Global Gatherings Part 2 – Some health insights: Sleep and Cold/Flu Issues

My two good friends in Berlin are Astrid Zekul and Andrea Lietze. While Astrid has been a professional astrologer, both are very interested in alternative healing. Andrea is a licensed physiotherapist in Berlin.

We had a discussion about sleep and sleep remedies. Personally, I find that Natural Sources Liquid Melatonin works the best and it tastes the best. For my trip to Europe, I wanted a small bottle for carrying so I chose a new brand, Natrol. It tastes bad and I feel no real effects from it. Normally, the liquid melatonin placed under the tongue creates a feeling of drowsiness. If I wake up later in the night, I can take additional drops but, if I do this around 5am or later, I find it very difficult to get up in the morning. The Natural Sources Liquid Melatonin requires that you lie down and relax before it can work. For me, this works.

I also know that WARM MILK works extremely well, although I do not like to take this unless I am too stressed for the Melatonin to work. Many years ago when I entered the hospital complaining of chest pains, a nurse told me about warm milk. I presume that it is the calcium that causes the sleepiness. Warm milk tastes more sweet than cold milk. This always works.

I have observed another reason for sleeplessness and my theory was confirmed by Dr. Oz on television. Some people have bad digestion and foods eaten later in the day create a lot of activity in the body so that the individual cannot sleep. Dr. Oz said that the digestion begins to slow down as soon as the Sun goes down. And, as we get older, the digestive juices are not as sharp as in our youth. Undigested food creates a “dross” upon the body, often causing migraine headaches and sleeplessness.

Astrid read an article in German, saying that older people sleep better if they eat a small amount of carbohydrates before going to bed. It needs to be a good quality food that is easy to digest, nutritious but with a high glycemic level. Here in Europe, I am currently unable to Google this information. I do know that potatoes have a high glycemic acid level and, if cooked, these would be easy to digest before going to bed. The problem could be low blood sugar levels at night that make it difficult for older people to fall asleep.

For colds and flus, I have discussed this subject on BlogRadio with Jacqui Menkes. Anyone can listen to the October program for free anytime. To reiterate, at the first sign of an oncoming cold or flu, you should alkalize the body immediately. Edgar Cayce is my source for this information. He recommended taking Baking Soda pills — that were made by Squibb until the early 1990s. Now, there is a formula made by AlkaSalzer with baking soda and calcium (no aluminum). I take 2 fizzy pills on an empty stomach and this alkalizes the body right away.

An old time remedy was to gargle with baking soda to cure a sore throat. Alkaline kills these viruses and bacteria. Also, Cayce recommended taking Milk of Magnesia to clear the wastes from the body. My mother used to give me this every time I was ill, mixed with chocolate syrup. Today, I am not crazy about chocolate, although my Virgo nature eats the 85% chocolate for health reasons – it lowers blood pressure and it helps with depression and stress. It is helpful in coffee for those with chronic fatigue.

Andrea told me about a supplement that cures the cold or flu very quickly. While I have not heard of this, she said that it is available at The Vitamin Shoppe.

ADDENDUM: In Vienna Austria, I found myself awake around 2:30 am with my heart racing. I could not get back to sleep and I knew that I had to get up early for traveling with Ingrid Petroff. I wondered if I could have low blood sugar, especially with the symptoms of heart racing. I got up and ate a small, very ripe Clementine (a seed-free tangerine). Within 10 minutes, I was asleep. Low blood sugar is not always the answer but this time it was the cure.

Before I left Vienna, Ingrid and I drank my favorite Sekt or Sparkling Wine, Hollander Bluten (Elderberry Flowers with Lemon). I feel that alcohol causes the blood sugars to drop and this may be why people have a difficult time sleeping once the alcohol leaves the system. I could not sleep again so I ate a small amount of yogurt. This immediately helped me to calm down and relax for sleeping.


1. There was an online conference called BREAKING DOWN THE BORDERS on November 19-21 2011. I lectured on DEPRESSION: The Acute Mars Dysfunction. The first part of the discussion was about Mars and the general causes for depression that we all experience. The second part was possible causes for serious depression. Some of this information is not astrological but medical. Online College of Astrology The video of this lecture can be purchased from this school.

2. I am the International Liaison for the National Council for Geocosmic Research. I promote membership in this organization – a membership that provides a vehicle for astrologers around the world to receive recognition internationally through writing anything from short posts in E-News to research articles in the Geocosmic Journal and the NCGR Research Journal. Different from other astrological organizations, the NCGR encourages the formation of Study Groups. In small countries, these groups offer a less expensive type of membership but all can gain recognition through sharing their work with other NCGR members. Perfect English is not required as I and others can edit any submission.

3. Using Global Gatherings, I would like to visit astrologers around the world. I will gladly come and publicize the work of astrologers in other countries. If you are interested in a visit from me, please let me know. It is not always possible to visit every country but I will try. I am always in Europe in November.

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