This is an outline of those characteristics of Gemini which indicate the rationale for its rulership over par of the nervous system and the etheric body. This was part of a lecture given by Judi in 1982.

• The key planets which receive and transmit energies from this sign are Mercury (exoterically) and Venus (esoterically).

• Mercury, the messenger of the gods, dashes hither and yon, back and forth. Venus, as esoteric ruler, relates pairs of opposites but it does so by affecting a synthesis between opposites. It signifies the result of mediation, much like the Hegelian synthesis which is a tertium quid, uniting thesis and antithesis. Therefore, Venus rules the Antakarna (Rainbow Bridge to the Soul) in its final stages of development, after Mercury has the go-between mediation in the early and middle stages. When the Bridge is completed and traffic is flowing freely between the higher and lower selves, Venus presides. Geminian duality resolved!

• From this, we can see the reasoning behind the traditional meanings of Gemini – short trips, short communications and the dialogue between teacher and pupil in the mind.

• The Higher Mind or Manas is ruled by Venus, Lord of the 5th Ray of Analytical Science. It was with the Coming of the Souls from Venus to Earth that humanity was individualized and enabled to evolve. The intimate connection between Venus and Earth – Venus being the alter-ego of Earth – shows that Venus is to the Earth as the Soul is to the personality.

• Venus is directly involved in the zodiacal duality of significance to astrologers. It oversees and guides the transition from Taurus, where it is the exoteric ruler, to Gemini, where it is the esoteric ruler – going from I HAVE to I THINKIII of the past Solar System to Ray II of this Solar System; from attachments to things in this world to the freedom that the higher mind brings via the other world – this transition is the Venusian energies at work.

• The last Geminian duality to be mentioned is that of Life and Consciousness. These two streams of living energy are found in each of us. The Life Stream, anchored in the sinus node of the right atrium of the heart, uses the blood stream and the Consciousness Stream, anchored in the third ventricle of the brain, uses the nervous system.

In the esoteric, Consciousness refers to the level of Soul Awareness and, correspondingly, to the Ray II of Love-Wisdom (Love wisely given; Wisdom lovingly applied). Ray II accounts for 80% of the energies coming through Gemini. This is the energy that relates Father/Spirit/Ray I to Mother/Matter/Ray III. As above, so below are these opposites synthesized to out-picture on the physical plane. The analogue of this Ray II – relating-ness and connecting-ness – is the nervous system.

Gemini, by itself, rules only part of the nervous system. In tandem with Virgo-Sagittarius-Pisces, Gemini cooperates in overseeing the entire nervous system. Recalling that this system is divided into three parts – central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), peripheral nervous system (cranial and spinal nerves) and autonomic nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic) – Gemini rules the first two parts.

As we go along, we must bear in mind that Geminian rulership of these is not so much a matter of their structure but rather of the connecting-ness that they provide. It is the peripheral nervous system that provides the sensitive and active interface between each of us and everything else – between me and the world beyond the skin. It registers sensory input and prompts voluntary movement. Hands and feet and arms and legs moving, eyes looking up, down and sideways, voice box and mouth speaking – all point to Mercury. Mercury’s reputation for fleet-footedness, manual dexterity, and fluency indicates its rulership over the peripheral nervous system in a very obvious way.

What is not so obvious is the Geminian and Venusian esoteric rulership of another part of the physical plane on which human being manifest – the etheric body (the subtle energies that interpenetrate the dense physical). At this point, prior to the explanation of the etheric, we need to refresh out memories on the seven planes of manifestation in our solar system and on our planet. Each plane has a specific range of vibratory rates or frequencies. The lowest is the physical. Moving up to successively higher planes means moving into subtler, more rarefied vibrations. By way of analogy, we note that ice (solid and physical) can be converted into liquid (water and astral/emotional) by the application of heat and fire and, in turn, converted to an even higher vibratory rate called steam or gas by the application of more fire. Remembering that “God is a Consuming Fire” (Hebrews 12:29), we can arrive at some sense of what is required to get each of us to higher levels of functioning.


