Global Gatherings Part 9- Mittenwald

GLOBAL GATHERINGS IX: November 24 2010 – Mittenwald, my spiritual home

Tonight, I am sitting in the restaurant at my home-away-from-home, the Alpenrose, in Mittenwald Germany. I great journey began for me when the Berlin Wall came down and Germany was transformed overnight. As many of you know, I had a weight problem for most of my life. I have an article on WEIGHT LOSS & THE TRANSFORMATIONAL PROCESS on my website. It is the story of my personal transformation, a process that began at MauerFall. With the transformations in Europe, so began my own personal transformations, a lifestyle change than also changed my attitude toward food.

For several years in the 1980s, I would always have a health crisis in November. Finally, in November 1988, after I broke my foot off trying to bring a new kitten into the house, I told God that I did not want any more health crises since I had no more external body parts to contribute to whatever lesson I needed to learn. Then, in November 1989, the house caught on fire! It put itself out but not before it rendered me powerless without any electricity. It was only then did I say that I would do anything, change anything or go anywhere if these crises would end.

Within minutes, a friend called to tell me that tickets to Germany were only $295 as the Berlin Wall was coming down and no one wanted to go. I knew that my destiny was in Berlin. I did not have a passport so I called a friend in congress who got me a passport overnight… and off I went. I stood in line with a sledge hammer that was being passed around. I helped bring the Wall down with the hammer, as did many.

On that trip, I knew that, if I returned to Europe every November, I would not get sick or have another November Crisis. I acquired the names of astrologers in this part of the world and I visited everyone who wrote. When I left, I did not want this to be a one-time experience. I wanted this to be a continuing connection with the astrologers in what was then Eastern Europe, now Central Europe.

Then, I got an intuitive message that there was a special place for me near a German border, a power place. That year, I went to Winterlingen, the ancestral home of the Koiner family. As I walked through the town, I knew that this was only a biological home, not my true home. I kept getting psychic messages about Star Stuff. I went into a park and received the story of my origins on this planet. It was so unbelievable that I asked for a confirming prediction. I was told to immediately pack my bags and go to Weimar, in the east, where I would meet a New Age man. It would not be easy to have our paths cross. It took me 2 days to get there. I had a tradition of burying crystals at concentration camps and negative places where the Nazis grew to power. At this camp, I had an incredible experience as I threw out sand from Bermuda and green calcite. I would say: There may not have been good people when you were here but there are good people in the world and this sand represents those good people, the wonderful people of Bermuda. When I threw out the sand, I could actually see the rippling energy!

Then, I went to the bus stop where saw a man who I knew was the New Age man. I introduced myself and he told me that he was an astrologer from Heidelberg, where I was staying in Germany and the place where my family had been educated through the 19th century. He was the New Age man! I knew the incredible story was correct.

On the next step in my journey, I searched for my Power Place on this planet. It is the place of my first physical incarnation on planet Earth. As the train moved towards Mittenwald, the hairs on my body stood up. I was coming home. And, indeed, Mittenwald is my Power Place. I was told that I was given the Gift of Healing. I thought surely that I would be able to heal the sick… but this never happened. I was very disappointed in these messages but then, when I returned to Mittenwald for the second time, a rock rolled down a hill and stopped at my feet. I felt that this was the mountain welcoming me home. And, I discovered that this rock would heal me. The gift of healing was not that I heal others but that the mountain would heal me!

Whenever I had an injury or a health issue, I would place the rock on the afflicted area and I would be healed instantly. Over the years, this rock lost its power and currently it is resting in a special place to be re-energized. I cannot retrieve it until November 2012.

In 2004, I contracted the Epstein-Barr Virus. With this Mono-type disease, I had neuralgia, horrible body pain that was intolerable at times. I could not travel to Europe in 2004 but I did sneak into the country in November 2005 without anyone knowing that I was coming to Europe. I visited my mountain. I asked for a healing. While I felt better, it was not until I returned home that I discovered the cure for my pain – and I never felt this pain again! It also intensified my medical astrology research. From this pain came a great personal transformation and an ability to help others.

This path of Transformation began with the Progressed Jupiter-Chiron on my Progressed Ascendant, Jupiter transiting my Ascendant (finding new ways of expanding) and Uranus crossing my South Node/sextile my Sun. As I have given in my Node lectures, when a transiting or progressed planet aspects a Node, it simply magnifies the energy of the planet – Uranus is independence and liberation and, indeed, I was! There is more of this story in my Weight Loss article.

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