Solar Max Brief for 2010

In 1999, I began my research on Solar Max, a time when the Sun projects the disruptive sunspot and their Solar Wind and Flares. When this activity reaches the earth’s electromagnetic field, it is very disruptive for our moods and health. While we do not actually feel this dirctly, it is like being inside a ringing bell. The body knows what is going on. Keeping physically active is essential. Long periods of meditation are not good.

At the least, there are impatient moods and tension. At the worst, it affects the health — heart, immune system, vertigo and dizziness. It is like a Crises Full Moon period but it only lasts a day or two. This link will show you the KP Index. If Red, the EMF is ringing strongly and this is always disruptive. THE EMF has been ringing RED a lot in April due to Solar Wind and Coronal Mass Ejections.

2006 POST on AFAN List by Lynn Koiner, PMAFA

In 1999-2000, I worked with a physicist on the impact of the Solar Max. He developed a program using the Nelson model, a model that duplicates the solar max cycles. JH Nelson, working for RCA communications in the late 1940s-early 1950s, was asked to find some pattern that could predict solar activity that would in turn impact radio communications. He discovered that heliocentric patterns (what astrologers would call t-squares, stelliums, oppositions and crosses) of the planets would impact the sun causing solar flares. When the calculations based upon the Nelson Model were made, these patterns exactly duplicated the 11 year solar cycle for sun spot activity — proving there is a synchronistic pattern in our solar system.

I wrote a paper in 1999 on the impact of the Solar Max upon human behavior. The graphic that I used can be obtained on

I have observed that during the first 2 years of the solar max the health was often affected more than in the second 2 years of the max. Much of this was also discussed in Biomagnetism and Life by Alexnader Dubrov (Russian physicist).

I detected more specific health issues— ear infections, vertigo and inner ear disturbances, heart arrhythmia, pace-maker disturbances, “walking pneumonia”, kidney and bladder infections… to name a few. I feel that our bodies are not accustomed to the intense ringing of the earth’s electro-magnetic field (this is what you observe on the NOAA link— RED represents intense ringing, like being inside of a ringing bell) at the beginning of the MAX so the health is more acutely affected. I have observed agitation and depression occurring at the time of a solar shock wave ( One of my subscribers is a very well known psycho-therapist in the DC area. She found the KP to explain a lot of her clients’ behavior. She said that many of their core issues become more acute when there is intense ringing of the earth’s magnetic field.

The last year of the MAX, 2002, is usually accompanied by severe earthquakes. The US Geological Survey actually substantiates this. This is actually because of something called the Butterfly Effect — towards the end of the MAX, the sunspots occur more at the sun’s poles and, therefore, are more directly aimed at the earth.

I love researching Solar Flares and I have become quite good at predicting solar flares and the KP Index but only during Solar Maximum. Heliocentric shows how the planets are affecting the Sun but Geocentric shows if the earth is protected or not (from any solar blast).

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:




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