Royal Wedding Post

The Leo Ascendant is the Royal Prince and the Aquarius Descendant is the “commoner” Kate, applying to a union in this event chart.

Some astrologers do not use the parallel aspect. I studied Horary Astrology with Gil Navarro in the 1980s and he and I both agree that this is a very powerful aspect, akin to a powerful conjunction. Parallels indicate a permanent coming together. Contra-Parallels are temporary unions. You would want a contra-parallel for a plumber coming to fix a pipe. I have observed the parallel transit to be stronger than the conjunction, event-wise.

If the Moon makes a parallel after an event, the Moon is NOT Void of Course! The Moon makes a parallel to Mercury at 2:52 pm BST. Mars parallels Jupiter at 12:43pm but this is not part of the VOC pattern.

Uranus, ruling the 7th House, trines the Ascendant. The Moon is strong in the Water sign of Pisces.

NOTE: I have only used the standard planets in this chart, eliminating Transpluto and Eris.

WEDDING CHARTS: Anyone who reads my website will see my posts about wedding charts. I do not place much importance upon these in determining the course of a marriage.

I have observed very famous astrologers choose a perfect day for a wedding. The chart was perfect— the marriage did not last 2 years!

Yes, I would choose a good day when the Moon has only favorable aspects so that the wedding ceremony would go without a hitch— but I would never advise wasting money on a timed chart for a wedding. I am old and I have seen too many marriage failures with these perfect charts.

When a client would consult him for a wedding chart, Gil would first do a Horary chart for the question, “Should I marry this person?” The Trine is considered the most romantic aspect but parallels indicate permanency.

Personally, my style for synastry or relationship counseling is to look at the “issues” in each chart. Usually, it is the woman who asks about the man. I tell her what his issues are, especially in relationships in general.

If the man has a strong Mercury/Neptune hard aspect, I warn her that he does not tell the truth. If the woman is a Sagittarius or a Scorpio and trust and honesty are important, this aspect will be a deal breaker.

I should add the Mercury/Neptune is not always a deal breaker. I have been in a 20-year relationship with a man who has his Mercury in Cancer square Neptune in Libra. Out of a pattern of fear over criticism (which I never do), he does not tell me things. I will see a brochure for a new car or golf clubs on the kitchen table. When he tells me, “I’m thinking about it,” I know that he has already made the purchase. He never lies or cheats— he is either working hard or playing golf— but he had 2 long term relationships where the women became angry and critical over his decisions (usually to play golf). I am old so I do not care— the more time he spends playing golf, the more time I have for my own activities.

ADDENDUM: This link will give the details of the source of the birth time for Kate.
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On my website, I have an article for a simple chart comparison technique. I find that these are very helpful. You do not have to calculate aspects, just know the signs. The Mercury afflicting Mercury by signs is the most difficult, as communication is not good. They do not even use words in the same way so that they end up not hearing what the other says.

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