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NOTE: The complete article can be found in my article, The New Centaurs, on this website.

On August 15, 2011, I received an e-mail from a woman who was looking for her cousin, lost to her for many years due to WWII. This cousin is mentioned on my website so, when googling her cousins name, her name came up.

My friend, Ms Capricorn, was thrilled to receive this e-mail since she too had been searching for her father’s family for many, many years. Even one uncle, who was thought to have been killed on the Russian Front, was alive with a large family.
Ms. Capricorn told me that, leading up to the contact, she had been going through old closets and drawers, throwing out old memories from her past. So, this contact was another connection with her past.

My first thought went to an article that I wrote in the early 2000s on the New Centaurs, specifically on Cruithne, as this Centaur has been significant in connecting me, in my own life, to my roots, my lost family and my past.

My friend’s Cruithne is at 6 degrees Pisces opposing Mars in Virgo. This is the interpretation that I sent to her:

Cruithne is associated with connecting with one’s roots. Your Cruithne is located at 6 Pisces. The transiting Pluto is trine your Mars and your Cruithne all year. Your progressed Sun is very close to Cruithne. Your Solar Arc Moon is trine Cruithne. The Transiting Cruithne has been going back and forth over your IC. Our MC/IC are reversed. So, Cruithne has been close to my MC at 27 Taurus 57 — I have connected with family on my mother’s side this summer, Koiners in Virginia and locally and I attended a geneology jamboree in Cumberland Gap Tennessee where I met some distant relatives and learned about my family in America. It was wonderful. There is such a feeling of connectedness.

When her cousin wrote to me, the transiting Moon in Pisces was crossing her Cruithne! However, the transiting Moon was crossing my Cruithne when I sent this information to !
Mars opposing Cruithne often causes deep rooted anger in connection with a lack of family roots or family ties. I have observed that this anger can sometimes be projected onto others who may have very strong family ties, ties that the Mars-Cruithne person is missing.

Ms. Capricorn responded to my comments about Cruithne opposing Mars:
Yes, exactly!!! I don’t like “family people”; I never wanted to have a family of my own. To me, those people seem to be so narrow-minded, only centered in their own, small world. When visiting them, one always feels excluded, unwanted, like an invader in their small, common world.
This is why most of my friends really are not like this! And why my (and not only mine) friendships so often end, when a baby is born — all of a sudden, people seem to change, excluding everybody who’s not a parent himself. (Okay, not everybody is like this, not in my generation). The (few) of my former friends who had children, educated them quite differently, freely, and were glad to have somebody to take care of them sometimes!) My own family was NOT “narrow-minded”, but, surely, involved in their own problems, too. I didn’t like this, didn’t like to hear my mother talking bad about other family members, but obviously being glad to see them! I never understood this!

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