Artist Thomas Kinkaid
Died April 6 2012

Born January 19 1958
Placerville California
Time unknown

POST FROM KEN: He seemed to have a dark side that was unresolved. He had a drinking problem that caused him a lot of public embarrassment. He also made lots of money for an artist (at least $50 million), but his art was rejected by museums everywhere. The company that reproduced his art had gone bankrupt in 2010 (how did that happen?). He was a shrewd businessman it is said (Sun/Moon in Capricorn). Something is also dark about his death—how is it that he died of “natural causes” at age 54? Did he blow his liver out from drinking? With Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Scorpio, I can see that the dark side (Scorpio) could get big (Jupiter) if not checked in his life (suicide?). With Mars conjunct Saturn in Sag, you could see that he could get carried away about religious ideas and it is said he used the Christian aspect to sell his art.

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