Esoteric Aries

Through Mars, it manifests action without thought to consequences; through Mercury, it accesses the Higher Self, channeling the Higher Self, to find immediate solutions to crises situations.

Aries is ambitious, self-willed and spirited, if the individual is expressing its true nature. While it is impulsive and intensely enthusiastic when the interests have been aroused, there is a great deal of impatience in this sign.

Aries is a sign that hates to wait on people and slow-moving projects because it is a sign that wants everything yesterday! The impatience of this sign sometimes makes the individual difficult to work with and, therefore, the Aries individual is more efficient working alone and not under the immediate supervision of those in authority.

Aries is suited for long-term projects ONLY when these offer continual opportunities and enough variety to prevent the individual from feeling trapped in monotonous routines. Aries actually needs tremendous activity colored with challenges, since this sign can easily become bored and frustrated when inactivity stagnates the life. If this does happen, the individual can become bitter and thoroughly miserable with his or her life.

Aries can often create continual crises in its life— often reflected in the material possessions and resources, personal relationships or in the health (physical, mental or emotional)— as a last resort to ward off the consequences of such stagnation. If there are strong planetary placements in Fixed signs (Taurus-Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius) or other security-oriented signs, such as Cancer or Capricorn, such crises will upset the inner sense of security. This, in turn, can produce much frustration when Aries is torn between manifesting its Will (doing what one wants when one wants) and maintaining security…or the illusion of security.

Aries can be excitable and quick tempered. It is a sign that does not take kindly to criticism, unasked-for advice or having its opinions challenged. Interference with the Aries point of view, however, may be subject to frequent changes, even though the individual is extremely certain of his or her beliefs at that moment. With the temperament being impulsive, it does not allow the individual sufficient time for reflection or caution because the individual action takes place on the spur of the moment. Consequently, Aries’ reaction to external forces and fortuitous circumstances are emotionally impulsive and, as a result, the quixotic individual is liable to form hasty conclusions and judgments. Aries is quick to anger, especially when the mental energies have no purposeful outlet. I have observed that they would rather be “getting into a bar room brawl” than doing nothing at all.

As a Fire sign, the energies are fundamentally mental and, therefore, a good argument now and then can provide an outlet for the Fire energies. When less conscious of the behavior, Aries can become very angry at some insignificant situation as a release for the pent up tension of anger. These arguments are seldom taken seriously by Aries.
The exception being when there are afflictions from Pluto to the Ascendant, Sun, Moon or Mercury. Pluto’s repressed resentments and desire to control would cause the hostility to seep through a supposed friendly discussion.

While Aries places a high value upon bold, expeditious and self-expanding action, the astrologer must look to the Moon and its aspects in order to ascertain the degree of adaptability whereby the individual can fluidly and confidently adjust to day-to-day necessities and experiences. With afflictions to the Moon, time and opportunities can be wasted through anxiety, procrastination and avoidance. Since the Moon rules our basic self-image, self-acceptance (or lack of it) and how we project ourselves to others (confidently or defensively; do we send our mixed messages?) an afflicted Moon would cause the individual to spend so much time defending and coping in the world that the controls and structures cultivated would surely inhibit Aries’ spontaneity.

One of the flaws in Aries is a lack of foresight. Being too impatient for any real self-evaluation, reflection and introspection whereby the individual could weigh the assets versus liabilities, the Arian will tend to overlook the consequences of impulsive and hasty action— then, fail to take personal responsibility for them.

It is the self-actualizing instinct of Aries that makes this sign subjectively short sighted! According to Grant Lewi, the Arian type of introspection does not seek self-knowledge for its own sake but rather to understand self and those qualities that either assist or impede self-expression. Without life’s frustrations and blocks, Aries would “go through life never suspecting that anything within self needs examining.”1 Through such self-understanding, the individual can manifest the Higher Energies more easily and more effectively.

Since Aries is too subjective to evaluate and analyze self accurately, it is essential that the individual study other people, study how they react to the Arian personality and CARE about the reactions of others because “individualization is only of value when it exists in contact with others. There is no individualism when one is alone, whether on a desert island, in an ivory tower or in resentment against the misunderstanding world.”2

The I AM Arian desires freedom of self-expression. In experiencing the world strictly on one’s own terms, there is danger in alienating self from others. The individualism of Aries can make the individual become isolated, lonely and frustrated…and then one is not free at all! Aries can become enslaved to its own individualism.

Since it is a necessary part of the Arian destiny in this incarnation to develop, assert and expand SELF, there may develop a one-sidedness that is inclined to see only the Arian point of view. This can produce a type of prejudice or partiality which impairs the judgment. Negative Pisces or Neptune elements in the horoscope can further impair the judgment through hasty, illogical or impractical thought processes and reasoning that is clouded by emotion and idealistic zeal.

In personal relationships, Aries’ impulsiveness is inclined to rely too heavily upon first impressions. In the less conscious or aware, Aries can be headstrong and not gifted with insight or the ability to judge others.
If there are any Neptune affliction, Arian can be unbelievably naïve. Obviously, such negative traits will cause the individual to become disillusioned in relationships without ever really knowing why or taking responsibility for the feelings of disenchantment. This is due to the inaccurate original assessment that eventually proves quite disillusioning in the light of reality.

