have been facing anger as if it were labor pains .not denying ,it breathing threw but not so much that I hyper ventilate.I’ve been talking to friends about this and just heard a show by a man named Robert Masters who is all about healthy anger . associating pain w/ anger and separating pain w/ suffering it seems to be a healthy way to plunge threw the anger/ pain of the 12 year abusive relationship I recently exited. makes sense that its Mars in Taurus . thanks

  5. Lynn Koiner Says:

    COLDS & FLU CURES: There is a lot that I could say about flu-colds etc. I would look at my Common Cures, starting with VI and go backwards.
    When I feel a cold-flu coming on, I immediately alkalize with something called AlkaSalzer. It is calcium and baking soda made specifically for colds and flu. These cannot exist in an alkaline system.
    If you are run down, I find that taking a Raw Adrenal supplement can help over time. Make sure it is JUST raw adrenal. In the US, all health food stores carry this. It should be taken in waves – a week on and a week off.

    Of course, anger issues can be a part of this. This has been a very angry period for everyone.

  6. Helen Says:

    On April 26, 2013 I had an anxiety attack of such magnitude, I nearly fainted (literally) and my heart palpitations were so strong and painful, I thought i was having a heart attack. I’m 33. All of it over some arguments. I spent the next 24 hours in silence, not talking to my mate. Unfortunately I can’t go back and check my diaries from years ago, when this was very common (extreme anger leading to boycotting).

    People have been quite slow to pay all April long, even with a stellium in Aries.

    NOTE FROM LYNN: As I have discovered after a $1000 medical bill, heart palpitations, especially when laying down, can be hypothyroidism. If it is stress, drinking warm milk and then laying down can be helpful. A nurse told me this when I went to the hospital thinking that I was having a heart attack!
  7. Lynn Koiner Says:

    HELEN (4-2013): Thank you for the input. I am having heart palpatations and chronic fatigue at this time.
    This started before Mars in Taurus but I am incurring the medical expenses now.
    And, I took a feral cat to the vet at this time.
    I am adding another addendum.

  8. Sofia Says:

    Hi Lynn 04/25 lunar eclipse fell right on my uranus,aquarius is the ruler of my 6th house mars of course opposed this activating chiron also i don’t get sick ever to keep a good fluid balance i cook with sea salt and i use a infrared sauna but now i got the cold i don’t have acces to my regular lifestyle because im staying with a friend temporarly. Sorry to hear about your kitty mercury rx brings out my dogs problem,it was a pleasure as always visiting your site contact you soon.

  9. Dana Says:

    This is so interesting,, im gemini rising so taurus occupies my 12th (and some of the 11th) house. I like to spend time alone and meditate during this time but when friends ask me out i spend more money than usual.


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