Mars in Taurus 2021


From January 6-7 through March 4 2021, Mars will transit the sign of Taurus. The personal energy at this time is frequently colored with a quiet determination. When angered, this determination can become downright bullheadedness! Anger experienced when Mars is in Taurus is expressed more quietly but just as adamantly as with the other Fixed signs. It is more passive-aggressive– controlling through silence, not listening, insisting that everything is just fine and seeming to go along…yet resisting every inch of the way.

In reviewing past Mars in Taurus transits, I observed that my energies and activities were slow. If you are an impatient person, you may have difficulty with this transit as people and activities around you may appear to move slower than you would like. In the 1980s, I had an astrology class with the slowest– yes, even dumbest– group of students that I had ever taught. It was a true test of patience!

I had to address an anger issue in another, a jealousy issue, by which the person was controlling and uncooperative, even though the issue seemed to be resolved.
I experienced health issues or my health was addressed in some way during the Taurus transit. As an Earth sign, it can more readily affect the physical body. However, in 1992, I took up country dancing during this transit!

There were often financial crises – surgery bills, vet bills, auto repairs…and I had difficulty getting paid for my services. One woman wrote a bad check for $4 which I never collected. I had to hunt for a man who moved to another state without paying me. Even during the last Mars in Taurus transit, I began receiving bills on a credit card that was not mine. It took months to resolve this. There were other conflicts over money issues.

I did find that, at least for me, this was a very social time. I lectured, attended conferences and had friends visit from distant places but Mars in Taurus transits my 9th House.

With more recent transits and, being older, I was drawn to exercise tact and diplomacy to resolve the issues of willfulness around me. When a woman appeared grumpy and discontent, I broke her mood by offering her a compliment and passing on a compliment from a mutual friend. I found myself letting go of an old wound from my past. I was able to practice active tolerance. When friends criticized a mentally disturbed woman in church, I advised that this was an opportunity for us to practice our spirituality…and they shut up!

In 2007, there were financial crises — my cat was diagnosed with kidney disease, requiring regular intravenous injections. Taurus is a tenacious sign and, after twice considering that she might need to be put to sleep, she is still alive and well. I made a serious error in a financial matter and I found I owed $700!

In 2017, the financial issue was very different. The county council voted to give us an Urban Farm Tax Credit by which property taxes were reduced by 80%. Since Mars in Taurus is transiting my 9th House, I traveled to Poland for the College of Wizardry event and then onto Warsaw to lecture. I was very ill at the beginning of this trip but I was better by the time I reached Poland.

When angered or provoked, Mars in Taurus will manifest as a disturbance in the biochemical cell salt of Natrum Sulphate. Nat. Sulph. eliminates excess water from the body. It is a natural diuretic. When the weather is hot and humid, as it is now, this moisture enters the blood stream through the lungs. Our blood becomes overcharged with water from the atmosphere more than from the water that we drink. When we become angered, intolerant or “swallow our words,” excess water will accumulate and edema occurs.

Sodium Sulphate works with the fluids of the body and it is essential for the digestive process. The bile of the liver, the pancreatic juices and the secretions of the kidneys are dependent upon this cell salt. A sluggish liver can make us slow, tired and fatigued when getting up in the morning. When the digestive organs are not functioning optimally, sore throats and colds can occur.


January 11-14 2020:  Mars in Taurus will afflict Jupiter-Saturn, warning not to over-react when angered or frustrated

January 19-21:  Mars in Taurus will cross Uranus in warns against contrary stubbornness; sudden and unpredictable events.

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  1. WoW!! How detailed and informative. I appreciate the fact that you shared personal examples of how this transit could affect us. I am dealing with health issues but it has forced me to slow down and really look at myself.
    Thank you!!!!

    1. Remember, Mars in Taurus causes congestion in the colon but keep this area cleared out with a gentle laxative when ill. Drinks lots of water. If you have a Brita, put a 1/4 tsp of baking soda in it to alkalize (rather than buying expensive alkaline water which eventually turns acidic being in plastic bottles for any length of time.

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