Esoteric Uranus

URANUS – from the Alice A. Bailey books….

  • “Uranus was known by the ancients under another name.” (S.D. Vol. I, 126)
  • “Cronus (time)… is represented as mutilating Uranus… Absolute time is made to become finite and conditioned.” (S.D. Vol. I, 450)
  • “Among the three secret orbs or Star Angels, Uranus… was not included.”
    (S.D. Vol. I, 629)
  • Uranus…personified all the creative powers and is synonymous with Cronus.
    (S.D. Vol. II, 281-282)
  • “Uranus was unknown to the ancients and they were forced to reckon the sun amongst the planets… Uranus is a modern name but one thing is certain, the ancients had a mystery planet which they never named. This 7th planet was not the sun but the hidden divine Hierophant.” (S.D. Vol. III, 330) NOTE: Uranus is 7 from the Sun
  • “Uranus is now being stimulated.” (C. F. 357)
  • “Is one of the three synthesizing planets and Sirius influences our entire solar system via Uranus, Neptune and Saturn.” (C. F. 378)
  • “Uranus is the home of ‘fire electric’.” (C. F. 1154)

Outer Planets as Trend Setters

Since the outer planets never move more than a few degrees in a person’s secondary progressed chart, they are critical as overall Trend Setters. Of course, they move quite a bit in a chart directed by solar arc. By far, the most significant movements of the outer planets, however, occur with their transits. Their effects tend to be consonant with their “condition” in the birth chart, and they are very noticeable.

Because the outer planets are esoteric significators of spirit, whose purpose is to link our souls with the group soul of humanity, their transits always present us with opportunities for transformation. Transits of the outer planets are associated with spiritual breakthroughs linked to the areas of life activated by the house and sign they are transiting in a natal chart.

For many astrologers (myself included), the transiting positions of the outer planets and Saturn are the most important factors to consider in updating natal charts. Saturn crystallizes and provides structures for experience; Uranus breaks up existing structures so that we do not become fossilized in habit. Galvanizing whatever he touches, Uranus stirs things up. He rocks the boat. We cannot be complacent for long in any area affected by Uranus.

Whereas Uranus shatters outworn thought forms, Neptune dissolves them. When Uranus transits an area of the birth chart, those aspects of life will be up for review in a very subtle kind of way, and we will be apt to experience confusion and mental fogs. Neptune is particularly identified with the astral plane, the storehouse of images, and puts us in touch with that part of ourselves so that we can grow in self-knowledge and discrimination.

NOTE: Uranus was discovered by Willian Herschel in 1781. It was not enumerated as one of the Seven Sacred Planets of the Ancients nor was Uranus mentioned among the ancient lists of planets. Although not belonging to the immediate family of 12 Sacred Planets, Uranus does belong to the Universal Solar System.


1. Stimulates change by stimulating the electrical currents through the nadis in the etheric body.

2. Uranus represents the Rebellion of the Generation or Soul Group.

ESOTERIC RULER OF LIBRA— As the decanate of Libra is the bridging decanate into the Aquarian Age, Libra’s Soul’s Purpose is to bridge the activities of humanity, as shown by the House Position of Uranus, and to assist humanity work as an integrated whole (Virgo rules wholeness and integration in terms of putting all of one’s fragmented parts together).

Charm and manipulating to get one’s way is transmuted into strategy, diplomacy and persuasiveness in bringing harmony to the Whole.

Example of Esoteric Uranus in Houses:

4th and 10th House – These Houses are frequently political (4th is grass roots politics).

7th House – Helping others their personalities – the lower self with the higher self. A frequent position for people who are counselors and therapists.

9th House – Bridging philosophies, religions and cultures so that we see humanity as a cultural whole. Dr. Carol Swain works in congress to move politicians away from the concept of the caucus and towards a National Identity – where we can retain our differences but see ourselves Wholistically.

AQUARIUS— The independent, freedom-loving Aquarian on The Path realizes that no man is an island and that no one person is truly free until ALL are free! Aquarius seeks its Soul’s Purpose through becoming a cooperative unit in a group or collective. The 2nd Ray Esoteric Ruler of this sign, Jupiter, believes in brotherhood, the equality of all men, freedom and justice for all without concern for race, creed, culture, status or background.

This is the sign of the New Group of World Servers and Aquarius fulfills its Soul’s Purpose through brotherhood groups, supporting unity and inclusiveness, which serve humanity as indicated by the House position of Jupiter.


Because of its annual retrograde movement when the Earth is passing it, Uranus goes back and forth from one sign to another every seven years. Thus the following periods include portions of time when Uranus was in an adjoining sign.

Uranus through the Signs: Uranus rules the rebellion of a generation, what it wants to change dramatically in the world. For example, when Uranus was in visionary sign of Sagittarius we had Hands Across America and the Crystal Movement.


Uranus was in Aries from April 1927 until March 1935— The end of the Roaring Twenties, the stock market crash, and the beginning of the Depression brought many such changes.

While being born during the Depression, this Soul Group were the Pioneers… the first New Agers but ahead of their time. They can thrive upon Crisis. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Aries brought a thrust of innovation in aviation— Lindburgh, transAtlantic flight, Pole Flight, first rocket engine flight.

