From MAY 1 through JUNE  2024, Mars transits the sign of Aries. Personal energies at this time tend to be fiery, impulsive and high spirited. Anger is quick to form but it often blows over quickly. While it is a good period for dealing with crises as they arise, it may not be good for the long haul since this is an impatient sign. For this type of effort, wait until Mars enters the sign of Taurus on February 14..

In examining my personal journals, I found Mars in Aries to be a time when I started a lot of new activities and projects but these activities caused a lot of crises! The word chaos appeared several times in my journals. Crises arose through anger and bad temper in others. In the 1990s, when Mars in Aries was making difficult aspects to other planets, I felt that others were speeding ahead of me which left me feeling depressed, alienated and a bit confused. When life speeds up and crises explode, the Cardinal signs (Aries-Cancer-Libra-Capricorn) can become indecisive. The enthusiasm of ill-considered projects was short-lived. I felt bored without the stimulation of something new — and then I found myself alleviating this boredom with compulsive behavior (usually shopping and buying things that I did not really need).

With many crises occurring around me, I found myself consumed by the “brushfires” generated by others. People were either angry or “in crisis!  Even when a friend visited from the west coast, he was in the midst of his personal anger issues. As I read these earlier journals, I wondered how I survived all of these crises that others generated around me. I found myself emotionally disengaging in order to cope.

In retrospect, I realize that one can experience great difficulty if you do not know how to handle the crises of others that impact upon your life. It is important to know that you can say NO…or NO MORE! If it is not your problem, if it is not your crisis, do not get involved. Make yourself less available to others. Aries supports having fun and planning adventures. During one Mars in Aries transit, the AFA assigned a wild Texas woman as my roommate at their convention. She stirred up a lot of adventures and I had a wonderful time. It is essential that you do not waste your time catering to the predicaments of others. Get on with your own life. No one can solve another’s crisis except that person!

During the 2003 and 2005 transit of Mars in Aries, I found myself experiencing new activities and having new adventures in my life. I wrote new and innovative articles. However, there were crises! In 2005, it was the crisis over the farmers market – the local farmers being thrown out for out of state farmers. Friends and neighbors joined in aggressive town meetings and letter writing campaigns and I ultimately won my case, at least for my dad. With some activities that I initiated, not all was realized or fulfilled. During both cycles, I had crises with my cable television not working and the repairmen not showing up as promised.  I also had problems with my office equipment. In one case, I had to tell a client off and tell her never to call me again. It may be because Mars in Aries transits my 8th House but each time I was given a great deal of money.

In 2007, Mars in Aries had a profound effect upon my career. While I gave one of my best workshops in Chicago at that time, the most significant event was that Molly Cliborne created my website. When she sent me the mock-up, it took my breath away…it was so beautiful. There have been long range effects for this New Beginning and, in March 2009, I was getting over 1000 hits every day! That Mars in Aries was very well aspected to other Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune-Pluto and it showed in the effect that this website had upon my career and international recognition.

In 2017, this period initially brought health major crises. My dad was not doing well — weak, water retention and breathing problems. I took him to a surgeon who wanted to do a lot of different procedures, hoping that they would work, and Charlie would be bed ridden for awhile. When I had time to think about this, I said NO! And, this was a good thing because it turned out that he just needed his pacemaker replaced. The battery was dead! His regular physician urged me to go to Europe in March and he would replace the battery in April — after which, my dad returned to normal health.

I know that I was suffering from PTSD from the election. My Cortisol levels were very high but I used Holy Basil and Lemon Balm to lower this.

The good part of this period was a visit from my Austrian friend, Ingrid, and the Baltimore NCGR conference. This is a great conference and I had a great time.

In 2019, the crisis was around the death of my dad and my aunt on the same day.  I was in Switzerland at the time and I had to fly back home immediately.  For the first time, I was an orphan and I had to do everything practical myself.  I realize that my parents never taught me anything about living in the real world.

MEDICAL: When angered or provoked, Mars is in Aries will manifest as a disturbance in the biochemical cell salt of Potassium Phosphate (Kali Phos). This cell salt creates the grey matter of the brain by uniting with albumen and oxygen. Kali phos. is given for mental or physical exhaustion often brought on by extreme stress, over-exertion, anaemia, following flu or an acute illness. Complaints can be accompanied by profuse sweat after the slightest physical exertion. Potassium is essential for proper nerve functioning and impulses within the nervous system. Kali Phos (Nerve Nutrient) is useful for treatment of nervous conditions such as headaches, nervous exhaustion, dyspepsia, insomnia, depression and lowered vitality. Used with Mag Phos,it is recommended for shingles and nervous asthma.

Kali Phos has antiseptic properties and it is recommended for all skin troubles, especially where there is an irritation and, with Ferrum Phos, if there is a burning sensation. Years ago I recommended this in an article on intercepted signs. A woman had spent a small fortune working with a holistic doctor who could not cure the skin irritation on her hands. She took Kali Phos and, within one week, she was cured!


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