Bin Laden

The first chart for bin Laden cannot be verified. I doubt very much that there is a birth certificate for this man. This chart was circulated right after 9/11. But, it is something for you to work with in your studies.

Some aspects of the progressions and transits can be taken into consideration: Solar Arc Mercury square Uranus and the 2ndary Progressed Mars is at 29 Gemini, close to the supposed Moon position.

I have an article on my website, The Part of Transformation, a Point (10 Capricorn 09, if the time is exact) often triggered at death or at the time of a major life transformation.

The transiting Cardinal T-Square with Aries Stellium-Saturn-Pluto were afflicting this Point but, most significant, this Point bracketed by two major eclipses – a Solar Eclipse on January 4 at 13 Capricorn and a Solar Eclipse on July 1 at 9 Cancer. If this birth time is reasonably correct, there is a Solar Eclipse on June 1 at 11 Gemini.

I waited to hear the various reports on the timing for the attack on bin Laden. On ABC News in Washington DC, a bin Laden neighbor said that he heard shots being fired and it was 1 am. I am using this first hand report. Another news agency reported that the operation started at 1:30am, Pakistan Time and it continued for 30 minutes.

In the U.S. chart, this same transiting Cardinal T-Square is hitting the Stellium in Cancer square Saturn in Libra. The U.S. is having its Saturn Return. The Saturn Return is a marker for maturation. The U.S. Progressed Sun is trining its natal Jupiter at this time.

NOTE: The strange symbol in Aries is Eris and the symbol in Leo that looks like Mars is Transpluto. I consider this to be Points of Transformation as their 4 to 5 year transit over a single degree will trigger transformations in our lives.

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