Pre-birth and Post-birth Eclipses

In November 2001, I attended an excellent lecture by Sylvia Jean Smith at the Toronto Astrological Conference in which she discussed her research on Pre-Birth and Post-Birth Eclipses. She stated that the Pre-Birth Eclipse (regardless of how many months before the birth that the eclipse occurred) always leaves an imprint on how we approach decisions and interact with others. It even shows how we approach our careers – will it be very public or very private.

The Post Birth Eclipse adds to the life experiences and it moves us toward our life purposes, producing dramatic changes in our life patterns. Sometimes, the transitions can be confusing, especially if it is different from the Pre-Birth Eclipse. The Pre-Birth Eclipse leaves a profound imprint – the Lunar Eclipse leaves a Lunar imprint and the Solar leaves a Solar imprint. The Post-Birth Eclipse can take on a new energy but it will NOT alter the Pre-Birth Imprint.

SOLAR PREBIRTH ECLIPSE: These people feel comfortable with a leadership role. They like Center Stage. They often know where they are going in life and how to get there. Extroverted energies are cultivated. It is very similar to a Diurnal chart pattern wherein most of the planets are above the horizon. For these people:

1) POST-Birth Solar Eclipse only supports their extroverted energies, further giving a sense of direction, accomplishment and purpose.

2) POST-Birth Lunar Eclipse can be very confusing for these people because it increases their sensitivities, they feel more vulnerable and they can become more domestic, more interested in the personal side of life. One woman started writing a book at home and, when the Solar Eclipse occurred 14 years later, she sold her first book.

LUNAR PREBIRTH ECLIPSE: These people are more introverted and introspective in their life expression. They are not comfortable in the limelight and they do not push to be out front. They can possess inner resolve and confidence but they are not disposed to being in the limelight. These people are not equipped to “steam roll.” This works for the PBSolar types but not these people. They are not self-promoting. They prefer to be in the background. They are quiet, more contemplative and, while fully capable, they allow others to take the lead. They are often good at promoting other people but not themselves. It is similar to a Nocturnal chart pattern with most of the planets below the horizon. One person described herself as a shy child, pouty and the influence of the mother was very strong. For these people:

1) Post-Birth Solar Eclipse thrusts these people into the limelight and this can be difficult. It is a confusing transition and they need and often seek out a strong role model, often male, to mentor them and teach them the “Solar ropes,” showing them how to be a leader. One woman experienced a Solar Eclipse at 7 years of age. She became a brat, a tomboy, rebellious and just knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. She found Solar types to mentor her.

2) Post-Birth Lunar supports the natural inclination of this type. They can marry, start a family and attend to the private side of their lives.

POST BIRTH ECLIPSE TO ECLIPSE of 14 years can represent a major cycle – a cycle that begins with the first eclipse and ends 14 years later with the second eclipse. If the first eclipse is a Solar Eclipse, it represents an ARC OF PROMINENCE, a time of recognition in our lives that lasts for 14 years. If the first eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse, it represents a 14-year Private Cyle, a time of working on personal issues or preparing for the Cycle of Prominence that occurs 14 years later.

NOTE: PB-Solar in the 12th often does not show the Solar qualities as they often are 12th House people, disliking Center Stage or, at least, they cannot be on Stage all the time. There was often no strong father figure to teach them. For example, in WWII with Saturn in Cancer, the fathers were off fighting the war and not there for the children.

In the United States, according to Sylvia, Americans like Pre-Birth Solars for president and Pre-Birth Lunars for Vice President. Bush is Solar; Cheney is Lunar. Clinton is Solar; Gore is Lunar.

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  1. I am reading this with Amy Coney Barrett in mind. I’m just beginning to learn Astrology, but I calculated some minor aspects and have become very interested in this case study. Then I noticed she was born between 2 lunar eclipses in Jan 1972. which led me here! Thanks for the read, I would be very interested in any possible future post about this!

    1. Very good observation! The upcoming eclipse would have occurred at 9 Leo when she was about 2 years of age. The pre-natal eclipse would have occurred at 25 Capricorn. This is indeed a sensitive point that is now being crossed by Pluto. It marks a Plutoian cycle for good or ill. Since Sylvia is the author of this information, she is the person to consult.

  2. Does it matter whether it is annualar, partial, or full? In other words, should you find the pr b
    and post birth total lunar and solar or take whatever kind of eclipse it happens to be?

    1. First, this information was obtained from another astrologer but you have asked a good question. It does not matter the type of eclipse — just look for the first eclipse — lunar or solar — before birth and then the one AFTER birth. Before Birth degree I find to be a sensitive degrees, like having a planet at that spot or only strong for a conjunction, not all aspects to the degree. My Pre-Natal eclipse was a Solar at 16 degrees and it is sensitive to conjunctions. Actually, to be honest, I never looked at the other aspects but you can do this with your Pre-Natal Eclipse.

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