Here is a copy of the original document but you cannot read it:


and a copy of the same document after some improvements with computer
enhancing software:


NOTE: I do not seem to be able to make these links “live” so you will have to cut and paste. The link to the original is totally unreadable.

This second document shows the data of her birth as follows:

Stanley Ann Dunham born November 29, 1942 @ 8:34 AM, CWT (war time) in
Sedgwick, Kansas. (St. Francis Hospital 37N42, 97W19 53).

Sedgwick is approx. 20 miles north of Wichita. The hospital is listed
as St. Francis Hospital. As there is currently no such hospital in the
town of Sedgwick, this must be the same St. Francis currently within the
northern city limits of Wichita. It appears that city and county
boundaries have changed since 1961. The city of Sedgwick, as listed on
the BC, at that time was in Wichita County, but today is in Sedgwick
County. St. Francis Hospital, now in the city of Wichita is also
currently listed as being in Sedgwick County.

For those who have ACS Atlas software, St. Francis Hospital, Kansas can
be typed in for the location of birth with co-ordinates 37N42 and 97W19 53.
~ Steve (submitted to PoliticalAstrology by Gerald Koeing

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