Mercury Retrograde 2021

­MERCURY RETROGRADE – Date depends up the Time Zone you are in

May 29-30 through June 22-23 (Gemini); September 26-27 through October 18 (Libra) 2021

Many people call me about how to handle the decision-making process while Mercury is retrograde. Always, decisions should only be made on contingency! With the element of flexibility added to any change or decision, there seems to be some guarantee of success. This period also favors finishing up work or returning to complete a project. This motion can provide new insights into the material. It favors re-considering prior decisions and getting others to change their minds about a previously-made decision. Precision is always disrupted by a retrograde Mercury. Going with the flow, keeping options open, using contingency methods and intuitively processing as you go along seem to give the flexibility needed to avoid Retrograde Mishaps.

Most of the time, Mercury retrograde is about as welcome as a tax audit! The left hemisphere of the brain is out to lunch, nothing works when you want it to, and nothing turns out as planned. Generally speaking, this is not a time to make any major commitments or sign any contracts or papers because you will change your mind. It is not a time to place any importance in the decisions or commitments of others since they, too, will change their minds. Sign agreements only on contingency! All changes are subject to delays, last-minute postponements or mix-ups.

This is a bad time to obtain a medical diagnosis or visit a doctor for the first time. You may not be able to obtain an accurate diagnosis until Mercury turns direct. It is better for a later diagnosis. In 2004, I was quite ill and no diagnosis during Mercury retrograde was accurate.

General repairs are not favored when Mercury is retrograde and these frequently have to be done over again. Never purchase anything associated with transportation or communication – such as a car, a bicycle, tape recorder, TV or even shoes. Such purchases will not last long or they will be plagued with malfunctions – if they work at all!

When Mercury is retrograde and afflicting another transiting planet, this causes major communication and decision-making errors in judgment. It is not a time to travel and, when driving your self, exercise great caution. People are more inclined to be accident prone.

NOTE: I started an IAA course when Mercury was Retrograde. Due to storms in my area and the area of the students, some of the classes was canceled and rescheduled. All turned out well as I always choose a good date astrologically.

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