Just as our solar system has seven planes, so is each plane divided, vibrationally, into seven sub-planes. Given our focus upon the physical plane, these are the seven sub-planes of the physical –


LYNN: I need to add here that there is an etheric web at the top strata of the Atomic Plane that separates the physical from the astral. With the transits of Neptune, our etheric body begins to vibrate at a higher rate, stimulating the molecules in the etheric web so that the veil between these two planes becomes more tenuous. Esoterically, this explains why, during a strong Neptune transit to our personal planets, there is much distortion around what is real and what is not.


“These devas of the shadows are of a dark purple on the 4th etheric level and of a lighter purple, much the same color as violet, on the 3rd etheric level, a light violet on the 2nd, whilst on the atomic sub-plane they are of a glorious translucent lavender.” page 912

Violet is associated with Ray VII – the energy that will dominate the incoming Aquarian Age. This 7th Ray of Ceremony-Order-Rhythm-Organization rules the etheric subplanes of the physical plane of existence. When the Great Ones look down upon Earth, the lowest level They can recognize is the etheric. Bailey states over and over again that the dense physical (solid, liquid, gas) is not recognized as a principle. So, when occult classic speak of “physical,” they are invariably referring to the four etheric subplanes.

The reason for delineating these levels of manifestation is not simply because they comprise one of the phenomena ruled by Gemini. Rather, we are directing our attention to this level because each of us has a subtler body. It is variously referred to as the etheric body, aura or etheric double, depending upon the perspective of the writer or lecturer. If s/he is intent on describing its likeness to the physical body, the terms etheric body or etheric double are used. However, if the investigator has etheric vision, s/he often describes what is seen, namely, the surface radiation, calling it the aura or etheric aura.

Bailey states that the etheric body is the “true intermediary between the inner worlds and the outer man.” — another aspect of the Geminian connecting-ness, the Janus-faced go-between mentioned earlier. It is the mould or archetype on which the physical body is built. This etheric body interpenetrates the entire physical body via many thread-like strands of energy, called Nadis (Nah-Deez). In addition to interpenetration and energization of the entire physical body, its surface emanation extends two or three inches beyond the dense physical, although the extension is great with advanced persons, being an exact replica of the latter.

Owing to the fact that the etheric body is a replica of the dense physical body, there are, in the etheric, counterparts of the physical organs and other structures. The ones that concern us in the article are the etheric web, the etheric channel (surrounding the three nerve tracts in and along side the spinal column), and the seven major force centers or chakras. Analogous to a ganglion or plexus in the dense body are chakras formed by the interlacing of nadis. By definition, where the nadis cross 21 times, we find a major chakra; where they cross 14 times, there is a minor chakra; where they cross 7 times, there is a minute center. The physical counterparts of the seven major chakras are the endocrine glands which these etheric chakras energize.

Each chakra has been likened to a rotating wheel or a whirling vortex of energy which has the appearance of a lotus. From the base of the spine chakra, which has four petals, to the crown chakra which is the 1000-petaled lotus, the heart of each lotus, when fully opened by spiritual development, displays a “jewel in the lotus” – a center of pure manasic (Soul/Higher Mind) energy. Manas is the Sanskrit word for “to think,” from whence was derived the generic word, Man. In the East, the 5th plane (mental – see diagram) is called manasic and its energy is referred to as “fire of mind.” Thus, we see the reason why Venus, the Lord of the 5th Ray, embodying its highest aspect, Pure Reason (Manas), and Gemini rule the etheric.

One other part of the etheric, which is involved in spiritual unfoldment, is the etheric web. Quoting Bailey from TREATISE ON WHITE MAGIC (pp 591-2):

“Each centre in the spine is separated from the one above it and the one below it by an interlaced protective web which is composed of a curious blend of etheric and gaseous substances. This has to be burnt away and dissipated before there can be the free play of the fires of the body…There are four of these interlaced circular ‘webs,’ lying between the five centres found on the rod of the spinal column…”

Until one is spiritually advanced enough to handle direct and continuous contact between the inner and outer worlds, these discs or webs of pranic energy serve as protective barriers, separating the physical from the astral – and the centers from each other.

