Global Gatherings Part 3

GLOBAL GATHERINGS III— Praha/Prague November 10-12 2010

In recent years, I have been staying in the home of Zdenếk Bohuslav, International Vice President of ISAR in the Czech Republic. Currently, he is trying to interest other astrologers in the Czech Republic in the activities of ISAR, translating “the official pages of ISAR for the Czech astrologers.”

At this time, there are no large international conferences in Continental Europe. Since the death of Bruno Huber, there are no longer the international conferences in Switzerland. However, these conferences were connected only with astrological organizations in Western Europe, not so much for Central and Eastern Europe.

The highlight of my visit is our discussions about astrology at his kitchen table. Sometimes we talk after breakfast but always in the evening with a bottle of Bohemian Sekt (sparkling wine). When I told him about my lecture for the 2012 UAC conference in New Orleans— the subject being the 4 Elements, Disease and the 4 Lobes of the Brain— he showed me a book by Doris Chase Doane, one that I have not read in many years, entitled ASTROLOGY: 30 Years Research. In this book, she discussed the planets, hormones, vitamin assimilation and the signatures of many diseases. This is an excellent resource! However, I cannot review this book until I return to America in December.


Denebola was the topic of discussion at the kitchen table on November 11. His observation of this fixed star is that it demands the individual to maintain a very high level of ethics. Denebola gives much but, if your ethics are not at a very high level, Denebola will take it all away with the swift action like that of a sword.

Traditionally, she is connected with Saturn and Venus— Venus is giving great gifts, such as glory and success, but Saturn demands responsibility and high ethics. Denebola does not give second chances. This is a star for the advanced soul, not for the beginner.

His 2nd granddaughter, Sara, has Denebola conjunct the Sun in the 2nd House. He feels that she can attain exceptional honors but it must be done in the correct way. With Denebola, you must be honest, real, ethical and not playing a phoney role with others— pretending to be and feel something that one does not, the influence of Jupiter. If one cannot be real, that person will fall from a high place.

Today, Denebola is located at 21 Virgo 45 and only 12 degrees from the ecliptic.

My own work has associated Denebola with the Solar Plexus Chakra of a Galactic entity. This is from my research with the Alice Bailey writings. She said that everything lives and moves within something greater than itself. There are great alignments of stars that are part of the chakra systems of great galactic entities. Sirius is the Heart Chakra in a great Entity but it is the Brow Chakra in another Galactic Entity (Betelgeuse being that Entity’s Heart Center).

I have observed that the House position of Denebola is where we tap into solar plexus energy, issues over which we can easily become upset or react emotionally.

Mutual Receptions

Our next topic was Mutual Receptions. This occurs when 2 planets are in the other’s ruling sign. I have Mercury in Leo and the Sun in Virgo— the Sun is in Mercury’s ruling sign of Virgo and Mercury is in the Sun’s ruling sign of Leo. I have always felt that, when I do not have Solar courage, my mind through Mercury will take over with the confidence issues.

Zdenếk feels that, with the Mutual Reception, there will always be a supporting connection between these two planets. The planets are so bound together that they can be used in each other’s House. This will make their ruling Houses (the Houses where they are located in the chart) and the House cusps that they rule very powerful.

Concerning planets in their Fall or Detriment, you are forced to find your own way of using the planets. As to HOW the weakened planet will be used or developed, much will depend upon the “history of the Soul” as to how the individual will use the planets in the horoscope. Indeed, each Soul has its own history, its own story in the Hall of Records, the Akashic.

In my own chart, my Mercury is in Leo, the sign of its Fall. With this position, the ego can be too tightly tied to the thinking— if this is the way that I see it than this is the way it IS! The perception of this Mercury is the reality of the individual, not the reality of others. This Mercury can lack objectivity but its asset is being able to use self and self’s hard-learned lessons to teach others. Of course, my Mercury has the Mutual Reception.

My Saturn is in the sign of its Detriment, Cancer. This is definitely not a good sign for Saturn. The Rules when I was a child were decided by how secure my mother felt. If she felt secure, then I could do something. If she felt insecure, than it was NO, “…because I said so.” There was no reason or rationality. There is no Mutual Reception here and I have had to teach myself everything I know about responsibility and commitment. When I was 16 years old, I turned to astrology as a substitute parent. The stars could always tell me when I should or should not do something.


This was Zdenếk’s lecture for the Annual conference for the Czech Astrological Society— December 21 2012. The rotational axis is easier to determine astronomically but the problem is determining the plane of symmetry, as this is always changing with respect to our knowledge of the number of stars and objects in our galaxy.

In 1998, the currently observed Galactic Equator was aligned with the center of our Sun. In 2012, the Galactic Equator will fall to the western side of the Sun, as seen for the Earth. From our current observations, the Galactic Equator and Center are moving back and forth— and our own Ecliptic is shifting as well. Therefore, it is not possible to say that the Galactic Alignment will be realized exactly on December 21 2012.

The current cycles of the Mayan Calendar began on August 18 3114 BC and it truly does end on December 21 2012, after which a new cycle begins. The Mayan Calendar is associated with important rhythmic cycles. The Mayan Calendar represents the great synodic cycles of Moon-Mercury-Venus-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn. It is not connected with the Galactic Center.

To my amazement, Zdenếk said that this information comes from a book by Bruce Scofield and Barry Orr, HOW TO PRACTICE MAYAN ASTROLOGY (2007). So, this book is on my must-have list for when I return from Europe. I am sure that Dave at will have this book in stock.

In my personal observation, there are important great shifts in consciousness as denoted by changes in astrological points:

  1. 2012 is the beginning of the 11-year cycle called Solar Max
  2. Neptune enters its ruling sign of Pisces
  3. Transpluto, which entered Leo in 1938, will enter its ruling sign of Virgo
  4. The Galactic Center will enter 27 degrees Sagittarius
  5. The great Royal Fixed Star, Regulus, will leave Leo and enter the sign of Virgo.
  6. The Great Uranus-Pluto (square) alignment— the Great Conjunction having occurred in the 1960s.

The theory of the Mayan Calendar is not singular to the Mayans. These Great Synodic cycles are found in the ancient texts of China, Samaria, Egypt and many others.

CZECH SCOOP: There is a medical crisis in the Czech Republic. There is no money for cancer treatment. If you are diagnosed with cancer, you must wait for someone to die before you can be treated. The Czech doctors are so under-paid that they are threatening to move to England or Germany where they can make 3 times their salary.

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