Keeping it Simple

At one of my lectures, someone asked if I would recommend basic nutritional suggestions. She did not feel that she wanted to take all of the vitamins that I take. So, this is my suggestion nutritionally and psychologically.

The bottom line in my discussion is that being nice, good, responsible and perfect will do considerable harm to your body!

  • DEFINE BOUNDARIES between your self and others.
  • Develop a strong sense of self, the highest aspect of your Sun-sign.
  • Distance yourself from all who would criticize, try to change you or tell you what to do, from all who would subjugate your sense of self in any way, shape or form.
  • You must be your own person!
  • Get in touch with YOUR ISSUES! Do not blame others for your problems — that’s not being your own person when you do this. It is must making excuses. Remember, “You cannot change what you do not acknowledge.”
  • Do not do anything that is going to make you feel resentful — being nice but resenting it causes, at least, hardening of the arteries.

Simple Nutritional Supplements:

  • Basic daily supplementation for anti-inflammation – Omega-3 4000 mgs, Zyflamend (2 pills) or Rosemary, and Nature’s Way Turmeric taken twice daily.
  • Garden of Life Primal Defense ULTRA (2 daily with 1 FOS on empty stomach)
  • Reduce sugar intake
  • 1000 mcg/1 mg Folic Acid
  • At least one strong anti-oxidant
    Do take multi-vitamins and mineral supplements — but it is essential that you take those that are easily absorbed. At this time, I take Melaleuca which I purchase from a distributor, Kel Jahksen, in Virginia. I also take Solaray’s Supere Digestaway with my food and vitamins so that I can be sure that all are digested properly.
    Do NOT take Calcium with chocolate as the Oxalic Acid in chocolate will bind the calcium, rendering ti unusuable and possibly creating kidney stones. And, Calcium needs a good balance with Magnesium and trace minerals.


ARIES: Being courageous, taking risks, experiencing life – limitations and restrictions affect health.

TAURUS: Expressing Will, making decisions when they need to be bad, accepting change but having a sense of constancy in the life.

GEMINI: Being adaptable to life’s vicissitudes, going with the flow, being flexible and having space in your relationships; Exploring new ideas and new experiences. Breathing – and avoiding any circumstance wherein you feel that you cannot breathe.

CANCER: Develop a sense of family will all humans, not just the biological family. Learn that security can only come from within. Allowing yourself to feel close and connected, allow a flow of nurturing and receiving.

LEO: Leo needs to be in those situations where you feel love and respect. Leadership roles are important to a sense of self and a sense of well being. Don’t play a role, don’t be phoney, to get recognition – be real. Be creative. Be kind to others. Don’t pile on the obligations in order to be loved. Be loved for who you are. Do not take matters to heart. Heart and lungs = grief.

VIRGO: The need to feel useful and purposeful but not always giving energy away. Learn to RECEIVE. Self acceptance allows for tolerance of others. Remember the philosophy – I am human, therefore, nothing human is alien to me.

LIBRA: Have fairness in your life – especially being fair to yourself. Poor cooperation in relating can impact the kidneys and blood sugar. Jumping into crises as a fixer or mediator causes health problems. It is not possible to have everyone love you. Love yourself first.

SCORPIO: It is OK to be angry but it needs to be directed outside of your self. Anger turned inward can cause severe health issues, even depression.

SAGITTARIUS: There is a need to always be learning and to have space and freedom in the life. Sciatica is a fear of change and moving forward. (CURRENT: Pluto conj ASC = Sciatica)

CAPRICORN: Being rigid will cause the body to become rigid. Being pessimistic, closed emotionally and isolated can generate a loneliness that leads to health issues.

AQUARIUS: Accept your eccentric side. Find transpersonal goals, something bigger than yourself to give meaning to your life. The Aquarius Water Boy represents someone who keeps emotions in a jar. Being too detached from emotions can cause train wrecks to come into the life. Circulation and breathing can be affected by feeling trapped without a vision.

PISCES: Fulfill one’s self through creative projects. Being a nice person will kill you, especially if you resent this, often through hardening of the arteries. Seeing yourself as a victim will kill you. The Day of the Doormat is over! Come on, Pisces, life is to ENJOY!

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