The energy for the etheric is the Sun from which streams of solar pranic emanations reach the Earth. Prana might be viewed as the “fuel” that the etheric uses to energize the physical body. The main avenue of entry for prana is the minor center between the shoulder blades via the breathing apparatus (especially yogic pranayama) . From there, the prana goes to the spleen where it is assimilated and distributed. One exception to this process must be noted – People who have Ray VII manifesting in the physical body can absorb prana directly into the skin. This is possible because the dense body is resonant to the etheric body and the 7th Ray. Thus, pranic absorption is more direct and body vitalization is enhanced, usually accompanied by a diminished need for food, owing to the real nutrition gained from prana.
When one has chosen consciously to tread the Path, there is a greater vitalizing of the centers above the diaphragm, as the energies in the lower centers are transferred to higher centers, progressively. Through self-initiated disciplines (study, meditation and service to humanity), the Kundalini Fire in the base of the spine begins to rise up the etheric channel, activating each chakra in turn – a process that extends over many life times. As each chakra is activated, it begins to rotate at ever greater speed, throwing off all “dross” or impurities in a way similar to a centrifuge, and burning away the etheric discs between the chakras. This process is completed at the Fourth Initiation when the etheric web is destroyed.

A word of caution must be inserted here concerning the raising of Kundalini. There are too many people looking for short-cuts to spirituality who seek out those who claim to help raise Kundalini. This is extremely dangerous! You are, literally, playing with Fire! Destruction of the etheric discs in those who are unprepared could arrest spiritual development for one of more lifetimes. Dr. Douglas Baker has often said, “Do not worry about your spiritual development. Leave it to the Masters – they will do a damn sight better job of it than you! Just love and serve!” Bailey and the Tibetan (whom she channeled) are just as explicit on this point:

“We shall not work with the centres down the spinal column nor aim at their conscious utilization as does the clairvoyant and clairaudient person. All the work done by students must be done entirely in the head and from the head. There is (will be found) the seat of the Will, or Spirit aspect, working through the Soul.” WHITE MAGIC, p 205

To return to the subject of the etheric web destruction, we are told that in Masters, the seven centers are rotating so rapidly that they can scarcely be seen. Yet, what is clearly seen is the radiant heart of each chakra – pure manasic energy presided over by Venus, Lord of Manas, here representing the culmination of etheric lotus petal unfoldment.

Now, why be bothered to go on at such length about the etheric body?
1. Because esoteric astrology is the “science of energies” (AAB).
2. Because esoteric astrology leads us in the direction pointed out by the Oracle of Delphi – Man, Know Thyself!
3. Gemini urges us to understand the dualism of this world and the other world – and to see their synethesis.
4. Because etheric vision is just around the corner, for many people.
5. Finally, because most diseases appear first in the pre-physical, etheric body.

Some elaboration on the last two points may be useful. The greater prevalence of etheric vision will dramatically alter our perception of this world and the other world. Two quotations from Bailey indicate that this is imminent:

“The fourth ether, the lowest of the ethers, is to be the next physical plane of consciousness. Etheric matter is even now becoming visible to some and will be entirely visible at the end of this century to many.” WHITE MAGIC, p. 374

(Written in 1936) “…in about 10 years time, the first ether, with all that is composed of that matter, will be recognized as scientific fact and the scientists who work intuitively will come to recognize the devas of the plane. People coming into incarnation on this 7th Ray will have eyes that see and the purple devas and the lesser devas of the etheric body will be visioned by them.” ESOTERIC PSYCHOLOGY I, p. 123

It must be borne in mind that etheric vision is not clairvoyance. The former is becoming possible due to changes in human eyes, due to decades of exposure to electricity. This change enables one to see the etheric levels, whereas clairvoyance involves no anatomical structure of visual apprehension. Rather, the clairvoyant is one who sees the astral plane.

In the matter of diseases, increasing attention will be focused on diagnosis, treatment and prevention via the etheric body. Because it is a subtler body, it can and is presently being reached by New Age healers via color, sound, magnetism and homeopathic preparations. The use of such preventative, diagnostic and remedial techniques is in the foreseeable future.

“The centre of attention of medical and scientific students will be focused on the etheric body and the dependence of the physical body upon the etheric body will be recognized. This will change the attitude of the medical profession and magnetic healing and vibratory stimulation will supercede the present methods of surgery and drug assimilation.” COSMIC FIRE, p. 474

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