I have mentioned Neptune in connection with Aries because Neptune was in Libra from 1942 through 1956 and Neptune was in Capricorn from 1984 through January 1988. During these periods, Neptune would afflict any Aries planets, Neptune in Libra could be in the 7th House and Neptune in Capricorn could be in the 10th House (attitude towards authority figures). With afflictions, the individual can attract deception— through self-deception— in ideas, ideals, people and circumstances. The restless idealism instilled by such combinations must be transmuted into guided purpose and direction through making one’s ideals a reality.

NOTE: I remember in the 1980s when a client, an Aries man, kept talking about his search for his Twin Flame. He never found such a woman, he was perennially disillusioned by searching for something, missing within himself, that he will never find on planet Earth. This Aries will never find what he is looking for outside himself.

“There is no shame in knowing little or nothing about a subject but it is a crime
if that subject is YOU — Man know thyself!” ~ Judi Laws

Because of its dynamic and restless energy, Aries has the potential for either getting into a great deal of trouble or initiating a great deal of good in the world. In the unevolved or unconscious Arian, Mars, its exoteric ruler, produces energy without thought to consequences. DOING is more important than what is done or its ramifications. This negative expression is not without purpose. Alice A. Bailey has stated numerous times that the negative side of anything or anyone will manifest before the positive side expresses itself. The self-centeredness of Aries arises initially so that the ego, the small ego, will fully develop.

I AM is the keyword of Aries and, once the Arian native learns that he IS the Higher Self who rules the lower nature and manifests the Will of God, a transmutation will take place. As Aries enters The Path, Mercury transforms the life through contact with the Higher Mind (Manas). As the mind (Mercury) controls the energy (Mars) and the lower vehicles (physical, emotional/astral and lower mind), the individual, who was once only good at starting and too impatient to finish anything, eventually develops greater continuity, persistence and coordinated efforts that are needed for solid achievement.

Being a sign that manifest Ray I energy (40%), Aries is both the destroyer and the creator. Aries destroys with its fiery energy, intense Will and the courage to fight the battle of life— destroying the old, outmoded and confining elements in the world.
Aries creates through its initiating energy. Once Aries has creates, Aries must move on to create again. Once Aries moves on, Aries will not return again.

Whether conscious or unconscious, Aries finds its full self-expression in the initiation of a plan or purpose. It is only in the unconscious types that Aries will leave a project in mid-air, since the restless energy has not yet found its purpose. It is Mercury, the Messenger, who channels this purpose to the Arian on The Path.

NOTE: In the myths of the gods, Mercury started out as the trickster but evolved wherein he was the teacher of the children of the gods.

Through Mercury, the individual analyzes and understands. No longer responding without thought to consequences, there come a purpose and a direction behind everything that Aries does. This PLAN & PURPOSE is a manifestation of the Ray VII (40%) coming through this sign.

Since Aries also manifests Ray VI (20%), these individuals are idealists. It is through idealism that the actions can be so daring. What could be more daring and idealistic than the actions of the saints who sacrificed their lives for their ideal, the Christ Spirit. While the unconscious Aries expects others to manifest the ideals for him, this type of Aries is always feels disillusioned and deceived when they fall short of expectations— the evolved, conscious Aries manifests that ideal within Self. This ideal is demonstrated to others through personal action. No longer expecting the ideal to manifest through others, Aries no longer feels disillusioned or deceived.

The destiny of Aries unfolds very rapidly. This arises from the Martian energy that wants everything yesterday, disliking to waste time, wanting everything to-the-point, and desiring immediate action. This is only frustrated when there are powerful Karmic lessons to be learned through patience. This would be shown by planets in Capricorn or afflictions from Saturn. In the unconscious type, the frustration will make Aries irritable, quarrelsome and antagonistic but, in the conscious, evolved type, Aries manifest patience while being even more determined to overcome any obstacles.

Alice A. Bailey, in ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY, states that, “Through the fiery processes of war and strife, brought to the individual through the influence of the planetary ruler, Mars, the God of War, a needed purification takes place. The same purification— but this time through Vision— comes to the developed, conscious man through the activity of the subjective ruler, Mercury, who is the illuminating principle which releases the mind, directs the way of man through life and enables him to become aware of the Divine Plan which underlies all of his fiery experience.”3

Visualize the Aries individual as a high-speed racing car. Under the energy of Mars, the high-powered engine begins to rev; a great deal of power and energy are expended at this point. But, the car is in neutral and it goes nowhere.
Then, under the inspiring influence of Mercury, the car goes through its gears with purpose, direction and the full force of its energy.

Mercury, the planet of the mind (esoterically, the Higher Mind), manifests Ray IV energies— Harmony through Conflict. Here, we find the crises orientation of Aries. Since Aries is a Cardinal sign, it manifests as Crises through Action. In the unconscious Aries, the lack of foresight and evaluation (in terms of consequences) will cause the individual to “rush in where angels fear to tread” without any hesitation. By not reflecting upon consequences, little things and petty annoyances keep getting in the way, keeping the life in a continual maelstrom of unexpected turmoil.