Uranus in Aries – 2010 – 2018— This transit occurred from 1928 through 1934, those born during the Great Depression. The current cycle will begin with a powerful Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Aries and a breakthrough in flight technology. What I know about those who were born during the last Aries cycle is that they were the great pioneers. The pioneering spirit generated at this time will transform the planet and those born at this time will spirit new changes, taking unprecedented risks. Flight was changing our world during the last cycle. By 2020, this cycle will led to an economic Boom Cycle on the planet indicated by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

NOTE: The Search for God Study Groups and the AA 12 Step programs began with Uranus in Aries.


Uranus was in Taurus from June 1934 until May 1942 – This was the era of the New Deal and the beginning of the second world war, producing a fairly conservative and materialistic generation.


Uranus was in Gemini from August 1941 until June 1949 – This was the first generation to go to college in mass. They initiated advances in psychology, sociology, and metaphysics. The generation born during the war and just after became the student radicals of the 1960s. (Special note: Uranus was in the same degree of Gemini when the Declaration of Independence was written and signed, Lincoln was elected and the Civil War began, and D-Day was planned and carried out as the sun is in when the United States used to celebrate Memorial Day.)

Uranus in Gemini brings a War for Democracy, since its discovery in the 1700s.


Uranus was in Cancer from September 1948 until June 1956 – This was the time when television invaded the home, producing the first TV generation. This generation make a break with traditions – first group to openly cohabit making it OK for the older generations. Antibiotic generation that developed problems with these – prefer natural techniques.


Uranus was in Leo from August 1955 until August 1962 – The motion picture industry was radically altered because of competition with television. Rebellion against authority. With Transpluto, they initiate reforms in society. Environmental issues.


Uranus was in Virgo from November 1961 until September 1968 and a month in the late spring of 1969 – Uranus was with Pluto at this stimulating social change. Together they bring revolutions. Uranus and Pluto will square each other from 2012 through 2014 – rebellion in society and fiscal crises.


Uranus was in Libra from October 1968 until September 1975 – Changes in social justice, diplomacy, music, and the arts. Divorce rates skyrocketed, and alternative partnerships and lifestyles developed under the influence of electric guitars and those who preferred to make love rather than war.


Uranus was in Scorpio from September 1975 until November 1981 – 1975 was a turning point year in which the alternatives of the 1960s became mainstream. A great interest in occultism, New Age phenomena and changes in sexual awareness, spying by electronic means, computer development and sudden changes and extremes in investment situations.


Uranus was in Sagittarius from November 1981 through November 1988 – Changes in religion, philosophy, and world affairs, including a heightened arms race followed by the sudden demise of Soviet Communism.


Uranus was in Capricorn from February 1988 until January 1996 — This is a period of cold and calculated down-sizing and radical privatization of economies. It is the generation of the Indigo Children with pronounced psychic gifts. Conjunctions with Saturn and Neptune caused a speeding up of the earth’s electro-magnetic field— vision color shift phenomena. When Uranus entered Capricorn, the popular interest in crystals ended.


Uranus was in Aquarius from February 1912 until January 1920 and for two months in the spring of 1995 and from January 1996 for seven years— Revolutionary changes, independent and radical social movements and organizations. Revolutions in Mexico, China, and Russia as well as the downfall of powerful monarchies in the Great War took place.

When Saturn entered Leo opposing Uranus in Aquarius, it ended the monarchies of Europe. Saturn bring disillusion with authority (occurring in 2005-07).

The internet and Google became popular but, when Neptune entered Aquarius, even little old ladies use the internet.

Life speeds up – coinciding with internet and cell phone usage. Everyone wanted everything in a hurry. Strong connectedness and ability to access info in a hurry.

The New Age became common place. I went into a store, J. Jill, and the girl working there talked about the store having Good Feng Shui. This stuff is every where as well as aroma therapy.


Uranus was in Pisces from April 1919 through March 1927 – Radical changes in beliefs, religion, and morals. This was the period of the Great Experiment of prohibiting alcohol and the split between the moralistic and the wild Roaring Twenties.

This Group becomes the Greatest Generation of its decade – this is the dominate generation that fights the great battles for democracy. Not an Illiberal Democracy (run my tyrants) but Constitutional Liberalism, freedom for the people and run by the people.

Uranus in Pisces – 2004 – 2010 – My first observation of Uranus in a Water sign is the massive and destructive hurricanes that we have experienced this year. With this transit so many of us are either making changes or reacting to the changes made by others. Uranus in Pisces will continue with the problems of water and global warming.

Uranus in Pisces can be very disruptive, forcing us as individuals to go with the flow, with our intuition and our inner guidance in risk taking or in dealing with disruptions in our lives. When experiencing the higher aspect of Uranus in Pisces, we can flow naturally with a sense of knowing, a knowing that is connected to something greater than ourselves.

Emotional problems will be more pronounced with this transit— the rebellion of Uranus is to force us to go with our feelings.

We rebel under Pisces in order to find something to believe in.

There may be a connection (Pisces and the 12th House) with the re-organization of our intelligence agencies and secret organizations.

Any planet in Pisces is connected with humanitarian causes— refugees and evacuees.

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