Arabic Parts and Past Lives

In the 1980s, I developed a technique using 6 Arabic Parts to describe past life situations— and what the individual would be drawn to do in this lifetime based upon the past activities. I used to calculate these for each of my students and it was very popular. It is important to use the modern formula for these calculations. Do not consider Day and Night births for these formulas.

1) Part of Fortune: ASC + Moon – Sun
Since you are adding in the Moon, this describes instinctual patterns of achievement based upon the personality profile from past lives.

2) Part of Spirit: ASC + Sun – Moon
Since you are subtracting the Moon, this represents a new personality pattern to be developed in this lifetime.

3) Part of Status: MC + Moon – Sun
Since you are adding in the Moon, the past, this represents instinctual patterns for achieving power, prestige, status and recognition from past lives (a line of least resistence).

4) Part of Destiny: MC + Sun – Moon
Since you are subtracting the influence of the Moon, this represents new patterns to be developed along the lines of power an status in this lifetime.

5) Part of Bondage: ASC + Moon – Dispositor of Moon
An area to which you are psychologically and emotionally tied. It is very difficult for you to let go of this situation (determined by sign, house and any conjunction to a natal planet).

6) Part of Enmity: ASC + 12th House cusp – Ruler of 12th House cusp
This is where and why people do not like you. If it falls on a natal planet, that planet will cause you problems in relating. For example, this Part falling on Mars in Sagittarius may cause people to dislike you if you are too abrasive, too outspoken and lacking in tact.

For my students, I would meditate on these parts, integrate them with the natal chart, and try to see a Past Life/Present Life pattern. These were quite popular, as you can imagine, and even I was impressed with some of the feedback.

I remember one girl had a Part on a 7th House planet. Her chart showed difficulty in relationships. When I meditated on these Parts, I saw her as one of some man’s many wives traveling to Utah with the Mormons. I felt this caused problems in relationships as she had Uranus in the 7th.

That was quite strange but, when the girl heard this, she angrily confided that she had been raised in the Mormon church but had left the church because… and she went off on many hostile reasons and the history of many wives. We could not believe this. I found this so much fun but it was too much work and I did not continue this in the 1990s.

This is just for fun. I am not going to defend this concept. I did it for about 10 years. I do not know how I came up with this. It is completely an intuitive process.
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