COMMON CURES 2016 — Dental Issues


Astrologically, the teeth are ruled by Saturn. I know this all too well as every time Saturn crosses my Virgo Ascendant I have a dental issue. According to HL Cornell MD, the upper teeth are ruled by Aries and the lower teeth are ruled by Taurus.

Cornell logicizes that the Calcium Homeopathic cell Salts are associated with the teeth, especially the sign of Cancer, as calcium Phosphate supplies Calcium and Lime to the Teeth –

The Calcium Cell Salts are important for bone and dental health, and skin healing.

• Calcium Phosphate is the Cell Salt for growth and health of the bones.
Deficiency symptoms include aching pains, growing pains, bone ailments.
• Calcium Fluoride is the Cell Salt for problems with the surface of bones and skin.
A much safer source of fluoride than supplemental fluoride.
Deficiency symptoms include poor dental enamel; spider and varicose veins.
• Calcium Sulphate deficiency symptoms include acne and other skin problems,
slow healing wounds, abscesses, swollen glands, negativity, apathy.

I have been fortunate to have had 2 great dentists who were minimalists. Both would rebuild teeth rather than use crowns. I learned from them that there are 2 dental issues that can be resolved easily but most dentists wants thousands of dollars to remedy the problem.

• Dental pain but there are no cavities – this is almost always due to the teeth being out of alignment. All a dentist needs to do is apply a special paper and get you to tap-tap-tap. This will show where the misalignment is located. This often happens when a tooth has been removed. A simple filing down one tooth is the remedy. I spent a lot of money until I found a great dentist who said this was the problem. The jaw can change position over time and the teeth get out of alignment. This cost me a simple $60!

• Infections in the gums – this always comes from a lack of regular cleaning. Dentists will cause a lot of money – literally thousands of dollars — and give some complicated cause for the problem. My dentist told me that all the person needed was a deep gum cleaning that costs between $500 and $600. I have had this twice when I did not have regular cleanings. It really is deep into the gums to clean out plaque and an infection. Then, rinse with colloidal silver to keep the infection out while the gums are healing.


A recent Chicago College of Dentistry study showed that people who rinsed their mouths with black tea multiple times a day had less plaque buildup than those who rinsed with water. “Polyphenols in tea suppress the bacterial enzyme that triggers plaque accumulation,” says Christine D. Wu, Ph.D., the lead study author. “Drinking tea a few times a day could have the same effect.”
WARNING: Do not drink tea or coffee during the same time of day that you take your B Vitamins. There is a chemical in tea (not herbal) that destroys certain B Vitamins. I only drink coffee in the morning so I take Bs in the afternoon.

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