Any Cardinal emphasis (Aries-Cancer-Libra-Capricorn) in a horoscope denotes an action-oriented individual who possesses tremendous restless energy, taking immediate action in crises situations, and seeking immediate solutions to problems. The Cardinal action does not consider consequences, right or wrong, long range or short term, or its effect upon other people. When functioning without affliction from Saturn or Pluto, Cardinal energy takes the first initiative, resenting any interference or having to wait on the actions of others.

Any strong Cardinal emphasis is always crises oriented— it is a pattern cultivated in the childhood as a way of life. As soon as one critical issue is resolved, another crisis takes its place. Without any purposeful direction, the obsessive-compulsive behavior creates imaginary crises, if there are no real crises to resolve. The unconscious Cardinal individual can become a persistent busybody who meddles into everyone’s problems, interfering freely with others’ lives and feeling compelled to fix everyone’s problems. This Cardinal type is always starting something but leaving projects in mid-air before completion. Unable to leave well-enough alone, there are no easy solutions. Continual alterations in plans and tactics cause unnecessary problems for self and others.

Aries has many lessons to learn in the constructive use of energies. Is it really necessary to attack every crisis? Which crisis is relevant, especially in the fulfillment of the Soul’s Purpose? Lessons are to be learned in the development of more constructive purposes (those of the Higher Self), through self-control in disciplining impatient urges, and through thoughtfulness and common sense in action. Setting purposeful priorities is essential in the expression of the Higher Self.

The frustrations in the life help to provide external controls upon Aries’ excessive action. In working with and overcoming such frustrations, limitations and thwarted action, Aries will develop greater confidence, courage and determination. The crises-oriented life will ultimately manifest in the handling of situation that call for immediate and deliberate action— relying upon the ability to access information from the Soul. Aries will rise to meet purposeful (the Soul’s Purpose) challenges and resolve crises with quick, Soul-directed action. The crises in the life will ultimately assist in removing the fetters of any negative security drives— those drives that only sacrifice the Soul to the illusion of security.

In the Cardinal Cross, the action of all Cardinal signs focus together, creating a crisis in channeling energy. Aries wants action NOW

For the Aries on The Path, the action is creative, constructive and purposeful in serving the Will of the Higher Self. There is no fear. Humanity is the relationship which is serves. There are no limits to the power of the Soul.

As a Fire sign, Aries can be outspoken (unless Saturn afflicts Mercury or Saturn in the 3rd, where there would be a fear of being dumb or stupid), mentally aggressive, highly enthusiastic, unrelenting in persistence, often trying to run the show. This element needs to learn humility, since Fire needs to shine. The push to prominence is a manifestation of the dynamic energy of Fire. Excessive egoism and self-centeredness occur when this energy is directed toward self-promotion and the amplification of the ego rather than the promotion of the Soul’s ideal and purpose.

Initially, the egoism helps to rev the engine of the will. There is little reflection for this independent sign or a sense of an inner life, often feeling that sensitivity and emotions are weaknesses. When Aries enters The Path, the warmth of the Fire element manifests as service to humanity. The fiery spirit instills enthusiasm and inspiration into the lives of others. Ambition manifests as the Will of the Higher Self, aligned with the Will of God.

The esoteric planets/signs in the Soul’s Purpose Triangle denote the type of energy manifested. The House position of Mercury denotes the areas wherein the Soul’s Purpose will be fulfilled. Mercury, the esoteric ruler of Aries, is soul-inspired mental energy. Its House position denotes where the Higher Self communicates to its personality— where it acts as mediator in resolving crises. Mars, the exoteric ruler, is the driving force of Aries— it is Mercury that initiates the new ideas with this force.

The Aries on the Ascendant, the House Position of Mercury will indicate where the individual will access the Higher Mind to resolve crises situation. Some examples are:

2nd House – agricultural methods, sharing the world’s goods and body movements that affect healing.
6th House – new ideas regarding holistic health and hygiene.

Read the esoteric meanings of the Houses on this website to ascertain your own Soul’s Purpose.

I do not have any immediate examples of Aries on the Ascendant. However, Steve Jobs has the esoteric ruler of his Ascendant in the sign of Aries. Steve Jobs was an American businessman, designer and inventor. He is best known as the co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Apple Inc. Through Apple, he was widely recognized as a charismatic pioneer of the personal computer revolution. Jobs also co-founded and served as chief executive of Pixar Animation Studios.

Virgo on the Ascendant has a Soul’s Purpose of Service and the tolerance of all flaws and imperfections, in self and in others. The esoteric ruler, the Moon, is in Aries will indicate the urge to bring in the new, new ideas and concepts, in some public manner. The esoteric dispositor of the Moon in Aries is Mercury in Aquarius Station in the 5th House. Creativity and engendering creativity in others— always channeling inspired ideas for the benefit of humanity— is the theme of this position. When a planet is Station, it is always the most powerful planet in the chart. From his biography, the lesson of tolerance and acceptance of the flaws in others will continue in his next lifetime, I am sure.

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