Global Gatherings Part 5 – Karma mates and soulmates with Jessica Shepard

GLOBAL GATHERINGS V— Vienna Austria with astrologer Jessica Shepard

In Vienna, Austria, I attended a lecture on astrology in English. The speaker was a young woman from California, Jessica Shepard, who was promoting her new book, A LOVE ALCHEMIST’S NOTEBOOK.

Jessica is part of a new wave of writers who are using a new technique of promoting a book called BOOK TRAILERS. This is a short film promoting the contents of a book.

From my lecture notes: Relationships that are considered KARMIC always teach us some important lesson about ourselves and what we need to change within ourselves— but these relationships always have an expiration date!

We can often find ourselves playing the same lessons over and over, again and again, with these same types of Karmic Relationships… until we see the lesson and make the changes. When meeting a new person, take a Loving Neutral Presence with you, go into Witness Mode in seeing the person, with no vested interest in the situation or relationship.

Jessica felt that, in all of her previous relationships, she was seeking the approval of an absent father who abandoned her when she was young. With much insight, she described attracting men who did not care— so that she would not care and, therefore, not get hurt when it ended… but it always hurt.

It is important to be REAL and express your real authentic self with others. If you play a role that you feel others expect, you will only attract phoney role players in your relationships.

It is often our core beliefs that we carry around with us that are our issues. We keep recycling these beliefs over and over again in these relationships— we can be more, we can fit in— but we first need to accept ourselves and be real, be who we really are.

The next phase in changing our relating patterns is to invite a Bigger Love, a more spiritual love, into our lives. Self-examination is good but you can get stuck in self-examination. Jessica felt that Heart Chakra meditations (she gives these in her book) helped her to move forward and to fill herself with a Bigger Love. Through the techniques of self-examination and meditation, she developed spiritual muscle that allowed her to take control of her doubts and fears.

Jessica would write “Dear Cupid” letters, writing all of her wants and desires in a new relationship. But, you have to know what does and does not work for you. It is important to ask for everything that you want and believe that you can get it. Remember, Venus is also the goddess of DISCERNMENT!

Soul mates help you to self-actualize; they support your journey; they help you to fulfill your dreams; they offer strength where you are not strong— and they teach you to be strong rather than doing it all for you. It is essential NOT to try to change each other.

When a relationship feels more painful than helpful, it is time to move on!! Learn to identify Soul Mates (not always romantic) and Karmic Mates. There is a big difference.

Venus holds Attractive Consciousness. Venus (in your horoscope) is your magician. She believes in magic and ritual, working with astrology and the lunar cycles to bring in love. One ritual that Jessica used in the past was to “burn the sheets.” This should be done at the last quarter of the lunar cycle— throw out the sheets and bed linens connected with that relationship in order to get rid of the energy of that person. When the Moon was in Taurus, she planted a rose bush, using lots of Miracle Grow fertilizer, and saying— As this rose grows, my love will bloom and grow. When the first rose bloomed, she met her husband and Soul Mate.

Soul Mate Secrets:

  1. Know that you desire love but you may need to heal before you can attract a Soul Mate.
  2. Desperation is NOT attractive and it will show what you lack to others.
  3. Abundance is doing for yourself what makes you happy.

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