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This article is an excellent source for updated birth data for the candidates. When the time is unknown, the writer lists where one can order the birth certificate and how much it costs.

In the 1960s and 1970s, I would send a money order using the last name of the person whose certificate I wanted. I would use the addresses of friends, since I had used my own too much.

I remember writing for the birth certificate of the Boston Strangler, Albert Henry DeSalvo. I had a dream the night before it arrived saying that the time would NOT be on the original certificate but the dream told me the time (I do not remember off hand what this time was). My friend received the certificate addressed to Annie DeSalvo and she was horrified. But, I have 3 planets in Gemini so I feel I am clever in this respect.

I know that Albert’s time has been posted but I do not remember if this was my “dreamed” time but, definitely, the time is NOT on his original birth certificate which I have in my files.

When I would write for the certificate, I would NOT use the State Form, as this asks for the names of the parents etc. I would just put down the name and birth date and location, the money order and my return address. They were not going to send the money order back so they always sent the birth certificate that I requested…Lynn

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