Horoscopes & Tidbits for Glen Campbell, Hugh Hefner, New York Gay Law, Greece and International Monetary Fund

The charts I am enclosing are from the AFA. You can get on their chart e-mailing list by writing to www.astrologers.com However, I will add new information.

Glen Campbell recently announced that he has Alzeimers Disease.
April 22 1936
8:14 pm
Delight Arkansas

I have collected many charts on Alzeimers and Dementia. Astrologically, I cannot tell the difference.
Leading up to the onset, there are usually at least 3 years of severe blows psychologically and astrologically, shown by years years of hits to Mercury, planets in the 3rd House and the ruler of the 3rd House…I will also add the Moon.
I did not see the pattern in my quick look at his chart (started with 2008). The symptoms may have started before this time.
At the 2012 UAC, one of my lectures will be on THE ELEMENTS & THE 4 LOBES OF THE BRAIN. The 4 Lobes are ruled by the elements. Other parts of the brain are ruled by either a sign or a planet.

Alzeimers is associated with the Element of Air and the Parietal Lobe of the Brain.
Glen does not show the classic Alzeimers signature. He actually shows the classic Parkinsons Disease signature.
What is classic is the dysfunction of the Parietal Lobe — he lacks Air signs! This lobe needs acetylcholine, a supplement that lubricates our internal wiring.
I feel that this supplement, which I take daily as Phosphatidyl-Choline (from lecithin). When I take this, I find myself remembering something and wondering — how could I have remembered that??!!

If I was Glen, I would get neurotransmitter testing (easy to get in the Washington DC area) and work on the Parietal.
Hugh Hefner
April 9 1926
4:20 pm
Chicago Il

I always use Hugh as the archetype of the Eris personality. Eris was discovered by Michael Brown in 2005, causing the stir around Pluto and the re-classification of the planets.
Eris conjunct his Mercury in Aries in the 7th denotes one who is to challenge himself to embrace new thinking (about sexuality) and then challenge others to change their own thinking. He has done this job very well. All of us old folk know about sexuality in the 1950s.
New York Gay Law
Jun 24 2011
11:55 pm
Albany NY

Change in thinking? Indeed, the Moon in Aries is conjunct Eris at 22 Aries in the 1st House.

The AFA consulted Mark Penifield on dates and times but I prefer Nick Campion. Mark likes to rectify data but, in this case, the data is the same.

  • Greece has 2 charts –
    Kingdom: Feb 3, 1830; Athens — Noon chart
    Democracy: July 24 1974; 4am; Athens (Mark uses this chart so no difference)
  • International Monetary Fund (www.starsoverwashington.com)
    Dec 27 1945 in Bretton Woods New Hampshire
    Operates began on March 1 1947

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